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A Beckoning Black Cat Brings Good Fortune[edit]

Item: Beckoning Black Cat Key Chain


  • "Is this Beckoning Black Cat Key Chain for me? Thank you. The rumor going around RAD say this is supposed to bring good fortune, right?"
    • "What the... I think I just saw something suddenly appear... This is Belphie's pillow, isn't it? I see. I wanted to rest so this Beckoning Black Cat Key Chain brought me a pillow. Well, I might as well use it then."
    • "Well, since you did come to see me, perhaps it's not a rumor after all. But don't think this alone will satisfy me. I'd like to spend some time alone with your afterwards. Understood?" (Demon Voucher)


  • "What?! Is this the Beckoning Black Cat Key Chain that's s'posed to bring ya good luck?! What a cute kitty ya are ♡ You know what the Great Mammon wants, don't ya now?"
    • "WHOA! No way! T-This is Lucifer's credit card! My body is gettin' all tingly but it's time to go shopping! I'm gonna get my hands on Devicci's latest drop!"
    • "Whoa! W-Why are you huggin' me like that? The black cat pushed ya...? Well yeah, I did want you -- w-wait, hold up! Can I get a do-over?!" (Demon Voucher)


  • "Whoa! It's the super divine Beckoning Black Cat Key Chain...! Legend says it boosts your multiplier on all your raffles just by holding it..."
    • "Huh?! Where'd this perfume bottle come from...? Isn't this the one that Asmo has been using recently? Did it come from Asmo's room...? Wait... Sucre Frenzy was doing a commercial for this brand. Maybe I'll borrow it for a little bit."
    • "Oh, look at that! I just got an e-mail, saying that I got tix to Chocolate Heartbreak's meet and greet event! Woo! I wanted to go with you too, so I applied for two tickets! Let's enjoy it together." (Demon Voucher)


  • "A Beckoning Black Cat Key Chain?! This makes me incredibly happy, thank you. I always thought you had good taste but I think I'll revise my former opinion. You have excellent taste."
    • "Hmm? Did this Beckoning Black Cat Key Chain come with a pudding? Well, I am kind of hungry. They do say it would bring good fortune. Speaking of which, Lord Diavolo was hoping that today's dessert would be pudding."
    • "Are the rumors true that this Beckoning Black Cat Key Chain would bring one happiness? If you would go on a date with me, then I suppose the rumors could be verified. How does a cat café date sound?" (Demon Voucher)


  • "Oooh! A Beckoning Black Cat Key Chain! Thank you! These are really trending all over RAD! I'm going to post a pic of this cute kitty to Devilgram ♪"
    • "Hmm? The kitty brought me a Coco Bunel jacket...? I always thought the one that Mammon wears is so stylish... Could this be his? Oh well, I'll just borrow it for the party."
    • "Hehe, look. My photo gallery is filled with pics of us two. That's real happiness, isn't it? Let's keep the happy times going. So, let's take a selfie of just us two. 3, 2, 1... Cheese ♡" (Demon Voucher)


  • "You're giving me this Beckoning Black Cat Key Chain? Thanks. Asmo told me this is supposed to bring good fortune...? Could it be...? Are we going to Hell's Kitchen?"
    • "It brought me a purgatory-style basilisk boil, a red spider sandwich, and a hellfire mushroom rolled cigar cookie! It looks like something Barbatos would make. Perhaps it stole them from the Demon Lord's Castle. I guess I'll take them back then... *munch* *munch*"
    • "Whoa! A half-off coupon for a Hell's Kitchen lunch combo! This thing really does work! But watching you eat is what gives me true happiness, so I'll let you have this coupon. Let's go together?" (Demon Voucher)


  • "A Beckoning Black Cat Key Chain? It's so cute, thank you. But I wonder if it really does bring good fortune. Hey... Did that cat just disappear...?"
    • "Hmm? Are these the muffins that Luke usually makes? I did want to eat something sweet, so it did bring me good fortune, I guess? I should give Luke some sweets from Madam Scream's in return."
    • please add demon voucher dialogue


  • "Thank you! This is a Beckoning Black Cat Key Chain that's supposed to bring good fortune, right? I read about this in the RAD Newspaper. Apparently, it will bring you what you desire right away."
    • "Hmm? The rumors are true... It brought something along. It's a...fountain pen. I have been looking for a new one but this looks very similar to Simeon's. Perhaps he's in some trouble... I'll get Number 2 to take him some sweets."
    • "I suppose the fact that you're here means that it's true. I just finished a meeting. I was longing to see your face the entire time. This is quite therapeutic." (Demon Voucher)


  • "Thank you kindly for this Beckoning Black Cat Key Chain. It is truly adorable. The rumors that these bring good fortune have been circulating around RAD. How puzzling... It seems to have disappeared."
    • "Where in the Devildom did this bench press come from? I have been meaning to do some more exercise but it's a bit too bulky. This is certainly from the House of Lamentation... Beelzebub is coming around later for some sweets so he can take it back with him."
    • "Are you all right? You were wobbling around a lot. Oh...? The cat is hiding behind you. Perhaps it was aiming to bring you closer to my side as to fulfill my dreams. Hehe, good kitty." (Demon Voucher)


  • "Yay, thank you! A Beckoning Black Cat Key Chain! It's super cute! I know about this! They're supposed to make your dreams come true, right?"
    • "Hmm? The Beckoning Black Cat Key Chain is moving...! Is it trying to give me these seeds? I do want to grow some new plants, but wait... These aren't from Solomon's room, are they? In that case, it might be better to return them."
    • please add demon voucher dialogue


  • "Thank you! These are the things causing a buzz at RAD, right? Beckoning Black Cat Key Chains that are supposed to bring good fortune, was it?"
    • "What's this now? This is the back issue of Monthly Devil Architect's Digest I wanted to borrow from Satan. Maybe it brought it from Satan's personal collection. I'll have to message him and let him know."
    • please add demon voucher dialogue


  • "Oh, one of those popular Beckoning Black Cat Key Chains. Thanks! Someone was telling me these made your wishes come true."
    • "What did this cat bring...? This is Levi's cursed vinyl record of the TSL Soundtrack. I was thinking of asking him to lend me this. What should I do? I really want to listen to it but the curse could possibly destroy the Devildom.
    • "Does that mean you'll be staying at Purgatory Hall tonight? The black cat probably brought you here to make me happy. I'd love to bask in your presence a little longer." (Demon Voucher)
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