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This gallery is for locations that are not a part of the Main Story, but were visited in Pop Quiz events or in Devilgrams. Gallery sections are listed on this page in order of oldest to newest.

For galleries of individual AU locations, see the Alternate Universe Location Galleries.

Happy Birthday! Dear Beel and Belphie[edit]

Toys Galore (Pop Quiz)[edit]

Fly Like a Spy (Pop Quiz)[edit]

Pirates: The Legendary Treasure! (Pop Quiz)[edit]

Enter the Cyberverse (Pop Quiz)[edit]

Happy Birthday! Dear Barbatos '22[edit]

Cowboys on the Range (Pop Quiz)[edit]

Happy Birthday! Dear Satan '22[edit]

Secret Dream Study Sesh (Devilgram)[edit]

Super Smash Devils! (Pop Quiz)[edit]

The Fallen Prince (Devilgram)[edit]

The Final Chapter (Devilgram)[edit]

Lesson 27 (Nightbringer)[edit]

The Pressures of Being Me (Devilgram)[edit]

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