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Memory Box

House of Lamentation(7)[edit]

Members: Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, MC PurpleTOCCircle.png


Story Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
Horror Movie NightCG 1
CG 2
Lesson 1-13

Daily Chats[edit]

Note: days listed are approximate and may vary

Title Media Day Number
Welcome to the Gun ShowCG 1
CG 2
CG 3
CG 4
Day 3
Even the Strong Get Sick Sometimes (Payback) Day 9
There's Something About Levi 6-10 Day 12
Cheer Squad 1-5 Day 24
Spirit Week Day 25
Who's Your Type? 1-10 Day 26-30

Card Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
Going CommandoCG 1 Say His Name
Here's to the Next 100 Years A Special Ceremony
Cash Flow 101 A New Year's Toast
Objection! Shall We Play a Game?
Calling You Even If You're Far Away

House of Lamentation (New)(8)[edit]

Members: Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Belphegor, MC

Story Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
Clean up the Kitchen! Lesson 22-5
Crazy Stuff Lesson 22-15
That Was Nothing! Lesson 22-19
Papa Mammon?! Lesson 25-7
A Ride on the Ferris Wheel Lesson 26-1
The Inner Struggles of a Costume DesignerCG 1 Lesson 26-C
The Calm Before the Storm Lesson 29-5
Come to My Room Immediately Lesson 30-15 Hard
Why Not Just Leave Things as They Are? Lesson 33-6
A Crazy Good Game Lesson 34-18
Now THIS is Unprecedented! Lesson 38-16 Hard
I'm Soooo Boooored Lesson 46-12
It Feels Different Lesson 51-20
FYI: We're Coming Home Lesson 52-15
Just Wait Until You See These!CG 1
CG 2
CG 3
CG 4
CG 5
Lesson 54-18
What Kind of Cat? Lesson 63-9
Big Brother Deserves a Break! 1 Happy Birthday! Dear Lucifer '22 2-A
Big Brother Deserves a Break! 2 Happy Birthday! Dear Lucifer '22 2-8
For Our Dear Diavolo! 2 Happy Birthday! Dear Diavolo '22 1-9

Daily Chats[edit]

Note: days listed are approximate and may vary

Title Media Day Number
Who's the Culprit?CG 1 Day 69
Who Wants to Come With Me? Day 79
I Can't Remember Day 84
New NailsCG 1 Day 85
Who Did It Day 98
100 Day Anniversary Day 100
Hung Over Day 106
Karaoke Day 111
Dream Interpretation 1-6 Day 114-119
Bath Time with Asmo 1-2 Day 127-128
The Culprit Day 130
Psychological Test 2 Day 154
Fighters 2CG 1 Day 164
Fixing Mammon's Personality Day 167
Flower Viewing Plans Day 169
The Truth Behind the Jackpot Day 171
Dreams for a New Home 1-2 Day 173
Who's Number One? Day 176
Blackout Day 180
CATastrophe 1-2 Day 182
The Mysterious Notebook 3 Day 188
Sweet Temptation 1, 3CG 1 Day 212-213
The Reason for Staring 1 Day 217
Hypnosis Time 2 Day 219
Simeon Blocking Calls? 1 Day 232
The Search for Mammon 1 Day 235
A Generous Gift 1CG 1 Day 240
Cooking Tips 1 Day 245
The TSL Soundtrack Day 246
The Search for Beel 1 Day 250
Asmo's Special Skill Day 251
Dogi✩Maji 2: The Reckoning 1-2 Day 254-255
AV Room Key Day 256
Fashion Show 2 Day 266
How to Build Muscle 1 Day 272
Satan's Latte Art 1 Day 295
The Mysterious Gardener 1 Day 304
Taste in Clothing Day 305
The Moment Before Collapse 1CG 1 Day 314
Unwanted Food 2 Day 329
Asmo's Grocery Shopping 1-2 Day 334
Midnight Snack Research 2CG 1 Day 342
Quest for Fresh Bread 3 Day 380
Satan's Coffee Pot Day 381
An Unexpected Prank 2 Day 391
An Unusual FightCG 1 Day 395
The Twins' Stretch RoutineCG 1 Day 403
Misleading Day 404
Sushi Cravings Day 407
Extreme Mornings Day 407
Belphie's Plan Day 419
Mammon and the Salamander Day 422
Lotan's Return Day 430
Hell Cockatoo 2 Day 439
The Devildom Game Festival Day 446
Hairstyle Swap Day 450
Asmo's PosterCG 1 Day 463
The Last One 1-2 Day 471, 480
The Perfect ShotCG 1 Day 473
Jelly Flavoring 1 Day 479
Judge Wanted Day 486
SOS Epilogue Day 489
Tonight's Dinner Day 492
After Scary Movie NightCG 1 Day 494
The Cats' Favorite Spot Day 497
The Things Humans Come Up With Day 499
Cat Island 1-2 Day 502, 508
Come and Get Him Day 503
What's Going On?CG 1 Day 504
Shampoo Day 513
A Hopeless Idiot Day 516
So It's You Again, Mammon Day 521
Of Course It Was Mammon Day 521
He Looks HotCG 1 Day 524
The Anticipation Grows Day 527
Good News Day 530
Who's on Breakfast Duty? Day 535
I Got a Super-Rare Photo!CG 1 Day 536
Picture Charades Day 555
A Step Below the RestCG 1 Day 555
Levi's Pride and JoyCG 1 Day 556
Open Up 1 Day 586
Let's Do Impersonations! Day 592
Pajama Party, Commence! Day 594
What's in the Box? Day 595
Missing Collection 1 Day 615
Potential Roles 1-2 Day 622
Camping Plans 1 Day 628
Calling for Appliance Requests! 1 Day 631
Calling for Appliance Requests! 2 Day 632
Livening Things Up 1 Day 633
Foodie Face Off 2CG 1 Day 637
An Unusual Find Day 641
Look at the Flowers Day 646
Spirit Week 2 Day 656
Yesterday's TV Special Day 678
Adorable Sleep Talk 1 Day 681
Levi's Farewell Letter 1 Day 692
The Lost Sock 1 Day 696
The Great Cake Battle 1 Day 713
Documentaries are Awesome 1 Day 734
Who's Faster? 1 Day 745
Just a Holiday Day 751
If I Had a Castle 1 Day 752
Our Sweet Big Brother Day 757
A Garden Should Be Beautiful Day 777
An Especially Smelly Gift Day 782
Lifestyle Improvement Day 784
A Room Tour 1 Day 789
The Cursed Eraser Day 805
A Cursed Eraser? Day 807
Changing Rooms Day 815
Attempting Trick Photography 2 Day 825
Cooldown Period Day 826
My Account! Day 828
Let's Go to the Movies! 1 Day 864
Let's Go to the Movies! 2CG 1 Day 865
Picking Favorites 2 Day 873
Taste Testing Party Day 874
Survival Rock, Paper, Scissors 3CG 1 Day 877
Ticket Stubs 1 Day 905
Asmo's Treasure 1 Day 919
Where's Dinner? Day 953
Hell Soda Gummies 1 Day 973
A Mysterious Plant 3 Day 978
Fitness Club Day 989
Slumber Exchange 1 Day 994
Slumber Exchange 3 Day 995
Slumber Exchange 5 Day 996
Slumber Exchange 7 Day 997
Slumber Exchange 9 Day 998
Slumber Exchange 11 Day 999
Slumber Exchange 13 Day 1,000
The Disappearance of LuciferCG 1 Day 1,026
A Suave Transformation Day 1,030
Levi's Earnest Desire 3 Day 1,052
Voodoo-Chan 2 Day 1,055
Chocolate Bath 2 Day 1,059
Where's My Salt? Day 1,064
What Did It Taste Like? Day 1,066
Pajama Twins 2 Day 1,069
The Ghost Train of My Dreams 1 Day 1,077
A Hearty Appetite Day 1,081
Where Did They Go?! 5 Day 1,094
Irresistible to All 2 Day 1,108
Unavoidable 3 Day 1,113
Reading Habits 13 Day 1,124
Mary's Plaza 1 Day 1,126
Room Switch 1 Day 1,128
Room Switch 8 Day 1,132
Noise Complaint 1CG 1 Day 1,136
All-New Cup Cuties Capsule Toys 1 Day 1,144
Kids' Meals 3 Day 1,152
Pie-A-Palooza 2 Day 1,157
A Little Something Extra 1 Day 1,161
A Little Something Extra 2 Day 1,162
Trade Chat Day 1,168
Sheeptchi 1 Day 1,174
Sheeptchi 5 Day 1,188
Gotta Collect 'Em All Day 1,197
Easily Influenced Day 1,213
Chocolate Heartbreak Concert 1 Day 1,216

Card Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
Please It Is All for You, Master
It's Clear Insomnious Lucifer
Not to Be Continued The Flower of Sensation
I Don't Wanna Die! The Flower of Love
Is It a Tiger or Is It Kitty? Animal Game
Cat Ears My Animal
Survival Games I'll Protect You
What's Important Anything for You
Check Out My Newest Toy Let's Settle This!
Who's Your Number One? Test of Endurance
Sportmanship? What's That? The Battle Between Demons
You Have to Try This New Game! Create Your Own Avatar?
Your D.D.D. Hears Everything No Eavesdropping!
Who Will Get a Morning Call Morning Voice
The Kitchen is One Big Mess Cooking on a Rainy Day
Edible Flowers? Queen of Jealousy
Are You Ready? Broadcasting to You
Criminal Water Panic?!
Satan the Tactician? Caves Require Caution
I Want a Rematch! Clash on the Beach
I'm the One Who... You Make Me Dizzy
Next Stop: Snowy Mountains? Roll of the Dice!
After the Magic Book A Butler's Private Lesson
An Unforgettable Taste Nectar of the Gods
Who's Going to Be First? Looking Back in the Dark
The Two Escapees Special Day
I Wish I Could Be Small! Small Man's World
A Collab With Who?! Levi the Maestro
The Band's Back Together? Lucifer the Demon of Rock
The End of Halloween Too Many Choices
Clearing Suspicions A Teasing Gesture
For Show or For Real? Too Good to Be True
The Rules of the Pillow Fight The Merciless Pillow War
An Unforgivable Act A Trip for Two!
Praise Me Too! The Lord of Shadow
Bye-Bye Christmas Tree A Pair of Ornaments
The Morning After The Best Accompaniment
The Gloomy Otaku Staying Home Together
Absolutely NOT for Resale Gotta Get That Plushie!
Who's the Culprit? Let's Bake a Cake!
Join the Party People? Lucifer's Color Night
Next Video Is Mammon's! Asmo Shoots a Music Video
The Runaways Wish for Adventure
Makeup Feedback Makeup Transformation!
Next Cherry Blossom Season You, Me, and Ruri-chan
An Egg-Decorating Party?! Let's Decorate Eggs!
What Shall We Film Next?! Lured by a Majestic Deer
I Want to Take Care of You! Let Me Take Care of You
VR Rumors VR Spy Games
Worth More Than Money The Gluttonous Builder
Bath Salts Made by an Incubus? Purgatory Hall Sleepover!
Everyone Matching Secret Password for Two
You're Up Next Demonic Pajama Party
Everyone's Art Week The Everlasting Rose
Scared of a Stuffed Animal What Luke Really Wants
What's Tonight's Dinner? The Hunt for Beach Gems
Post-Vacation Woes A Brief Respite
The Missing Duo A Night to Remember
Profession of Love Devil Crossing Rare Item
Mysterious Dolls Let's Play Dolls!
What Are Haunted Houses Really? Happy Haunted Houses?
With Who, Exactly? A Little Mermaid-Ish
Release Day Devildom's Next Top Otaku
What's in the Chest? Go Get That Gold!
Feedback Learning Is Fun!
The Taste of Repentance The Forbidden Door
The New Brush and New Evidence An Adorable Hound
Looking Forward to Hyakki Yako Trying On Yokai
A Mushroomy Beauty Hack It's a Small World
Suggestions Welcome! Left 4 Cyber
Who Was That? Night Pool Party!
Who'd You Hang Out With? Haunting House of Mirrors
A Ghost Festival Party! Wish Upon a Soul Flower
After the DevilTuber Fest Give Thanks to the Beat!
Who's Responsible?! Run, If You Want to Live
Chill Spot Worrisome Beel
Ahead of the Battle The Final Chapter
Choose Your Gifts Wisely A Wholesome First Meetup
Will You Be Our Producer? Together, We Can Overcome

Other Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
No NAMJATOWN Without...? Promotion
It's All About Preparation! Promotion
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