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Days 1-100[edit]

Chatroom Title Media
Day 1
LuciferHello (Lucifer)
preview:  "I hope you enjoy your one-year stay."
SatanHello (Satan)
preview:  <Sticker sent>
AsmodeusHello (Asmodeus)
preview:  <Sticker sent>
BeelzebubHello (Beelzebub)
preview:  "If you've got anything to eat, could you give some to me?"
Day 2
SatanA Morning Walk
preview:  "MC, are you awake?"
The Demon Brothers(6)A Dog's Life 1
preview:  "You guys are probably gonna thrash me for this."
The Demon Brothers(6)A Dog's Life 2
preview:  "The witch said that the dog was born in the Devildom, not the human world."
The Demon Brothers(6)A Dog's Life 3
preview:  "Never thought you'd be with me on this, Satan."
The Demon Brothers(6)A Dog's Life 4
preview:  "Even after we've made the dog our own, I have my doubts that Mammon..."
The Demon Brothers(6)A Dog's Life 5
preview:  "So, we got a plan or what?"
Day 3
RAD Newspaper ClubThe Popularity Contest
preview:  "Last week we wrapped up voting in RAD's first-ever popularity contest."
MammonBetter Get Your Story Straight
preview:  "Yo, MC."
House of Lamentation(7)Welcome to the Gun Show 1CG 1
CG 2
CG 3
CG 4
preview:  <Picture sent>
The Fantastic Three(3)Welcome to the Gun Show 2CG
preview:  "Listen, I'd like to ask you for a favor if I could."
RAD Newspaper ClubThe Popularity Contest (Final Results)
preview:  "We would like to announce the final results in popularity contest..."
Day 4
The Demon Brothers(6)A Dog's Life 6
preview:  "Listen up, y'all! I got some news!"
345(3)The Popularity Contest (345)
preview:  "Check it out! They just released the results of the popularity contest! ..."
Purgatory Hall(3)The Popularity Contest (Angels)
preview:  "Congratulations on taking 8th place in the popularity contest."
The Fantastic Three(3)The Popularity Contest (Royals)
preview:  "Congratulations on taking 1st place in the popularity contest."
MammonLemme See Your Homework!
preview:  "Hey, MC, lemme see your Devildom Law homework, would ya?"
Day 5
MammonCan't Catch Any ZZZs
preview:  "MC, know what time it is?"
SatanInvitation to the Museum
preview:  "There's going to be an art event at the museum today. Would you like to..."
AsmodeusA Request From Asmo
preview:  "You have to help me!"
LuciferWhere Are You?
preview:  "MC, are you in your room?"
Day 6
RAD Newspaper ClubThe Errant Posts
preview:  <Sticker sent>
RAD Newspaper ClubThe Errant Posts (Follow-Up)
preview:  "Announcing a Change in Leadership at the Newspaper Club..."
MammonWhere is Lucifer?
preview:  "MC, got any idea where Lucifer is?"
LuciferMammon's Whereabouts
preview:  "Mammon still hasn't returned home."
Day 7
LeviathanYou're Going to School?
preview:  "Gud morning."
BeelzebubA Morning Request from Beel
preview:  <Sticker sent>
AsmodeusAn Ordinary Party
preview:  <Sticker sent>
LeviathanBufo Egg Drink
preview:  "What's uuuup?"
SatanThe Night is Still Young
preview:  "Tonight is the night of the Super Blood Moon, MC."
BeelzebubA Question from Beel
preview:  "MC, do you have any brothers?"
Day 8
AsmodeusSurprise Arousal
preview:  "MC, by chance did Mammon and Levi happen to come by your room this..."
The Demon Brothers(6)Even the Strong Get Sick Sometimes 1
preview:  "I think I'm coming down with a cold, so I'm going to stay in bed for a while."
The Fantastic Three(3)Even the Strong Get Sick Sometimes 2
preview:  "This is bad, Barbatos. Very bad. Apparently Lucifer has come down..."
SatanRecommending Dramas 1
preview:  "MC, what television shows do you watch?"
LeviathanLevi Can't Sleep
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 9
House of Lamentation(7)Even the Strong Get Sick Sometimes (Payback)
preview:  "I don't feel so good..."
LeviathanFuture Dream 1
preview:  "Hey, check this out."
LeviathanFuture Dream 2
preview:  "*sigh* I'd really like to be a professional gamer if it's possible."
BeelzebubBring You What?!
preview:  <Sticker sent>
AsmodeusSummer's a Comin'
preview:  "Summers in the human world are great."
Day 10
LuciferRAD Virtual School
preview:  "There have been a number of students recently that have been requesting..."
SatanRecommending Dramas 2
preview:  "MC, do you remember the title of the drama that I recommended to you?"
MammonThe Single Life 1
preview:  "ARGH! This is really gettin' on my nerves!"
MammonThe Single Life 2
preview:  "So, about this whole livin' alone thing...how do you do that, anyway?"
Day 11
LuciferSecret Between Brothers
preview:  "Have my brothers been saying anything about me, lately?"
MammonThe Single Life 3
preview:  "MC, you're not gonna believe this! There's this thing called 'rent' that ya..."
SatanAnimal Café
preview:  "If you're free tomorrow, would you like to join me on a little excursion?"
LeviathanMononoke Land 1
AsmodeusI Could Use Some Company
preview:  "MC, have you already gone to bed?"
Day 12
AsmodeusThere's Something About Levi 1
preview:  <Sticker sent>
AsmodeusThere's Something About Levi 2
preview:  "It's hard to believe that Levi would be looking so intently at a map other..."
EMERGENCY!(6)There's Something About Levi 3
EMERGENCY!(6)There's Something About Levi 4
preview:  "Ya mean we've been had?!"
EMERGENCY!(6)There's Something About Levi 5
preview:  "That scream just now..."
House of Lamentation(7)There's Something About Levi 6
preview:  "Not cool, guys! Why did you have Mammon pin me to the ground and..."
House of Lamentation(7)There's Something About Levi 7
preview:  "And now that preparations are complete, let's move on to the..."
House of Lamentation(7)There's Something About Levi 8
preview:  "Levi, you'd be doing us all a favor if you stopped holding back and just spilled..."
House of Lamentation(7)There's Something About Levi 9
preview:  "See, the thing is, I somehow ended up with a rough idea of where Zaramela..."
House of Lamentation(7)There's Something About Levi 10
preview:  "Levi was worried because he had been so absorbed in his little fictional date..."
MammonThe Single Life 4
preview:  "Let's recap: Livin' alone costs money—a boatload of it. Every month."
Day 13
AsmodeusWinter's a Comin'
preview:  "I'm so jealous of you and your winters in the human world."
LeviathanMononoke Land 2
preview:  "MC, I have some great news for you today."
LuciferHow Have You Been Doing?
preview:  "How have you been doing?"
BeelzebubShould I Sleep or Should I Eat?
preview:  <Sticker sent>
MammonThe Single Life 5
preview:  "OK, I get it. You're not down with the idea of roomin' with me."
Day 14
LuciferCall of Cooking Duty
preview:  "Are you heading straight home after class?"
MammonMy Savior Has Arrived 1
preview:  "MC, anything ya need?"
LeviathanMononoke Land 3
BeelzebubTips for Not Getting Hungry
preview:  "I'm hungry."
MammonMy Savior Has Arrived 2
preview:  "How could this happen? I put my trust in Hell Pay and it went and stabbed..."
Day 15
LeviathanWatching it Live
preview:  "Hey, you wanna come to my room after dinner tonight?"
AsmodeusMulling Over Interiors
preview:  "I've been mulling over it for a while now, but I'm thinking about changing..."
BeelzebubIt'll Come True 1
preview:  "How far is the future for a demon?"
Day 16
LuciferA Gift for Beel
preview:  "MC, I am currently in the human world on business."
BeelzebubIt'll Come True 2
preview:  "Remember how Lucifer asked me about my dream for the future?"
SatanRelentless Witch
preview:  "There's a witch. She's been eager to contact me for some time now."
LeviathanMononoke Land 4
preview:  "MC, have you been making any progress in Mononoke Land?"
AsmodeusWanting Myself
preview:  <Sticker sent>
MammonSo, Ya Wanna Be a Model?
preview:  "MC, free up your plans for tomorrow after school."
Day 17
The Demon Brothers(6)Let's Form a Band 1
preview:  "Hey, so I was thinking about forming a band..."
The Demon Brothers(6)Let's Form a Band 2
preview:  "We're always getting at each other's throats."
The Demon Brothers(6)Let's Form a Band 3
preview:  "The votes are in! 2:1:1:1:1 in favor of us forming a pop rock band!"
The Demon Brothers(6)Let's Form a Band 4
preview:  "So, who's our lovely lead singer going to be?"
The Demon Brothers(6)Let's Form a Band 5
preview:  "So, we've decided! I'm lead vocalist..."
Day 18
LuciferBreakfast is Ready
preview:  "Are you awake?"
The Demon Brothers(6)Let's Form a Band 6
preview:  "Nuh-uh, not gonna happen!"
The Demon Brothers(6)Let's Form a Band 7
preview:  "About that practice, Asmo. When are we doing it?"
LeviathanAn Invitation to C.S.
preview:  "MC, a HUGE event's about to take place. It comes around only twice a year."
The Demon Brothers(6)Let's Form a Band 8
preview:  "Tomorrow's practice session..."
Day 19
SatanThe Lost Kitten 1
preview:  "This is an emergency."
BeelzebubA Summons from Beel 1
preview:  "Hey MC, could you come here?"
AsmodeusConcerning the House of Lamentation
preview:  "I've had something on my mind, lately."
MammonWake-Up Caller Wanted
preview:  "Hey, MC."
Day 20
BeelzebubLow on Rations
preview:  "If I keep eating like this, it'll only be a matter of time before the whole..."
SatanThe Lost Kitten 2
preview:  "The kitten I talked to you about before..."
AsmodeusYou Rub My Back, I'll Rub Yours
preview:  "MC, can you come to my room?"
BeelzebubThe Apocalypse
preview:  "So, what if..."
AsmodeusLet's Go to the Hot Springs
preview:  "MC, I'd only dare tell you this, but my skin hasn't been doing all that great..."
Day 21
BeelzebubA Summons from Beel 2
preview:  "MC, come."
SatanThe Lost Kitten 3
preview:  "Remember the lost kitten we were talking about earlier?"
AsmodeusWhy Don't We Take a Dip
preview:  "MC, you have to hear this! I bought the most delightful shower gel today..."
LeviathanIdol Fandom
preview:  "So, I saw this at a live show somewhere in the human world, but..."
Day 22
SatanThe Lost Kitten 4
preview:  "Your interest may have dwindled since we last talked, but I've got an update..."
AsmodeusWhat Kind of D.D.D. Case is Best?
preview:  "MC! Do you use a case for your D.D.D.?"
BeelzebubWhere's the Can Opener?
preview:  "MC, do you know where the can opener is?"
LeviathanSwitching Sides
preview:  "You know, I thought I wasn't anything like Asmo."
Day 23
SatanThe Lost Kitten 5
preview:  <Sticker sent>
LeviathanSecret Live Show
preview:  "This is SIIIIICK!"
preview:  "Let me ask you a straight question."
Day 24
House of Lamentation(7)Cheer Squad 1
preview:  "Beel."
House of Lamentation(7)Cheer Squad 2
preview:  "Seeing you all cheering me on will give me the energy I need to fight on."
House of Lamentation(7)Cheer Squad 3
preview:  "I got it! Stick with me here..."
House of Lamentation(7)Cheer Squad 4
preview:  "After thinking a bit more on Levi's plan..."
House of Lamentation(7)Cheer Squad 5
preview:  "So then, let's decide on a design for our flags."
Day 25
RAD Newspaper ClubAnnouncing Spirit Week
preview:  "Attention all students."
House of Lamentation(7)Spirit Week
preview:  "We're having a Wedding Day..."
SatanOthello 1
preview:  "You wouldn't happened to have seen a bawling Levi around, have you?"
LuciferChess Partner
preview:  "MC, if you have time, would you like to play a round of chess with me?"
Day 26
House of Lamentation(7)Who's Your Type? 1
preview:  "I'm feeling a bit bored... Someone come and entertain me ♪"
House of Lamentation(7)Who's Your Type? 2
preview:  "My type? Can it be food?"
SatanOthello 2
preview:  "MC, could you help me with something?"
LuciferDo I Terrify You?
preview:  "I heard from Levi today that I have a tendency to coddle you too much."
Day 27
SatanOthello 3
preview:  "MC, I have news."
House of Lamentation(7)Who's Your Type? 3
preview:  "Good, everyone's here."
House of Lamentation(7)Who's Your Type? 4
preview:  "My type is someone who is ready to explore the depths of pleasure..."
Day 28
House of Lamentation(7)Who's Your Type? 5
preview:  "My type is..."
House of Lamentation(7)Who's Your Type? 6
preview:  "I'm up next, huh?"
Day 29
House of Lamentation(7)Who's Your Type? 7
preview:  "If I had one type in particular..."
House of Lamentation(7)Who's Your Type? 8
preview:  "Beel, are you sure you understand the rules? We're not talking about food..."
Day 30
House of Lamentation(7)Who's Your Type? 9
preview:  "Hm..."
House of Lamentation(7)Who's Your Type? 10
preview:  "This time I want to do the guessing! MC, you're all about looks, aren't you?"
preview:  "Do you have any requests for how we can make your stay here in the..."
Day 31
Day 32
The Demon Brothers(6)SNS Ban
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 33
LuciferAbout the SNS Ban
preview:  "MC, I'd like to ask for your cooperation."
Day 34
MammonMammon's Agony
preview:  "That jerk Lucifer!"
Day 35
LeviathanLevi Cannot Compute
preview:  "Did you hear what happened, MC?"
Day 36
SatanSatan's Scheme
preview:  "Hey, MC."
Day 37
AsmodeusAsmo's Mistake?
preview:  "MC, this is awful!"
Day 38
BeelzebubAn Unexpected Inconvenience
preview:  "Hey, MC. I bought some pudding from Madam Scream's."
Day 39
BelphegorNot My Problem
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 40
Purgatory Hall(3)An Unusual Friendship
preview:  "Hey, did you hear the news?"
Day 41
345(3)Strategy Meeting 1
preview:  "Attention!"
Day 42
The Demon Brothers(6)Dear Lucifer
preview:  "Dear Lucifer,"
Day 43
345(3)Strategy Meeting 2
preview:  "Attention!!!"
Day 44
LeviathanAn Otaku's Soul
preview:  "How are you holding up, MC? Me? I'm at my limit. Practically on death's door."
Day 45
AsmodeusAsmo's Sense of Beauty
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 46
MammonA Chance to Repent?
preview:  "Hey, MC."
Day 47
LuciferMysterious Letters
preview:  "Recently, I've received a series of mysterious letters."
Day 48
SolomonSolomon Steals the Spotlight
preview:  "Hey MC."
Day 49
The Fantastic Three(3)The Amused Duo
preview:  "Lucifer, I heard about the ban."
Day 50
BeelzebubA List of Food
preview:  "MC, did you see what was outside Lucifer's room?"
Chatroom Title Media
Day 51
SatanHow to Make Someone Read a Cursed Letter
preview:  "Hi there, MC."
Day 52
LuciferThe Envelope
preview:  "MC."
The Demon Brothers(6)The Condition
preview:  "Rejoice, my brothers."
Day 53
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Brothers
preview:  "Hey, we're brothers, right?
Day 55
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Listen Up
preview:  "Ahem."
Day 57
Purgatory Hall(3)The Mushroom
preview:  "Solomon."
Day 58
AsmodeusThe Invitation
preview:  "MC."
Day 61
345(3)Front-Page NewsCG
preview:  "Have you seen it yet?
Day 63
LeviathanHow...? Why...?
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 65
BeelzebubCan I Count on You?
preview:  "MC."
Day 66
MammonThe Demon at My Door
preview:  "Hey!"
Day 69
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Who's the Culprit?CG
preview:  "I know one of you did it!"
Day 70
SatanAbout Tomorrow
preview:  "Are you free tomorrow?"
Day 71
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Where's Levi?
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 72
Cat(3)Truth Is...
preview:  "MC, did you and Satan kiss?"
Day 73
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Where's Mammon?CG
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 74
preview:  "Beel, are you hungry?"
Day 75
67The Pillow
preview:  "Are you in our room?"
Day 76
preview:  "MC, where are you?"
Day 77
Where's My MoneyMemo
preview:  "Anidaemon"
Day 78
The Fantastic Three(3)Change of Plans
preview:  "My Lord, Lucifer."
Day 79
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Who Wants to Come With Me?
preview:  "Who wants to get their nails done with le moi?"
Day 80
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Objection!
preview:  "I have something to say to Levi."
Day 81
preview:  "Turn the TV on to Devil Channel, will ya!"
Day 82
AsmodeusA New Drink
preview:  "They came out with a new drink: Bufo Egg Brown Sugar Milk Tea!"
Day 83
LeviathanWhispers of Love
preview:  "I love you."
Day 84
House of Lamentation (New)(8)I Can't Remember
preview:  "I wanna ask you all something..."
Day 85
House of Lamentation (New)(8)New NailsCG
preview:  "Ta-daaa ♡"
Day 86
preview:  "MC, I need you to do something for me."
Day 87
No Big Brothers Allowed(3)Warning
preview:  "Beel, Asmo."
Day 88
The Angels(3)How Are Things Going?
preview:  "MC."
Day 89
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)The Lid
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 90
36What Happened?
preview:  "Lucifer's in SUCH a bad mood right now!"
Day 91
SolomonYou Forgot Something
preview:  "Are you still at RAD?"
Day 92
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)TakoyakiCG
preview:  "I'm on my way back to the Devildom."
Day 93
preview:  "Levi, are you in your room?"
Day 94
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 95
BeelzebubDid Anyone Say "Food"?
preview:  "Do you have anything to eat?"
Day 96
1235(4)Bathing Essentials
preview:  "Hey."
Day 97
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 98
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Who Did It
preview:  "Who was the last one to use the Devil Sauce?"
Day 99
BarbatosBath Salt
preview:  "MC."
Day 100
House of Lamentation (New)(8)100 Day Anniversary
preview:  "Congratulatiooooooooons!"

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