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Overview[edit source]

The RAD Newspaper Club are the creators of newspaper issues that provide information to the students of RAD. Up until shortly after the arrival of MC to the Devildom, the president of the club was Mephistopheles. While he is still a newspaper club member, he was demoted from the position of president after an incident involving the creation of two chat stickers: "Prince Lucifer" and "Princess Diavolo."

Similar to the Devildom Times, issues of the RAD newspaper — titled RAD News — are released as images via official Obey Me! social accounts, such as twitter and instagram. They cover a variety of topics, such as game development, character lore, and messages from the Obey Me! team.

Issues[edit source]

Issue 1[edit source]

Issue 2[edit source]

Issue 3[edit source]

Issue 4[edit source]

Issue 5[edit source]

Issue 6[edit source]

Issue 7[edit source]

Issue 8[edit source]

Mini Issues[edit source]

Anime Announcement Issue[edit source]

Special Anime Issue[edit source]

Special Birthday Features[edit source]

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