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Hell Pancake Festival[edit]

Item: Hell Pancakes


  • "Participate in the Skyscraper Challenge? ...What is that? A Hell Pancake stacking contest? Is that supposed to be fun?"
    • "I think Simeon makes the best pancakes. I wonder if he uses some kind of secret ingredient? Be sure to keep what I said a secret. You know what will happen if you do not, right?"
    • "The event is ridiculous, but not your choice to pick me. Since you are the one who asked, I would be willing to think about it if you get me in the mood." (Demon Voucher)


  • "Hey, aren't these Madam Devian's Hell Pancakes? Thanks! I'm thinkin' about entering the Skyscraper Challenge!"
    • "Only because there's prize money for winnin'! I'm gonna invite Beel and enter! It's an eating contest! Victory is as good as ours if I make Beel enter! Haha! The Great Mammon is a genius!"
    • "It looks like there's prize money for winnin'. I'll just invite Beel and win the thing already. In that case, I'll buy you that accessory you've been wantin', so be sure to look forward to it." (Demon Voucher)


  • "Huh? The Skyscraper Challenge? A Hell Pancake stacking contest? Otaku are busy. I don't care if it's heaven or hell, I don't have time to be stacking pancakes."
    • "Simeon told me the 'pan' part in pancakes comes from the word frying 'pan.' Did you know that the word pancake first appeared in a 15th century English document?"
    • "More importantly, I'm trying to draw Ruri-chan for this pancake art, but it's hard to get it just right. Rejoice, for I am appointing you as the captain of the Leviathan Cheerleading Squad! I'm counting on you, bestie!" (Demon Voucher)


  • "You want me to do the Skyscraper Challenge? I will of course cheer for you if you decide to participate, but I think I will pass. After all, the winner only gets some stacked pancakes and the title of Pancake Master."
    • "By the way, it looks like Lord Diavolo has joined the Skyscraper Challenge. It seems he's been eating nothing but pancakes in preparation for the contest. Now I know why Number 2 was following Mammon and shouting 'Papa! Meat! Fish!'"
    • "More importantly, I received a call from the Cat's Eye's owner. It seems they have added new items to the cat menu. I'm thinking of going tomorrow, but you'll come with me, right? I'd love to partake in the cat menu with you. Just thinking about it brings me joy." (Demon Voucher)


  • "You're inviting me to Madam Devian's Skyscraper Challenge? I just have to stack up a lot of Hell Pancakes, right? Count me in! This event is perfect for Devilgram photos, which means it's basically an event specifically for me ♪"
    • "The whole town is paying attention to this event, so we might even appear in a magazine if we win! I should pay extra attention to my skincare! Make sure you don't let your guard down, either!"
    • "First, I'll have to make lots of pancakes and then practice stacking them. Meet me in the kitchen later! I prepared new aprons so we could have matching ones. It goes without saying that they're pink and frilly." (Demon Voucher)


  • "Pancakes! Thanks! *munch* *munch* They're really good! *chomp* *chomp*"
    • "I stopped by the Cat's Eye with Satan the other day. I ordered the Cat Pancakes, but Satan looked at me reproachfully, so they were pretty heard to eat. You should tell Satan too that he should eat the pancake cat."
    • "Let's have pancakes for breakfast tomorrow. I know I ate a lot of them during the Skyscraper Challenge, but I'm still not bored of them. I know it's strange of me to say it myself, but I've gotten better in making your favorite pancakes, right? I worked really hard so I could hear you tell me how good they are." (Demon Voucher)


  • "The Skyscraper Challenge? A contest to stack Hell Pancakes up? How stupid is that? Still, this is tasty, so I'll accept it. The pancakes did nothing wrong, after all."
    • "Did you know that they have pancake races in the human world? They take a frying pan and run while flipping pancakes. Humans are on par with demons when it comes to thinking of strange stuff, aren't they? Besides, if Beel were to enter this Skyscraper Challenge or a pancake race, he would probably end up eating the food before the contest ends."
    • "If you really want me to join you, then ask me real nice and cute. If you make my heart beat fast, I'll consider it. Though, when all is said and done, I like you enough where anything seems fine when I'm with you." (Demon Voucher)


  • "Madam Devian's Hell Pancakes? Thank you! You know, I'm actually thinking about participate in this Skyscraper Challenge. Please support me if you can."
    • "About that Hell Pancake stacking contest, I heard of a demon in the past that was able to stack them to three times his height. Isn't this quite exciting? We're actually baking pancakes at the castle every day so I can practice in preparation for the contest!"
    • "I am quite confident I can do even better if you are cheering for me, so I'm counting on you, okay? Please look over me warmly as I stack the Hell Pancakes. I'll be sure to be victorious for you." (Demon Voucher)


  • "Madam Devian's Hell Pancakes? Thank you very much. I have been making nothing but pancakes recently, so it has been a while since I have eaten one myself."
    • "The Young Master entered the Skyscraper Challenge to stack Hell Pancakes. I am trying to do what I can as a butler, so I am baking 1,000 pancakes a day for practice."
    • "Would you like some of the pancakes I baked? I plan on making many more. I believe I can improve even further if you taste my pancakes." (Demon Voucher)


  • "These are Madam Devian's Hell Pancakes! Thanks a lot! I love Hell Pancakes! They sound scary, but I'm happy when I can eat some."
    • "By the way, do you know about the Skyscraper Challenge? It's a contest where you stack up Hell Pancakes. I heard Mammon and Beelzebub entered and finished in an embarrassing last place. That makes sense considering there's no way Beelzebub could stack pancakes without eating them."
    • "I'll make you some delicious pancakes next time. I'll even draw a picture with a chocolate pen! I'll be sure to make the best pancakes you've ever eaten, so look forward to it, okay?" (Demon Voucher)


  • "Wow, these look delicious. Are you by chance inviting me to the Skyscraper Challenge? I would be happy to participate if you'll have me. Thank you."
    • "That's right. It's quite easy to mess up making soufflé pancakes if you leave too much moisture in them. Luke also used to cry about his not turning out right long ago. He's improved so much since then."
    • "I've got an urge to make some pancakes. Will you eat the ones I make? I add a secret ingredient to my pancakes. It's called love." (Demon Voucher)


  • "Thanks! I was just in the mood for some pancakes. It's like we are reading each others' minds. I'm happy we understand each other so well.
    • How about we have some together? Don't worry, I'll make some more if there isn't enough....Hrn? Well if you insist, I'll leave the pancake making to you, but did you always like making pancakes so much?"
    • "OH! By the way, they're currently holding the Skyscaper Challenge at Madam Devian's Skyscaper Challenge. Do you want to join with me? It looks like the pair that stacks the most Hell Pancakes wins. We work well together, so I am sure we can win the contest." (Demon Voucher)
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