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Days 1,101-1,200[edit]

Chatroom Title Media
Day 1,101
BeelzebubGrowing Paellas 1
preview:  "I bought some rare seeds."
BelphegorGrowing Paellas 2
preview:  "About those seeds that Beel planted..."
Day 1,102
The Attic Club "Sandwich"(3)Growing Paellas 3
preview:  "You heard from Belphie, right?"
DiavolorinoCheer Screening 4
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 1,103
MammonPower Spot
preview:  "So, I'm at this famous spot that's s'posed to have lots of spiritual energy."
Invocatio(3)Irresistible to All 1CG
preview:  "I was visiting Purgatory Hall, when I..."
Day 1,104
No Big Brothers Allowed(3)Misunderstanding
preview:  "Satan, did you place that order for me?"
Tea DemonsThere Are Limits
preview:  "Please help me!"
Day 1,105
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Irresistible to All 2
preview:  "Ohmygosh..."
BelphegorIrresistible to All 3
preview:  "Do you want to try that famous sofa, MC?"
Day 1,106
Sweet ToothIrresistible to All 4
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Purgatory Hall (New)(4)Irresistible to All 5
preview:  "Solomon, regarding that sofa of yours..."
Day 1,107
DiabolusIrresistible to All 6
preview:  "Solomon, I heard that you've acquired a good sofa."
LeviathanBack Pains
preview:  "Did you see the new art for the Ruri-chan collab café?!"
Day 1,108
BarbatosNature Cameras
preview:  "Have you heard of DevilTube's nature cameras?"
BeelzebubA Frustrating Event
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 1,109
RaphaelUnavoidable 1
preview:  "I need to ask you a favor."
Purgatory Hall (New)(4)Unavoidable 2
preview:  "I just saw your messages!"
Day 1,110
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Unavoidable 3
preview:  "I'm still nauseous from eating Solomon's cooking last night."
SolomonA Rival Appears
preview:  "Leviathan lent me a manga involving a poisonous jelly that..."
Day 1,111
LeviathanSecond Thoughts Are Best
preview:  "You know how some apps don't let you change your username..."
Tea DemonsCursed Record 1CG
preview:  "I'll bring it tomorrow."
Day 1,112
The Fantastic Three(3)Cursed Record 2
preview:  "I apologize for the commotion during the tea party..."
Sweets MastersCursed Record 3
preview:  "Simeon, Luke, how are you feeling?"
Day 1,113
LukeAnime Adaptation 1
preview:  "Hey! Big news!"
Brothers Under a Pact(4)Roar of the Beast 1
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 1,114
ThirteenAny Ideas?
preview:  "Ever heard of the man-eating vase?"
Brothers Under a Pact(4)Roar of the Beast 2
preview:  "Help! Save me!"
Day 1,115
Shameless SlanderReading Habits 1
preview:  "Don't you think students should be using RAD's library more often?"
DiavoloReading Habits 2
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 1,116
ThirteenReading Habits 3
preview:  "Hey! Is it true that we exchange students..."
12Reading Habits 4
preview:  "Are you in your room at the moment?"
Day 1,117
67Reading Habits 5
preview:  "So, I got a book from the library."
The Attic Club "Sandwich"(3)Reading Habits 6
preview:  "We've got a problem."
Day 1,118
Purgatory Hall (New)(4)Reading Habits 7
preview:  "Does everyone have a book for RAD Reading Week?"
Luke (Chihuahua)Reading Habits 8
preview:  "Simeon! The novel you told me about is..."
Day 1,119
DiabolusReading Habits 9
preview:  "Solomon!"
RaphReading Habits 10
preview:  "How's the book Solomon chose for you?"
Day 1,120
The Fantastic Three(3)Reading Habits 11
preview:  <Sticker sent>
45Reading Habits 12
preview:  "Absolutely amazing!"
Day 1,121
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Reading Habits 13
preview:  "The deadline for submitting our reviews is tomorrow."
LeviathanReading Habits 14
preview:  "Hey!"
Day 1,122
DiavolorinoReading Habits 15
preview:  "Thank you so much, Lord Diavolo!"
Angel LukeReading Habits 16
preview:  "I'm sorry."
Day 1,123
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Mary's Plaza 1
preview:  "Today, I made a discovery."
The Fantastic Three(3)Mary's Plaza 2
preview:  "Lucifer, thank you for reporting that irregularity at Mary's Plaza."
Day 1,124
Purgatory Hall (New)(4)Pretty Amazing, Right?CG
preview:  "Check out this latte art!"
SatanAnime Adaptation 2
preview:  "The first episode of the Case Files of Feline Inspector Tama was spectacular."
Day 1,125
Brothers No MoreGood Grief
preview:  "Thank you for listening to me vent."
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Room Switch 1
preview:  "I saw this series on DevilTube where friends swap rooms."
Day 1,126
BeelzebubRoom Switch 2
preview:  "It feels weird being in your room when you aren't in it, MC."
AsmodeusRoom Switch 3
preview:  "You're so lucky, MC!"
Day 1,127
34Room Switch 4
preview:  "Are you in my room right now?"
MammonRoom Switch 5
preview:  "Ugh, this is boooorin'."
Day 1,128
Cat(3)Room Switch 6
preview:  "I heard everyone at the House of Lamentation switched rooms."
Invocatio(3)Room Switch 7
preview:  "I saw your livestream, Asmodeus."
Day 1,129
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Room Switch 8
preview:  "Switching rooms was so much fun!"
The Fantastic Three(3)Room Switch 9
preview:  "I heard that your brothers had fun swapping rooms for a while."
Day 1,130
Purgatory Hall (New)(4)Room Switch 10
preview:  "The room switch thing they did at the House of Lamentation..."
Invocatio(3)See, That's Love
preview:  "Hey, listen to this!"
Day 1,131
Sweet ToothRoom Switch 11
preview:  <Sticker sent>
RaphRoom Switch 12
preview:  "Does Luke enjoy picture books?"
Day 1,132
Purgatory Hall (New)(4)Room Switch 13
preview:  "You know..."
DiavoloKetchup Art
preview:  "The other day, I dropped in at the House of Lamentation."
Day 1,133
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Noise Complaint 1CG
preview:  "Which one of you was behind the buffoonery during recess?"
DiabolusNoise Complaint 2
preview:  "Everyone seemed to have a great time during recess today."
Day 1,134
Big Brothers(3)Daily Gratitude 1
preview:  "Thanks for everything, Lucifer."
preview:  "I made some tea during a research break, but when I drank it..."
Day 1,135
34Daily Gratitude 2
preview:  "Thanks for today, Levi."
Where's My MoneyDaily Gratitude 3
preview:  "YOU said you'd pay me back if I made someone cry."
Day 1,136
BelphegorHide Me! 1
preview:  "Quick! Hide me in your room, MC!"
34Daily Gratitude 4
preview:  "I read your letter."
Day 1,137
Luke (Chihuahua)Parental Love 1
preview:  "Luke, I know you love baking, but don't you think you should..."
Angel LukeParental Love 2
preview:  "Sorry!"
Day 1,138
SimeonParental Love 3
preview:  "I wonder if I'm too strict."
No Big Brothers Allowed(3)Reading Habits 17
preview:  "You seem to be in an awfully good mood lately, Satan."
Day 1,139
RaphCold Treatment
preview:  "I heard that a student was looking for you at RAD earlier."
BelphegorHide Me! 2
preview:  "Hey, thanks for letting me hide in your room the other day."
Day 1,140
The Angels(3)An Egg With Eyes
preview:  "Can eggs have faces?"
Sweets MastersLavishing Praise
preview:  "Why don't you come over to Purgatory Hall?"
Day 1,141
BelphegorA Careless Older Brother
preview:  "So..."
House of Lamentation (New)(8)All-New Cup Cuties Capsule Toys 1
preview:  "We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming..."
Day 1,142
12Learning Through Comics 1
preview:  "Are you at all confident that you'll pass the upcoming curses and hexes exam?"
Devildom PrinceAll-New Cup Cuties Capsule Toys 2
preview:  "Those new Cup Cuties of yours are all anyone on campus can talk about."
Day 1,143
RaphA Special Recipe 1
preview:  "I wanted to try recreating Solomon's dishes myself..."
SolomonA Special Recipe 2
preview:  "I need your honest opinion on something..."
Day 1,144
BarbatosAll-New Cup Cuties Capsule Toys 3CG
preview:  "Behold."
Purgatory Hall (New)(4)All-New Cup Cuties Capsule Toys 4
preview:  "Which one did you guys get?"
Day 1,145
Shameless SlanderAll-New Cup Cuties Capsule Toys 5
preview:  "Rejoice."
Gourmet ClubKids' Meals 1
preview:  "Luke, I have a question for you."
Day 1,146
The Royals(3)All-New Cup Cuties Capsule Toys 6
preview:  "Would you be interested in a set of Barbatos Cup Cuties?"
The Royals(3)All-New Cup Cuties Capsule Toys 7
preview:  "I'm putting in a special order for those Barbatos Cup Cuties..."
Day 1,147
AsmodeusKaraoke Aficionados 1
preview:  "Okay, so! Levi just sent me a selfie..."
SatanWildest Fantasies
preview:  "Imagine, if you will."
Day 1,148
DiavolorinoDifficulty Level
preview:  "The last game that you lent me really is rather difficult."
Purgatory Hall (New)(4)Kids' Meals 2
preview:  "Luke, are you packed and ready for your trip to the human world?"
Day 1,149
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Kids' Meals 3
preview:  "Hey, Lucifer! Beel!"
LukeKids' Meals 4
preview:  "The human world sure has changed."
Day 1,150
Invocatio(3)Kids' Meals 5
preview:  "Purgatory Hall seems like it'd be pretty quiet without Luke around."
The Attic Club "Sandwich"(3)Kids' Meals 6
preview:  "You're not supposed to eat cream puffs that have been..."
Chatroom Title Media
Day 1,151
The Fantastic Three(3)Kids' Meals 7
preview:  "Have you gotten back to the Devildom yet?"
Purgatory Hall (New)(4)Kids' Meals 8
preview:  "I was so glad that you'd gotten home safe and sound that I..."
Day 1,152
No Big Brothers Allowed(3)Kids' Meals 9
preview:  "So, Lucifer's busy chewing out the usual suspects."
Cat(3)Kids' Meals 10
preview:  "Solomon, did you get any souvenirs from the human world?"
Day 1,153
MammonAll-New Cup Cuties Capsule Toys 8
preview:  "Okay, what gives?!"
DiavoloWakeup Shakeup 1
preview:  "If you were going to startle someone awake, would it be..."
Day 1,154
Gourmet ClubPie-A-Palooza 1CG
preview:  "Beelzebub, come quick!"
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Pie-A-Palooza 2
preview:  "Okay, coming home to a cream-covered home is kind of gross!"
Day 1,155
Gourmet ClubPie-A-Palooza 3
preview:  "Thank you so much for stopping Satan and Lucifer yesterday!"
DiavoloWakeup Shakeup 2
preview:  "After studying countless videos on DevilTube, I finally..."
Day 1,156
LeviathanKaraoke Aficionados 2
preview:  "Asmo's been pushing a bunch of lovey-dovey..."
AsmodeusKaraoke Aficionados 3
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 1,157
Invocatio(3)Wakeup Shakeup 3
preview:  "I would like your opinion on something."
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Learning Through Comics 2
preview:  "Congratulations on your improved Hexes and Curses marks, Mammon."
Day 1,158
Sweet ToothEducational Concerns 1
preview:  "Have you heard about the new drama series that's..."
House of Lamentation (New)(8)A Little Something Extra 1
preview:  "Have you seen all the videos about adding a little something extra to..."
Day 1,159
House of Lamentation (New)(8)A Little Something Extra 2
preview:  "Satan, you ruined my totally amazing plan!"
Sweets MastersEducational Concerns 2
preview:  "Luke is over the moon about being invited over to..."
Day 1,160
Gourmet ClubSmells Good
preview:  "Luke, you smelled like Asmo today."
DiavoloWakeup Shakeup 4
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 1,161
Invocatio(3)Wakeup Shakeup 5
preview:  "I have an update for you all."
MammonAfternoon Nap
preview:  "Hey, uh..."
Day 1,162
345(3)Show-and-Tell 1CG
preview:  "Feast your eyes on this, Satan!"
Invocatio(3)Show-and-Tell 2
preview:  "I saw your latest Devilgram post, Asmodeus."
Day 1,163
Cat(3)Needlework Master 1
preview:  "Solomon, I saw it."
RaphaelNeedlework Master 2
preview:  "Solomon told me everything."
Day 1,164
DiavolorinoEveryone's Favorite Guy
preview:  "Have you been making much progress in Memory Kiss 4?"
Sweet ToothFan Club Meetups 1
preview:  "Was there some kind of event happening today?"
Day 1,165
Shameless SlanderFan Club Meetups 2
preview:  "I heard that you made an appearance at Lucifer's fan gathering!"
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Trade Chat
preview:  "WTB Acid hell potatoes for a dinner run."
Day 1,166
ThirteenLive on Location
preview:  "Just my luck!"
Sweets MastersHair Styles
preview:  "Thank you for bringing over some of your treats to share with us."
Day 1,167
SimeonDelivery App Difficulties
preview:  "Placing an order on Akuber is rather tricky, isn't it?"
DiavolorinoA Little Wish
preview:  "Lord Diavolo, when you're on campus, you're usually with either..."
Day 1,168
RaphNeedlework Master 3
preview:  "MC and Satan were both thrilled with your needlework."
Tea DemonsOvercoming Adversity
preview:  "Have you seen those series of videos on DevilTube that center around overcoming..."
Day 1,169
SimeonAm I Handsome?
preview:  "Would you say that I'm handsome?"
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Hellmouth 1
preview:  "Just to be absolutely sure..."
Day 1,170
ThirteenHellmouth 2
preview:  "Hey, what's all this fuss about a hellmouth opening on campus?"
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Hellmouth 3
preview:  "Explain yourselves! This instant!"
Day 1,171
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Sheeptchi 1
preview:  "Rumor has it that the Three-Legged Crow Group will be releasing..."
The Fantastic Three(3)Sheeptchi 2
preview:  "About this so-called 'Sheeptchi' game..."
Day 1,172
DiavoloTravel Booking Websites
preview:  "Looking at various travel websites has become a bit of a pastime for me lately."
RaphaelTeach Me Your WaysCG
preview:  "I have to say, Solomon truly has a knack for things, especially when..."
Day 1,173
LeviathanBlunder 1
preview:  "This is a disaster! The WORST mistake of my life!"
Solomon the SorcererChallenge Accepted
preview:  "How was the popcorn?"
Day 1,174
ThirteenWanna Get Ice Cream Together?
preview:  "Yoo-hoo. Are you free tomorrow?"
AsmodeusGeode Cake
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 1,175
Gourmet ClubNight Parfait 1
preview:  "Have you ever eaten at the night parfait place on Silent Street?"
Tea DemonsA Hopeless Case
preview:  "I wanted to speak with Mammon earlier, but I..."
Day 1,176
BelphegorWhat Happened in My Sleep? 1
preview:  "For some reason, my clothes have been kind of dirty..."
The Attic Club "Sandwich"(3)What Happened in My Sleep? 2
preview:  "Sorry, Belphie."
Day 1,177
The Royals(3)Be Our Figure Drawing Model 1
preview:  "I can't wait for tomorrow's life drawing class."
SimeonEyes on the Prize 1
preview:  "Are you good at Cranesanity, MC?"
Day 1,178
Invocatio(3)Be Our Figure Drawing Model 2
preview:  "Today's art class was a total mess."
LeviathanBlunder 2
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 1,179
Gourmet ClubNight Parfait 2
preview:  "Remember that night parfait place on Silent Street we were talking about?"
No Big Brothers Allowed(3)Night Parfait 3
preview:  "Did you know that that popular night parfait place will also start..."
Day 1,180
LuciferChange of Plans
preview:  "The weather forecast said there would be a storm on the day we were..."
34Animation Supervisor
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 1,181
DiavoloGuilty Pleasure 1
preview:  "'Nothin' beats sneakin' into the kitchen for some instant noodles...'"
SolomonSubtle Changes
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 1,182
45Take It Easy, Satan 1
preview:  "You must be quite tired, Satan."
SatanTake It Easy, Satan 2
preview:  "Are you in your room now?"
Day 1,183
MammonHow Do I Look?CG
preview:  <Picture sent>
SimeonEyes on the Prize 2
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 1,184
Where's My MoneySheeptchi 3
preview:  "Hey."
Purgatory Hall (New)(4)Sheeptchi 4
preview:  "My Sheeptchi grew into a really kind and caring sheep."
Day 1,185
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Sheeptchi 5
preview:  "Hey, does anyone wanna trade treat items with me?"
Angel LukeSheeptchi 6
preview:  "I hear there's a game that's been extremely popular among..."
Day 1,186
Invocatio(3)Sheeptchi 7
preview:  "Hey, why don't we have a Sheeptchi tea party sometime?"
67Sheeptchi 8
preview:  "Is my Sheeptchi at your place again?"
Day 1,187
DiabolusSheeptchi 9
preview:  "It's my fault."
Shameless SlanderSheeptchi 10
preview:  "You can't fool me."
Day 1,188
ThirteenHelp Me!
preview:  "Please, I need your help!"
LuciferSheeptchi 11
preview:  "It seems like everyone is consumed by Sheeptchi these days."
Day 1,189
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Sheeptchi 12
preview:  "Does anyone know where MC is?"
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Sheeptchi 13
preview:  "I can't believe you went on a date with MC behind our backs!"
Day 1,190
Angel LukeMay I Interview You? 1
preview:  "We've decided to publish an article about the desserts of the three worlds..."
MephistophelesMay I Interview You? 2
preview:  "We've decided to publish an article about the desserts of the three worlds..."
Day 1,191
LukeDon't Stay Up Too Late 1
preview:  <Sticker sent>
SatanOriginal Calendar
preview:  "Did you know there are places that will create custom photo calendars..."
Day 1,192
Devildom PrinceLeaking Roof
preview:  "I saw you yawning in class today, which is rather unusual for you."
BelphegorDoes the Cat Survive in This?
preview:  "Hey, let's go watch a movie together."
Day 1,193
BarbatosOriginal Blend
preview:  "There's this shop that's quite popular among tea enthusiasts..."
The Angels(3)The Perfect Pair of GlassesCG
preview:  <Picture sent>
Day 1,194
DiavoloGuilty Pleasure 2
preview:  "Remember our chat about midnight snacks from the other day?"
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Gotta Collect 'Em All
preview:  "Yo, Satan! Enough is enough!"
Day 1,195
RaphaelMay Spears Rain Down on the Insolent 1
preview:  "Would you happen to know who came over to Purgatory Hall yesterday?"
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3)May Spears Rain Down on the Insolent 2
preview:  "Raphael really gave it to ya, huh, Asmo?"
Day 1,196
Luke (Chihuahua)May Spears Rain Down on the Insolent 3
preview:  "Apparently, it was Asmodeus who decorated your hair with all those flowers."
MammonGooey Cheese Chips
preview:  "I can't find gooey cheese chips anywhere!"
Day 1,197
Sweets MastersThe Path to Becoming a Master Chef
preview:  "Did you know?"
LeviathanOnline Goods Lottery
preview:  "OMG."
Day 1,198
Purgatory Hall (New)(4)Don't Stay Up Too Late 2
preview:  "You've been sleeping and waking up a lot earlier lately, Luke."
BelphegorTwin Telepathy
preview:  "Hey, get this."
Day 1,199
BeelzebubWords of Encouragement
preview:  "Can I ask you a favor?"
The Fantastic Three(3)Stop and Smell the Roses
preview:  "Thank you for making a detour with me after helping me with my duties..."
Day 1,200
Purgatory Hall (New)(4)Night Parfait 4
preview:  "How was the night parfait place on Silent Street?"
ThirteenSheeptchi 14
preview:  "Hey, have you ever heard of Sheeptchi?"

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