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Days 201-300[edit]

Chatroom Title Media
Day 201
Brothers No MoreMiscommunication
preview:  "Simeon, I was wondering if you could assist me with an administrative..."
Brothers Under a Pact(4)DevilTuber Debut? 1
preview:  "Hey guys, have ya ever thought about being DevilTubers?"
Day 202
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3)DevilTuber Debut? 2
preview:  "I heard that you're going to debut as a DevilTuber."
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3)DevilTuber Debut? 3
preview:  "MC, I heard that you're going to be a DevilTuber."
Day 203
DiavoloMedical Check-Up
preview:  "It's almost time for our annual medical check-ups."
34Satan's Thoughtfulness
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 204
Sweet ToothA Present for a Certain Someone
preview:  "Could I ask your advice on something?"
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10)Nostalgic Pictures
preview:  "MC, do you have any old pics of yourself as a child? I'd love to see..."
Day 205
LeviathanDismantler of Cardboard Boxes
preview:  "Hey, are you free today?"
LuciferThe Secret to Good Sleep
preview:  "Are you still awake?"
Day 206
SatanSatan's Save
preview:  "I saw Luke on the stairs at RAD today. I tried to greet him, but he had his..."
MammonLonely Nights
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 207
AsmodeusAsmo's Rival
preview:  "Hey, listen!"
BeelzebubA Hungry Night
preview:  "I'm so hungry I can't sleep. Please help."
Day 208
DiavoloAn Unexpected Request
preview:  "Are you free after class today?"
BelphegorTonight's Body Pillow
preview:  "I can't sleep."
Day 209
The Angels(3)Sampling the Latest Goods
preview:  "Madam Scream's new tart of the month is going on sale today!"
Brothers Under a Pact(4)Mammon's Ulterior Motive
preview:  "Does anyone know any fast-track muscle building programs?"
Day 210
Purgatory Hall(3)Shopping Duty
preview:  "I'm on shopping duty today, right?"
67Study Session
preview:  "Belphie, are you free now?"
Day 211
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Sweet Temptation 1
preview:  "Dear all: I'm embarking on a serious diet."
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3)Sweet Temptation 2
preview:  "Hey, you guys wanna go to Madam Scream's to try their new pudding..."
Day 212
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Sweet Temptation 3CG
preview:  <Picture sent>
LeviathanLevi's Challenge 1
preview:  "Hey, MC. Can you bake?"
Day 213
EMERGENCY!(6)Levi's Challenge 2
preview:  "Hey, guys. Levi's not in his room."
LeviathanLevi's Challenge 3CG
preview:  <Picture sent>
Day 214
MammonThe 666 Mysteries of RAD 1
preview:  "Have you ever heard of the 666 mysteries of RAD?"
Purgatory Hall(3)The 666 Mysteries of RAD 2
preview:  "Is anyone still at school?"
Day 215
Brothers Under a Pact(4)The 666 Mysteries of RAD 3
preview:  "Dang, you guys! I saw it with my own eyes!"
BeelzebubThe 666 Mysteries of RAD 4
preview:  "You know how Mammon said he saw something strange in the RAD..."
Day 216
House of Lamentation (New)(8)The Reason for Staring 1
preview:  "Satan, you were staring at me just now!"
SatanThe Reason for Staring 2
preview:  "I don't want you to have any weird misunderstandings, so I'd like to..."
Day 217
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Curry Seasoning
preview:  "Could someone check what's in the fridge?"
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Hypnosis Time 1
preview:  "That program just now was quite fascinating, wouldn't you say?"
Day 218
345(3)The Perfect Gentleman
preview:  "Simeon's amazing."
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Hypnosis Time 2
preview:  "Whose turn is it to prepare dinner tonight?"
Day 219
1235(4)Auctioned Items 1
preview:  "I was looking over the Hell's Auction catalog and I noticed a certain rare..."
Cat(3)Auctioned Items 2
preview:  "When I saw Mammon at RAD today, he seemed to be wearing a collar of..."
Day 220
MammonMammon's Words of Love
preview:  "Here's looking at you, kid."
LeviathanLevi's Words of Love
preview:  "You are my sunshine, MC."
Day 221
AsmodeusAsmo's Words of Love
preview:  "MC, you're the most gorgeous person I've ever laid eyes on."
BeelzebubBeel's Words of Love
preview:  "MC, I'd lay down my life to protect you."
Day 222
No Big Brothers Allowed(3)Designed by Asmo
preview:  "Hey, listen!"
BelphegorBelphie's Words of Love
preview:  "I'd pluck the stars from the sky for you."
Day 223
36Levi's Request for Help
preview:  "Emergency! I repeat, it's an EMERGENCY!"
No Big Brothers Allowed(3)Satan's Standards
preview:  "Does anyone know any good cafés? I'm in the mood to try somewhere..."
Day 224
Purgatory Hall(3)Luke's Singing Voice
preview:  "By the way, Asmodeus mentioned that he'd love to hear you sing, Luke."
DiavoloDiavolo's Natural Enemy
preview:  "Ah, MC. Something sad happened today."
Day 225
Luke (Chihuahua)The Secret to Stress Relief: Simeon
preview:  "Hey, Luke. Do you know any good methods of relieving stress?"
56The Secret to Stress Relief: Beel
preview:  "Ugh, my skin is awful lately! It's driving me up the wall!"
Day 226
BelphegorFor a Comfortable Afternoon Nap
preview:  "Hey, MC."
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3)The Secret to Stress Relief: Satan
preview:  "Does anyone know a good method of blowing off steam?"
Day 227
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10)Lucifer's Scandal?!
preview:  "Hey, Lucifer! Looks like you've finally gone and caused a scandal!"
Brothers No MoreThe Secret to Stress Relief: Lucifer
preview:  "Could you lend me Luke? Just for a little while."
Day 228
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)RAD Newspaper Club Visit 1
preview:  "The RAD Newspaper Club is going to be visiting us soon."
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Drunk in the cafeteria
preview:  "Emergency! EMERGENCY!"
Day 229
Brothers Under a Pact(4)The Book Satan Was Reading 1
preview:  "I just saw Satan in the cafeteria. He was reading a book and humming to..."
LeviathanThe Book Satan Was Reading 2
preview:  "I wonder if Beel's okay. Do you think Satan killed him?"
Day 230
SatanThe Book Satan Was Reading 3
preview:  "Lately, I haven't said a word, and yet my brothers keep coming to ask for..."
25RAD Newspaper Club Visit 2
preview:  "Mammon, you jerk!"
Day 231
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Simeon Blocking Calls? 1
preview:  "I've been unable to get a hold of Simeon lately. His number is always..."
SimeonSimeon Blocking Calls? 2
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 232
Brothers Under a Pact(4)A Good Part-Time Job
preview:  "Club activities have been canceled for a while."
BelphegorSave Me From Party People
preview:  "MC, help! I've been captured by party people."
Day 233
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)A Generous Punishment
preview:  "Dear brother Lucifer."
BelphegorProud of My Brother
preview:  "The other day, when it was my turn to go shopping, I ran into Beel on..."
Day 234
House of Lamentation (New)(8)The Search for Mammon 1
preview:  "Does anyone know where Mammon is?"
MammonThe Search for Mammon 2
preview:  "Hey, is Satan still mad at me?"
Day 235
AsmodeusAsmo's Transformation
preview:  "Oh, MC! Nobody has noticed my transformation!"
Big Brothers(3)The Cans 1
preview:  "Hey, I found some expired cans at the back of the kitchen shelves."
Day 236
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)The Cans 2
preview:  "I found some empty cans in the kitchen."
345(3)Please Record My Show
preview:  "Ah! My drama is going to start in five minutes!"
Day 237
Cat(3)Beel's Eccentric Behavior 1
preview:  "Beel's been acting strange lately."
BeelzebubBeel's Eccentric Behavior 2
preview:  "I need your advice."
Day 238
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10)Part-Timer Mammon 1
preview:  "Yesterday, I went to the café where Mammon is waiting tables to tease..."
Brothers Under a Pact(4)Securing the New Game Console
preview:  "Gentlemen, I shall now explain our strategy to secure the..."
Day 239
House of Lamentation (New)(8)A Generous Gift 1CG
preview:  <Picture sent>
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10)Part-Timer Mammon 2
preview:  "Apparently, Mammon was fired from his part-time job."
Day 240
BeelzebubFirst Aid for Beel
preview:  "MC, could you bring me a first aid set?"
45A Generous Gift 2
preview:  "I bought a coffee machine so that we can prepare those beans properly."
Day 241
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Mixing Drinks
preview:  "Hey, guys."
No Big Brothers Allowed(3)Asmo's Lipstick Review
preview:  "Hey, listen!"
Day 242
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10)Barbatos's Tardiness 1
preview:  "My deepest apologies."
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10)Barbatos's Tardiness 2
preview:  "I'm sorry, Barbatos."
Day 243
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)The Brothers' Mother?
preview:  "Hey."
LuciferLucifer's Melancholy
preview:  "Ah, MC."
Day 244
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Cooking Tips 1
preview:  "Could anyone give me some tips for following recipes?"
Cat(3)Cooking Tips 2
preview:  "Solomon, I'd like to ask you something."
Day 245
Purgatory Hall(3)Let's Play Mononoke Land! 1
preview:  "Would you guys like to play Mononoke Land?"
House of Lamentation (New)(8)The TSL Soundtrack
preview:  "Hey, MC."
Day 246
SimeonLet's Play Mononoke Land! 2
preview:  "Hey, MC."
LukeLet's Play Mononoke Land! 3
preview:  "How are you feeling? / Have you finished your homework?"
Day 247
The Angels(3)Simeon's Next Novel
preview:  "Hey, Simeon."
EMERGENCY!(6)Barbecue Time!
preview:  "I want to have a barbecue."
Day 248
AsmodeusAsmo's Smooth Skin
preview:  "Hey, MC!"
LeviathanConcert Fan
preview:  "I did it, MC!"
Day 249
House of Lamentation (New)(8)The Search for Beel 1
preview:  "Have any of you seen Beel?"
The Attic Club "Sandwich"(3)The Search for Beel 2
preview:  "I bought you guys some snacks."
Day 250
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Asmo's Special Skill
preview:  "The other day, Levi invited me to play a typing game."
SatanSatan's Secret Wish
preview:  "I have an important favor to ask."
Chatroom Title Media
Day 251
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Movie Night 1
preview:  "Mammon, there's a rerun of Harrison Porter on TV tonight."
The Fantastic Three(3)The Owner's Feelings?
preview:  "Cerberus seems to have grown rather attached to Simeon."
Day 252
BelphegorFighting off Sleepiness
preview:  "Help me, MC."
MammonMovie Night 2
preview:  "Movie! Movie! Movie!"
Day 253
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Who Drew the Couple?
preview:  "Somebody drew a picture of two people sharing an umbrella on the blackboard."
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Dogi✩Maji 2: The Reckoning 1
preview:  "Hey, guys! I got Dogi✩Magi 2!"
Day 254
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Dogi✩Maji 2: The Reckoning 2
preview:  "Please, no more."
SolomonSolomon's Kindness
preview:  "MC, is your leg all right?"
Day 255
The Angels(3)Luke and the Balloon
preview:  "They're handing out balloons in town."
House of Lamentation (New)(8)AV Room Key
preview:  "I just found the key to the AV room at RAD."
Day 256
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)The Big Surprise 1
preview:  "Have you all noticed?"
EMERGENCY!(6)The Big Surprise 2
preview:  "Hey, MC! Come to the dining room at 19:00 tonight!"
Day 257
Big Brothers(3)Seeing and Being SeenCG
preview:  <Picture sent>
No Big Brothers Allowed(3)My Good Points
preview:  "Hey, since we've got nothing to do, why don't we all share what we think is..."
Day 258
Sweet ToothRecommended Brand
preview:  "Hello, Luke."
The Royals(3)A Secret Summons
preview:  "MC, do you have any plans after school today?"
Day 259
The Angels(3)Another Slumber Party 1
preview:  "MC, are you free tonight?"
Brothers Under a Pact(4)Collars for Cerberus
preview:  "Hey, hey."
Day 260
Purgatory Hall(3)Another Slumber Party 2
preview:  "I enjoyed the slumber party."
No Big Brothers Allowed(3)Selfie Lessons
preview:  "I've been thinking..."
Day 261
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3)Killing Time in Class
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Brothers Under a Pact(4)Funny FungiCG
preview:  "Hey, are these edible?"
Day 262
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3)A Kind Brother
preview:  "Hey, Belphie."
The Fantastic Three(3)The Brothers' Latest Obsession
preview:  "I haven't seen much of your brothers lately, Lucifer."
Day 263
Cat(3)Satan at His Limit
preview:  "I saw you, Satan."
The Attic Club "Sandwich"(3)The Twins' Mysterious Link
preview:  "Got a minute, MC?"
Day 264
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3)Fashion Show 1
preview:  "Hey, listen!"
LuciferA Secret Invite
preview:  "MC, make sure you don't have any plans tonight."
Day 265
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Fashion Show 2
preview:  "Hey, Mammon. You looked pretty good dressed as a girl."
LeviathanInvite to the Unboxing Ceremony
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 266
MammonNew Goldie
preview:  "Yaaaay!"
AsmodeusSay You Love Me
preview:  "Hey, MC."
Day 267
SatanSatan's Rage
preview:  <Sticker sent>
BeelzebubNight Parfaits
preview:  "Hey, MC."
Day 268
BelphegorBelphie's Bed HairCG
preview:  "I'm sorry, MC."
The Royals(3)Lord Diavolo's Wish
preview:  "The House of Lamentation is wonderful, isn't it?"
Day 269
BarbatosBarbatos's Research
preview:  "MC, I have a favor to ask."
LukeScary Dreams
preview:  "Hey, MC."
Day 270
SimeonSpecial Practice
preview:  <Sticker sent>
SolomonSeeing the Sun Again
preview:  "Hello, MC."
Day 271
House of Lamentation (New)(8)How to Build Muscle 1
preview:  "I haven't gotten any gains while working out lately."
Brothers Under a Pact(4)How to Build Muscle 2CG
preview:  "Attention Everyone!"
Day 272
The Fantastic Three(3)How to Eat Pickles
preview:  "Lucifer, I require your assistance."
The Attic Club "Sandwich"(3)How to Build Muscle 3
preview:  "MC, Belphie, are you two going to be my weights today?"
Day 273
MammonMammon's Magic Medicine
preview:  "This is the worst."
BeelzebubAn Immeasurable Power
preview:  "I messed up."
Day 274
preview:  "Listen, MC."
LeviathanAn Otaku's Pride
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 275
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3)My Favorite Workout
preview:  "Hey, has anyone been working out lately?"
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)An Unexpected Approach 1
preview:  "One of the paintings in the hallway is cracked."
Day 276
Brothers No MoreAn Unexpected Approach 2
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3)Potato Chip Party 1
preview:  "Listen to this, MC."
Day 277
Cat(3)Potato Chip Party 2
preview:  "Hey."
Purgatory Hall(3)The Next Step
preview:  "Simeon..."
Day 278
EMERGENCY!(6)Where Did I Leave My Earring? 1
preview:  "Has anyone seen my earring?"
45Where Did I Leave My Earring? 2
preview:  "Hey."
Day 279
SolomonA Memorable PictureCG
preview:  "Look."
BarbatosBarbatos's Garden
preview:  "Hello."
Day 280
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Let's Take a Pop Quiz 1
preview:  "Tomorrow is the pop quiz on applied magical potions."
MammonLet's Take a Pop Quiz 2
preview:  "Did you all hear about the applied magical potions pop quiz?"
Day 281
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Let's Take a Pop Quiz 3
preview:  "Well..."
LuciferBefore Bed
preview:  "I'm back."
Day 282
MammonWhen It's Pouring Rain
preview:  "It's a downpour!"
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Let's Take a Pop Quiz 4
preview:  "So..."
Day 283
LeviathanI Want You to Care
preview:  "Did you try calling me before? Sorry I didn't pick up."
SatanA Charming Gift
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 284
AsmodeusOK or Sure?
preview:  "Hey, MC!"
BeelzebubThe Reason Time Flies
preview:  "That was a great soccer game."
Day 285
BelphegorBelphie Reflects
preview:  "I'm sorry, MC."
DiavoloLimited Time Only
preview:  "Yo!"
Day 286
BarbatosA Patissier's Suffering?
preview:  "We're finally free."
LukeLuke's Pinch
preview:  "Help me, MC!"
Day 287
SimeonSweets From the Celestial Realm
preview:  <Sticker sent>
SolomonSolomon's Rumor
preview:  "MC, do you have a minute?"
Day 288
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Is Otaku Contagious?
preview:  "Help wanted."
56Leave It to Asmo
preview:  "Asmo, do you have a second?"
Day 289
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Camping
preview:  "Hey, let's all go camping sometime!"
Brothers Under a Pact(4)Devilcraft
preview:  "Let's all play Devilcraft!"
Day 290
Solomon the SorcererLuke's Acting Strange 1
preview:  "Hey..."
LukeLuke's Acting Strange 2
preview:  "You said that there was something you wanted to ask me?"
Day 291
SatanToday's Weather
preview:  "MC, did you see the weather forecast today?"
LuciferWhere Is Belphie?
preview:  "MC, have you seen Belphie?"
Day 292
BelphegorBelphie's Pain
preview:  "MC, listen to this. He's the absolute worst."
34My Favorite Subscription
preview:  "Hey Levi."
Day 293
BeelzebubAn Unexpected Demand
preview:  "I was talking to Asmo earlier."
Where's My MoneyWatch for Viral Stories
preview:  "Hey Levi."
Day 294
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Satan's Latte Art 1
preview:  "I've been really into latte art lately."
1235(4)Satan's Latte Art 2
preview:  "OMG"
Day 295
345(3)Satan's Latte Art 3
preview:  "Hey."
LukeSatan's Latte Art 4
preview:  "HEEEYYY!"
Day 296
Big Brothers(3)Separate Your Trash
preview:  "The two of you have been neglecting to separate your trash."
Purgatory Hall(3)How to Eat Cup Noodles 1
preview:  "Hey, Solomon!"
Day 297
SolomonHow to Eat Cup Noodles 2
preview:  "Luke scolded me yesterday."
SatanPages of a Book
preview:  "I borrowed a book from the RAD library today."
Day 298
Purgatory Hall(3)Do it For the Devildom 1
preview:  "Asmodeus told me..."
DiavoloA Time for Healing
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 299
LukeDo it For the Devilgram 2CG
preview:  "Look, look!"
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10)Helldown Day 1
preview:  "Tomorrow is Helldown Day in the Devildom."
Day 300
The Attic Club "Sandwich"(3)Helldown Day 2
preview:  "Weird."
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3)Helldown Day 3
preview:  "A once-in-a-lifetime chance has come."

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