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Days 601-700[edit]

Chatroom Title Media
Day 601
Sweets MastersDevildom Delights 1
preview:  "I got some Japanese sweets from the human world."
DiabolusDevildom Delights 2
preview:  "Barbatos made Japanese-style sweets modeled after abyss flowers."
Day 602
LeviathanWorst Possible Situation
preview:  "Nooooo, what giiiiiives?!"
AsmodeusIt's Not a Costume!
preview:  "MC, do you remember..."
Day 603
BeelzebubThat Can't Be Right
preview:  "MC, do you know the Hellish Health app?"
DiavoloDiavolo's Tea Party Proposal 1
preview:  "MC, do you have a moment?"
Day 604
BarbatosDiavolo's Tea Party Proposal 2
preview:  "The Young Master treated me to a blend of tea from the human world today."
LukeLuke's Troubles
preview:  "Sorry for spacing out during our magical science experiment today."
Day 605
SimeonCaught in the Rain
preview:  "Thank you for sharing your umbrella earlier, MC."
The Angels(3)Didn't Mean to Send ThatCG
preview:  "I made some new sweets the other day!"
Day 606
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Mammon Appreciation Day
preview:  "Yo, everyone listen up!"
Purgatory Hall(3)Angels on the Hunt
preview:  "Solomon, have you seen my D.D.D.? I seem to have misplaced it."
Day 607
DiavolorinoLearning a New Tune 1
preview:  "There was something I was hoping to ask you."
Sweet ToothWrong Chat
preview:  "Man, I'm beat. I'm heading back to the dorm."
Day 608
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10)Learning a New Tune 2
preview:  "I noticed Lord Diavolo has been humming the same song lately."
The Attic Club "Sandwich"(3)Do Dreams Taste Good?
preview:  "Belphie. MC. I need your help."
Day 609
SatanSatan's Manga Recommendations
preview:  "MC, I heard that the others have been making all kinds of manga..."
LuciferListening to Cursed Records Together
preview:  "I'm listening to a cursed record in the music room right now."
Day 610
AsmodeusIn Need of Some TLC
preview:  <Sticker sent>
BelphegorMissing Cake
preview:  "Do you know what happened to the ocean of clouds cake that was in the fridge?"
Day 611
Big Brothers(3)Loser Says What
preview:  "Just so you know, that last round doesn't count!"
Brothers Under a Pact(4)Cat Café SnapshotsCG
preview:  "I'm so flippin' bored!"
Day 612
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3)Hiding Spots
preview:  "It's been a while since the Anti-Lucifer League has done anything noteworthy."
Cat(3)An Unexpected Visitor
preview:  "Okay, so."
Day 613
preview:  "Thanks for coming over last night, guys!"
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Missing Collection 1
preview:  "Mammon, you had best be ready to repent."
Day 614
The Fantastic Three(3)Missing Collection 2
preview:  "I'm sorry for running off with those records."
MammonTreasure Hunt 1
preview:  "Yo, MC! Listen to this!"
Day 615
The Brothers and the Demon Lord(10)Treasure Hunt 2
preview:  "MC, were you the one who filled in that pitfall?"
LuciferCarrot and Stick
preview:  "MC, are you ready for the upcoming exams?"
Day 616
MammonSeriously Serious
preview:  "It's about time I showed everyone just how serious I can get."
BeelzebubThe Power of Pudding
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 617
DiavoloMade with Love
preview:  "MC, thank you for the hellfire mushroom rolled cigar cookies!"
12Intruder Alert!
preview:  "Mammon."
Day 618
Where's My MoneyDebt Settlement 1
preview:  "Hey, stupid Mammon!"
25Debt Settlement 2
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 619
Luke (Chihuahua)Unhappy Angel 1
preview:  "Simeoooooon!"
Sweets MastersUnhappy Angel 2
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 620
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Potential Roles 1
preview:  "Okay, so."
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Potential Roles 2
preview:  "So, rumor has it that they're going to be making a live-action Ruri-chan movie."
Day 621
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3)Aspiring to New Heights
preview:  "Hey."
Brothers Under a Pact(4)Let's Get Ready to Ruuuumble!
preview:  "Mammon, I challenge you to a duel."
Day 622
The Royals(3)Diavolo's Flower Fortune-Telling
preview:  "I tried the flower fortune-telling method that MC taught me today."
Purgatory Hall(3)Asmo's Request
preview:  "That reminds me, Asmodeus and I made a serum together yesterday."
Day 623
The Attic Club "Sandwich"(3)Beel's Desires
preview:  "I want to take a whipped cream bath."
1235(4)Deserted Island Life
preview:  "I want to go to a deserted island."
Day 624
EMERGENCY!(6)The Allure of Something Custom-Made
preview:  "Shoes have simply GOT to be custom-made!"
The Fantastic Three(3)Mystery Hour
preview:  "Lucifer, what have you been reading lately?"
Day 625
LukeA Flower by Any Name
preview:  "MC, guess what!"
Sweet ToothThe Lovable AngelCG
preview:  <Picture sent>
Day 626
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Camping Plans 1
preview:  "This is the age of camping!"
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Belphie's Wake-Up Call
preview:  "I hereby call the 1567th meeting of the Belphie Wake-up Crew to order!"
Day 627
SatanRecommended Stress Relievers
preview:  "MC, do you remember telling me about how you found cleaning the kitchen to be a..."
Brothers Under a Pact(4)The Search for the Black Phantom Diamond 1
preview:  "Guys, let's go on an expedition to find the Black Phantom Diamond!"
Day 628
BeelzebubThe Search for the Black Phantom Diamond 2
preview:  "I went looking for the Black Phantom Diamond in secret, and I actually did find it."
The Fantastic Three(3)A Source of Headaches 1
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 629
The Royals(3)A Source of Headaches 2
preview:  "MC, I must apologize."
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Calling for Appliance Requests! 1
preview:  "We'll be replacing the kitchen's appliances."
Day 630
The Angels(3)Camping Plans 2
preview:  "MC, you remember the camping trip that everyone was talking about earlier?"
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Calling for Appliance Requests! 2
preview:  "I hate to say it, but...the new dishwasher's broken."
Day 631
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Livening Things Up 1
preview:  "Diavolo says he wants to arrange a party at RAD."
BelphegorSnoozing to Success?
preview:  "Hey, there's a test coming up."
Day 632
MammonShopping for Who?
preview:  "Money!!!"
preview:  "MC, I'm begging you!"
Day 633
AsmodeusNew Hairdo
preview:  "Say..."
SolomonReal History
preview:  "Say, MC."
Day 634
The Fantastic Three(3)Livening Things Up 2
preview:  "Lucifer, I thoroughly enjoyed the party the other day."
DiavoloWhat's the Rush?
preview:  "I heard you left class in a hurry today. May I ask why?"
Day 635
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Foodie Face Off 1
preview:  "A chef acquaintance of mine has asked me to rate their full-course meal."
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Foodie Face Off 2CG
preview:  "Okay, there's a slight possibility that Beel has the most sophisticated sense of taste."
Day 636
Devildom PrinceSchool Survey 1
preview:  <Sticker sent>
BeelzebubFor Dinner
preview:  "I'm starving."
Day 637
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3)Detective on the Case 1
preview:  "Say, MC, have you heard?"
Brothers Under a Pact(4)Detective on the Case 2
preview:  "Yo, Levi. About Asmo's friend getting robbed."
Day 638
Devildom PrinceSchool Survey 2
preview:  "About the other students' responses to the school survey..."
BelphegorMeddlesome Demon
preview:  "I got drowsy on the way back from shopping and dozed off in a nearby truck..."
Day 639
House of Lamentation (New)(8)An Unusual Find
preview:  "I happened upon something unusual on my way to fetch Belphie."
Big Brothers(3)The Unusual Find Revealed
preview:  "Hey, Lucifer!"
Day 640
LeviathanWhat Was Found
preview:  "So, you know that unusual thing Lucifer was talking about?"
MammonFlower Speculation
preview:  "Yo, MC, did ya hear?"
Day 641
The Attic Club "Sandwich"(3)Flower Viewing Invitation 1
preview:  "Hey, MC."
LuciferFlower Viewing Invitation 2
preview:  "MC, I'd like you to make time in the evening of next weekend."
Day 642
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)No Room for Arguments
preview:  "All of you, make time in the evening next weekend."
DiavoloSpirit Week: Planning
preview:  "Hello there, MC."
Day 643
The Royals(3)What Barbatos SawCG
preview:  "I just witnessed an interesting scene."
preview:  "MC, I have a favor to ask."
Day 644
Where's My MoneyNot My Fault
preview:  <Sticker sent>
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Look at the Flowers
preview:  "I was draggin' my feet on the way out, but..."
Day 645
LukeAngry Luke
preview:  "You'll never believe this, MC!"
SimeonSomething Good
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 646
12A Daunting Invoice
preview:  "Mammon, I have something to ask you."
SimeonTo Another World
preview:  "I'm in transit and rather bored. Would you entertain me in the meantime?"
Day 647
45Cats and Casting
preview:  "Well hello there, Satan!"
Solomon the SorcererLuke, Home Alone 1
preview:  "I was planning on doing some research on demon habitats in the near future."
Day 648
Sweet ToothLuke, Home Alone 2
preview:  "You'll never believe this, Barbatos!"
LukeLuke, Home Alone 3
preview:  "I had a big surprise today."
Day 649
SolomonLuke, Home Alone 4
preview:  "I gifted Luke a magic item the other day."
AsmodeusCheering Up Asmo
preview:  "I don't know what it is, but I've been in a rut these past few days."
Day 650
BeelzebubNo More Burgers?
preview:  "This is weird."
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3)Painting Nails
preview:  "Yo, Asmo!"
Chatroom Title Media
Day 651
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3)An Irresistible Tail 1CG
preview:  "A buddy of mine sent me this pic."
BarbatosAn Irresistible Tail 2
preview:  "Is something on your mind? I know you well enough to tell, MC."
Day 652
LeviathanOffline Day 1
preview:  "Ughhh!"
Big Brothers(3)Offline Day 2
preview:  "Yo, Levi! I heard everythin' from MC!"
Day 653
Cat(3)New Face
preview:  "While at RAD, I happened to overhear that there is a new kitten at the cat café."
AsmodeusHow About a Dance?
preview:  "Say, have you heard?"
Day 654
The Fantastic Three(3)Spirit Week 1
preview:  "I would like to hold Spirit Week at RAD."
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Spirit Week 2
preview:  "We're going to be making matching T-shirts during Spirit Week."
Day 655
Big Brothers(3)The Cause of the Fight
preview:  "Mammon, Levi. I heard the two of you were at each other's throats at RAD today."
DiabolusCuring Fatigue
preview:  "Diavolo, you didn't seem to be your usual energetic self today."
Day 656
The Attic Club "Sandwich"(3)Food Grudge 1
preview:  "Hey, how long are you gonna stay mad at me?"
BeelzebubFood Grudge 2
preview:  "MC, about what happened back there."
Day 657
BelphegorFood Grudge 3
preview:  "MC, thanks for telling me."
The Angels(3)Factional Dispute
preview:  "I may need to return to the Celestial Realm to check on things in the near future."
Day 658
56Beel's Fitness 1
preview:  "Gosh, this is unbelievable!"
LeviathanBeel's Fitness 2
preview:  "So, Beel and Asmo are pumping iron downstairs..."
Day 659
LukeAdvice for Luke 1
preview:  "MC, can I ask you something?"
SimeonAdvice for Luke 2
preview:  "I received a thank-you present from Luke."
Day 660
The Royals(3)A Special Cat Café
preview:  "That reminds me."
DiavoloSpirit Week 3
preview:  "That was quite the Spirit Week."
Day 661
DiavolorinoFarming in the Devildom 1
preview:  "Lord Diavolo, are you busy right now?"
The Royals(3)Farming in the Devildom 2
preview:  "It's almost time to feed the chickens."
Day 662
BelphegorFarming in the Devildom 3
preview:  "So Lord Diavolo told you about Devil Farmer, huh?"
Luke (Chihuahua)Playing with Food
preview:  "Japanese curry rice."
Day 663
12No Telepathic Understanding Yet
preview:  "Mammon, are you still at the house?"
345(3)A Test Shoot
preview:  "Levi, Asmo, I'd like your help if you're available."
Day 664
AsmodeusThinking of New Content
preview:  "I haven't been gaining as many views on Devilgram lately..."
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Guess Who? 1CG
preview:  <Picture sent>
Day 665
BarbatosGuess Who? 2
preview:  "I believe you've seen a certain photo?"
Tea DemonsThe New Flavor
preview:  "Demoning has come out with a new flavor of tea. Have you tried it?"
Day 666
25Money, Money, Money!
preview:  "Heeey, Mammon, you got a sec?"
SatanThe Secret Dessert
preview:  "Demon éclairs or bloody Mont Blancs."
Day 667
LukeTiny Life in the Devildom
preview:  "I'm researching facts about small animals that live in the Devildom."
67A Special Drink
preview:  "Beel, when are you training today?"
Day 668
Cat(3)Right-Pawed, Left-Pawed
preview:  "Fun fact: Cats can favor their left or right forepaw."
Solomon the SorcererTo Smile Once More
preview:  "Luke's depressed over his test results."
Day 669
BelphegorBiology Homework
preview:  "Our homework for Devildom biology is due tomorrow."
The Royals(3)Unidentified Flying Object 1
preview:  "I saw a UFO at RAD!"
Day 670
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3)A Difficult Mission
preview:  "I thought up a prank for Lucifer."
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3)Unidentified Flying Object 2
preview:  "Mammon, you were at the school the other night, weren't you?"
Day 671
34I Gotta Know!
preview:  "Hey, Satan, can I ask you something?"
The Attic Club "Sandwich"(3)Spending the Night
preview:  "MC, I need a favor."
Day 672
Purgatory Hall(3)New and Improved Baking
preview:  "I'll bring out the sweets I made after dinner."
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Super Rare Limited-Edition Item
preview:  "I guess the pen I found in the kitchen this morning was Levi's."
Day 673
LuciferSuspicious Weather
preview:  "MC, did you bring an umbrella to RAD today?"
SolomonSolomon's Visit 1
preview:  "Hello, MC."
Day 674
BelphegorSolomon's Visit 2CG
preview:  "I witnessed something horrible last night."
SimeonSolomon's Visit 3
preview:  "I heard about a picture of Solomon wearing a skincare mask."
Day 675
MammonMammon's Proposition 1
preview:  "I realized somethin', MC."
The Royals(3)Mammon's Proposition 2
preview:  "Mammon brought an interesting idea to me."
Day 676
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Yesterday's TV Special
preview:  "Did any of you watch the TV special yesterday?!"
The Attic Club "Sandwich"(3)Damage Control
preview:  "We went to eat at Hell's Kitchen today and Lucifer tipped the manager."
Day 677
Sweet ToothBeelzebub Bakes a Cake
preview:  "Hey, Barbatos!"
The Fantastic Three(3)A Wet Kitten
preview:  "I saved a kitten from drowning at the shadow swamp."
Day 678
Purgatory Hall(3)First Step: Winking?
preview:  "I'm learning how to wink."
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Adorable Sleep Talk 1
preview:  "Belphie's napping in the hallway."
Day 679
25Adorable Sleep Talk 2
preview:  "Belphie's pissed."
LuciferThe Beauty of Glasses 1
preview:  "By the way, MC..."
Day 680
BeelzebubThe Beauty of Glasses 2
preview:  "I'm so tired..."
Purgatory Hall(3)The Beauty of Glasses 3
preview:  "What's the difference between wearing glasses and not wearing them?"
Day 681
AsmodeusThe Beauty of Glasses 4CG
preview:  "Look! It's not fair!"
Solomon the SorcererThe Ultimate Study Room
preview:  "What are you doing, Solomon?"
Day 682
No Big Brothers Allowed(3)The Asmo Twins
preview:  "I've been thinking lately of what life would be like if I had a twin brother."
EMERGENCY!(6)Lucifer's Trap
preview:  "Mammon, I spotted you with Beel earlier."
Day 683
Big Brothers(3)Presenting Our Special Menu
preview:  "Has anyone heard of a café called Déjà Vu?"
DiabolusMind-Reading Magic 1
preview:  "How's research coming along on the spell you mentioned the other day?"
Day 684
The Fantastic Three(3)Mind-Reading Magic 2
preview:  "Lucifer, you seem tired as of late. Has something happened?"
36Means of Stress Reduction 1
preview:  "I overheard a conversation Asmo was having."
Day 685
The Attic Club "Sandwich"(3)Means of Stress Reduction 2
preview:  "Hey MC, can I get a hug?"
AsmodeusIf You Were the Demon Lord? (Asmo Edition)
preview:  "I'm bored."
Day 686
Brothers Under a Pact(4)DIY Shelf
preview:  "Hey, MC, I noticed you bought a DIY shelf."
BeelzebubIf You Were the Demon Lord? (Beel Edition)
preview:  "I'm bored."
Day 687
SimeonAn Unexpected Side to Simeon
preview:  "Sabr mw"
BelphegorIf You Were the Demon Lord? (Belphie Edition)
preview:  "I'm bored. Tell me something interesting."
Day 688
SolomonBucket List
preview:  "Tell me, MC..."
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Delivery Day
preview:  "I want pizza."
Day 689
LukeLuke's Dream
preview:  "MC, are you okay?! Are you safe?!"
The Attic Club "Sandwich"(3)Beel's Dream
preview:  "I had this really weird dream."
Day 690
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Levi's Farewell Letter 1
preview:  "We've got an emergency."
LeviathanLevi's Farewell Letter 2
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 691
345(3)Different Colored Bags
preview:  "Hey. I'm at the boutique now."
Cat(3)Cat Movies
preview:  "Have you seen any of the cat movies showing at the moment?"
Day 692
Brothers No MoreAlmost Like a Diary
preview:  "Today, I baked an ocean of clouds cake in the kitchen at Purgatory Hall."
LeviathanA Hero's Presence 1CG
preview:  "Heck yeah!"
Day 693
LukeThe Crying Ghost
preview:  "Have you heard the story of the ghost that appears behind the RAD building?"
DiabolusA Summoning Mistake
preview:  "Diavolo, I'm sorry."
Day 694
House of Lamentation (New)(8)The Lost Sock 1
preview:  "I was just folding my laundry."
56The Lost Sock 2
preview:  "So, about that Louie Vutton sock."
Day 695
AsmodeusHow to Pass the Time
preview:  "Hey, MC! Wanna go into town with me?"
MammonThe Lost Sock 3
preview:  "You won't believe this!"
Day 696
SolomonA Hero's Presence 2
preview:  "Could I ask for your advice about something?"
Where's My MoneyA Friend for Henry
preview:  "Hey, Levi. You're free now, right?!"
Day 697
The Angels(3)A New Nickname for Luke
preview:  "You've grown up a lot, Luke. Perhaps you need a nickname other than Chihuahua."
67The Lost Sock 4
preview:  "I've finished sewing up your sock."
Day 698
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)The Lost Sock 5
preview:  "I can't believe it!"
34Crossword Fanatic
preview:  "Satan, are you still in town?"
Day 699
67Unable to Wait
preview:  "Do you know any interesting games?"
The Royals(3)An Adorable Plushie 1
preview:  "You know how Leviathan has that little plushie..."
Day 700
DiavolorinoAn Adorable Plushie 2
preview:  "I heard from Barbatos."
DiavoloAn Adorable Plushie 3
preview:  "Leviathan ordered an entire machine's worth of cute plushies..."

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