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Note: For a complete list of demon character pages, including Minor Characters, see the list below.

Species Overview[edit]

Demons are the primary inhabitants of the Devildom, and use magic in many aspects of their life. Satan mentioned in Lesson 30-1 (OM) that it is believed that demons derive their power from the Three-legged Crow, and have done so since ancient times.

Demons can be classified into groups depending on their magical power. One such groups is "lesser demons," and though it is implied such demons have less magical power than others, exactly what qualifies a demon as a lesser demon is unspecified.(source?) Barbatos mentioned there is a book titled "Reference Guide to Lesser Demons" in Lesson 72-19 (OM).

A demon's size varies depending on what kind of demon it is. In the chat A New Hobby, Barbatos mentioned that there are specialty stores that sell household goods for tiny demons. It is also implied that the store itself is accessible to all sizes of demons. There is also an attraction at Devil's Coast built specifically for smaller-sized demons.

For specific information on unique abilities individual characters possess, please visit their character pages.

Life Span[edit]

Demons have very long lifespans, as the characters in Obey Me! and Nightbringer have lived for several centuries. In Lesson 11 (OM), Mammon claimed to be well over 5,000 years old. However, demons are not immortal, and still able to die. This is alluded to in Lessons 35 and 36 (OM) , given that the Reaper's Cave includes Life Candles for demons as well as humans. They may also be killed with certain magic items, or a particularly potent poison, as mentioned by Lucifer and Beelzebub.(source?)

Physical Traits[edit]


In the Devilgram Seven Rulers of Hell (Lucifer), Lucifer explained that simply being a demon makes one more attractive to humans.

Demons seem to also have a resistance to heat, as Asmodeus referred to 400-degree Fahrenheit (204.444°C) water as "balmy" in the chat Let's Go to the Hot Springs. In the chat Hot Spring Survey, Satan was interested in visiting a 200-degree hot spring, although a temperature scale was not specified.

Demons are also incredibly fast. In the Devilgram The Yakisoba Bread, Lucifer told MC "Do not underestimate the speed and power of a demon determined to win. If they were to collide with anyone, the impact would be something akin to being hit by a meteorite." In the Devilgram Test of Endurance, Satan was able to complete 500-meters of hurdles in 23 seconds, and Mammon was able to do it in 11 seconds. Beelzebub was able to complete this feat in 2 seconds. However, unlike his brothers, he did not jump over the hurdles, and instead ran straight through. In the same Devilgram, Satan, Mammon, and Asmodeus were able to run all the way around the House of Lamentation in less than five minutes.

According to Belphegor in Lesson 56-3 (OM), bullets can't harm demons. However, he doesn't go into details on why exactly that is.


According to Lucifer in the Devilgram To Dreamland, Demons cannot die from lack of sleep. However, demons do still become tired, and even experience exhaustion in a very similar way to humans. In the chat Satan at His Limit, after not sleeping for three days, Satan was so tired that he mistook a black garbage bag for a cat. In the Devilgram Insomnious Lucifer, Lucifer was so tired that he dozed off in the middle of a meeting right in front of Lord Diavolo. This implies even very powerful demons may still succumb to symptoms of exhaustion.

In addition to exhaustion, Demons are also subject to other mundane issues, such as headaches. As mentioned by Belphegor in Lesson 37-1 (OM), Lucifer is prone to having frequent headaches. This is presumably due both to working himself too hard, and his constant frustrations with having to deal with his brothers' antics.

As mentioned in the chat The Cavity of Mortal Agony, demons can get cavities if they do not brush their teeth properly. In the aforementioned chat, Lucifer specifically mentions that "Cavities of Mortal Agony" are "known and feared by many." In the chat A Specialist to the Rescue, Lucifer is looking for a good dentist who can treat Satan's cavity. It is not specifically stated if only certain dentists are able to provide treatment for such a cavity, or if Lucifer just has a certain standard of care he wants his family to receive, but Diavolo recommended a specialist.

Although Mammon mentioned in the Devilgram Halloween and Sick that it's rare for demons to get sick, they are still capable of falling ill, and in particular are susceptible to an illness known as the Devildom cold. As explained by Barbatos in the Devilgram A Kind Demon's Care, the Devildom cold is similar to the common cold in the Human World. It is a common sickness, with cases appearing among Devildom residents around the same time yearly. Humans are also able to catch the Devildom cold, as seen in the Devilgram Let Me Take Care of You.

Mental and Magical Traits[edit]


Demons have the ability to use magic and cast spells. Some of these spells are Curses and Hexes, which is also a class taught at RAD. Other spells involve the use of magic circles. Magic circles are often used for teleportation spells, however, events in Lessons 35 and 36 (OM) indicate that teleportation spells are not often utilized by demons.

Demons may use spells in their daily life, such as to keep the lights on in the case of a power outage, although Mammon said this was draining.(source?) Spells are often also part of Devildom recipes, as mentioned by Beelzebub in the Devilgram Cooking on a Rainy Day. In the Pop Quiz Sun, Sea, and Demons, Satan explained that while demons are able to channel enough energy to cook meat, it is not a very efficient method.

Demons also possess the ability to manipulate humans. Satan compares this ability to a form of hypnosis.(source?) In Lesson 11 (OM), when they use this ability, the demon commands the human to do something and the human will obey. Demons are forbidden to use this ability on the exchange students. Asmodeus possesses a more powerful version of this ability.(source?)

Demons may also manipulate humans through seductive speechcraft. This is a class that is taught at RAD, and covers techniques for seducing and ultimately corrupting humans. According to Satan in Lesson 29 (OM), a common method starts with the demon offering a friendly smile in order to convince the human that they mean no harm, even though they absolutely mean them harm. The demon should also inform the human that they are a demon sooner rather than later to build trust, which is needed later on. The demon may then offer to fulfill the human's deepest desire in exchange for the one thing most dear to them in this world, which is presumably the human's soul.

According to Diavolo in the Devilgram Devilgram The Seven Apples, a demon's greatest tool is their instincts.

Demons also have the ability to transform themselves. Demons are known to have two forms: a humanoid form, and a demon form. All demons have horns in their demon form, and they may also have either wings or a tail. If a demon has wings, they do have the ability to fly, but this ability is rarely utilized.(source?) Demons also have birthmarks and the visibility of these markings varies from demon to demon.(source?)

Demons may transform voluntarily or involuntarily. Voluntary transformations to one's demon form is often expected for formal events or parties. Examples of this behavior occur in the Pop Quiz Dark Santa, Lesson 8 (OM), Lesson 18 (OM), and the Pop Quiz The Three Worlds Festival. Beelzebub mentioned that this is RAD tradition in the Devilgram Our Sweet Time Together. While the brothers celebrate Diavolo's birthday in their demon forms during Lesson 18 (OM), it was mentioned in the Pop Quiz A Devildom Halloween, that historically Diavolo's birthday was a black tie event. This may indicate that a demon's true form is traditionally semi-formal, as in the aforementioned Pop Quiz, Satan mentions that VIPs from all over the Devildom attend Diavolo's birthday party, and they worried about offending them when drawing up the dress code.

Demons may involuntarily transform in response to strong emotions. Usually, this occurs when the demon is angry or threatened, but may also occur as a result of excitement, as shown in the Pop Quiz Ruri-chan Is My Bae. Demons may also transform out of demon form voluntarily, but it is shown in the Devilgram Levi Dreams of Sleep that MC is able to force them to transform by using their pact.


Demons have a difficult time resisting temptation. If something they really want is in front of them, they have to have it. This was first mentioned in Lesson 4 (OM), when Lucifer accepted the TSL Soundtrack MC loaned to him, and explained that he will be unable to leave his room that night. This phenomenon also occurred in Lesson 21 (OM), when the brothers experienced the effects of Gold Hellfire Newt Syrup.

In Lesson 35 (OM), the brothers fell victim to the song of a siren, which causes the listener to experience a powerful desire for water, usually resulting in the listener drowning themselves. In the same lesson, most of the brothers failed to resist temptation when they visited the Reaper's Cave, and fell victim to the different levels' traps. Satan also mentioned in Lesson 43-A (OM) that "when you tell a demon not to do something, what he hears is that he has to do it."

It is possible, however, at least for some demons to resist temptation, as Lucifer did not fall victim to any of the cave's traps in Lesson 35 (OM). Leviathan was also able to resist temptation in the Devilgram The Battle Between Demons.

As alluded to in various chats, it seems that at least most demons do not possess the ability to use healing magic. For example, in the chat First Aid for Beel, Beelzebub asked MC to bring him bandages and an antiseptic solution to treat his injuries. In the chat Gamer Levi's Incurable Illness, Leviathan was looking for a first aid kit to treat his tendonitis. The first aid kit in question was already being used by Satan to help Belphegor.

In the Devilgram Post-Date Party, Diavolo was shown to be capable of at least minor healing magic.


Note: this section may include spoilers.

According to Solomon in Lesson 7-14 (OM), "If you have a pact with a demon, you can call them to your side whenever you want." Doing so requires the use of a summoning spell. The wording of the spell Solomon used in the aforementioned lesson to summon Asmodeus — and MC later uses in Lesson 8-13 (OM) — is as follows:

"Hear me, denizens of the darkness, you who are born of shadow and you who give birth to it. Hear me and do as I command! I, Solomon, call upon you to send forth one of your number! I summon the Avatar of Lust, Asmodeus!"

By having a pact with a demon, both summoning a demon and commanding said demon's powers becomes possible. However, it requires the non-demon party to both possess magic and have that magic manifest itself, as explained by Solomon in Lesson 8-8 (OM). Humans appear to be the only race that can form pacts with demons, as there is no known case of a non-human having a pact with a demon. MC, Solomon, and several unnamed witches are just a few of the mentioned humans to have pacts with a demon or several.

While MC made their pacts via direct encounter in the Devildom, the typical way a pact is forged involves performing a ceremony in the Human World to summon the demon, as Solomon explained in Lesson 39-13 (OM). After the pact is forged, the demon sometimes chooses to give the human "something that is dear to them." The gift acts as a "permit" that allows the demon to be summoned across worlds at any time. These gifts are symbolic, and do not have to be physical objects, as evidenced by several of the pact gifts given to MC by the demon brothers in Lessons 39 and 40 (OM).

As stated by Diavolo in Lesson 37-9 (OM), if a demon's pact with a person is broken, it is permanent. It is not possible to make a pact with the same human twice.

It was demonstrated in Lesson 36-9 (NB) that it is possible to prevent a human from summoning a demon they have a pact with, though the specifics on how was not stated.

Known Types of Demon[edit]

Exclamation mark.png This section needs more info!


A kind of demon presumably known for their seductive powers.

Devilgram In Search of a Smile

Little D.

See the Little D.'s character page.

Night Lantern People

See the Night Lantern People character page.


A kind of demon presumably known for their seductive powers.

Devilgram Popular with the Ladies, Limited item dialogue Valentine's Fair

Sneeze Demon

A demon that causes other demons around it to sneeze uncontrollably. It has no effect on humans. This demon is so small it cannot be seen with the naked eye, and the best way to be rid of it is to clean.

Devilgram Dust-Fighting Demon

Sweet Devil

A thumb-sized demon. They can produce a special powder that makes anything delicious, no matter how bad the original item tastes. However, this effect only applies to sweets. They understand spoken language, but cannot speak themselves. They are also able to fly.

Birthday Events Beel and Belphie (2021), Luke (2022); Chats Tiny Devil Sighting 1 and 2

Unnamed Demon 1

Demons the size of ants whose behavior is also similar to ants, in that they are known to work together to carry off food to their home.

Birthday Event Luke (2022)

Unnamed Demon 2

A variety of lesser demon that enjoys pranking others, especially by taking important information and hiding it. They have little magical power, which makes it difficult to sense their presence.

Lesson 72-19 (OM)


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