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Obey Me! Misadventures[edit]

Misadventures Cover Art

Author: Yukina Okamoto

Story: NTT Solmare

Publisher: Solmare Publishing

Summary: The Obey Me! one-page comics that we released on Twitter are now being released together as "Obey Me! Misadventures"! Separate from the manga series releasing on Manga Plaza, these one-page comics take a look at the funny daily misadventures of the seven brothers.

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Obey Me! The Comic[edit]

Comic Cover Art

Author: Subaru Nitou

Story: NTT Solmare

Publisher: MAG Garden

Summary: There is only 1 rule you have to remember... "One master to rule them all!" - It's the long-awaited comic for the outstandingly popular demon-training mobile game! When they're selected to be an exchange student at RAD, a school for demons, our protagonist finds waiting for them... 7 demon brothers and a student life at RAD that's shaping up to be a wild ride...!

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