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Bring Forth Good Luck with a Hell's Gate Rose Wreath[edit]

Item: Hell's Gate Rose Wreath


  • "A Hell's Gate Rose Wreath, huh? Thank you. Hurry up and hand it to me before yo hurt your hand. You want me to hurry up and try it out? Don't rush me. I'm getting to it."
    • "Before, Beel was in a pinch because he couldn't pull something out of the wreath. When I looked closer, I noticed there was a whole grilled headless dragon in there. I obviously made him give up on it."
    • "A unicorn doll? Of all the things...why this? ...Since you are laughing, I assume that means you are also ready for your punishment." (Demon Voucher)


  • "Oh! A Hell's Gate Rose Wreath! Thanks! We can get rich in a snap if we have one of these! Okay! Come on out, my no-limit credit card! I choose you, Blackkun!"
    • "Huh?! This is toy money! I got my hopes up for nothin'! Solomon once pulled a fairy out of these things, so why can't I get a dang credit card?!"
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  • "Thanks! This wreath really speaks to me as an otaku! Putting aside how random the actual thing is, this is pretty exciting!"
    • "Long ago, there was a small game console in the shape of a key holder that was all the rage in the human world. When I got that before, Luke looked at me with stars in his eyes. ...I'm sure you can guess what happened after that."
    • "Ooh! This is an ultra-rare Kami Modeler limited-edition Ruri-chan figure! Here, you can have it! You'll match with me now! Cool, right? ...Right?" (Demon Voucher)


  • "Mmm, a Hell's Gate Rose Wreath. Thank you. By the way... Did you know that when you put your arm into the hole to pull something out, if you are pricked by a thorn, it supposedly means something good will come out."
    • "Did you know that Asmo once got pricked by a wreath as well? Levi and Belphie complained that he kept going on that his beautiful skin was ruined and that he wouldn't be able to get married."
    • please add demon voucher dialogue


  • "Oh my! What a cute wreath! Thanks a bunch, hon ♡ How about we see together what comes out? I hope it will be some lip balm for the both of us."
    • "I actually got pricked by a wreath once before. And guess what?! Levi and Satan weren't even worried about me! How mean!"
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  • "Thanks! Actually, I have kind of a bad memory about not being able to pull something out of these things. That's why I hope I get something smaller this time. Like enough donuts for two people or something."
    • "I remember seeing a wreath like this on the wall in the Demon Lord's Castle once when I went with Belphie. It looks like it had already been used, but I wonder who used it, Diavolo or Barbatos?"
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  • "*yawn* Thanks. This is one of those things where you put your hand in the hole in the middle and pull something out, right? But it's completely random and you don't know what you're going to get, correct?"
    • "I once saw a wreath like this hanging on the wall in the Demon Lord's Castle before when I went with Beel. To be honest, I actually used that one. Though what came out of it is a secret."
    • please add demon voucher dialogue


  • "Wow, a Hell's Gate Rose Wreath! Thank you very much. I love it! How about we try our luck? I hope I can pull something out that you will like."
    • "I actually put a wreath like this up once before in the Demon Lord's Castle. But before I knew it, someone had already used it and a toy mouse had fallen out in front of it. I must admit, that gave me quite a scare."
    • "Is this a model of a human world car? How cool! It seats two people, as well! I think I'll see if I can make it into a size where we can both ride in it." (Demon Voucher)


  • "I'm more than happy to accept this gift, but is your hand all right? After all, the thorns on the Hell's Gate Roses are quite sharp. It must be hard work weaving them into a wreath."
    • "I once put up a wreath in the Demon Lord's Castle before at the order of the Young Master. However, he took it down before long. I wonder what happened...?"
    • "Oh my. I certainly wasn't expecting a bundle of Hell's Gate Roses to come out. Would you like to make a wreath with me? You don't have to worry about getting injured since you would be with me." (Demon Voucher)


  • "Thanks! Hell's Gate Roses are really pretty, but hard to handle. But it shouldn't be a problem for my arm to fit through the hole. I hope I get something good!"
    • "Hell's Gate Roses are super pretty so I once tried making a dry flower wreath with them. I tried doing it with Simeon, but once we bent them a bit, they started letting out a strange smell..."
    • please add demon voucher dialogue


  • "Thanks. These wreaths are actually pretty hard to find since they are so difficult to make. Still, they are so beautiful that they brighten up things just by hanging them up."
    • "I once tried to make a wreath from dried Hell's Gate Roses with Luke. It ended up taking ten hours to weave. Never again do I wish to do that..."
    • please add demon voucher dialogue


  • "Oh, thanks! To tell you the truth, I was just about to go buy one of these myself. I wanted to try it out with you. We must be on the same wavelength!"
    • "The most memorable thing I have ever pulled out? Probably a fairy. Mammon doubted I did it fairly, but I promise it was just a coincidence. I released it soon after though, so don't worry."
    • "This is a dye for cloth, right? This makes it so you can turn the cloth into your favorite color. How about we try it out together by going to buy a cape together and casting a bit of hocus pocus on it?" (Demon Voucher)
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