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"Welcome to Lonely Devil, your ultimate travel app. We specialize in the best tours to give you the best experience!"

Lonely Devil is a "travelling app" in Obey Me! that allows players to revisit past Pop Quizzes. One session will last for 4 days, and the cost is 1 LD ticket or 10 Devil Points. The exception to this is Celestial Blessing events with Multiple Box Sets, which cost 2 LD tickets or 20 Devil Points.


Progress in Lonely Devil's Pop Quizzes — made either when the event originally released or later in a Lonely Devil session — will always be saved, so that players can continue where you left off. There is no limit on how many times players can revisit a Pop Quiz. For back-to-back sessions of the same Pop Quiz, however, do keep in mind that completed battle stages will only reset at the usual reset time (the same time your To Do daily tasks reset). This means that any stages cleared to 0/3 battles will remain cleared in that Pop Quiz until the reset time, even if a new LD session is started.

Pop Quizzes that are over 6 months old will continue to be added to Lonely Devil in the order of their initial releases. Some Pop Quizzes will not be added, such as character birthdays. Also, even if a player has cheat cards from previous Nightmares, they will not count towards the items collected in the Pop Quiz.

Event Abbreviations[edit]

This table lists all Obey Me! Pop Quizzes in Lonely Devil and matches them to the shortened versions of their titles.

Full Name Abbreviation
Dark SantaSanta
Demon de ButlerButlers
We're All Bad HereBaddies
Good Night DevilGood Night
When Vampires Go BadVampires
Rub That LampLamp
Young Malicious Demons' AcademyYMDA
The Devil's DetectiveDetective
Welcome to Hell's GardenGarden
Ruri-chan Is My BaeRuri
Paws and ClawsPaws
Calling out to YouCalling
Whose Glass Slippers Are These?Slippers
A Party for You (Septet)Party
Summer FestivalFestival 1
Spooky HappeningsSpooky
Sun, Sea, and DemonsSea
Let the Games Begin!Games
Body Swap Panic!Swap
Escape From the House of Lamentation!Escape
A Devildom HalloweenHalloween
Wedding VowsWedding
Henry and the Seven LordsMusical
Angelic DemonsAngelic
The Final CountdownCountdown
Like a DameDame
Welcome to the Bunny ShowBunny Show
The Chocolate IncidentChoc
Suspicious Circus TroupeCircus
Under the Cherry BlossomsBlossoms
Paws and Claws 2Paws 2
Fly Like a SpySpy
Part-Time JobsJobs
You've Got to Be Kidding!Kidding
Toys GaloreToys
Get Arty With ItArty
Twinkle Twinkle Little StarTwinkle
Pearls and the BeachPearls
Soaking Wet ShowdownWet
I Kid You NotKid
A Masked HalloweenMasked
Diavolo Birthday Bash '21DBB
Storybook WorldStory
You're a GemGem
A Surprise for YouSurprise
RAD Tumbling TroupeTroupe
Cold SnapCold
Valentine's Day ShowdownShowdown
Bunny Boys At Your ServiceService
Three-Legged Crow Leisure LandLeisure
Pirates: The Legendary Treasure!Treasure
Sacrifice of DarknessDark
Magical Eggs ♪ What Will Hatch?!Raise
The Great Yokai ParadeLantern
Liar Liar Animal Attire!Furry
Enter the CyberverseCyber
All Aboard the S.S. Devildom!Cruise
Steampunk ShenanigansAirship
Cowboys on the RangeCowboy
Halloween Prank ProblemsPrank
Devildom Film FestivalMovie
Conjuring of a White Christmas!Christmas
The Three Worlds FestivalTTWF
A Star for YouStar
Super Smash Devils!Fight
Valentine's Day Canceled?!Canceled?!
Princess RosePrincess
A Weird White DayWhite Day
The Cursed Seed and the Fertilizing FlameFestival
The Demon's GambitChess
RAD on Stage ♪Stage
Whisked AwayMagic
The Vampire SpecialChasseur
Hell Marine FestivalMarine
Terrible Time TroubleHourglass
Blue Spring ParadiseParadise
Devil's Water Panic!Water
The Fangol Ultra BowlFangol
The Scroll of ThirstScroll
An A-Mazing AdventureMaze
Trick or Treat!Monster

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