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VIP NB Benefits.png
VIP NB Benefits.png

You can become a VIP member through the VIP tab. Being a VIP member comes with a number of benefits.

Features Include:

When your VIP membership period has ended, the waiting time will reset. Because the waiting time resets, you may have to wait longer since the last time you summoned for free.
  • Get more AP from the Fridge Mission!
    • The AP reward from the Fridge Mission — which can be completed twice a day — increases from AP x30 to AP x60.
  • Skip cooking in Akuber!
    • You can skip any recipes you've already completed without using Devil Points.
  • Your maximum AP will increase by 20!
  • 2 Bonus slots in :D Jobs.
  • Adds a VIP-exclusive job location!
  • Higher drop rate for items earned in :D Jobs.
  • Earn double the Player EXP from dance battles!
  • 60 Devil Points rewarded each month.
    • For every month you stay subscribed, you are rewarded an extra 100 Devil Points.

VIP membership is available as a free 7-day trial once per user, then you are charged $9.99 (USD) per month.

VIP Sale Sets[edit]

One of each of these sale sets are available for purchase per month. Their availability resets on the date that your VIP subscription renews.

Azuki-tan's Treats
Sale = 0.99 USD(Full Price = 3.09 USD)
Devil Point.png Grimm.png AP.png D-Energy.png
Devil Point x14 Grimm x4,000 AP x100 D-Energy x2
Ruri's Basket
Sale = 4.99 USD(Full Price = 17.21 USD)
Devil Point.png Grimm.png AP.png Demon Voucher (NB).png D-Energy.png
Devil Point x70 Grimm x10,000 AP x100 Demon Voucher (NB) x3 D-Energy x4
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