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Days 1,001-1,100[edit]

Chatroom Title Media
Day 1,001
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10)Slumber Exchange (Castle Edition) 7
preview:  "I am afraid to say that Mammon has..."
Shameless SlanderSlumber Exchange (Castle Edition) 8
preview:  "I had to drop off some paperwork today..."
Day 1,002
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10)Slumber Exchange (Castle Edition) 9
preview:  "Guys, ya gotta help me!"
ThirteenSlumber Exchange (Castle Edition) 10
preview:  "Soooo, Cerberus is hanging around the school gates today."
Day 1,003
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10)Slumber Exchange (Castle Edition) 11
preview:  "Yo! What's all this I'm hearin' about..."
Shameless SlanderSlumber Exchange (Castle Edition) 12
preview:  "Mind telling me what was going on with Lord Diavolo at lunch today?"
Day 1,004
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10)Slumber Exchange (Castle Edition) 13
preview:  "I feel like I haven't seen Belphie napping in class for a while."
ThirteenSlumber Exchange (Castle Edition) 14
preview:  "So, I just heard something fun."
Day 1,005
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10)Slumber Exchange (Castle Edition) 15
preview:  "It has come to my attention that the Young Master made a meal..."
Shameless SlanderSlumber Exchange (Castle Edition) 16
preview:  "So, how was your week-long sojourn at the Demon Lord's Castle?"
Day 1,006
Where's My MoneySlumber Exchange (Castle Edition) 17
preview:  "Man, there ain't no place like home!"
56Group StretchesCG
preview:  "You've got to check this out!"
Day 1,007
LuciferWho Is It? 1
preview:  "OMG!"
MammonWho Is It? 2
preview:  "This is like, the worst thing to have ever happened..."
Day 1,008
LeviathanWho Is It? 3
preview:  <Sticker sent>
SatanWho Is It? 4
preview:  "MC, are you all right?"
Day 1,009
AsmodeusWho Is It? 5
preview:  "Ugh, this whole thing is driving me up the freakin' wall!"
BeelzebubWho Is It? 6
preview:  "MC, I heard you had a run-in with Solomon's most recent experiment?"
Day 1,010
BelphegorWho Is It? 7
preview:  "This has been such a meowsy week."
DiavoloWho Is It? 8
preview:  "Yaaaar, this be a fine flight of fancy!"
Day 1,011
BarbatosWho Is It? 9
preview:  "Thanks to Solomon, we didn't get a lick of work done..."
LukeWho Is It? 10
preview:  "The effects of that speech-altering magic should be wearing off soon, right?"
Day 1,012
SimeonWho Is It? 11
preview:  "Hiya! ☆"
SolomonWho Is It? 12
preview:  "Well, the claws are out meow."
Day 1,013
ThirteenWho Is It? 13
preview:  "What gives?!"
BelphegorWho Is It? 14
preview:  "Thank goodness, things are finally back to normal."
Day 1,014
ThirteenTo Mt. Imminent Death 1
preview:  "Man, am I glad that you guys are back to normal."
SolomonTo Mt. Imminent Death 2
preview:  "So, I heard you're going to Mt. Imminent Death?"
Day 1,015
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)To Mt. Imminent Death 3
preview:  "MC, where are you now?"
Shameless SlanderTo Mt. Imminent Death 4
preview:  "So. I hear that MC and the others are making their way..."
Day 1,016
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)To Mt. Imminent Death 5
preview:  "Lucifer, you're the worst!"
The Fantastic Three(3)To Mt. Imminent Death 6
preview:  "I heard that your brothers caused some trouble last night..."
Day 1,017
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)To Mt. Imminent Death 7
preview:  "Yo, dudes! I sent a crow..."
Luke (Chihuahua)To Mt. Imminent Death 8
preview:  "Do you think MC is doing okay?"
Day 1,018
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)To Mt. Imminent Death 9
preview:  "Beel, ya went and set a place at the table for..."
The Fantastic Three(3)To Mt. Imminent Death 10
preview:  "Lucifer, you're going to want to take a seat before reading any further."
Day 1,019
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)To Mt. Imminent Death 11CG
preview:  "The affixing of cats to official documents must cease."
Luke (Chihuahua)To Mt. Imminent Death 12
preview:  "I just received a message from Solomon!"
Day 1,020
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)To Mt. Imminent Death 13
preview:  "Come oooon, MC..."
SolomonTo Mt. Imminent Death 14
preview:  "Thanks for all your hard work back there."
Day 1,021
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)The Errand Boy
preview:  "It's my turn to buy groceries the day after tomorrow."
SimeonTea Time Practice
preview:  "Barbatos invited me over to the Demon Lord's Castle."
Day 1,022
Cat(3)Cat Grass Got Your Tongue?
preview:  "I came up with a brilliant idea."
Luke (Chihuahua)Sharing Is Caring
preview:  "I just noticed that I'm running low on some baking ingredients."
Day 1,023
House of Lamentation (New)(8)The Disappearance of LuciferCG
preview:  "Where did Lucifer go?"
LukeA Secret Favor
preview:  "I need some help with my homework..."
Day 1,024
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3)The Party Planning Committee
preview:  "Is it just me or is everyone getting bored of crazy, wild parties lately?"
DiavolorinoHook, Line, and Sinker!
preview:  "Let's play a game of chess, Leviathan!"
Day 1,025
Solomon the SorcererI Challenge You to a Duel!
preview:  "It sounds like Diavolo and Barbatos had an all-or-nothing game of chess."
1235(4)Levi's Rise to Popularity
preview:  "So I was thinking about upgrading my mic."
Day 1,026
Luke (Chihuahua)The Angel That Can't Fly
preview:  "I'm terrible at jumping rope."
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Mammon's Dog Days
preview:  "Good work, Mammon."
Day 1,027
House of Lamentation (New)(8)A Suave Transformation
preview:  "Listen with your heart."
Sweets MastersPlant Dad Troubles
preview:  "The recent lack of rain is troubling."
Day 1,028
BarbatosA Thank You for Earlier
preview:  "Thank you again for earlier."
LeviathanA Postcard Chock-Full of Love
preview:  "Listen up!"
Day 1,029
The Attic Club "Sandwich"(3)Black Fluff Everywhere
preview:  "What should I do?"
The Royals(3)One More Game!
preview:  "As you know, I've been humoring your sudden interest in chess recently, My Lord."
Day 1,030
Gourmet ClubEveryone's a Food Critic
preview:  "I have a question."
SolomonSolomon's Penance
preview:  "Do you have a second?"
Day 1,031
AsmodeusAsmo's Got a Plan
preview:  "Ugh, I cannot BELIEVE Solomon!"
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3)A Friendly Wager
preview:  "I went to Hocus Pocus yesterday."
Day 1,032
Sweet ToothLuke's Good Deed
preview:  "Thanks for today."
1235(4)Help Wanted
preview:  "I'm looking for some personnel to join me."
Day 1,033
Tea DemonsTea Demons Spilling the Tea
preview:  "The latest trend seems to be using tea leaves made by..."
BelphegorHelp Wanted: The AftermathCG
preview:  "Did you hear?"
Day 1,034
SolomonSorcerer's Chocolate
preview:  "I hear there's a collection of chocolate for sorcerers."
Shameless SlanderPartners in Crime
preview:  "Why'd you get in my way?!"
Day 1,035
DiavoloDiavolo the Guest Judge
preview:  "Satan and Belphegor invited me over."
SatanLet's Play a Game
preview:  "There's a railroad game that I found and it's..."
Day 1,036
BeelzebubBeel's Hidden Charm
preview:  "I was looking like a wreck by the end of my match today."
Brothers No MoreInto the Thick of It
preview:  "Luke received a model kit from Leviathan the other day."
Day 1,037
MammonMammon Goes Viral 1
preview:  "Listen to this, MC!"
The Attic Club "Sandwich"(3)Rock-A-Bye Belphie
preview:  "I've been sleeping like a baby in class lately."
Day 1,038
Solomon the SorcererMephisto's Sweet Side
preview:  "I saw Serun the other day."
12Just This Once
preview:  "Yooo."
Day 1,039
RaphaelTiny Devil Sighting 1
preview:  "I saw a tiny demon flying about in RAD."
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Tiny Devil Sighting 2
preview:  "I heard Raphael encountered some sweet devils at RAD the other day."
Day 1,040
LukeMammon Goes Viral 2
preview:  "Did you hear about Mammon's video?"
The Attic Club "Sandwich"(3)Beel's Terri-Frying Breakfast
preview:  "This morning's scrambled eggs had quite a bite to them."
Day 1,041
DiabolusMammon Goes Viral 3
preview:  "Did you hear about what was seen in Asmodeus's new video?"
ThirteenThirteen's on the Hunt
preview:  "Ugh, I'm so over everything!"
Day 1,042
Purgatory Hall (New)(4)Incident in the Garden 1
preview:  "I have a question for you, Raphael."
The Royals(3)Incident in the Garden 2
preview:  "Is Barbatos at the House of Lamentation?"
Day 1,043
RaphaelThe World's Most Delicious Food
preview:  "Coming to the Devildom has made me realize something."
LuciferThe Serenate Seeds
preview:  "You have an assignment for today's Devildom botany class to plant and grow seeds, correct?"
Day 1,044
LukeCharacter BentoCG
preview:  "Take a look at this, MC!"
SatanMammon Goes Viral: The Epilogue
preview:  "I have an acquaintance who is a member of the Devildom Supernatural Society."
Day 1,045
36Levi's Earnest Desire 1
preview:  "The time has come..."
Where's My MoneyLevi's Earnest Desire 2
preview:  "Yo, I just heard from Beel!"
Day 1,046
DiabolusTiny Pillows, Big Dreams
preview:  "I found a bunch of pillows in an empty classroom."
No Big Brothers Allowed(3)Beel's New Car-Dio Workout
preview:  "I found a really nice car."
Day 1,047
The Fantastic Three(3)A Group Meeting
preview:  "If I may, I would like to discuss the present that was..."
The Attic Club "Sandwich"(3)Your Bed Is Your Best Friend
preview:  "Did you see Shadow News 999?"
Day 1,048
DiavolorinoThe Concert Ticket
preview:  "I have an extra ticket to the Devildom Symphony Orchestra's latest concert."
45The Search for Inspiration
preview:  "About that thing you asked about..."
Day 1,049
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Levi's Earnest Desire 3
preview:  "Everyone, come to my room ASAP!"
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3)What Makes a Party Chic?
preview:  "I've been thinking about how to host a chic party."
Day 1,050
Purgatory Hall (New)(4)Solomon's Done It Again
preview:  "Why don't we remodel Purgatory Hall?"
Sweets MastersSolomon's Done It Again: The Aftermath
preview:  "Thanks for your help earlier, Barbatos."
Chatroom Title Media
Day 1,051
SolomonVoodoo-Chan 1
preview:  "You remember us making cursed dolls in class the other day, right?"
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 1,052
345(3)A What Stand?
preview:  "I saw the jewelry stand in your room, Levi."
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Voodoo-Chan 2
preview:  "Did someone drop a miniature dress in the kitchen?"
Day 1,053
DiabolusClose CallCG
preview:  "You know, Diavolo, you can be surprisingly clumsy sometimes."
DiavolorinoVoodoo-Chan 3
preview:  "I saw your cursed doll, Leviathan."
Day 1,054
LeviathanVoodoo-Chan 4
preview:  "There's so much more to the world of fashion than I thought."
MammonAtrocious Chocolate Pudding
preview:  "Dammit!"
Day 1,055
56Chocolate Bath 1
preview:  "You smelled really nice just now, Asmo."
Purgatory Hall (New)(4)Voodoo-Chan 5
preview:  "I love your cursed doll's outfit, Raphael!"
Day 1,056
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Chocolate Bath 2
preview:  "Yo, what's causin' that crazy sweet smell?"
The Attic Club "Sandwich"(3)Chocolate Bath 3
preview:  "I was looking forward to soaking in a tub full of chocolate."
Day 1,057
ThirteenA Casual Oversight
preview:  "Thanks for lending me your textbook!"
Gourmet ClubChocolate Bath 4
preview:  "Thanks for inviting me to your chocolate fondue party!"
Day 1,058
The Royals(3)Voodoo-Chan 6
preview:  "I have a rather peculiar story to share with you two."
Where's My MoneyVoodoo-Chan 7
preview:  "Yo, is it me, or have more demons been..."
Day 1,059
Shameless SlanderVoodoo-Chan 8
preview:  "Regarding the trend of dressing up cursed dolls that has been all the rage lately.."
12Now You Tell Me!
preview:  "I received a pair of Devilior shoes that I believe would be more to your taste."
Day 1,060
Luke (Chihuahua)Voodoo-Chan 9
preview:  "Did you see Leviathan's Devilgram post from yesterday?"
Shameless SlanderVoodoo-Chan 10
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 1,061
BarbatosBefore I Drift Off
preview:  <Sticker sent>
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Where's My Salt?
preview:  "I can't find the bath salts I just bought."
Day 1,062
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3)Voodoo-Chan 11
preview:  "Hey."
SolomonThe Least I Can Do
preview:  "Apparently, Simeon left me a snack while I was conducting some experiments."
Day 1,063
Sweet ToothSimeon's Urgent Business
preview:  "I received a message from Simeon asking if I knew anything of your whereabouts."
House of Lamentation (New)(8)What Did It Taste Like?
preview:  "The takeout we had for last night's dinner was amazing."
Day 1,064
345(3)The Anger-Melting Eye MaskCG
preview:  "Check this out."
The Royals(3)Voodoo-Chan 12
preview:  "Barbatos made something quite impressive."
Day 1,065
No Big Brothers Allowed(3)Voodoo-Chan 13
preview:  "Didn't Levi and the others say they were going on a picnic today?"
Purgatory Hall (New)(4)Pajama Twins 1
preview:  "I just saw Beelzebub and Belphegor wandering around town in pajamas."
Day 1,066
BarbatosMatcha Fad
preview:  "Did you know that matcha seems to be all the rage in town right now?"
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Pajama Twins 2
preview:  "Is it true that Beel and Belphie went into town in their pajamas?"
Day 1,067
LukeMoe Moe Café 1
preview:  "I found a café with some super tasty-looking desserts."
The Royals(3)The Travel Lottery
preview:  "The other day, I watched an interesting television program when I visited Purgatory Hall."
Day 1,068
56The Quest for a Burger 1
preview:  "Didn't you say you wanted to go to that new burger joint?"
BeelzebubThe Quest for a Burger 2
preview:  "I went to that new burger joint that opened recently."
Day 1,069
SolomonDon't Press Those Buttons 1
preview:  <Sticker sent>
SimeonDon't Press Those Buttons 2
preview:  "I found something unusual in one of the RAD hallways."
Day 1,070
Tea DemonsDon't Press Those Buttons 3
preview:  "I've dealt Satan and Belphie a suitable punishment."
Devildom PrinceDon't Press Those Buttons 4
preview:  "I'm so sorry."
Day 1,071
DiabolusIs This Your Pen?
preview:  "You wouldn't happen to have lost a pen, would you?"
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3)A Productive Walk 1
preview:  "You seem to be going on a lot of walks lately, Satan."
Day 1,072
Sweets MastersCooking Class 1
preview:  "Can I ask you something?"
Gourmet ClubHell's Kitchen's New Promotion
preview:  "Have you seen Hell's Kitchen's newest promotion?!"
Day 1,073
Big Brothers(3)The Way I Look at My IdolsCG
preview:  "Levi's been frozen like this for about an hour now."
The Attic Club "Sandwich"(3)A Productive Walk 2
preview:  "Have you been using the app Satan recommended?"
Day 1,074
House of Lamentation (New)(8)The Ghost Train of My Dreams 1
preview:  "Are any of you an expert on the so-called ghost train?"
BelphegorThe Ghost Train of My Dreams 2
preview:  "So, about the ghost train..."
Day 1,075
BelphegorThe Ghost Train of My Dreams 3
preview:  "The ghost train really did travel across the night sky."
Purgatory Hall (New)(4)Moe Moe Café 2
preview:  "Simeon!"
Day 1,076
SolomonI Wish I Hadn't Seen That
preview:  <Sticker sent>
DiavoloCooking Class 2
preview:  "Have you heard?"
Day 1,077
Sweets MastersAn Impromptu Improvisation
preview:  "I heard you had a rather uncomfortable experience due to Solomon summoning you..."
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Watch Out for the Fizz
preview:  "Which one of you imbeciles spilled juice all over the hallway..."
Day 1,078
Purgatory Hall (New)(4)Where Have I Heard That Before?
preview:  "As much as I like playing cards with everyone, sometimes feel like playing..."
House of Lamentation (New)(8)A Hearty Appetite
preview:  "Is it me, or have we been getting a lot of food deliveries lately?"
Day 1,079
SimeonThe Downside of Online Promos
preview:  "There's something I'd like help with."
Purgatory Hall (New)(4)Keychain Collector
preview:  "Have you all received your gifts from Diavolo already?"
Day 1,080
BelphegorThriving on Praise
preview:  "Lucifer complained that I'm late too often to RAD."
RaphLet's Make Some Memories
preview:  "Did I ever show you that album?"
Day 1,081
BeelzebubTraining PhotosCG
preview:  "I'd like your opinion on something."
AsmodeusA Whole New Look
preview:  "You know how you get all sorts of trial services these days?"
Day 1,082
Purgatory Hall (New)(4)The Paper Plane Tournament 1
preview:  "How do you make a paper plane fly farther?"
The Fantastic Three(3)The Paper Plane Tournament 2
preview:  "Could I ask you something?"
Day 1,083
MammonThe Paper Plane Tournament 3
preview:  "Yo!"
SatanThe Paper Plane Tournament 4
preview:  "Wouldn't cats look cute if they could fly?"
Day 1,084
1235(4)The Paper Plane Tournament 5
preview:  "Hey, did you see Satan's cat-plane?"
67The Paper Plane Tournament 6
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 1,085
ThirteenThe Paper Plane Tournament 7
preview:  "Quick question, are traps allowed in this paper plane tournament?"
The Royals(3)The Paper Plane Tournament 8
preview:  "Tomorrow's finally the day of the paper plane tournament!"
Day 1,086
Invocatio(3)The Paper Plane Tournament 9
preview:  "Congrats on winning!"
Purgatory Hall (New)(4)The Paper Plane Tournament 10
preview:  "The tournament was so much fun!"
Day 1,087
Shameless SlanderThe Paper Plane Tournament 11
preview:  "You came to cover the paper plane tournament, didn't you?"
SimeonThe Appeal of Sunglasses
preview:  "The other day, when we were waiting for you at the House of Lamentation..."
Day 1,088
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Custom Cake 1
preview:  "Urgent!"
Big Brothers(3)Custom Cake 2
preview:  "These extra classes are boring as all hell."
Day 1,089
Luke (Chihuahua)Where Did They Go?! 1
preview:  "Have you seen Solomon?"
Brothers No MoreWhere Did They Go?! 2
preview:  "Hey, is Solomon with you right now?"
Day 1,090
Gourmet ClubWhere Did They Go?! 3
preview:  "Hey, has Satan come back yet?"
ThirteenExtra Spoon?
preview:  "Hey, do you have an extra spoon?"
Day 1,091
Brothers Under a Pact(4)Where Did They Go?! 4
preview:  "You know, I just remembered."
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Where Did They Go?! 5
preview:  "Who'd have thought they were at a cat café for an event?"
Day 1,092
Purgatory Hall (New)(4)Where Did They Go?! 6
preview:  "I'm sorry, everyone."
Cat(3)Where Did They Go?! 7
preview:  "Well, a lot happened, but the cat café event was utter bliss."
Day 1,093
DiavolorinoCheer Screening 1
preview:  "You seemed to be in high spirits when I saw you at RAD."
Where's My MoneyCheer Screening 2
preview:  "What am I going to do?"
Day 1,094
The Fantastic Three(3)Cheer Screening 3
preview:  "Levi invited me to a movie screening where the audience is encouraged to participate."
SatanBewitching Cat Stickers 1
preview:  "You've seen those new Bewitching Paw Candies, right?"
Day 1,095
DiabolusWhat's in the box?! 1CG
preview:  "Take a look at this, Diavolo."
The Fantastic Three(3)What's in the box?! 2
preview:  "I heard from Solomon."
Day 1,096
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3)What's in the box?! 3
preview:  "That was careless of me."
AsmodeusLove Recharge
preview:  "Hey, MC!"
Day 1,097
LukeRegular Customer
preview:  "The other day, I lost my loyalty card for Hell's Kitchen."
Cat(3)Bewitching Cat Stickers 2
preview:  "How's your collection coming along, Solomon?"
Day 1,098
Brothers No MoreThe Same Old Issue 1
preview:  "Do you have a minute?"
SimeonThe Same Old Issue 2
preview:  "Has Lucifer come home yet?"
Day 1,099
LuciferThe Same Old Issue 3
preview:  "After you told me to get some sleep, I..."
LukeA Very Angry Luke
preview:  "Solomon's being such a meanie!"
Day 1,100
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3)Our Daily Fun
preview:  "Lucifer didn't notice today either."
preview:  "Today, our twins had exactly the same bedhead look."

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