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Fall Fair[edit]

Item: Demonus


  • "A cold Red Demonus... It looks good. I hope you don't mind if I indulge a little?"
    • "Once I found Mammon sleeping in the entrance hall when he had a little too much to drink. I ignored him, and the next day he caught a cold. I guess that's karma for you."
    • "Actually, there are special glasses for Demonus. Shall we go get a set together? Matching glasses wouldn't be a bad idea." (Demon Voucher)


  • "A Red Demonus after a long day's work is the best! Why doncha grab one too?"
    • "Does Demonus have a mascot or anythin'? If I made them one, I bet it'd go off. I can already smell the cash!"
    • "Ah, I left some snacks in the fridge for this very occasion! All right, I'll be back. It's cool if we chill here and drink together, yeah?" (Demon Voucher)


  • "A Demonus while gaming can really help me get things done. I mean, I don't actually progress that much, but it's still fun."
    • "The other day, Asmo drunkenly stumbled into my room and... ...he kept dancing behind me. It was the worst."
    • "If I drink too much, I won't be able to game properly. Ah, this is no good. I'm already feeling it. Can I just lie down next to you for a sec?" (Demon Voucher)


  • "Red Demonus at this time of year is simply divine. Thank you for this. I will gladly indulge."
    • "Beel once drank an entire barrel of Demonus. Thanks to his drunken antics, the bar's no longer around. Or I should say, thanks to his appetite..."
    • "By the way, you don't get drunk off of Demonus, do you? I was thinking we could enjoy this together and chat until morning. What do you say?" (Demon Voucher)


  • "This time of year's Red Demonus is the best! I'll have one!"
    • "You know, I think I once had this with Solomon as well. Ah, never mind. Forget what I said. I don't want to think about it."
    • "We might not get to drink much but how about splashing Demonus on each other? Don't worry, if we get sticky, we can just jump in the shower together, right?" (Demon Voucher)


  • "I was just getting thirsty. Thanks. There are these chocolates with Demonus in them. They're so good. Highly recommended."
    • "A few times Belphie has had a little too much to drink and... ...slept until noon the next day. Wait, he always does that."
    • "I've always got my ear out for you if any drunk people try anything funny. I won't let them lay even a finger on you." (Demon Voucher)


  • "Ahh, I'd never get through this season without Red Demonus. Demonus is surprisingly drinkable even when it's not chilled."
    • "Don't lump me in with Beel but I'm craving something sweet. Wait here. I'm going to get something from the kitchen."
    • "You know, when I get a little tipsy and fall asleep... ...it feels so nice, as if you're holding me tight." (Demon Voucher)

Side Characters[edit]

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