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Lessons 21-30[edit]

Lesson 21[edit]

The seven brothers are all eating breakfast together in the House of Lamentation, and are wearing their RAD uniforms because they'll be expected to go to school every day from now on. MC arrives to walk to school with them, but first Satan asks if they could use their magic to open a stuck jar of bloody marmalade.

They try a spell twice, but it doesn't work for some reason. Beelzebub takes the jar and opens it, but marmalade explodes everywhere, so MC uses a spell to either contain or clean up the mess, and this time the spell works just fine.

Barbatos explaining the opening schedule for RAD
Barbatos explaining the opening schedule for RAD

Everyone then goes to RAD, where Diavolo is happy to see them all. Barbatos then explains that RAD is scheduled to open in two months, at which time there will be a founding ceremony. Mephistopheles then arrives with a report on the preparations, and also tells Diavolo he will accept the role as head of the RAD Newspaper Club.

Barbatos then asks MC to "keep an eye on the brothers" to make sure they stick to their tasks, and gives them a checklist keep track of their progress. On their way, they find Luke and Simeon in the hallway, who tells MC they'll also be coming to RAD as students up until the founding ceremony.

MC finds Satan and Belphegor outside weeding the courtyard, which was a punishment they were given for trying to find curses to use on Lucifer while cleaning the school library. Satan decides to summon a salamander to incinerate all the weeds, but accidentally summons a hellfire salamander.

The hellfire salamander starts spitting fire, but Solomon shows up and uses magic to douse the flames and drive the salamander away. The two brothers then notice the checklist MC has to keep track of their work, and tell them to write that everything is "fine."

MC checks on Asmodeus and Beelzebub next, who are scrubbing the hallways. Asmodeus asks them to use their magic to help clea, and when they do, the brooms and rags start moving on its own, but the magic also controls the two brothers to make them clean, too. They don't know how to stop the magic, so use the pacts they used to have to make them "stay."

Both brothers feel like the command was much weaker than usual, but then notice MC twisted their ankle when they fell on them. Beelzebub picks them up and takes them to the classroom to look for medial supplies. Mammon and Leviathan are there because they're meant to be cleaning, but both were just on their D.D.D.'s.

Leviathan uses said D.D.D. to look up what will help with a sprain, and Mammon finds what they need in the medicine rack. However, he won't give the ointment to MC until they give him some money. This makes the other brothers furious, but Luke and Simeon arrive, having heard from Asmodeus what happened to MC. Simeon uses his angelic powers to heal them, then they get a chat from Lucifer telling them to get everyone back to the assembly hall.

MC gives Lucifer the progress report on the brothers, which he is not pleased about. Barbatos still has tea and cookies for everyone, but the cookies are modeled after fortune cookies from the Human World with his own twist. One of them contains a lucky coin, which MC finds in their cookie.

They try to give the coin to Simeon to thank them for healing them earlier, but when Simeon says that isn't necessary, Mammon snatches it instead. He's so happy that he's singing and flipping the coin during the walk back, but he and Belphegor accidentally bump into each other, making Mammon drop and lose the coin.

Belphegor is genuinely sorry, but though he apologizes Mammon starts yelling at him. The others try to get him to calm down, when he suddenly seems to snap out of it, and heads the rest of the way home alone. Most of the brothers think Mammon is behaving as normal, but both Lucifer and MC think otherwise.

Back at Cocytus Hall, MC tells Solomon what happened. He is worried about him, but is also worried that his magic seems to be getting weaker. He thinks that it might be his and MC's connection to their own timeline weakening, and wants MC to hurry up and make pacts with all the brothers again. By his guess, they only have until the RAD founding ceremony before the connection fades entirely.

Lesson 22[edit]

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Lesson 23[edit]

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Lesson 24[edit]

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Lesson 25[edit]

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Lesson 26[edit]

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