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Give Your Heart to Candy![edit]

Item: Candy Hearts


  • "Candy Heart, huh? Thank you. They taste quite...mellow. Is it because I had student council duties to attend to? Did I worry you?"
    • "Next time you see Mammon writing demands, please tell me. I'll make sure to present him with a bloodcurdling Heart Candy."
    • "Well, this candy won't suffice. After a long day of work, only having you by my side will help. You will stay, won't you?" (Demon Voucher)


  • "Yo! This's a Candy Heart!! It's fizzing in my mouth. I get it. It's 'cause you're so happy to be with the Great Mammon, ain't it?"
    • "Ya know, Satan gave one of these candies to Lucifer once. It was like a curse. But Lucifer hardly raised an eyebrow. Satan was hella distraught after that."
    • "I guess everyone's like that with their first. Who knew ya could be so cute. Hey, why dontcha be more greedy? That way you'd really win my heart." (Demon Voucher)


  • "Thank yooou! Is this to make me feel better after I epically failed at my gacha game? OMG! This Candy Heart is the best thing I've ever had! It tastes just as gentle as you!"
    • "I still can't believe it. It's like they knew exactly which card I wanted! Brb, I'm gonna do some pulls on someone else's phone."
    • "I feel way better now! Next time you fail at a gacha, I'll cheer YOU up. You look so nice when you smile, so come see me whenever you're down, regardless of if it's about a gacha." (Demon Voucher)


  • "For me? Thank you. Oh, what a refreshing flavor. That really woke me up. Wait, you didn't know I was up all night reading the latest issue of It's a Meowtiful Life, did you?"
    • "Oh, Simeon actually gave me one of these once, saying it was a palate cleanser. We'd just eaten Solomon's food, but it was super salty. I think we were thinking the same thing."
    • "I was going to go buy the new cat toys featured in the issue. Would you like to come? We haven't spent much time together recently, so let's call it a date." (Demon Voucher)


  • "Wow! Thank you! ♪ I saw these candies in a magazine and wanted to try them! They taste like your feelings, right? I'll be sure to savor it then. ♪"
    • "Did you know Belphie keeps candy jiggling around in his pockets? It's in case Beel ever gets hungry. Those two are such good friends."
    • please add demon voucher dialogue


  • "Thank you. This candy tastes like the Destroyed Devil Burger I wanted but was sold out. Is this your way of letting me try it? You don't know how happy this makes me."
    • "Just before, Levi told me to play a game called Focaccia for him. He said he wasn't having luck with pulled pork sandwiches. I didn't really understand him."
    • "You're so kind, but sometimes, I wish it was only to me. Apparently, they call that the green-eyed monster. But I hope you don't hate me like a monster." (Demon Voucher)


  • "Whoa, this Candy Heart is popping in my mouth. Are you sulking because I was sleeping and couldn't give you hugs?"
    • "Apparently, Diavolo gave Lucifer one of these too. Beel ate some but he said it tasted like nothing. Since you give them as gifts, maybe they don't work unless it's meant for you."
    • please add demon voucher dialogue


  • "Oh, it's a Candy Heart! I heard these reflect the feelings of whomever gave it. Thank you, it's very sweet. I feel full of energy now. This must be thanks to your feelings."
    • "I think I might give one to Lucifer and Barbatos too. What is the flavor of thanks? I hope they like them."
    • "I want you too to know how I feel, so will you give me your time for a day? I'll make sure we have so much fun you'll feel sweet and full of energy too." (Demon Voucher)


  • "This is that candy that tastes like the emotions of the sender, yes? Thank you. Are you trying to relax me? This is a very soothing flavor."
    • "I have actually received this candy from the Young Lord before. It was a perplexing, gentle flavor that got better with every lick."
    • "Please do come to the Demon Lord's Castle. I shall prepare some herbal tea for us. Making you feel relaxed is my, and no one else's, job." (Demon Voucher)


  • "Whoa! This candy tastes like super warm! Were you worried I caught a cold after I sneezed at school? Thanks!"
    • "You know, I once got a Candy Heart from Solomon. It was gross! He even said he tried to put in feelings that'd make it taste good! What the heck, right?"
    • "Come to Purgatory Hall, I'll make you a fruit gratin. You being there will warm my heart and I won't have to worry about no stupid cold!" (Demon Voucher)


  • "Thank you! This looks like a nice candy, but is there some kind of gimmick? Ooh, it's one of those Candy Hearts. Wow, it tastes like a warm hug! I feel so delighted!"
    • "This reminds me of the time Luke ate that shrinking candy. He shrunk to the size of my hand. I didn't know what was happening. Be careful, the Devildom's full of stuff like that."
    • "Does this mean, when you think about me, you feel this warm and fuzzy inside? If so, then you know how I feel. Hey, let's go somewhere we can compare answers alone?" (Demon Voucher)


  • "Thanks. I thought it was weird it tasted like a salad, then I realized it was a Heart Candy. This is because I tend to only eat instant noodles when my magic studies get busy, isn't it? Sorry, I'll try to do better."
    • "The other day, I swung by Café Lament and they were selling giant rats made out of candy. I was with Barbatos and he froze at the sight. Don't tell anyone though, okay?"
    • "Oh, how about you come over next time I'm studying? That way you can keep an eye on me. I know you can tell it's just because I want to be with you all the time. Will you think about it?" (Demon Voucher)
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