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Note: For a complete list of angel character pages, including Minor Characters, see the list below.

Species Overview[edit]

Angels are the primary inhabitants of the Celestial Realm. According to Diavolo in Lesson 31-16 Hard (OM), angels tend not to divulge anything about either themselves or the Celestial Realm, yet often insert themselves into Devildom business.

Luke explains in Lesson 43-12 (OM) that all angels possess powers from the moment they are born, but different angels have different powers. Once an angel determines what they are good at, all angels are assigned a rank based on the level of skill they have over the powers they possess.

It is currently unknown if all angels possess wings or not, but for those that do, keeping one's wings groomed is a known practice. In Lesson 37-12 (OM), Asmodeus mentioned having his wings groomed when he was still an angel.

In the chat Body Pillow Specifications, Belphegor mentions that angels have higher body temperatures than demons.

For specific information on unique abilities individual characters possess, please visit their character pages.

Life Span[edit]

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Angels have very long lifespans, as the characters have lived for several centuries.


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Mental and Magical[edit]

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Angels possess an ability known as an "angelic blessing," a type of magic that supposedly has protective powers. In the chat To Mt. Imminent Death 8, Simeon mentions that Luke's blessings are particularly potent. Such blessings can be bestowed on others without words, as seen in Lesson 32-11 (NB). They can also be bestowed using the following incantation, as seen in Lesson 50-15 (OM):

"In the name of the angel Luke, may the blessing of light burn brightly within you, and keep the darkness at bay."

As mentioned by Barbatos in the chat Question for You, angels have the ability to put people's minds at ease.

As demonstrated by Raphael in Lesson 66-19 (OM), angels have the power to see their opponent's weaknesses.

In the chat Plant Dad Troubles, Simeon mentions that angels (and demons) have the ability to magically create rain. Although, he also implies that this may have adverse effects on plants.


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Angel Hierarchy[edit]


Angels with this rank have six wings. This is the highest angel ranking in the Celestial Realm. Asmodeus described the Seraphim as "bossy" in Lesson 44-10 (OM), and complained they "never cut us any slack."


A high-ranking angel that is known as a guardian.

  • Beelzebub was formally a Cherub, as seen in Lesson 44-3 (OM).


A high-ranking angel. Mammon describes the position as "lame busywork" in Lesson 44-7 (OM).

  • Mammon was formally a Throne when still an angel. He was recommended the position by Lucifer, as he tells MC in Lesson 44-7 (OM), and was also Lucifer's assistant at this time.


A rank of angel that watches over the Human World, according to Simeon.


A rank of angel mentioned in the Devilgram I Can Do It Too!


A rank of angel mentioned in the Devilgram I Can Do It Too!


A rank of angel mentioned by Mammon when teasing Luke in Lesson 43-12 (OM).


According to Luke in Lesson 43-12 (OM), angels with this rank serve as warriors.

  • As of the beginning of the Main Story, Michael has the rank of Archangel, as Barbatos tells MC in Lesson 23-5 (OM).
  • Mammon was an Archangel before being promoted to Throne.
    • As of the beginning of the Main Story, Simeon also ranks as an Archangel, as Luke mentions in Lesson 43-12 (OM).


In the Devilgram I Can Do It Too!, Leviathan mentions that angels are at the bottom of the hierarchy and work their way towards climbing to their desired level.

Guardian Angels[edit]

In Lesson 2-9 (NB), Mammon explains that choosing to become a guardian for a human is pretty much the same as making a pact. An angel will pick a single person to protect for all times.

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