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Days 101-200[edit]

Chatroom Title Media
Day 101
Day 102
SimeonScouting Out a Good Date Spot
preview:  "MC, is there anywhere you think that two people who aren't quite in a relationship yet..."
Day 103
BeelzebubGood Luck Charm 1
preview:  "Asmo told me about a good luck charm that, if you can pull it off..."
BeelzebubGood Luck Charm 2
preview:  "MC."
Day 104
Day 105
SolomonSuspicions 1
preview:  "Mammon cornered me not too long ago, and he had some specific questions..."
Day 106
BarbatosNear-Meeting 1
preview:  "Were you, by chance, waiting in a queue for a stall near the House of Lamentation..."
Day 107
SolomonSuspicions 2
preview:  "This time, I was on the receiving end of a two-pronged attack from the twins..."
Day 108
BarbatosNear-Meeting 2
preview:  "MC, I must say..."
Day 109
BelphegorI Did My Best Today!
preview:  "Listen to this, MC."
Day 110
BelphegorI...Did My Best Today?
preview:  "Today I only had four naps that were thirty minutes long!"
Day 111
BelphegorI Did Better Than My Best Today!
preview:  "MC, listen to this!"
Day 112
Day 113
MammonTell Me How You Feel 1
preview:  "Hey, I was wonderin'... How d'you feel about me?"
Day 114
Day 115
LuciferTomorrow's Plans 1
preview:  "Come to think of it, I never did ask you what your plans were for tomorrow."
LuciferTomorrow's Plans 2
preview:  "You still haven't told me whether or not you're coming tomorrow."
LuciferTomorrow's Plans 3
preview:  "In the end, we've yet to establish what you're doing tomorrow."
Day 116
Day 117
MammonTell Me How You Feel 2
preview:  "Hey, would ya mind tellin' me how you feel about me again?"
Day 118
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Feast Your Eyes Upon ThisCG
preview:  "Ta-da!"
12Gotta Work for What You Want
preview:  "That meat we had today was amazin'!"
Day 119
AsmodeusAfter-School Photo Shoot
preview:  "Omigosh, did you see Café Lament's latest offerings?!"
Day 120
LukeBeginner-Friendly Plant
preview:  "I wanna try growing a plant that only exists in the Devildom!"
Day 121
The Fantastic Three(3)Homemade Cookies 1
preview:  "I overheard Barbatos and Luke saying they were going to bake cookies at the castle..."
The Fantastic Three(3)Homemade Cookies 2
preview:  "Have you tried my cookies yet, Lucifer?"
Day 122
LeviathanSatisfying Your Inner Child
preview:  "There's something I really, REALLY want, but I'm not sure if I should buy it."
Day 123
SatanA Tiny Mischief-Maker 1
preview:  "I saw an elf in my room earlier."
SatanA Tiny Mischief-Maker 2
preview:  "Thank you for helping me look for that elf."
Day 124
DiavoloWhat's a Pizza Party?
preview:  "I heard you all threw a grand pizza party at the House of Lamentation."
Day 125
SolomonWrong Date
preview:  <Sticker sent>
MammonWhat's That Song Called?
preview:  "Lately, I've been hearin' this song from Levi's room, and it's sorta stuck in my head."
Luke (Chihuahua)The Key to Smelling Nice
preview:  "Asmodeus smelled really nice when I walked past him the other day!"
Day 126
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Too Much of a Sweet Thing
preview:  <Sticker sent>
LuciferAn Important Mission
preview:  "I have an important mission for you."
Day 127
AsmodeusMayday, Mayday!
preview:  "MC? Where are you?"
Day 128
SimeonMay Your Day Be Extra Special
preview:  <Sticker sent>
The Royals(3)Oops, Wrong Chat
preview:  "With all the work I've been getting, I haven't had time to catch my breath at all."
Day 129
BelphegorHide Me!
preview:  "MC, you have to hide me from Asmo! I'm sick of his nagging!"
Day 130
BarbatosStop Being a Nuisance
preview:  "Do you think you could prevent Leviathan from visiting the Demon Lord's Castle?"
Day 131
45Face Mask
preview:  "What was that thing you had on your face yesterday? It looked like an animal of some sort."
BeelzebubLate-Night TV Rights
preview:  "Do you think you could help me record a food show at Cocytus Hall? You know, the one..."
Day 132
preview:  "Help, I can't move. It hurts all over."
Luke (Chihuahua)Out of Sync?
preview:  "Maybe angels can't tell time in the Devildom."
Brothers No MoreCursed O'Clock
preview:  "About those 'out of sync' clocks you mentioned, Simeon."
Day 133
DiavoloParty PrepCG
preview:  <Picture sent>
Day 134
MammonLet's Go on a Spending Spree
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 135
Day 136
SolomonThanks for the Midnight Snack
preview:  "That was really kind of you to make me a midnight snack last night, MC. I made sure..."
SimeonOperation Befriend Satan
preview:  "Do you have any suggestions on how Satan and I might become closer?"
LuciferFashion Show Aftermath
preview:  "Is Asmo there? I can't find him anywhere at home."
Days 137
BeelzebubTasty Ways to Eat a Basilisk
preview:  "Do you know any good ways to eat a basilisk?"
Days 138
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Will You Be My Lucky Charm?
preview:  "Is anybody free tomorrow?!"
Day 139
BarbatosAn Invitation to the Demon Lord's Castle
preview:  "If I remember correctly, MC, you're in charge of cooking all of the meals at Cocytus Hall."
34Anything for a Cat
preview:  "You're the best, Satan!"
Day 140
Day 141
LeviathanFan Letter
preview:  "I'm writing a letter to my favorite idol in Sucre Frenzy, but my thoughts are all over..."
BelphegorWake Me Up Before You Go
preview:  "Have you really left already?"
Days 142
Brothers No MoreA Bad Influence
preview:  "It seems like your brothers have been convincing Luke to stay up past his bedtime lately."
Day 143
56Don't Look at Me!
preview:  "Everyone's worried about you, Asmo. They're wondering why you won't come out of..."
LukePoison Strawberry Cake
preview:  "There's this cake called a 'poison strawberry cake' in the display I'm looking at."
Day 144
LuciferAn Important Delivery
preview:  "Can you accept a package on my behalf at the House of Lamentation?"
DiavoloAn Unusual Touch
preview:  "I'm always intrigued by the way you season your food."
Day 145
45How Is This Fair?
preview:  <Sticker sent>
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)The Mystery of the Reappearing Items
preview:  "Am I the only one who's been finding stuff I'd thrown away returned to its original..."
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Mystery Solved
preview:  "Who woulda guessed that Simeon was the culprit all this time?"
Day 146
Day 147
LukeThe Art of PhotoshoppingCG
preview:  "Look, MC!"
Day 148
DiabolusCan I Have the Recipe?
preview:  "Hey, about those snacks you brought to Cocytus Hall the other day."
Days 149
SimeonWitness My Growth
preview:  "Thanks to you, I think I'm starting to get the hang of cooking with ingredients unique to..."
Sweet ToothCan You Give Me a Hand?
preview:  "MC informed me that you've taken an interest in growing plants."
Days 150
Gourmet ClubFinger-Lickin' Good
preview:  <Sticker sent>
MammonPay Off My Debt? Never!
preview:  "Levi asked me to pay him back again just now."
Chatroom Title Media
Days 151
BarbatosDid You Drop This?
preview:  "I noticed someone had dropped their Devildom Lottery ticket during the banquet..."
Day 152
LeviathanHappy Birthday to My Fave
preview:  "I want to celebrate my fave's birthday in style like other otakus do."
Day 153
SolomonRegular Salt
preview:  "Didn't you say we're almost out of salt?"
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Suggestion Box
preview:  "So I was thinkin'."
Luke (Chihuahua)Let's Have Tea Outside
preview:  "Hey, why don't we take our desks and chairs outside and have tea?"
Day 154
AsmodeusYou've Got That Glow About You
preview:  "Why, MC?!"
Day 155
Tea DemonsKitchen Step Stool
preview:  "I spotted a step stool in the kitchen the last time I visited the House of Lamentation."
Day 156
SatanThe Quest for Cat-Themed Merch
preview:  "Please come to town this instant! There's not a second to waste!"
Day 157
BeelzebubGrilling Meat Outdoors
preview:  "I feel like going camping now after watching a show on TV."
Sweet ToothThe Best Compliment a Cook Can Receive
preview:  "Thanks for helping me carry all that food. I never would've managed all that on my own."
Day 158
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Stuffed Animal
preview:  "An enormous stuffed animal has been delivered to the house. Which one of you ordered..."
Luke (Chihuahua)Disappointment
preview:  "I heard that the giant stuffed animal was delivered to the House of Lamentation by..."
Day 159
LuciferMammon Hunting
preview:  "Come to the House of Lamentation at once."
Day 160
AsmodeusSo Serious
preview:  "Satan's been working really hard on something lately."
SatanPuzzle Rings
preview:  <Reminder: Send message>
Day 161
SatanCalming Influence
preview:  "Drop everything and come to the House of Lamentation."
Big Brothers(3)Satan's Success
preview:  "I knew Satan was hell-bent on solvin' those puzzle rings, but I didn't think he'd..."
Day 162
BarbatosSomething Sweet
preview:  "What kind of food are you in the mood for?"
Day 163
Solomon the SorcererWhy So Late?
preview:  "I heard you and Luke were late to school today."
Day 164
BeelzebubFood Rejected
preview:  "Belphie won't even get up for dinner, so I was thinking of feeding him in his sleep."
Days 165-200
preview:  TBA

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