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Days 701-800[edit]

Chatroom Title Media
Day 701
Purgatory Hall(3)The Lost Sock 6
preview:  "Did you two hear?"
Brothers Under a Pact(4)Mammon's Training 1CG
preview:  "Asmo sent me this."
Day 702
Sweets MastersA New Book to Read
preview:  "I was thinking of doing some reading for a change of pace."
SatanTonight's Menu
preview:  "An acquaintance of mine has requested that I make dinner for them."
Day 703
Sweet ToothMammon's Training 2
preview:  "This morning, I saw Mammon slumped down under a tree."
LuciferHell Soy Sauce Flavor Cup Ramen
preview:  "MC, do you have any idea of Mammon's whereabouts?"
Day 704
45Cosmetics Boys
preview:  "Asmo, what toner would you recommend?"
Devildom PrinceDream Within a Dream
preview:  "Diavolo, has anything surprised you recently?"
Day 705
12Mammon's Specialty
preview:  "Mammon, what is currently the most popular fashion brand?"
Luke (Chihuahua)Luke's Day Off
preview:  "I want to go somewhere on the weekend!"
Day 706
Where's My MoneyModel Kit Challenge
preview:  "Hey, Levi. Teach me how to build model kits!"
Brothers No MoreBeel Not Eating 1
preview:  "Beel has been acting strangely of late."
Day 707
The Attic Club "Sandwich"(3)Beel Not Eating 2
preview:  "How's the tree coming along, Beel?"
Solomon the SorcererBeel Not Eating 3
preview:  "So, Beelzebub's been trying to raise a tree of cravings?"
Day 708
BeelzebubBeel Not Eating 4
preview:  "I gave up on the tree of cravings."
Tea DemonsThe Magic Record
preview:  "Lucifer, I'd like to inquire about magic records."
Day 709
LuciferA Plan For Leisure
preview:  "I have been stuck inside working for far too long."
36Mammon's Training 3
preview:  "Mammon seems to be keeping up his training."
Day 710
House of Lamentation (New)(8)The Great Cake Battle 1
preview:  "Diavolo mentioned that he would bring us four black cloud cakes as souvenirs."
Big Brothers(3)The Great Cake Battle 2
preview:  "Time for a strategy meeting to get those black cloud cakes!"
Day 711
No Big Brothers Allowed(3)The Great Cake Battle 3
preview:  "So, I've started raising some monsters in Monsters of Darkness..."
BelphegorThe Great Cake Battle 4
preview:  "Hey, is your team also practicing that game today?"
Day 712
LeviathanThe Great Cake Battle 5
preview:  "Well, we managed to win the great cake battle."
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3)Mammon's Training 4
preview:  "I heard Mammon gave up on his training."
Day 713
The Fantastic Three(3)Prize at the End of the Line 1CG
preview:  "I'm in the human world with Leviathan right now."
1235(4)Prize at the End of the Line 2
preview:  "The latest game console from the human world is AMAZING!"
Day 714
Brothers Under a Pact(4)Prize at the End of the Line 3
preview:  "Hey, Mammon, you're going to line up early in the morning for those..."
SimeonHow to Stop Hiccups
preview:  "My hiccups won't stop."
Day 715
The Attic Club "Sandwich"(3)The Witches and the Bridge
preview:  "Beel, aren't you back yet?"
36A World Without the Important Things
preview:  "Hey, Levi."
Day 716
MammonDrawing Psychological Test
preview:  "Hey, MC. Draw my face!"
The Royals(3)The RAD Cleanup Plan 1
preview:  "I'd like to arrange an activity to clean the entire school."
Day 717
BarbatosThe RAD Cleanup Plan 2
preview:  "About the project to clean up the entire school."
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)The RAD Cleanup Plan 3
preview:  "I can't believe it. No way."
Day 718
BelphegorThe RAD Cleanup Plan 4
preview:  "I might actually be suited to this temporary cleaning committee stuff."
DiavoloUnable to Fall Asleep
preview:  "Lately, I can't seem to fall asleep."
Day 719
BarbatosThe Mysterious Container
preview:  "I was cleaning out the refrigerator in the Demon Lord's Castle, when..."
Big Brothers(3)Recording Anime
preview:  "Can someone help a guy out??"
Day 720
LukeThe RAD Cleanup Plan 5
preview:  "Good job on the cleaning today!"
25Asmo's Dress-up Doll
preview:  "Hey, Mammon. Are you interested in cute clothing?"
Day 721
Purgatory Hall(3)Mystery Lost and Found 1
preview:  "I found this super pretty stone in the garden!"
LeviathanMystery Lost and Found 2
preview:  "MC, what do you usually do when you're looking for something you've lost?"
Day 722
25Mystery Lost and Found 3
preview:  "Levi was looking really bummed out yesterday."
Solomon the SorcererMystery Lost and Found 4
preview:  "Did you hear about what happened to that stone Luke found?"
Day 723
The Angels(3)The Battle of VirtuesCG
preview:  "Leviathan's been hanging out in Purgatory Hall almost every day!"
The Attic Club "Sandwich"(3)The Mysterious Sticker 1
preview:  "I got this mysterious sticker from Levi today."
Day 724
Tea DemonsThe Mysterious Sticker 2
preview:  "I've just witnessed the most curious thing."
34The Mysterious Sticker 3
preview:  "So Beel ended up putting the sticker I gave him on his steak."
Day 725
LuciferThe Mysterious Sticker 4
preview:  "I was sure that floating steak would be the end of me."
AsmodeusCrazy for Nails
preview:  "The new nail parlor on town has so many cute acrylic nail tips."
Day 726
Cat(3)Mobile Cat Café
preview:  "There's been a lot of mobile shops popping up lately, like restaurants and libraries."
Brothers No MoreThe Magic Pillow
preview:  "Lucifer, have you been feeling tired as of late?"
Day 727
LukeSending Flowers
preview:  "Potted flowers, bouquets, or wreaths of dried flowers."
Devildom PrinceThe Mysterious Sticker 5
preview:  "Everyone's talking about those stickers that make things float at RAD."
Day 728
DiavoloWhere Are They Now?
preview:  "I've been reading this book and noticed that one of the characters..."
Luke (Chihuahua)Modeling for a Sketch
preview:  "You're so good at drawing, Simeon!"
Day 729
The Angels(3)Holiday Plans
preview:  "Are you free at the moment, Luke?"
Sweets MastersSweets and Circles 1
preview:  "I'm in the cafeteria at the moment and there's a summoning circle..."
Day 730
SatanSweets and Circles 2
preview:  "You'll never guess what happened."
DiabolusSweets and Circles 3
preview:  "Have you heard about the candy that appeared in the cafeteria?"
Day 731
Where's My MoneySweets and Circles 4
preview:  "Man, I should've made a copy of that summonin' circle."
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Documentaries are Awesome 1
preview:  "My life has totally been lacking in the excitement department lately!"
Day 732
MammonJust Not Into It
preview:  "Ugh, I don't wanna review for the test!"
Big Brothers(3)Celebratory Meal
preview:  "Now that our student council duties have been taken care of, I propose..."
Day 733
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3)Life With Pets
preview:  "I think I want a pet. It's all I've been thinking about lately."
56Gaining Followers
preview:  "Asmo, can you teach me how to gain followers on Devilgram?"
Day 734
Cat(3)Documentaries are Awesome 2CG
preview:  "Mammon sent me this."
SolomonDocumentaries are Awesome 3
preview:  "I deleted the photo to preserve Satan's dignity."
Day 735
SimeonDelivery From Simeon
preview:  "Beelzebub asked me to make BLT sandwiches for him."
Purgatory Hall(3)What's up With the TV? 1
preview:  <Sticker sent>
Day 736
No Big Brothers Allowed(3)What's up With the TV? 2
preview:  "Beel, can you spare some time to help me out?"
The Fantastic Three(3)One Hell of a Butler 1
preview:  "Barbatos, were you in the hallway just now?"
Day 737
SolomonWhat's up With the TV? 3
preview:  "I got the TV from Satan."
DiavolorinoWhat's up With the TV? 4
preview:  "I heard you ran into some trouble with a television."
Day 738
AsmodeusWhat's Trending?
preview:  "I'm trying to find out what's trending in the human world right now, but..."
BelphegorBroomstick Sale
preview:  "I dropped by Hocus Pocus in the way home today."
Day 739
Sweet ToothOne Hell of a Butler 2
preview:  "Where were you, Barbatos?"
preview:  "Guys, I need some Grimm, fast!"
Day 740
RAD Newspaper ClubSchool Festival Day 1
preview:  "Today marks the beginning of the RAD School Festival, which will be..."
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Asmo and the Beauty Pageant
preview:  "I'm joining the beauty pageant at this year's school festival, and..."
Day 741
LeviathanLevi Writes a Play
preview:  "I'm trying to write the script for the school play, but..."
MammonMammon Takes the Stage
preview:  "You're the only one for me!"
Day 742
67Beel at the Booths
preview:  <Sticker sent>
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Who's Faster? 1
preview:  "I heard that in the human world, you're popular if..."
Day 743
BelphegorWho's Faster? 2CG
preview:  "Take a look at this."
BarbatosOne Hell of a Butler 3
preview:  "I've uncovered the truth regarding the appearance of my supposed doppelganger."
Day 744
BeelzebubCall the Exterminator
preview:  "Headless Café has a new menu item called 'shadow cream stew'."
The Royals(3)The Many Forms of Eggs
preview:  "Simeon brought back some fluffy eggs from the Celestial Realm."
Day 745
345(3)Asmo's Secret to Seduction
preview:  <Sticker sent>
36Classic Anime Food
preview:  "I can't stop thinking about how delicious the food looked in this anime..."
Day 746
The Royals(3)Canned Food Party 1
preview:  "I've acquired a variety of different canned foods and..."
Purgatory Hall(3)Canned Food Party 2
preview:  "I heard there's a canned food party happening at the castle."
Day 747
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Mystery Package 1
preview:  "Who owns the large package in the entrance hall?"
36Mystery Package 2
preview:  "I heard your new workout machine is a monster."
Day 748
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Just a Holiday
preview:  "There's nothing to do."
34Same Old, Same Old
preview:  "I was passing by the entrance hall."
Day 749
House of Lamentation (New)(8)If I Had a Castle 1
preview:  "Did anyone watch the TV show on castles yesterday?"
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3)If I Had a Castle 2
preview:  "Asmo's castle got me thinking..."
Day 750
EMERGENCY!(6)Never Steal Food
preview:  "Somebody help meeee!"
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Lump in the Throat
preview:  "I think something's stuck in my throat."
Chatroom Title Media
Day 751
LukeLuke's Challenge 1
preview:  "Simeon told me something the other day."
BelphegorPoints for Aesthetics?
preview:  "The teacher complimented you during the written portion of our magic circle exam..."
Day 752
Big Brothers(3)What's Old Is New Again
preview:  "I have a feeling that history is about to repeat itself!"
BeelzebubLet's go to Devil's Coast
preview:  "Devilcat."
Day 753
345(3)Luke's Challenge 2
preview:  "Have any of you felt like you're being watched lately? Because I have."
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3)United and Committed to the Cause
preview:  "I have an idea."
Day 754
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Our Sweet Big Brother
preview:  "Levi was asleep on the floor of the entrance hall."
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Took a Little Trip to Devil's CoastCG
preview:  "The other day MC and I went to Devil's Coast to feed Devilcat."
Day 755
Purgatory Hall(3)Luke's Challenge 3
preview:  "I was talking to Lucifer, and he mentioned something to me."
DiavolorinoA Task Meant for Levi
preview:  "I'd kill for a new piece of technology to mess with."
Day 756
SolomonLooking for Something
preview:  "MC, remember when you came and hung out at Purgatory Hall the other day?"
preview:  "Hey, you were sleeping in the RAD garden today, right?"
Day 757
TEAM PARTYYYYY(3)An Inconceivable Blunder
preview:  "Have you ever tried to wind some pasta around your fork, but messed it up?"
LuciferFaith in His Brother
preview:  "Has Mammon told you any strange stories lately?"
Day 758
Cat(3)What Is a Cat?
preview:  "What is it exactly that makes a cat...a cat?"
Devildom PrinceTales of Heroism
preview:  "Diavolo, do you have any tales of heroism in your past?"
Day 759
AsmodeusThe Instrument That Suits Me Best
preview:  "So, the other day I watched a video of a human world classical music concert with..."
SimeonLooking Up at the Stars
preview:  "The other night, I was on the roof of the RAD school building looking up at the sky..."
Day 760
SatanThe Bestseller 1
preview:  "There's this book that's recently become a bestseller here in the Devildom."
MammonThe Bestseller 2
preview:  "You're not gonna believe this!"
Day 761
The Attic Club "Sandwich"(3)The Bestseller 3
preview:  "Mammon looked really depressed yesterday."
The Fantastic Three(3)Business Matters
preview:  "Are we running low on any supplies at RAD?"
Day 762
No Big Brothers Allowed(3)Such Great Big Brothers
preview:  "Satan, Asmo. I have a favor to ask."
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3)Belphie's Pride
preview:  "I don't believe this."
Day 763
DiavoloA Novel Tea Party 1
preview:  "I was wondering if I could get your input on something."
Brothers No MoreThe Right Demon for the Job?
preview:  "Could I possibly borrow Belphegor sometime in the near future? I could use..."
Day 764
The Royals(3)How Things are Going at RAD
preview:  "Does it seem to you like we've had more paperwork than usual lately?"
Sweets MastersA Bit Too Exciting
preview:  "You know, I was thinking."
Day 765
SolomonInteresting Book on Sweets
preview:  "I found an interesting book while doing some cleaning at Purgatory Hall."
The Angels(3)Proof of StrengthCG
preview:  "So, Belphegor asked us to come to the House of Lamentation..."
Day 766
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Who Wants Coffee?
preview:  "I'm heading to the kitchen to make coffee. Anyone want some?"
56Hoping to Be a Cheerleader
preview:  "So, how was your team meeting?"
Day 767
345(3)A Novel Tea Party 2
preview:  "At our tea party the other day, Lord Diavolo said he wanted ideas for how to spice up..."
DiavolorinoWays to Improve my Efficiency
preview:  "You know, a lot of my work involves reviewing documents and signing them."
Day 768
Solomon the SorcererGetting Used to Technology
preview:  "Apparently Diavolo talked with Leviathan about ways to improve efficiency at work."
The Angels(3)The Robotic Pet 1
preview:  "Is it OK if we come to the House of Lamentation right now?!"
Day 769
Purgatory Hall(3)About Mammon
preview:  "I didn't get enough sleep."
36Everyday Training Regimen
preview:  "Beel, I forget. Do you use the Hellhealth app?"
Day 770
LeviathanTime to Stop Being Anti-Normie?
preview:  "I was thinking."
BarbatosA Novel Sort of Tea Party 3
preview:  "The Young Master wishes to hold a battle royale-style tea party."
Day 771
1235(4)The Robotic Pet 2
preview:  "Solomon always insists on causing trouble."
Cat(3)The Robotic Pet 3
preview:  "So, what ended up happening with mini Cerberus?"
Day 772
SimeonSomething's Gnawing at Simeon
preview:  "Today at RAD, Mammon suddenly jumped out at me. He meant to startle me, you see."
34A Trip to the Movies
preview:  "I got some free movie tickets from an acquaintance of mine who happens to be..."
Day 773
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Battle for the Banana Muffin
preview:  "I hear that MC baked banana muffins at Purgatory Hall and brought one back here."
AsmodeusEveryone Loves Asmo
preview:  "I just had the best idea!"
Day 774
LukeNot Sure How to RespondCG
preview:  "Hey, what do you think I should do about this?"
House of Lamentation (New)(8)A Garden Should Be Beautiful
preview:  "Someone needs to weed the garden!"
Day 775
LuciferWhat Makes a Beautiful Garden?
preview:  "Did You see how awful the garden looks?"
MammonOutdoor Stalls
preview:  "YO YO YO!"
Day 776
BarbatosA Gift From Barbatos
preview:  "Did the item I sent you arrive today?"
Sweet ToothSearching for the Right Word
preview:  "See if you can answer this."
Day 777
DiabolusSearching for the Right Souvenir
preview:  "I've been quite busy lately. I've had to take several business trips..."
Brothers Under a Pact(4)Let's Play NCF!
preview:  "Levi and I played a head-to-head match in one of his sports games."
Day 778
LeviathanWe Played NCF!
preview:  "That was insane. And really rough."
BelphegorWhat Music Means
preview:  "I heard piano music coming from the music room yesterday."
Day 779
House of Lamentation (New)(8)An Especially Smelly Gift
preview:  "I just found something in the refrigerator from the 'Slice of the Human World' event..."
Where's My MoneyWho Would Come Out on Top?
preview:  "OK, I've got a question. And I'm genuinely curious to know the answer."
Day 780
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)Of Course It Would Be You...
preview:  "What's going on?! The Devilcari app is down!"
BeelzebubWhat's Gnawing at Beel
preview:  "I was talking to Simeon today."
Day 781
House of Lamentation (New)(8)Lifestyle Improvement
preview:  "Leading unhealthy lifestyles, frittering away your time and money..."
Brothers No MoreIs That Mammon?CG
preview:  <Picture sent>
Day 782
EMERGENCY!(6)It's a Carbuncle!
preview:  "It's a carbuncle!"
The Attic Club "Sandwich"(3)A Carbuncle's Charm 1
preview:  "I heard a carbuncle got lost in the schoolyard."
Day 783
The Demon Brothers (New)(7)A Carbuncle's Charm 2
preview:  "That little carbuncle looked happy when it saw its owner, didn't it?"
SatanOur Little Secret 1
preview:  "There's talk about wanting to own a carbuncle amongst my brothers."
Day 784
Purgatory Hall(3)Luke's Taste Buds' Day Off
preview:  "I was thinking about making some pasta today, but..."
The Fantastic Three(3)Living in the Countryside
preview:  "What would you do if I told you that I wanted to live in the countryside?"
Day 785
MammonOur Little Secret 2
preview:  "If ya were to own a pet, what'd be the most important thing?"
Devildom PrinceThe Royal Errand Boy
preview:  "I'm going to go out to do some shopping, so..."
Day 786
House of Lamentation (New)(8)A Room Tour 1
preview:  "Guess what? I've got some important news to share with everyone!"
BarbatosDevildom-Style Cooking
preview:  "There are plenty of good recipes you can find on apps nowadays."
Day 787
67Lights, Camera, Action! 1
preview:  "On my way home from RAD, I decided to take a little detour..."
LeviathanA Room Tour 2
preview:  "Did you hear about the whole thing with Asmo's live stream?"
Day 788
345(3)Lights, Camera, Action! 2
preview:  "Did you hear? Belphie was an extra for a movie!"
SolomonA Blast From the Past
preview:  "I could have sworn that I heard a faint singing voice at RAD today."
Day 789
DiavoloEarly to Bed, Early to Rise
preview:  "I've taken up going jogging early in the morning lately."
34Lights, Camera, Action! 3
preview:  "I heard that you might have some information on the whereabouts of..."
Day 790
Devildom PrinceThe Royal Book Club 1
preview:  "Hello, Simeon. What kind of books have you been reading lately?"
BeelzebubBeel the DevilTuber 1
preview:  "One of the underclassmen at my club told me they were looking forward to..."
Day 791
No Big Brothers Allowed(3)Beel the DevilTuber 2
preview:  "I wonder if I can make a DevilTube video by myself?"
34Something for Your TroubleCG
preview:  "Take a look at this lol."
Day 792
LukeShopping List Blues 1
preview:  "I went to do some shopping at Devilmart earlier..."
Brothers No MoreShopping List Blues 2
preview:  "I saw a depressed-looking Luke at Devilmart earlier."
Day 793
The Royals(3)The Royal Book Club 2
preview:  "I'd like to recommend a book to you today, MC."
The Attic Club "Sandwich"(3)A New Event?
preview:  It looks like Lord Diavolo's looking into planning some weird event."
Day 794
67Beel the DevilTuber 3
preview:  "Have you ever watched my DevilTube channel, Belphie?"
LuciferHow to Enjoy Soba
preview:  "I've been invited by an acquaintance of mine who started making them..."
Day 795
45Lights, Camera, Action! 4
preview:  "How have things been going with the movie Belphie was in?"
BarbatosTea Time with Barbatos
preview:  "I had the opportunity to travel to the human world and have herbal tea..."
Day 796
BelphegorMy Neck Hurts
preview:  "My neck's been hurting every time I wake up lately."
34A Cat Maid Café 1
preview:  "Satan, let's go to a maid café."
Day 797
[[Asmodeus/Memory Box]]Fan Service 1
preview:  "Guess what? There was a shy little cutie in the hallway..."
LeviathanOverwhelming Gratitude
preview:  "MC! The merch arrived!"
Day 798
Sweets MastersBarbatos's Herb Garden 1
preview:  "I found a traditional recipe for Devildom-style quiche that I wanted to try making."
Lucifer, you S*CK!(3)Back to Square One 1
preview:  "We've tried a variety of innovative tactics thus far, but..."
Day 799
Big Brothers(3)Fan Service 2
preview:  "Yo, did ya hear? Asmo got flat out rejected."
BarbatosBarbatos's Herb Garden 2
preview:  "I promised to give Simeon some darkness thyme that I have been growing..."
Day 800
The Royals(3)Back to Square One 2
preview:  "Have you seen the video where Lucifer loses his composure?"
Solomon the SorcererFan Service, the Epilogue
preview:  "Remember how Mammon was spreading rumors about Asmodeus being rejected?"

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