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Opposite Biscuit?![edit]

Item: Opposite Biscuit


  • "An Opposite Biscuit? That is one of those biscuits where you say the exact opposite of what you are feeling when you eat it, correct? Another prank? Those brothers of mine have rubbed off on you too much. ...I'll eat it, so stop staring at me in anticipation."
    • "How unpleasant. No wonder why Beel ate the surrounding wrapping before. I don't want to see him go on another eating spree, so I will never treat him to anything again."
    • "Awful... Which means the opposite, huh? What, you want to eat it, too? Here, open up. Stop licking my finger... It's very unpleasant..." (Demon Voucher)


  • "Oh, thanks! Didn't Satan give Lucifer an Opposite Biscuit before? He said it was awful while he smiled and ate it, so that must mean it was totally delish, right? All right, I'm going in!"
    • "This IS pretty gross. ...Huh? Gross? No, it's gross! Wow, this really does make you say the exact opposite of what you're feelin'! If I gave this to Levi, him eliminatin' my debt ain't a dream! This ain't half horrible!"
    • "I don't like ya one bit. I can't believe ya would give me something' so gross! Wait...! Huh?! That's wrong! I can't stand the sight of ya! ...Wait, that's not it, either! You've got to believe me!" (Demon Voucher)


  • "Is this an Opposite Biscuit? Doesn't it make you say the exact opposite of what you're feeling? I can't believe something so comical exists in the Devildom lol."
    • "Ugh, I remember one of those things even made me tell Mammon before that he didn't have to pay me back. That's definitely the fault of this Opposite Biscuit, right? That Mammon sure is the best big brother ever!"
    • "More importantly, I'm totes down in the dumps cause I thought you came to play some games with me. I didn't prepare at all for that and didn't want you to come. That's just proof I have zero interest in you. My mouth just moved on its own! Why am I acting tsundere?!" (Demon Voucher)


  • "Oh, it's an Opposite Biscuit. You're giving it to me? Thank you. The biscuit itself is delicious, even though it makes you say the exact opposite of what you're thinking."
    • "...This really does taste awful. When I gave one of these to Lucifer, it didn't look very tasty when he was eating it. He always plays along with the tricks Beel and I play. It makes me so sad. ...No, wait! Just forget what I said and don't believe anything I say!"
    • "I want you to eat this biscuit. I mean, if you can tell me you love me after eating this I would be really happy. ...Wait, wouldn't you say the opposite thing? ...Yeah! If you tell me you hate me I would be happy! ...This is all getting kind of weird. Just forget what I said, and don't take anything I say at face value!" (Demon Voucher)


  • "Oh, thanks, hon ♡ This is one of those Opposite Biscuits that makes you say the opposite of what you're thinking, right? How interesting! I'll eat it right now ♪"
    • "By the way, I saw Simeon smiling as he gave Lucifer a lecture before. It looks like he had been concentrating on his work and told Lucifer to take a break. He was being so nice!"
    • "There's a really fun café I don't want to go with you after thi— Oh, this is its effect, huh? I have the urge to call you something cruel. ...Ah! That's not what I want to say. I'll try again once the effect wears off. I'll be sure to give you lots of head-butts ♡" (Demon Voucher)


  • "*munch* *chew* Thanks, but this is really bad. ...Hm?! Ah, this must be one of those Opposite Biscuits where you say the opposite thing you're feeling."
    • "Now that I think about it, Luke said 'I really don't want to give this to a demon' when he gave me some sweets. The sweets were all things I hate, so maybe he had eaten an Opposite Biscuit, too?"
    • please add demon voucher dialogue


  • "Will I say the opposite thing of what I am thinking if I eat this? Where do you always find these things? Still, it does look pretty tasty."
    • "Now that I think about it, I remember Barbatos saying he wouldn't make any more sweets. It caused Lord Diavolo to stiffen up in shock. Maybe he ate one of these biscuits, too. Or maybe making sweets was interfering with his job? What do you think?"
    • "Ugh, it's terrible. Ah, I see. It's an Opposite Biscuit. How would you like to try it? Here, open up! We both hate each other, right? That's kind of new. I'll make sure to say how I really feel after the effect wears off." (Demon Voucher)


  • "You're giving me an Opposite Biscuit? Thank you! If I remember correctly, eating one of these causes you to say the exact opposite of what you are thinking, right?"
    • "Just the other day, I heard Satan telling a cat it wasn't cute while he was rubbing its cheek. Perhaps he was under the influence of the biscuit? The Newspaper Club did an article about them saying they were strange before they became popular at RAD."
    • "This is great! ...Huh? It appears this biscuit is not an opposite one. I love you. ...Hm, it appears I can say what I am thinking. Perhaps I am different from everyone else, but I am glad I don't have to lie to you." (Demon Voucher)


  • "An Opposite Biscuit? These were the ones where you say the opposite thing of what you are feeling if you eat them, correct? I see you are quite the trickster yourself if you wish for me to eat this."
    • "That's right. Solomon gave this biscuit to Lucifer once before asking for him to form a pact. Hehe, what do you think happened? Of course Lucifer had the upper hand. He simply did not speak during the whole thing."
    • "I really love you. Hehe, this is for your prank. Now, what do you think of me saying the opposite thing? I used the biscuit's effects against it to say what I truly meant. Rest assured, I dislike you immensely. That does feel strange..." (Demon Voucher)


  • "Wait, will I say the opposite thing of what I'm thinking if I eat this? I'll be fine! Angels don't lie, after all!"
    • "Asmodeus took my picture the other day. I was going to send it to Michael. He even taught me about all these apps to make the picture better. Talk about boring! ...Huh?!"
    • "Oh, right. I was thinking I wouldn't like you to come to Purgatory Hall if you have time. ...Huh? Wait! I don't want to show you a withered flower. Gah! I-I won't invite you later!" (Demon Voucher)


  • "Oh? This is one of those biscuits where you say the opposite thing of what you're feeling, huh? There are so many interesting things in the Devildom. Allow me to take a bite right now."
    • "Did you know that Diavolo once mistakenly ate one of these things? I heard he felt the effects immediately. It was so effective that he thought it was a regular biscuit. ...Hm, I guess this biscuit is quite complex."
    • please add demon voucher dialogue


  • "Thank you! I'm surprised you want me to eat an Opposite Biscuit. You say the opposite of what you're feeling when you eat one of these things, right? How interesting."
    • "I went to the House of Lamentation the other day to deliver some Super Spicy New Chips, but only Belphegor was there. He said my food was delicious when he ate it, so that really upset me. ...His face WAS a bit pale though, so maybe he didn't have enough sleep?"
    • "I heard this was made to try and get demons to be more honest with their feelings. Are you trying to get me to be more honest, too? I am quite the twisted person, so it might be difficult for me. See? I just said the opposite thing, so will you leave it at that?" (Demon Voucher)
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