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Days 1,201-1,230[edit]

Chatroom Title Media
Day 1,201
Cat(3)Purrfectly Pampered Drama 1
preview:  "Apparently, Purrfectly Pampered is getting a drama adaptation..."
DiavoloDiavolo the Plant 1CG
preview:  "Have you heard of a plant called a Diavolo?"
Day 1,202
The Angels(3)Group Assignment Invite
preview:  "You know that group assignment we need to submit for Devildom biology?"
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3)Diavolo the Plant 2
preview:  "MC, I went to check out the Diavolo ♪"
Day 1,203
Invocatio(3)Diavolo the Plant 3
preview:  "I heard that Diavolo is taking care of a plant with the..."
BelphegorAn Embarrassing Mistake
preview:  "This sucks."
Day 1,204
45Creative Urge 1
preview:  "You're on dinner duty tomorrow, right?"
RaphaelMistaken Identity?
preview:  "I could have sworn I just saw you, MC."
Day 1,205
SatanCreative Urge 2
preview:  "Gratin bread, curry, pasta, a hamburger steak, and a salad."
SatanCreative Urge 3
preview:  "I forgot to mention something important."
Day 1,206
Sweets MastersA New Hobby
preview:  "Do you know of any stores that sell tiny cutlery?"
MammonAfter School Promise
preview:  "Today, you waited alone until my extra lessons..."
Day 1,207
Purgatory Hall (New)(4)Mystery Candy
preview:  "They're selling candy with a Mononoke Land design."
The Attic Club "Sandwich"(3)Demonus Gacha
preview:  "I was scrolling through Devilgram, when I..."
Day 1,208
DiavoloUnderstandably Disappointed
preview:  "The higher your expectations for something, the greater your disappointment..."
Cat(3)Creative Urge 4
preview:  "Did you know that a new restaurant called Kitty Diner is opening in the Devildom?"
Day 1,209
LeviathanPoint Apps
preview:  "You know how most stores are switching from point cards..."
SimeonFlower Subscription Service
preview:  "You know there's a service that regularly sends you in-season flowers?"
Day 1,210
AsmodeusList of Favorite Things
preview:  "It goes without saying, but many of my fans want to know more about me."
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Easily Influenced
preview:  "I can't take it anymore!"
Day 1,211
RaphCreative Urge 5
preview:  "You and Luke have been going out so often lately."
BelphegorLooks DeliciousCG
preview:  "Mammon took this photo."
Day 1,212
AsmodeusCreative Urge 6
preview:  "I can't believe this!"
Where's My MoneyGive it Back!
preview:  "Hey, you!"
Day 1,213
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Chocolate Heartbreak Concert 1
preview:  "Gentlemen, this is the case of the century!"
LeviathanChocolate Heartbreak Concert 2
preview:  "So, about the Chocolate Heartbreak concert, everyone but..."
Day 1,214
BeelzebubBarbecue Life
preview:  "That last episode of Barbecue Life was so good."
Luke (Chihuahua)Chocolate Heartbreak Concert 3
preview:  "Leviathan lent me a Chocolate Heartbreak CD!"
Day 1,215
LuciferLeisure for Two 1
preview:  "Would you be interested in visiting Three-Legged Crow Leisure Land..."
The Royals(3)Barbatos Version 1
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 1,216
Angel LukeWish Upon a Book 1
preview:  "Is there any truth to the rumor that if you borrow Murder at Gloomtown Hot Springs..."
DiavoloLeisure for Two 2
preview:  "I hear that you're going to Three-Legged Crow Leisure Land..."
Day 1,217
LukeBurger Craving
preview:  "I've got a serious craving for a hamburger from Hell's Burger."
67Chocolate Heartbreak Concert 4
preview:  "You've been humming Chocolate Heartbreak's songs a lot lately."
Day 1,218
Brothers No MoreDelivery Address
preview:  "Did the meal I ordered from Akuber get delivered to the House of Lamentation..."
Where's My MoneyBarbatos Version 2
preview:  "Dang."
Day 1,219
MammonKilling More Time
preview:  "Hey, I've got some time to kill before work."
Angel LukeWish Upon a Book 2
preview:  "I interviewed several people who borrowed and read Murder at Gloomtown Hot Springs."
Day 1,220
DiavoloWakeup Shakeup Again 1
preview:  "Do you remember how I successfully pulled a wake-up prank on Barbatos?"
Cat(3)Purrfectly Pampered Drama 2
preview:  "Purrfectly Pampered finally started airing."
Day 1,221
The Fantastic Three(3)Diavolo the Plant 4
preview:  "Everyone came to see my Diavolo, Lucifer."
Purgatory Hall (New)(4)Chocolate Heartbreak Concert 5
preview:  "The Chocolate Heartbreak concert was so much fun!"
Day 1,222
LeviathanChocolate Heartbreak Concert 6
preview:  "The excitement of the concert is still coursing through my body!"
Invocatio(3)Forgotten Appointment
preview:  "Um, aren't we forgetting something?"
Day 1,223
Gourmet ClubHigh Calorie Menu
preview:  "I was watching a TV show that introduced a high-calorie menu that..."
SimeonDon't Assume It Will Always Be There
preview:  "There's this bakery I wanted to take you to."
Day 1,224
The Fantastic Three(3)Leisure for Two 3CG
preview:  "It looks like you're having an enjoyable time at Three-Legged Crow..."
LuciferLeisure for Two 4
preview:  "Our trip to Three-Legged Crow Leisure Land was most enjoyable."
Day 1,225
25Devil Fruit Picking 1
preview:  "Hey, don't ya think it's strange?"
56Devil Fruit Picking 2
preview:  "Remember we were talking about going devil fruit picking with everyone?"
Day 1,226
SatanCreative Urge 7
preview:  "I did it!"
Cat(3)Creative Urge 8
preview:  "It turns out that I'll be able to attend the Kitty Diner pre-opening."
Day 1,227
ThirteenDevildom Funtime Zoo 1
preview:  "Hey. Come with me to Devildom Funtime Zoo."
LukeWorried About Falling Asleep
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 1,228
The Attic Club "Sandwich"(3)Fun for Three
preview:  "Beel and I were saying that the three of us should visit the Devil Planetarium sometime."
The Royals(3)Wakeup Shakeup Again 2
preview:  "Tomorrow is finally the day of the prank."
Day 1,229
The Fantastic Three(3)Wakeup Shakeup Again 3
preview:  "When you suddenly announced that you were coming to stay over, I thought you..."
25I Refuse to Acknowledge You!
preview:  "What brand of sneakers were you wearing today?"
Day 1,230
67Source of Information
preview:  "I saw you poring over that Devil Style magazine."
ThirteenDevildom Funtime Zoo 2
preview:  <Sticker sent>

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