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Cursed Candy Apples[edit]

Item: Cursed Candy Apple


  • "A Cursed Candy Apple? It seems one is cursed if they don't finish it within 10 minutes. That said, it is probably not much of a curse since the spell is contained within the pit of the apple. You would most likely only experience sudden rainfall or trip somewhere."
    • "Now that I think of it, Asmo was asking Beel before about how to cleanly eat candy apples. I wonder if he knows something? It appears the solution is to eat the whole thing in one bite. Asmo did not look too happy, but he most definitely asked the wrong person."
    • "You are worried about the curse? I can just share your umbrella if it rains, and you can catch me if I fall. In other words, you can just stay by my side until the curse subsides. Problem solved, yes?" (Demon Voucher)


  • "You're givin' this to me? No way! Er, no, I'm not unhappy with it. To tell ya the truth, I actually bought some thinkin' they'd make ya happy. I'll bring them to your room later."
    • "Anyway, make do with this for now. Heh, we're acting like the twins are! Just the other day, they both bought the same new donuts from Uncle Demon. Of course, Beel was happy there was double the food."
    • "Here, ya can have this as thanks. Still, to think we'd buy the same thing... It must be that we're together so much that we're becomin' more and more similar. Heh, be grateful!" (Demon Voucher)


  • "Wow, these candy apples are perfect for Devilgram! You're really giving me these fancy things? Hehe, thanks! It's really helpful that I can eat it with one hand."
    • "By the way, did you know? Candy apples taste even better if you cool them in the fridge for an hour. Seiyu-chan, the heroine from the super popular sweets anime, Delicious, that just got renewed for a second season said that, so there's no mistake."
    • "Here, you can have this as thanks. Oh, and about that part that in Protector Devils you were having trouble with... I cleared only that middle stage, so do you want to finish the rest with me? I really want to see the moving ending with you." (Demon Voucher)


  • "A Cursed Candy Apple? Thank you. Candy apples have really become popular in the Devildom, haven't they? ...Wait, don't tell me you noticed that stand I was interested in when we were walking home together? Heh, as sharp as ever."
    • "In the Human World, they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but I wonder if that could apply to the Devildom, too? I'm in charge of making dinner tomorrow, so I think I'll try looking at Bon Appedevil to see what kind of apple dishes I can make."
    • "Here, have this in return. Also, if you're free tomorrow, do you want to go to the usual place together? You see that place where all the cats are gathering? A new café with delicious apple pies opened recently. I'd really like to go with you sometime." (Demon Voucher)


  • "Oh my ♡ Is this the popular Cursed Candy Apple?! You really know what makes me happy! I want to get a pic up for Devilgram ASAP, so be a dear and take a picture of me kissing the apple with my D.D.D. ♡"
    • "Oh, Luke thought he bought some candy strawberries the other day, but actually...they were candy mini tomatoes. Isn't that surprising? You could see his ears and tail droop in disappointment."
    • "Hehe, it's probably because you're with me, but your cheeks are turning red like an apple. They look delicious... I do hope you'll let me have a taste." (Demon Voucher)


  • "Thanks! ...Hm? I'll be cursed if I don't finish this Cursed Candy Apple within 10 minutes? No problem. It won't take me even one minute to finish it. Time to dig in!"
    • "It was definitely tasty, but now the Cursed Candy Apple is gone...I'm going to go to a candied fruit store. I know there are some non-cursed ones there, so look forward to a present."
    • "It was really good, but I'm sad the present you gave me is gone. Would you like to make some candy apples with me now? I bet they would be really tasty if we made and ate them together." (Demon Voucher)


  • "A Cursed Candy Apple? Thanks. It's good, but I can't finish it in 10 minutes, so help me out, okay? I'll be cursed if you don't. Wouldn't it just be horrible if I stubbed my toe on the table? That's why I'm counting on you."
    • "You should avoid making candy apples on rainy days. The candy will stick together due to the humidity, making it easy to mess them up. That stupid Mammon always tries to make me set up a candy apple stall with him, so I'm pretty knowledgeable about these things even if I don't want to be. I'm like an apple professor."
    • "This is thanks for the Cursed Candy Apple. Oh, and there seems to be a place where you can hunt for Cursed Candy Apples, but would you like to go with me? I'd like to see the cursed apple flower. They say there are even heart-shaped one. If I find one, I'll give it to you as a present." (Demon Voucher)


  • "This is one of those Cursed Candy Apples, isn't it? You are cursed if you don't finish it within 10 minutes, correct? I was just in the mood for something sweet. Thank you."
    • "Now that I think about it, I once was so hungry that I ate a huge candy apple before dinner. As a result, I could only eat a little bit of my dinner, so Barbatos scolded me. You would be wise to be careful how much you snack, too."
    • "It seems like there are about 15,000 different kinds of apple seeds in the Human World. Maybe we can increase the amount we have in the Devildom. How about we start by naming an apple after you? Please give it some thought." (Demon Voucher)


  • "Thank you very much. Cursed Candy Apples taste really good this time of year, so this is a nice choice. Ah, please do not worry about the curse. As you already know, this type of thing is commonplace in the Devildom."
    • "By the way, do you know the trick to spot a sweet Cursed Candy Apple? All you have to do is pick one that has crater-like spots on its surface. The manager of the Hell Greengrocer said that ones with bumps had more juice in them than round and pretty ones."
    • "Let me give you this as thanks. I might have already been beaten to it, but I am actually planning on making a gâteau invisible. If you are interested, would you like to make it with me in the Demon Lord's Castle the next time you are free? You can taste it freshly made, and we can spend some time together. We would kill two birds with one stone." (Demon Voucher)


  • "Is this...the sweet and delicious 'Cursed Candy Apple' where something scary will happen if you don't finish it within 10 minutes? I really want to eat it, but I don't think I can finish it within 10 minutes! Do you want to split it with me?"
    • "Oh, right, Barbatos is going to teach me how to cut apples into decorative shapes next time. I only know how to make rabbits, though. So, I'm going to practice hard ones like swans and stuff, so when I get good I'll show them to Michael. Wish me luck!"
    • "Consider this my thanks. By the way, do you want to stop by the Hell Greengrocer with me after school tomorrow if you're free? I'd like to buy some Curse Candy Apples to make a tart with. I actually know how to pick out fresh Cursed Candy Apples, so I'll let you in on my secret." (Demon Voucher)


  • "Wow, thanks! I have to eat this within 10 minutes or I'll be cursed, right? It always takes me about an hour to finish these things, though...I always end up hitting my head or forgetting something, so I'll try for a new record today."
    • "Now that I think about it, I saw Satan and Belphegor grinning while buying a ton of Cursed Candy Apples and Cursed Candy Strawberries. I'm sure they weren't thinking of anything good. Perhaps it's one of their activities as part of the Anti-Lucifer League? Luci sure is loved..."
    • please add demon voucher dialogue


  • "Thanks! Wait, was this the one where you get cursed if you don't finish it within 10 minutes? I wonder if I can finish it if I eat normally...? I don't want to rush in eating your present. I guess I'll just remove the curse. Oh, I'll remove the curse on yours too when you eat."
    • "By the way, do you think the skin on an apple has nutritional value in the Devildom? That conversation came up in Purgatory Hall the other day and I had no idea what the answer was. Maybe Barbatos knows. He gave me a huge lecture the last time I summoned him for something, so perhaps I'll just send a message today."
    • please add demon voucher dialogue
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