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For general information on Devil's Tree, see the Devil's Tree page. For item rewards from "Nightbringer" cards, see the Nightbringer Devil's Tree Rewards.


In addition to cards being a necessary component in battles and in unlocking Devilgram stories, by advancing through a card's Devil's Tree, players are able to not only increase the strength of their cards, but also earn various rewards. These include features listed in Majolish like Outfits and Moving Pictures, but also includes a wide variety of different item rewards.

The Devil's Tree Rewards pages contain lists of cards sorted by which items are rewarded when a card's Item Spaces are unlocked. Rewarded items are split into four categories:

High Value Items[edit]

High Value Items include items such as Demon Vouchers, Devil Points, AP, and other items of a higher rarity and/or multiple uses within Obey Me!

Battle Items[edit]

Battle Items include the different Glow Sticks players can use to temporarily increase the strength of a card in battles.

Surprise Guest Items[edit]

Surprise Guest Items include items that can be given as gifts to characters during a Surprise Guest interaction.

Devil's Tree Items[edit]

Devil's Tree Items include any items that are used to unlock a card's Devil's Tree spaces or increase the rank of a card.

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