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Lessons 41-50[edit]

Lesson 41[edit]

MC runs into Solomon in a Human World park, where he asks MC if they're keeping up with the homework he gave them on fundamentals that sorcerers need to know. He also suggested earlier that MC take a babysitting job, and hands them the address of the people looking to hire MC. MC goes there to find a manor, and the door is answered by Asmodeus. Leviathan, Satan, Beelzebub, and Belphegor are there as well, and MC is so shocked that they use their pacts to make everyone "stay."

Asmodeus telling MC the brothers are staying in the Human World
Asmodeus telling MC the brothers are staying in the Human World

After calming down, Asmodeus explains that they're all spending their vacation in the Human World, and wanted to surprise MC, so they told Solomon to contact them. MC then finds Mammon hanging from the music room's ceiling because he gambled away all their money — and gave the deed to the house to some loan sharks — as soon as he got here. MC gets him down, then Asmodeus gives MC a tour of the manor.

The first room they visit is Asmodeus's private bathroom in the House of Lamentation. When the brothers decided to stay in this manor, they asked Barbatos to create portals to their favorite rooms in their home in the Devildom. Satan then finds them, and takes MC to the manor's home theater. He mentions that he and his brothers had been in the Human World since last week, but Asmodeus and Mammon insisted they keep it secret from MC until they could think of a way to surprise them. Leviathan comes in yelling about an emergency in the kitchen, and tells Satan to go there. He then asks MC if they want to see what it's like outside.

Leviathan shows MC the outdoor pool, then they go to his room to see Henry and game, but Belphegor interrupts, telling Leviathan he still has "a job to do." He then takes MC to their room from the House of Lamentation, which Barbatos also made a portal to. They both fall asleep there, then MC later wakes up in the living room in Beelzebub's arms, who'd carried them there.

The two continue to the twins' room, where Beelzebub retrieves some party crackers. Lucifer then sends him a text telling him to bring MC to the manor's balcony. Everyone is there to throw a party inviting MC to stay with them at Serenity Manor. Lucifer later asks MC to slip away with him, which MC can accept or refuse. If they do leave with Lucifer, he admits that he was planning this vacation to the Human World since MC asked them all for pact gifts.

Lesson 42[edit]

After most everyone gets the idea to wake MC up that morning, Lucifer asks MC to go wake up Mammon. Then while eating breakfast, Lucifer reminds everyone they need to decide who will be in charge of what chores around the house. This leads to a "rock, paper, scissors" tournament involving Beelzebub calling forth a Rock Giant and Leviathan summoning Lotan.

After chores have been decided, another "battle" of rock, paper scissors takes place over the bathroom order. Asmodeus is excluded this time, as he has his own bathroom. Once all this is over, MC and Beelzebub leave to buy groceries for dinner.

Beelzebub wants to have roast chicken for dinner, and had Satan tell him all the ingredients. He tells the butcher he wants five whole chickens, and says "We're celebrating our first night living together." The butcher misunderstands Beelzebub's meaning, so gives him some relationship advice. The two then run into Mammon and Satan, and all four go to a restaurant Satan says has good pizza. Once there, Satan gushes about the restaurant being a film location for "The Twilight of a Great Family" - a drama TV show he loves.

After eating, MC can either visit bookstores with Satan, or a bakery with Mammon and Beelzebub. If MC goes with Satan, the two get lost in a bookstore and have to find their way out. If MC goes with Mammon and Beelzebub, they use Asmodeus's credit card to pick up a Mont Blanc for Asmodeus, but also buy lots of other food.

After returning to Serenity Manor, they all find Solomon waiting for them with homemade sandwiches and pastries, because Lucifer insisted Solomon make food for them after having to eat his food for lunch. While they eat, Solomon tells MC he thinks it's time they applied for a sorcerer's license, but the food is so bad that MC faints.

Barbatos telling MC about connecting their room to the Demon Lord's Castle
Barbatos telling MC about connecting their room to the Demon Lord's Castle

MC wakes up in their room, but when they leave it, find themselves in the Demon Lord's Castle. They encounter Little D. No. 2, who informs Barbatos they have arrived. Barbatos tells MC he'd connected their room to the castle earlier because Diavolo would like tea with them. Once everything is set up, Diavolo joins MC by the castle's pond, who tells them it's been quiet and boring since MC and the brothers left. He says Barbatos won't let him visit the Human World until he's made enough progress on his work.

Lucifer texts Diavolo asking for MC to return, as everyone has been waiting for them to make dinner. Leviathan, Beelzebub, and Satan bring MC to the kitchen to ask them about the modern appliances within, like a slow cooker and ice cream maker. They explain that while the Devildom has human world appliances like ovens and blenders, these newer technologies aren't familiar to them. Once dinner is made and everyone digs in, Asmodeus invites MC to a café called The Angel's Halo.

Lesson 43[edit]

It's morning at Serenity Manor, but only Mammon and MC come out to the living room. It seems everyone else — including Lucifer — is very ill. Not only did Solomon make food for some of the brothers and MC yesterday, but he also left things he made in the manor's fridge, leading to everyone in the house eating his concoctions. Mammon doesn't know why he isn't affected, but he and MC leave to get edible food and medicine.

After picking up some medicine using Lucifer's credit card — which Mammon managed to swipe — the two head to the market and encounter the same butcher MC and Beelzebub spoke to before. Mammon mentions that he and MC also live together, and MC can either claim they don't actually know Mammon, or that he's the one they're "actually serious about."

While waiting in line at a deli, Mammon mentions that he comes to the Human World fairly often, because witches are "always calling him up here." While his only pact is with MC, he says that he can't say no to the witches due to some debts that he has with them. They then overhear two people talking about The Angel's Halo, which is the café Asmodeus wanted to visit. A rumor is going around that if you drink coffee at the café with someone you have a crush on, it'll make them fall in love with you. Mammon then insists they skip the deli and go to the café instead.

Simeon greeting Mammon and MC at The Angel's Halo
Simeon greeting Mammon and MC at The Angel's Halo

When nearly there, the two run into Luke, who is excited to see MC. He brings them into The Angel's Halo, where Simeon explains that he and Luke were appointed by Michael to help coordinate relations between the Human World and Celestial Realm. They'll be living in the Human World for a while, and the café is to help them blend in.

Simeon offer to make some food for them, and Mammon insists on having some of the coffee "everyone's talking about." MC explains the rumor they heard, and Simeon thinks the rumor started when he gave a free cup of coffee to a girl who had a positive development in her love life afterwards.

When MC asks if this is because Simon used his angel powers, he says no, and Luke explains that all angels are born with different powers. They're also assigned ranks depending on how skilled they are at what they do, and Simeon has the rank of archangel. Luke still doesn't have his rank yet, because he's still finding out what he's good at.

Simeon is worried that the rumor will cause Luke and him to blow their cover, so he suggests MC and Mammon pretend to be a couple that has a falling-out after drinking the café's coffee. This idea upsets Mammon, and when practicing, he can't keep up the charade, despite some of his complaints to MC seeming to be genuine.

Back at The Angel's Halo, the café's first day open is a busy one. Mammon and MC are helping Luke and Simeon out by working, as Mammon refused to pretend break-up with MC to fix the rumor issue. Satan and Beelzebub show up as customers as they're both feeling better, and Simeon insists they too help out by working. After the café closes, Luke tell MC that he thinks Simeon has been feeling anxious, but seeing MC seemed to bring relief to him as well as Luke.

Later, when everyone returns to Serenity Manor, Mammon tells Satan what Simeon said about he and Luke coordinating relations between the Human World and Celestial Realm. Satan responds that a job like that should be for angels of the dominion rank, and he thinks Michael really has something else planned in giving that job to Luke and Simeon. Beelzebub then says they should open an umbrella, because there's water leaking from the ceiling. The location it's coming from seems to be Asmodeus's bathroom.

Lesson 44[edit]

Mammon, Satan, Beelzebub, and MC rush into Asmodeus's bathroom, where they find him unconscious in the bath. After a spell is used to take away his pains, he wakes up feeling dizzy. While the others clean up the water and get him some medicine, MC takes Asmodeus back to bed and tells him about The Angel's Halo, and how it's run by Luke and Simeon. That makes Asmodeus remember that while he was unconscious, he dreamed that he was still an angel in the Celestial Realm. As he talks, MC falls asleep.

Angel Asmodeus finding MC in the Celestial Realm
Angel Asmodeus finding MC in the Celestial Realm

MC then opens their eyes to see Asmodeus as an angel, and find themselves in the Celestial Realm. Asmodeus doesn't recognize them, and neither does Beelzebub or Belphegor, who also look like angels. Everyone assumes MC is an angel as well, and Beelzebub tells MC that they're supposed to bring lost angels to Lucifer. Mammon then shows up, saying Lucifer wants to see Beelzebub and Belphegor, and Raphael was looking for Asmodeus with his spear in hand. The brothers all worry now that showing up with MC will get them in even more trouble, so they decide to hide them for now.

MC is brought into the Celestial Palace and to their "secret room," which Leviathan had booby trapped with a bucket of water over the door. After introducing MC to him, Belphegor mentions that Leviathan served as a kind of general before the Celestial Realm was at peace with the Devildom. He now feels like a useless burden to the realm, so MC can suggest he take an interest either in anime or manga from the Human World, both of which he hasn't yet heard of.

Lucifer then enters the room and chastising everyone, so Mammon tries to change the subject to Lucifer being asked by Diavolo to meet with him in the Devildom. Lucifer expresses his displeasure about the meeting, but the subject changes again to how each of the brothers feel like they know MC well despite just meeting.

All of this is interrupted by bright light and a mysterious voice, who explains to MC that they were sent back in time inside of a dream due to eating Solomon's cooking. The voice says that they'll all likely forget what happened, but MC's effect on the brothers will persist. They then wake up back in Asmodeus's room.

Later that night, with still no sign of Leviathan, MC, Mammon, and Beelzebub go to his room again to check on him. After resorting to kicking the door down, they find him perfectly fine playing video games.

Lesson 45[edit]

Solomon's opinion on the Sorcerers' Society
Solomon's opinion on the Sorcerers' Society

At breakfast in Serenity Manor, Lucifer reminds MC that the two of them plus Beelzebub are going to meet Solomon in front of the Sorcerers' Society headquarters. Once there, Solomon explains that the Sorcerers' Society "provides assistance to all of the sorcerers secretly living in the Human World." Also, to become an official sorcerer, one needs a license from the society. Today, their aim is to get a provisional license for MC. Lucifer asks why he and Beelzebub are needed, and Solomon tells them to be patient.

Once inside the building, other sorcerers comment in awe at seeing the two demons, which makes Lucifer realize Solomon's scheme is to make MC look good by bringing them along. Solomon adds that he and the society aren't on the best of terms — despite admitting he and one of his apprentices where the original founders of the society — so MC being his apprentice might make it difficult for them to get in.

The four approach the registration desk, where Solomon asks MC to hold out their hand. The receptionist then presses his staff to the back of MC' hand, and a magic seal of three staves and seven stars — the crest of the Sorcerers' Society — appears. Solomon tells MC that to obtain a full sorcerer's license, they must earn these the seven stars by passing seven trials. For generations, apprentices have always received their first star from their master, so Solomon tells MC to prepare for their first trial.

Solomon binds Lucifer with a spell, which initially makes him furious, but Solomon tells him it's for the sake of MC's first test, so he relents. Solomon then uses another spell to shrink Lucifer down so he can fit in the palm of one's hand, then tells MC their first trial is to keep "mini Lucifer" safe for one full day. They're not allowed to use their pacts on the other brothers, and can only use Beelzebub's powers. Solomon will also stay at Serenity Manor with MC to keep an eye on things.

Before returning home, they stop at The Angel's Halo to see Luke and Simeon, and to come up with a strategy for dealing with the brothers. Beelzebub reminds MC they're allowed to use his powers, but Solomon points out they can't just use the same incantation as before when they used Asmodeus's powers during the retreat at the Demon Lord's Castle. MC will have to understand Beelzebub's "true nature."

As soon as the four set foot inside Serenity Manor, they hear a voice that sounds like Satan's, and they are pulled into a portal that drops them inside of a video game. They find Leviathan dressed as the Lord of Shadow, and he tells MC that they have a mission to defeat "Demon Lord Satan." Beelzebub tries to explain the situation with Lucifer, but Leviathan shows them a projection of Satan, who captured Diavolo after he snuck to the Human World without telling Barbatos, and is using him as a hostage.

With no choice but to save Diavolo, after Leviathan gives them 100 Grimm and a special Lord of Shadow talisman, the party of four head for the town to do some shopping. First they visit the weapon shop, where a merchant that looks just like Little D. No. 2 sells them gear for Solomon and MC, but then they're out of money. The merchant offers them a quest to get his money back from a "greedy monster" at a casino, and he'll give them a discount on armor for Beelzebub if they succeed.

After first ending up at the harbor and going on a "side quest" to defeat the Seven-Headed Sea Serpent — which turns out to be Lotan — the group make it to the inn. They eat supper there, then decide to stay overnight and complete the quest for the armor tomorrow. They can only afford a double room, so MC and Beelzebub take one bed, while Lucifer and Solomon take the other.

Beelzebub tells MC the story of how, when he was still an angel, he wanted to be a soldier, but had trouble controlling his powers. Lucifer then gave him the advice to focus on protecting instead of attacking, which led to Beelzebub becoming a Cherub and guarding the Celestial Realm's gates. That is why he wants to be there whenever Lucifer needs his help.

Lesson 46[edit]

Morning breaks, and Little D. No. 2 shows MC, Lucifer, Beelzebub, and Solomon to the casino, where they find Mammon. He tries to use a spell to take the miniature Lucifer, but MC is able to call on Beelzebub's power to cancel Mammon's spell and counter it with his own. With Lucifer safe and Mammon defeated, they return to the shop and purchase Beelzebub a Lord of Flies armor set.

The party then travels north to seek "Demon Lord Satan," and after being chased by ghosts in a haunted forest, make their way to a lake protected by a guardian spirit, where they rest for the night. The next day, Lucifer points out that over a days has passed, so Solomon should change him back now. Solomon replies that while it feels like days in the game, it's really only been a few hours.

"Demon Lord Satan" appears in the game
"Demon Lord Satan" appears in the game

Beelzebub then spots a treasure chest in the middle of the road containing a warding bottle, medicinal herbs, and a pair of cat ears. The bottle has a talisman attached, and whatever is put inside said bottle is protected from monster attacks. Just as Lucifer is put inside, suddenly, the sky turns to night, and Satan appears. Even if MC chooses to use the cat ears and deal Satan some damage, nothing is enough to stop him from taking Lucifer and leaving Belphegor behind to take care of the others.

Satan promised Belphegor that if he defeated MC and the rest, he could have mini Lucifer to himself for a day. Beelzebub tells MC that before when they fought Mammon he may have been holding back his powers, but now he trusts MC will all that he has. MC uses a spell to channel their power through Beelzebub, who uses powerful winds to slam into Belphegor. Impressed by MC's abilities, Belphegor decides to change sides and join the party.

Because Lucifer was inside the warding bottle when Satan took him, he'll be difficult to mess with, so Solomon considers MC's test as still ongoing. While Satan figures out that he's able to change Lucifer's outfits using magic, there's not much else he can do. Meanwhile, at another inn, Solomon is able to purchase twin rooms for everyone, so the twins stay in one room, while Solomon stays with MC.

The next day, Belphegor uses a spell to teleport the party directly to Satan's castle. Instead of fighting him, MC tells him about his bonds with his brothers — including Lucifer — and that getting along together and being honest about how they feel is more important than earning some star for a sorcerer's license. Beelzebub agrees, and after some affirming words from Lucifer, Satan relents and gives the bottle back to MC. Everyone thinks it's now over, but Solomon then states that he is actually the final boss.

Solomon tells MC they still haven't fully used all of Beelzebub's powers, so if the trial ended here, they'd fail. He summons Asmodeus and uses his powers to increase Asmodeus's strength. However, MC is finally able to draw out all of Beelzebub's powers as well, and the battle is won. Everyone then returns to Serenity Manor, and Lucifer is restored to his proper size. MC also earned their first star, which now faintly glows in the magical seal on their hand.

Meanwhile, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, and Asmodeus are subjected to Solomon's cooking as punishment. Belphegor managed to slip away, but while Beelzebub and MC are talking, he wonders out loud if they had forgotten about something...

Later, Lucifer and MC meet with Diavolo at the Demon Lord's Castle to apologize for leaving him behind in the game. While they did later go back and get him, and Diavolo is all smiles, he's still very angry about being forgotten. MC can either suggest Lucifer meows like a cat when apologizing, or tell Diavolo that Lucifer agrees to do anything he asks as an apology.

Lesson 47[edit]

Leviathan, Belphegor, and MC visit The Angel's Halo and tell Simeon about how they forgot Diavolo in the Devil's Quest game, so they had to go back and get him. Lucifer then helped Diavolo catch up with his work as an apology, so he's now able to come to Serenity Manor and visit that day. Leviathan comments that he'll spend the day in his room, as he's "not the biggest fan" of Diavolo, and is also worried about making Lucifer mad if he says or does something he shouldn't. Simeon then gets a call from Lucifer, who tells him MC and his brothers need to get home right away, because Diavolo is missing.

Belphegor asking about a missing Diavolo
Belphegor asking about a missing Diavolo

Back at the manor, Lucifer is pacing back and forth while on the phone with Barbatos trying to find out where Diavolo went. Asmodeus explains that when Barbatos — who has a case of demonic flu — opened a portal for Diavolo to the Human World, he sneezed, meaning while the portal did lead to the Human World, no one knows exactly where. Leviathan says he knows someone who might know where Diavolo is, so they all head to his room.

Leviathan introduces them all to his friend "Crowe," which is actually a voice-activated smart speaker. Leviathan says that Crow knows everything, so the brothers spend time asking it questions and ignoring MC's explanation that Crowe is just a piece of technology. MC resorts to using their pacts to get everyone's attention, and after explaining what a smart speaker is, Leviathan refuses to accept their explanation.

Leviathan then asks Crowe to find Diavolo, and after providing Diavolo's phone number, Crowe sends the location information to Leviathan's D.D.D.. The brothers and MC rush to the location to find Diavolo in a karaoke parlor. A note written in Devildom script on the door to the exit says the room is cursed, and the only way out is to score a perfect 100 when singing karaoke.

Diavolo mentions that the karaoke parlor is owned by the Three-Legged Crow Group, the company that also developed the D.D.D. and who recently have expanded into the Human World market. They are also developing a smart speaker, which he says there's a prototype for at Serenity Manor. Leviathan is devastated to realize his "friend" is just some technology, and feels even worse when the voice of "Crowe" comes from the karaoke machine and tells them to get ready.

Crowe explains that the rules are to take turns singing one song, and a score will be given after the performance. If anyone gets 100, the group wins, but there will also be "surprises" to keep the game interesting. Asmodeus sings a song first, but hears the imaginary voices of his fans in the middle of the song, causing him to mess up and only score an 88. He then disappears, having been sent by Crowe to the "punishment room."

Mammon goes next, but realizes too late that he chose to sing a romance song in front of MC, and fails to start singing in time due to embarrassment. He too is then sent to the punishment room. Diavolo offers to sing next, but Lucifer refuses the idea, saying that as the future demon king, he's too important to the Devildom to take the risk. While Beelzebub is busy ordering food from Crowe, Diavolo suggests he and Belphegor sing a duet together. However, in the middle of the song, Beelzebub's food arrives. When he stops singing to eat it, both twins are sent to the punishment room.

Satan and then Diavolo ask for Leviathan to sing next, but he doesn't want to sing in front of Diavolo, so instead Satan sings next. Mid-song, the screen displaying the lyrics starts showing cat videos, and as expected, Satan ends up failing his song as well.

Lesson 48[edit]

Diavolo comments that he's often asked Lucifer to go sing karaoke with him, with Lucifer always refusing, so he's ecstatic that he gets to hear Lucifer sing now. Before he even starts, however, he disappears. Crowe claims to have "pushed the erase button by accident," which leaves only MC, Leviathan, and Diavolo left.

Diavolo again tries to sing next, saying he can't ask MC or Leviathan to sing for him, and Leviathan replies that this is what he can't stand about Diavolo. He goes on to say Diavolo is "always completely just and completely fair" and "never does anything bad," which just makes Leviathan hate himself more, because he isn't like that.

Diavolo responds that Leviathan's humility is one of his best qualities, then brings up times in the past when things only went well due to his help. With both Diavolo and MC's positive words, Leviathan tries to sing the next song, but Crowe says that time is up and automatically chooses a song for Diavolo to sing. Diavolo sings the song, but even after getting a score of 100, he's still sent to a cramped, pitch-black room, which is the "punishment room" everyone else has also been sent to.

Leviathan tells Crowe to bring everyone back if he scores 100 on his song
Leviathan tells Crowe to bring everyone back if he scores 100 on his song

Crowe announces that Diavolo scoring 100 means Leviathan and MC are allowed to leave, but Leviathan tells Crowe he's going to sing, and if he scores 100, Crowe has to bring everyone else back. MC can either sing a duet with Leviathan, or let him sing alone, but either way, he too scores a 100, and everyone returns to Serenity Manor.

MC finds Leviathan in his room, who confesses to MC that he worries that someday someone better than him will show up and take MC away from him. Diavolo then sends MC a text asking to see MC before he goes, and Leviathan after joking about telling Crowe to trap them both in his room together, he says it's okay for MC to go.

MC meets Diavolo outside by the pool, who admits to MC that the karaoke incident was his fault. After spending time with all of the brothers gone from the Devildom, his memories of what it was like before they arrived made him lonely, so when he learned the karaoke parlor was owned by Three-Legged Crow Group, he couldn't help wanting to enjoy having fun with everyone.

MC has the choice to either forgive him or not, then Barbatos appears, still sneezing and running a fever. He apologizes to Diavolo for his portal sending him to the wrong place, and apologizes to MC and Lucifer as well, who was standing aside waiting on MC. Diavolo and Barbatos leave, then Lucifer and MC head inside to find the common room flooded, as Leviathan had summoned Lotan after his brothers teased him.

The next morning, Satan turns on the TV to see Diavolo and Barbatos on a news program about Corvo Lagoon View, the eighth hotel to be opened by the Corvo hotel chain, and a chain also owned by the Three-Legged Crow Group. Diavolo and Barbatos then arrive in the common room, where Diavolo tells everyone he now gets to stay in the Human World. He also stopped by because he hadn't been able to tell MC what he wanted last night. He uses his magic to give MC the second star of the Sorcerers' Society magic seal.

Afterwards, Barbatos visits The Angel's Halo, where Simeon and Luke had been trying — and failing — to give Solomon cooking lessons to make his food less terrible. Barbatos asks Simeon why Solomon had recently started coming to him and asking him to try his cooking. He also tells Simeon that Solomon's food is likely what gave him the flu that led to him sending Diavolo to the karaoke parlor. Luke advises Simeon to start apologizing to a clearly angry Barbatos.

Lesson 49[edit]

Mammon, Luke, and MC arrive at Hotel Corvo and they all marvel at it. Luke complains that he doesn't like how Devildom corporations are starting to inroad into the Human World. Barbatos appears, and reassures him that Lord Diavolo's intentions are purely peaceful, should he inform Michael. Then Mammon teases Luke for being a tattletale.

Once inside the hotel, Barbatos talks about how Leviathan and Diavolo have become close since the earlier karaoke incident, and even play online games together all night. Mammon then remarks on Barbatos's odd fashion choice, and Barbatos tells him that his cover story while in the Human world is that her works as an importer of tea leaves, and hopes his outfit conveys this.

Barbatos telling Mammon a rumor about fairy rings
Barbatos telling Mammon a rumor about fairy rings

A bit later, Barbatos brews them all fairy ring tea. He explains on rare occasions, golden-hued flowers grow in these rings. MC can ask about the fairies, but they all explain fairies have gone extinct in the Human World. Mammon is quite displeased that they are extinct, but then Barbatos mentions they actually might not all be gone. They might be hiding in secret in the Human World, and the flower fairy rings that are created from them make rare treats. This makes Luke, Mammon, and MC decide to go on a quest to find fairy rings. Mammon suggests they look for clues in a library.

In the library, they split up, and MC can either go with Mammon or Luke. If MC chooses Mammon, they learn about the time he was an angel. If MC goes with Luke, he teaches MC more about Michael. They ended up not finding anything but rumors. Mammon at one point insults the image of Michael, and Luke becomes incredibly defensive of the archangel. While trying to calm Luke down, Solomon appears.

After explaining what their plans are to Solomon, he tells them they won't find the information they're looking for in human literature. Instead, they should seek places free from human influence to find the fairies themselves. Luke suddenly exclaims he has a plan to find the fairies, and takes them to Levi's room. Once there, he asks Crowe for help. Crowe says that faeries can be found in the area of Lake lo Lanthe.

Meanwhile, Asmodeus, Barbatos, and Solomon meet each other in the Hotel. Asmo is happy all three are alone together, because the last time was during Solomon's dispute with the Sorcerers' Society. Then Barbatos and Solomon reminisce about the past, and when Solomon made a pact with him. Afterwards, Solomon reveals he wants to make MC into a full-fledged sorcerer.

Luke finds Simeon to ask him for permission to travel on the overnight train to the Lake lo Lanthe, and Simeon agrees. Luke also promises to look for somebody to help take care of The Angel's Halo. They think of all the demon brothers, but asking most of them would not be a good idea. In the end, they decide to ask Satan. Initially, Satan declines, but MC ends up persuading him to work anyways.

Mammon and MC return to Serenity Manor, because they want to ask Lucifer for permission to go to the lake, but the brothers tell them he's still out with Lord Diavolo. They talk a little about the fairy hunt, and Belphegor doubts Mammon's ability to handle it. Lucifer then returns, and they ask the big question. Lucifer agrees, but also refuses to pay for their excursion. Then MC asks for a game of cards, and if they win, he will pay.

After the game, MC ends up in Mammon's room with him, and they take turns asking Crowe questions, but suddenly they hear an unknown person screaming.

Lesson 50[edit]

Satan and Asmodeus greet MC the next morning. Belphegor tells MC that they should hurry so they don't miss boarding the overnight train, and MC rushes to Mammon's room to get him out of bed. Later, Luke greets them at the train station, and says to hurry because the train is about to leave.

Once on the train, Luke worries that he and Mammon will have to spend so much time together, and Mammon agrees. They split up to look at their rooms, and Mammon is happy that he's alone with MC, but Luke interrupts their moment to go to the dining car. Luke reviews a plan for how to get to Lake lo Lanthe, but complains that Mammon isn't taking it seriously. They get into a fight, which ends with Luke ignoring Mammon.

Luke and Mammon having an argument
Luke and Mammon having an argument

The topic switches to angels, and Michael gets brought up again. Mammon tries to argue about what's so great about angels, which Luke tries to ignore, until finally the angel snaps. He yells in frustration about how Michael could still care so much about Mammon and his brothers, then runs away. MC runs after Luke into his cabin, where they comfort him. Luke wonders out loud why Michael still cares about the brothers, and if he loves the brothers so much, then why did he cast them out of the Celestial Realm.

Luke asks MC if the brothers truly hate angels, and MC asks if Luke thinks the brothers are bad people. Luke confesses that without them, he would have never seen the good in demons. MC returns to a worried Mammon after Luke cries himself to sleep.

Mammon is grouchy about how uptight Luke always is, and ponders if it's because he has a small worldview. He tells MC how he used to be naive too, which MC doubts. He explains how Luke is the lowest an angel could rank, so Michael or Simeon must be pulling strings to have gotten him into the exchange program. Perhaps this way he could see that there is more than just the world of angels.

Luke wakes up by nightfall, and shyly apologizes to Mammon for what happened earlier. With some persuasion from MC, Mammon apologizes too. Luke shoots down his proposal to reconcile, so Mammon picks him up and climbs atop the train so they can view the Human World stars. Hoping to try and make up with Luke, he even points out a few consolations he knows, because Michael taught them to him in the past. Mammon and Luke then recollect memories about Michael.

Meanwhile, Beelzebub finds Belphegor at the pool at Serenity Manor, where Belphegor was admiring the stars. But their peace and quiet was destroyed by Leviathan and a drunken Asmodeus. They too reminisce about the time when Michael taught them all about the human world stars. Lucifer finds Satan alone, sulking in the living room. He complains that the others are looking at the stars and telling stories he can't understand.

Later, Lucifer confronts Diavolo, saying he knows he was behind the karaoke incident. Diavolo confirms it, saying he was bored and lonely with the brothers in the Human World and him stuck in the Devildom. He also admits jealous of MC's ability to fit in so effortlessly with the brothers while he never could. Then Diavolo asks Lucifer why he hasn't asked about his confession to MC at their pool, since he knows Lucifer heard. Lucifer tells him he is free to feel how he wants to, but that won't change how he and his brothers feel about MC.

At last, MC, Mammon, and Luke exit the train. They walk through the forest to get to Lake Lo Lanthe, and Luke tells them lots of mythical creatures haunt the grounds according to his pamphlet. Luke then offers his blessing to MC, to protect them from harm. Immediately afterwards, the sky starts pouring rain.

Through the rain, they are confused to see the House of Lamentation. Luke remembers the pamphlet said there was an old manor in the woods, but Mammon denies that it's the same house, for Lucifer disassembled it and rebuilt it in the Devildom. They seek shelter from the storm, and find that the inside also looks like the House of Lamentation. Suddenly, Mammon and Luke disappear, leaving MC alone.

Lessons 51-60[edit]

Lesson 51[edit]

MC starts searching for Mammon and Luke, and ends up in the house's library. They remember the brothers once discussing who they thought the real killer was for the murders that took place in the House of Lamentation. MC's phone then starts ringing, and either Simeon or Satan tells MC about their own disasters at The Angel's Halo before hanging up.

Attempting to calm down, MC thinks about happy memories. They remember when the brothers once talked about how MC is always capable of handling any situation without fear, and how they'll always have the seven brothers by their side. Depending on choice, either Satan or Simeon appears first with the other following afterward.

It turns out that Barbatos had dropped by the Angel's Halo, and teleported the two of them to MC's location while he temporarily watches over the café. Simeon expresses surprise seeing the carbon copy of the House of Lamentation, but Satan notices the difference just from the book covers being changed. The trio searches upstairs for Mammon and Luke, but encounter a blinding white light.

They find themselves out of the manor and in a brightly lit forest. Satan doesn't know where they are, but Simeon recognizes it as the Celestial Realm. Beelzebub then appears in his angel outfit and no memory of MC or Satan. Simeon, trying not to be suspicious, introduces them as two other angels, but changes Satan's name to "Sully."

Satan telling MC he remembers little of the Celestial Realm
Satan telling MC he remembers little of the Celestial Realm

The angel Beel asks why Simeon isn't at the meeting with Lucifer and Michael, as all seraphim had to attend. Simeon makes excuses, while "Sully" secretly admits to MC that he doesn't remember the brothers as angels. Only on rare occasions was he was able to see through Lucifer's eyes. Mammon, Asmodeus and Leviathan make an appearance, and also have no memory of MC or Satan. Simeon tells Beelzebub that he will search for Belphegor, and leaves "Sully" in the care of the angel brothers, much to his dismay.

When Simeon is alone with MC, he tells them that he left Satan with his brothers as Simeon assumed Satan would want to know more about them when they were angels. MC can ask Simeon a few questions that leads to him confessing this was the most fun period of his life, despite the fact that Luke probably doesn't exist yet. MC then kicks a tree per Simeon's request, and Belphegor falls out of it.

Belphegor also doesn't remember MC, but he does claim they feel familiar somehow. He then tells them Lucifer had a task for him, and he asks the duo to help him out. On their way, they also tell him about "Sully." Belphegor is surprised that Simeon has two angels assigned to him. Simeon jokes that Belphegor must think he's too low-ranked for that, but then remembers he was still a seraph at this point. They continue working on Lucifer's tasks, and Belphegor then tells them Lucifer is away often, since the Prince of the Devildom keeps asking for him.

Out in the hallway, Leviathan and "Sully" are chasing several eggs with wings named "fluffy eggs," which are needed for another of Lucifer's tasks. The brothers seem surprised about how well they seem to get along with the "new angels," and have even been calling Satan "Sully dear." When "Sully" says out loud that back in the day Lucifer was probably still pompous with an overinflated ego, all the brothers seem confused. They all think that he's a good guy, and that he's trying to do whats best for them, to the point where they adore and admire Lucifer. They all suggest "Sully" should get to know Lucifer better. Simeon too pushes on this, but "Sully" gets angry with him and runs away.

Simeon is stumped at the reaction, for he thought "Sully" was done rebelling, but realizes he forgot to let him learn at his own pace. He tells MC they should probably talk to him first before he apologizes. MC finds Satan in the forest where they first appeared and comforts him, but then they're startled to hear Lucifer's voice calling out to them.

Lesson 52[edit]

Seraph Lucifer is at first suspicious of MC and Satan/"Sully," but when told they work under Simeon, he asks to help him carry some books to the library. On their way, Lucifer complains about Raphael and his brothers, and calls "Sully's" behavior quite un-angel-like. However, he then compliments him for knowing his way around books, and even says he wishes how he could have somebody like "Sully" as a brother.

When they are done reorganizing the books in the library, Lucifer lets "Sully" pick up a book, and from it chains emerge to trap him. Lucifer tells him that the book reacts to evil beings and captures them. He knew from the beginning that Satan and MC weren't angels, so he asks what kind of creature MC really is. "Sully" tells Lucifer to let MC go, as he is the only demon.

"Sully" transforms into his demon form to presumably try to escape, but Lucifer lets him go. He confirms that "Sully" isn't plotting anything. Lucifer then asks him a question. He has a new demon acquaintance that doesn't act nor feel like a demon, just like "Sully." He is at a loss for what to do, and tells them he will keep them secret from Michael if they follow him.

Satan telling Mammon about Human World constellations
Satan telling Mammon about Human World constellations

Lucifer, "Sully" and MC meet up with the rest of the brothers. Simeon is there too, and thanks MC for making "Sully" go back to his old self. After this, Lucifer reveals the reason they are gathered together, and shows them a remodeled room where they can see the Human World stars. "Sully" starts telling his fascinated brothers the names of the constellations.

Later, "Sully" quietly wakes MC, since all his brothers have fallen asleep, minus Lucifer and Simeon, who left. "Sully" asks to please not tell his brothers what happened, and thanks MC for today. They look for Simeon and Lucifer, and they find them again in the forest. Accidentally eavesdropping on their conversation, they hear Lucifer calling Simeon a human, and Simeon saying where they are isn't real before their vision turns black.

Simeon, Satan, Luke, Mammon, and MC all appear back in the original forest around Lake lo Lanthe with no memory of what happened after they entered the fake House of Lamentation. Luke and Mammon ask how Simeon and Satan got here, so they tell them all about the incident. Simeon shows them the pamphlet, and how the page about the manor is now replaced with legends about fairies. He thinks the fairies liked the special flour that covered Satan, so they showed him something he wished he could have experienced.

Mammon and Luke are disappointed they didn't end up finding the fairy ring flowers. They all board the train again, Simeon commenting how close Mammon and Luke have suddenly gotten. Which Luke does absolutely not agree with. As they booked the train ticket last minute, there are only four rooms for the 5 of them. After a game of rock-paper-scissors, Mammon and Luke ended up rooming together.

Later that night, MC find Simeon lost in thought. When asked about what's bothering him, he tells them that the whole Celestial Realm experience did a number on him too, and admits how much he misses the time when they were all angels. Simeon then gives MC their third star, "patience."

That same night, MC goes to the roof of the train when they hear voices. Luke and Satan are attempting to re-teach the human world constellations to Mammon. Mammon wishes to know if there is a constellation for seven brothers, and Luke explains that there is one, but in the Celestial Realm. It contains seven bright stars, with three other stars watching over them that nobody knows what they represent. Luke then gives MC their fourth star, "generosity," and thanks MC for all the fun he had.

Much later, Simeon and Satan come back to The Angel's Halo to a very aggravated Barbatos, who only meant to deliver the tea, not run the café. Satan, however, only cares that the cats are now gone. Diavolo confesses he let Solomon into the kitchen, which in turn makes Simeon irritated towards Solomon. Wen he hears Lucifer and Leviathan — who were also supposed to watch the café — left, he demands Satan fetch them.

Lesson 53[edit]

The brothers are all chilling together, with Leviathan feeling tired because he's been playing games with Lord Diavolo, and Mammon laughing at his phone because Luke keeps sending him pictures of desserts he's making. Asmodeus says Mammon is fawning over Luke like a little brother, which he denies. Lucifer helped Satan get an art book he'd been looking for. Although Satan claims to still hate Lucifer, his brothers see the new strange peace between the pair. The doorbell rings, and Solomon and Barbatos arrive at the Serenity Manor. Solomon says they are here for MC's Sorcerer's License preliminary exam.

Barbatos explaining the rules of "Tail Thieves"
Barbatos explaining the rules of "Tail Thieves"

The exam will allow MC to get their fifth star, and Solomon asks all of the brothers to help. They will play a game of "Tail Thieves." Everyone will be transformed into "animals" by Solomon, with real tails to steal. MC's task is to steal everyone's tail, while not getting their own tail stolen. If they do lose their tail, they fail the exam. Luckily, Asmodeus and Barbatos will aid MC with this task. Using magic is against the rules, but MC may use Asmo's and Barbatos's powers. Since MC does not have a pact with Barbatos, Solomon gives Barbatos's Grimoire to MC, and then leaves.

All of the brothers run away to places they think they have an advantage. Although MC was given the precious grimoire consensually, Barbatos requests that they don't use or read it. Mammon appears once he hears the grimoire won't be used.

Unfortunately for Mammon, Barbatos easily beats him using only hand-to-hand combat, and strings him from the ceiling of the living room. MC then pulls off Mammon's tail, and because Solomon used a special curse, once someone's tail is pulled off, the tail bearer must fulfill the wish of the person that took said tail. MC asks Mammon one of several questions as their wish.

Asmo keeps asking MC to use the grimoire when they can't find Lucifer, but Barbatos shuts him down. However, he doesn't mind explaining his powers to MC. Barbatos can create portals to anywhere he wants, both through space and time, though a portal's connection is less stable if it goes to the past or future. When MC asks where Barbatos would like to go, he answers nowhere, and says his place is right by Diavolo's side.

They go to the manor's home theatre in search of Satan, but as they enter the light shuts off. Satan, who sneak attacks Asmo, says the darkness is a protection against Asmo's powerful charm ability. While distracted, Lucifer restrains MC too. He claims MC won't use the Grimoire, since he knows Barbatos doesn't want anyone to use it, and MC wouldn't use it against his wishes. Just as Lucifer tries to grab their tail, Barbatos throws over the remote to MC, and a movie about cats starts to play. They manage to catch Satan, but Lucifer barely slips away and escapes.

After Satan fulfills a wish, they search for the others, and find Belphegor sleeping in his bed. They decide he isn't a threat, and the trio wonders why Solomon gave this preliminary exam. Asmo says he finds it hard to figure out what's going on inside Solomon's head, as he is good at dodging questions. Then Asmo tells the story of how he and Solomon first met, and how they made a pact. Barbatos also speaks about how he had a pact with Solomon long before the sorcerer had one with Asmo, with Solomon summoning him with his very own incantation. Solomon was on the verge of death when he summoned Barbatos, because the incantation was so powerful. In the end, Barbatos says that, despite everything, he trusts Solomon, and that he's a truly gifted person.

They find Beelzebub in the kitchen eating, as expected. And after a little blackmail from Asmo, he gives up the tail without a fight, making Barbatos wonder how the seven of them are so powerful. MC asks Beel to fulfill their wish, but because Asmo was the one who pulled the tail, he decides on the wish, leaving Beel to an unknown fate.

Lesson 54[edit]

Asmodeus talking about how powerful Barbatos is
Asmodeus talking about how powerful Barbatos is

Barbatos compliments the power of Asmodeus's charm. While there are many demons who can use the charm ability, Barbatos doubts anyone is on Asmodeus's level. But Asmo is still sad that his charm doesn't work on MC. The trio decide to take a small break outside in Serenity Manor's garden, and Barbatos leaves to get some tea to drink, leaving MC and Asmo together. Once alone, Asmo tries once again to take a peek inside Barbatos's Grimoire. He explains how lower-ranking demons shudder at Barbatos's name, and how Barbatos is powerful enough to possibly rival the Demon King himself. He also says that nobody knows why Barbatos became Diavolo's butler, not even Lucifer. However, they end up not looking in the Grimoire, and the game of "Tail Thieves" continues.

Using the correct phrase of "Platypus, which could lay golden eggs," they enter Leviathan's room. However, it seems his door leads to a grassland savanna scenery. Levi says it's a new feature of his smart speaker "Crowe" that lets you change the scenery to anything you want, and that he was in the middle of a photoshoot. He then puts MC in his bathtub to take pictures of them as an animal, too. While Levi is distracted, MC takes his tail.

They check the outside for more brothers, but Asmo suddenly has to rush back inside to moisturize his skin. Now alone with Barbatos, MC tries to strike up a conversation with the demon. They get the chance to ask him a plethora of questions, but he asks a few back too, like what they think of the brothers, the angels, or of him.

A crying Asmo comes back with a sleeping Belphegor dragging behind him. He is upset that Belphegor won't let go of him. MC easily pulls off Belphegor's tail, which doesn't even wake the demon. Barbatos carries the sleeping Belphie back inside the house, but then Asmodeus is confronted by his brothers because he posted embarrassing pictures of them while they were fulfilling the wishes. MC uses their pacts to calm everyone down. Since Lucifer is the only one not caught yet, they devise a plan to get him. Asmo suggests that MC seduce Lucifer as they did with Levi, which causes a fight to break out between the brothers.

They decide to send MC after Lucifer alone, since he has a weak spot for them, while Asmo and Barbatos stand guard outside his room. After MC "seduces" Lucifer, he willingly removes his own tail to hand it over. Asmo attempts to take the opportunity to get a few good pics of Lucifer, but Lucifer asks Barbatos to drag Asmo out of his room, leaving him and MC alone.

The original trio eventually ends up in MC's room, with Asmo begging MC to tell him what happened with Lucifer. Barbatos points out that because MC has collected everyone's tail, they won the game. Asmo calls this a strange test for a sorcerer, saying that something isn't right. Barbatos reveals they weren't actually on MC's side after all, and promptly pulls off MC's tail. Surprisingly, Asmo's wish for them is only to let him paint their nails, and Barbatos comments that Asmo paints all his brother's nails. Then it's Barbatos's turn for a wish, and he desires to ask MC a question privately, so he whispers in their ear. He asks them how they feel about Lord Diavolo, and after MC answers, he says he'll take it into consideration.

Solomon, Asmodeus, and Barbatos all laugh at the fact that MC believed they were on the same team as them. Solomon reveals the exam wasn't just about the game of Tail Thieves. Instead, it was a challenge to see if they could resist the temptation to use Barbatos's grimoire. Solomon says there are very few sorcerers in the world, and that he needed to know if MC could keep a secret, and not fall into temptation. Barbatos also tells MC that the grimoire given to them was a fake. With this, Solomon gives them their fifth star, "chastity."

Lesson 55[edit]

MC walks into the living room where Asmodeus is scolding Beelzebub. He wants him to stop eating because they are about to go to an all-you-can-eat restaurant, and he invites MC as well. Mammon bursts in saying that idea sucks, and MC should come to see the "horsies" with him. Leviathan then says MC should go with him instead to an escape room, and Satan suggests he and MC watch a movie together. Instead, MC gets a text message from Diavolo asking them to go to Bayside Bonanza Worlds of Wonder — which is a popular theme park — to celebrate MC getting another sorcerer's star.

Beel asks MC that if they go to the theme park, he'd like them to bring Belphegor along, too. MC, Beel and Asmo then go and try to wake up Belphie, choosing one of several techniques. Beel admits that he knows Diavolo probably wanted MC alone, and that's why he wanted Belphie to go along as well.

Belphegor telling MC why he doesn't like Diavolo
Belphegor telling MC why he doesn't like Diavolo

On the way to the theme park, Belphie complains about the fact he has to be awake and spend time with Diavolo. When MC asks, Belphegor easily admits he doesn't like Diavolo at all. He especially dislikes how Diavolo always expects things to go his way about everything and anything. He says he is much too shielded from criticism, and lists several other reasons he dislikes Diavolo. On their way, the pair bump into Simeon, and they tell him about their plan for today. Although Simeon has to hurry away because he's meeting with a person, Belphie saw a glimpse of who Simeon was meeting. He thought they were familiar, but brushed it off.

Later, Belphie groans about the large crowd at the theme park while waiting for Diavolo. However, the prince appears to be already there, and is talking with some girls. Belphie interrupts the two girls trying to flirt with Diavolo, and though Diavolo expresses joy that Belphie actually came, Belphie sarcastically apologizes for third-wheeling. He also says he can't call Diavolo "Lord" because it draws too much attention. He thinks they should use a nickname, which MC gets to suggest.

The two demons immediately bicker, since Belphie doesn't want to wear matching headbands, but Diavolo is determined to have him wear it. His argument isn't working, so Diavolo uses his sad puppy dog eyes on MC instead to have them side with him. Belphie doesn't budge, and instead calls Diavolo out for using MC against him before running away. Diavolo catches him, and firmly apologizes for not considering his point of view.

Belphie then lists all his boundaries, and once Diavolo accepts them, they decide to go back into the theme park. Belphie immediately decides that he wants to ride the most terrifying roller coaster the park has to offer, and drags the pair along with him. Once the ride is over, he's so overjoyed that he can't stop laughing. He especially enjoyed the look on Diavolo's face. Unfortunately, looking around makes him realize they lost Diavolo at some point.

Diavolo isn't reading any of his messages, and Belphie is confused as to how he got lost in the first place. He compares both Diavolo and Mammon to 5-year-olds. By pure chance, the two bump into the Butcher, who brought his family along. They ask him if he had seen Diavolo, and he tells them they should ask the information desk so they can broadcast a call. Meanwhile, Barbatos texts MC, telling them he hopes they are enjoying the park and that they are taking good care of Diavolo. Lucifer also separately sends MC a message, telling them to take care of Diavolo. This makes MC and Belphie realize they are in hot water with these two protective demons, and they decide to just search by themselves to not draw attention.

They head to the lake that Diavolo mentioned wanting to visit earlier, but don't find him there. He also wanted to ride the ferris wheel, so they decide to take a boat through the lake to get there quicker. Belphie says he'd much rather have some alone time together with MC than look for Diavolo, but then speakers announce that MC and "snoozy" should come to the Guest Service center.

Lesson 56[edit]

Belphegor is embarrassed that he and MC were called out over the loudspeaker at Bayside Bonanza Worlds of Wonder, but when they reach guest services, they find a note left for them not in Diavolo's handwriting. It says "I have the hotel owner. If you want him back unharmed, it's going to cost you."

They realize this means Diavolo has been kidnapped, and the note instructs them to go to the circus tent. They find Diavolo in the tent with a man holding a gun against his head. Neither Belphegor nor Diavolo seem concerned about that, which makes the man angry, but then Belphegor turns into his demon form. This scares the man, and makes him turn his gun on Belphegor.

He fires, but MC uses magic to protect him, even though Belphegor tells MC bullets can't harm him. After Diavolo sees the man fire at Belphegor, he also takes his demon form, making the man drop his gun and run away. Diavolo wants to call the Devildom's royal army to find the man, but Belphegor thinks doing that would accidentally cause mankind's destruction.

With the threat gone, Diavolo suggests staying in the tent and watching the circus perform, because he knows Belphegor likes Human World circuses. When Belphegor asks how he knows that, Diavolo replies that Lucifer talks about his brothers all the time, but especially Belphegor. After enjoying the circus, they spend the rest of the day riding various thrill rides that Belphegor likes.

Diavolo wanting to talk more with Belphegor
Diavolo wanting to talk more with Belphegor

Later, Diavolo suggests heading for home, but first Belphegor says he wants to ride the ferris wheel. He insists that it isn't because Diavolo said he wanted to ride the ferris wheel earlier, but Diavolo believes otherwise. While on the ride, Diavolo says he would like more chances to talk with Belphegor, and Belphegor says that would be fine with him.

Diavolo then says there's one more place he'd like to stop before they all go home, which is the wagon that sells the character headbands. He has MC choose one for him, but then Belphegor buys three pairs, and lets his picture be taken wearing one of them.

Diavolo brings Belphegor and MC back to Serenity Manor, where Asmodeus invites him to stay for dinner. The other brothers notice that things seem better between Belphegor and Diavolo, though Belphegor firmly denies that. After dinner, everyone relaxes in the manor's music room, until Lucifer tells Belphegor and MC that Diavolo told him about the circus tent incident, and wants them to explain exactly what happened.

Later, MC walks Diavolo and Barbatos out of the manor, but Barbatos remembers something he needs to tell Lucifer, and tells them to go on without him. Diavolo tells MC that Belphegor is angry at him for telling Lucifer about being kidnapped, but MC tries to cheer him up. He then asks MC to go on a walk with him, and the two go to a park together.

At the park, Diavolo tells MC more about himself. He talks about his mother, who died giving birth to him, and his father, who was always strict with him. He never was able to talk with anyone outside the castle until he met Barbatos, who told him stories of the outside world. This made him so happy that he "threw a tantrum" and insisted he wouldn't become the next demon king unless Barbatos stayed by his side, to which Barbatos agreed.

Diavolo worries that Barbatos is still with him against his will, but MC reassures him otherwise. Diavolo then says he wants to spend much more time with MC, and confesses he loves them. MC can either confess to him in return, or let him down gently.

Meanwhile, Mammon and Leviathan are in Leviathan's room with "Crowe" the smart speaker, who tells them about a feature called "Pandora's Gacha." Crowe would create an effect chosen at random for 500 Devil Points, which Leviathan pays. They get the highest rarity effect, but their reward is something they think Lucifer will kill them for when he finds out.

Lesson 57[edit]

Satan and Belphegor wake up MC and tell them breakfast is ready, but Belphegor also came to their room to give them the star of diligence. Now MC only needs one more for the Sorcerers' Society to recognize them as a full-fledged sorcerer.

They hear a noise that sounds like Beelzebub going on a hunger rampage. Thankfully Lucifer stops him, and everyone is able to eat breakfast. Mammon and Leviathan are acting strangely, however. Before anyone can figure out why, Lucifer gets a call from Barbatos, who wants everyone to come to Hotel Corvo right away.

On the way there, Beelzebub remembers the meat pies he put in the microwave, and wants to go back home so he can eat them. Instead, they take a detour to the market to get him some food. It feels like other people there are staring at them, but Lucifer points out a large group like they are would stand out.

They meet with the same butcher that has helped them out before, who asks what the brothers' relationship to MC is. The brothers give different answers, and MC also has a choice of several answers to give him. Beelzebub gets his meat pies, and everyone continues on to the hotel.

Diavolo telling everyone about the bogeyman in Hotel Corvo
Diavolo telling everyone about the bogeyman in Hotel Corvo

Once there, Diavolo and Barbatos tell everyone that the hotel has been "in an uproar" since last night, and there have been reports of an evil spirit in the hotel. Everyone that has encountered this spirit are in the hospital now due to the shock they endured.

Mammon and Leviathan suddenly try to make excuses and leave, but Lucifer demands they stay. Diavolo goes on to explain that the evil spirit is a bogeyman, which is capable of appearing as whatever someone fears most. Lucifer thinks Mammon and Leviathan know why this bogeyman suddenly appeared at the hotel, and the two come clean about using Leviathan's smart speaker "Crowe" to purchase a "Pandora's Gacha" that creates a random effect.

This random effect was the bogeyman, which took the form of Lucifer, so the two panicked and paid Crowe to teleport the bogeyman to Hotel Corvo. Lucifer and the brothers are tasked with taking care of this bogeyman, while Diavolo and Barbatos have to leave and take care of some meetings.

Discussion begins on who exactly should handle the bogeyman, when Simeon and Solomon suddenly show up. Solomon wants to make this bogeyman MC's final test for earning their last star. He also wants Simeon to help, to which Simeon agrees only because MC asks him.

Everyone then leaves the hotel room, and goes to the hallway where the bogeyman is. However, once they are close enough see a shadowy mass at the end of the hallway, the bogeyman suddenly rushes at them.

Lesson 58[edit]

The bogeyman charges down the hallway of Hotel Corvo and takes the form of Lucifer, because it's taking the shape of Mammon's and Leviathan's fears. MC uses a spell to repel the bogeyman, which retreats and goes into one of the hotel rooms.

Solomon wants everyone to admit their fears so they can know in advance what the bogeyman might turn into, and wants to "start with the oldest," because really he just wants to know what Lucifer is afraid of. Both Lucifer and Satan claim nothing scares them, Asmodeus is afraid of looking ugly, Beelzebub isn't sure what he's afraid of, and Belphegor says he used to be afraid of an alarm clock that would never shut up.

Meanwhile, Diavolo and Barbatos are out taking care of official business, though Barbatos is still upset with Diavolo over what happened at Bayside Bonanza Worlds of Wonder. Diavolo tries to change the subject, and tells Barbatos that he told MC about their history together, and how he had told Barbatos he couldn't leave the castle unless he agreed to become his butler.

Diavolo asks if Barbatos is still upset over that, and he answers that of course he isn't, because everything he did, he did of his own free will. He remains Diavolo's butler because that is what he wants to do. Diavolo comments that MC told him that too, and both are relieved that the brothers have MC with them now when facing the bogeyman.

Simeon realizing Luke's blessing is protecting MC from the bogeyman
Simeon realizing Luke's blessing is protecting MC from the bogeyman

When MC is asked about their fears, Leviathan realizes that the bogeyman didn't transform when MC faced off with it. Simeon thinks that's because Luke gave MC his angel's blessing awhile ago, and that blessing continues to protect them now. He says that Luke's blessing is especially powerful, though Luke doesn't realize that himself.

Lucifer thinks it unwise for everyone to go in the bogeyman's room at once, so MC should choose just one demon to accompany them. MC chooses Asmodeus, and Simeon assures them he'll help if something goes wrong. However, if he helps, MC will fail the test, because it must be MC's own powers that defeats the bogeyman. The two go in the room, but Asmodeus can't handle seeing an ugly version of himself, so they retreat.

Next, MC goes back in with Belphegor, and at first the bogeyman is the annoying sound of the alarm clock Belphegor hated. But then everything goes dark, and Belphegor can't see or hear MC. He calls out for them and for his brothers in a panic, because he's afraid of being alone. Again there's a retreat from the room.

Beelzebub is angry that the bogeymen upset Belphegor so much, so he volunteers next. Once inside, Beelzebub attacks the bogeyman, but suddenly the room changes to look like the Celestial Realm, and his magic hits what looks like Belphegor. He starts yelling in despair, and the real Belphegor comes into the room after hearing his screams, as do the rest of his brothers.

Satan faces the bogeyman next, and the scene transforms again to look like the Collosseum. An angelic version of Lucifer appears, and tells Satan he's just an "inferior copy" of him. The real Lucifer tells Satan this isn't true, and that truly they are brothers. MC uses their pact to channel Satan's powers, and he's able to make the bogeyman disappear.

After congratulating Satan, the brothers all then turn their attention to Mammon and Leviathan. They make a break for it, with everyone chasing after them except Lucifer, Simeon, and MC. However, the weakened bogeyman is not completely gone, and transforms into a bright light. Lucifer claims this fear is his, and this time he fully eliminates the bogeyman.

Lucifer then leaves to check on his brothers, but Simeon seems upset about the final illusion the bogeyman took. MC comforts him, and he's about to tell them something, but Asmodeus calls out for them. Simeon says they can continue this conversation another time, and the two leave to find Mammon and Leviathan dangling from the ceiling.

Solomon gives MC their final star - the star of humility - and MC is now an official sorcerer in the eyes of the Sorcerers' Society. That night, they throw a party at the hotel celebrating MC's new sorcerer status, but Lucifer and Simeon go off by themselves.

MC finds them talking about the light - and the figure within it - that the bogeyman transformed into earlier. Once they realize MC is there, though, the topic changes to what kind of sorcerer MC will be, with MC having choices as to how they'll answer.

Lesson 59[edit]

It's a typical morning at Serenity Manor for the most part, though the newly full-fledged sorcerer MC is able to make a napkin float in the air to wipe some whipped cream off Beelzebub's mouth, and use wind to push Mammon backwards onto the couch so he doesn't step on the robot vacuum. They can't yet summon across worlds yet, and Satan mentioning that makes the brothers realize they'll have to return to the Devildom soon.

Later, most of the brothers are in Leviathan's room either playing games or using his smart speaker "Crowe," when Mammon comes in with a message for MC, saying Lucifer needs them to take something to Barbatos at The Angel's Halo.

On the way there, MC encounters Diavolo, who is coming back from the market. When he hears MC is bringing something to Barbatos, he tags along. He tells MC they shouldn't be sad about the brothers leaving, because once they learn summoning magic, they can call the brothers to them whenever they want. MC points out they can't do that with Diavolo, and ask for a pact with him. He declines, however, saying as the future demon king, he can't enter a pact with them.

Simeon suggesting they all have a "till we meet again" party
Simeon suggesting they all have a "till we meet again" party

They make it into The Angel's Halo, where they're greeted by Luke and Simeon makes them some coffee. Everyone is sad that they won't all be able to get together whenever they want anymore, so it's decided a "till we meet again" party will be thrown.

Later, MC heads for home and runs into Solomon, and they tell him about the party plans. Solomon then changes the topic to MC learning magic, and suggests returning to RAD to study more. He then gives MC a "sorcerer's ring," which is a talisman that can protect them in a similar way to the Ring of Light.

Just outside Serenity Manor, MC hears Mammon and Leviathan arguing about money, then right when they enter the house, Leviathan summons Lotan. MC wakes up later in the bathroom, where Leviathan apologizes, and explains he was mad that Mammon keeps buying things using his account with "Crowe" no matter how many times he changes his password. The two of them brainstorm together to come up with a password Mammon won't guess.

The next morning, Beelzebub and Belphegor are making fruit juice in the kitchen, though they've also made a mess. Belphegor then hears the ice cream truck outside, and goes to check it out while Beelzebub and MC clean up. Once they're done, MC goes to catch up with Belphegor while Beelzebub takes the dirty towels to the laundry room.

MC finds Belphegor holding three ice creams, and gives one to them. They go sit by the pool and talk, until Beelzebub shows up and takes his ice cream as well. Like all the other brothers, but Beelzebub and Belphegor are sad about leaving MC behind, and want to come up with some plan that will make it so they can all stay together.

Lesson 60[edit]

Mammon has been acting strangely cold towards MC, but when they ask him about it as they're leaving Serenity Manor, he just denies it. Asmodeus is also heading out to go to the spa, and invited MC to walk with him part-way. He explains that Mammon doesn't want to say goodbye to MC, so he's distancing himself to make the time when they are separated hurt less.

While Asmodeus is also sad about parting with MC, he's certain they will be together again in the near future. They then part ways, with MC heading to the bakery, but they then run into Satan. He was going to the bookstore, and invites MC to come along so they can help him stock up on Human World books before he returns to the Devildom.

Later back at the manor, it's dinnertime, but Mammon isn't present. MC goes to his room to tell him dinner is ready, but he says he doesn't want to eat. He tells MC how much he'll miss them, and insists MC come up with something so they don't have to be separated.

After dinner in the music room, Lucifer asks for MC to come to his room so he can talk to them. He also tells everyone that he received a message from Diavolo that he wants everyone to come to Hotel Corvo tomorrow. Once he has MC in his room, he asks if they know anything about why Diavolo wants them all at the hotel tomorrow, but MC doesn't say.

The next day, the brothers are surprised to walk inside the hotel only to find themselves all in a popular club. The "till we meet again" party begins. There is a karaoke machine that Leviathan is happy to use for singing anime songs, and invites MC to sing with him.

The brothers telling Diavolo they want MC to join their family
The brothers telling Diavolo they want MC to join their family

After singing, MC takes a break and sits next to Diavolo, but while they are having a conversation, all seven of the brothers approach Diavolo and tell him they want MC to "join the family." Diavolo is stunned, and Luke ask if they mean one of them will marry MC.

Several brothers volunteer for marrying MC, but Diavolo explains to MC that there is still some "bad blood" between the three worlds, and letting MC stay with the brothers permanently isn't something he has the power to grant on his own. However, he promises that someday MC will be free to marry anyone in the room. Solomon points out that as a human, nothing is preventing MC from marrying him This angers all of the brothers, who argue he barely counts as a human anymore.

Later on, as the party continues, MC notices that Diavolo is missing, and Belphegor tells them he saw Diavolo head out into the hall. They find him in his hotel room and sit with him, and he tells MC how surprised he was at the brothers' request. He's also a little jealous, because he wants to spend forever with MC just like they do. He again promises that he'll do his very best to remove the barriers still present between the worlds.

MC then goes out to the hotel balcony, where they find Solomon. He's also still surprised at how the brothers asked MC to join their family, but when MC tries to ask him more questions about his relationships with demons or about his past, he gives only half-answers. He then uses his magic to teleport several of the other party-goers to distract MC, and the party continues into the night.

All too soon the day comes when the brothers, Diavolo, and Barbatos have to return to the Devildom. MC has a moment with each of the brothers to individually say their goodbyes, then Barbatos opens a portal and everyone passes through.

Meanwhile, Luke and Simeon are at The Angel's Halo preparing to open for business, when someone enters the café. Simeon explains they aren't open yet, but then realizes that it's Raphael that entered.

In the House of Lamentation, the brothers are all missing MC, when Lucifer tells them he's leaving for the Demon Lord's Castle and they should have dinner without him. After he leaves, Satan enters the room with a stack of mail from when they were gone, and Asmodeus noticed one of the letters is from the Celestial Realm.

Despite the letter being addressed to Lucifer, they open it to find it's about the RAD Student Exchange Program. They are all shocked to see the names of two new exchange students.

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