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This page covers information about both official Obey Me! manga titles "Obey Me! The Comic" and "Obey Me! Misadventures."

Obey Me! The Comic[edit]

Comic Cover Art
Comic Cover Art
Author Subaru Nitou
Story NTT Solmare
Publisher MAG Garden
Digital Release Date February 28, 2022
Chapters 13
Complete Yes


From There is only 1 rule you have to remember... "One master to rule them all!" - It's the long-awaited comic for the outstandingly popular demon-training mobile game! When they're selected to be an exchange student at RAD, a school for demons, our protagonist finds waiting for them... 7 demon brothers and a student life at RAD that's shaping up to be a wild ride...!

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Canonical Differences[edit]

Note: this section may include spoilers.

There are a number of differences between the story of the Obey Me! and Nightbringer games and the story of "Obey Me! The Comic," the most notable of which are listed here.

  • The main character is a literal sheep in the manga.
    • Upon arriving to the Devildom, the protagonist is transformed into a tiny, pink sheep that has amnesia.
    • Their original goal (before discovering Belphegor in the attic) is to find a way to fix their amnesia and return to their human form.
  • The main character's name is Zephyr in the original Mangaplaza release.
    • The protagonist is given the name "Zephyr" by Lucifer in Chapter 2, which they are referred to as throughout the rest of the manga.
    • In the later released English and French print versions of the manga, the character is named "Ibuki."
  • The order in which the main character makes pacts with the brothers is different.
    • Like in Obey Me! the game, Zephyr makes their first pact with Mammon and their second pact with Leviathan. But the third demon they make a pact with is Satan, followed by Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Belphegor, and lastly Lucifer.
  • A little black cat that Satan takes care of named "Blackie" makes several appearances in the manga.
  • The scene in Lesson 4 where Beelzebub destroys the kitchen because Mammon ate his custard was changed.
    • Instead, Luke had to stay with Beelzebub because the brothers were using Zephyr's room to prepare for Beel's birthday party.
  • The retreat to the Demon Lord's Castle and the underground labyrinth in Lessons 7 and 8 were changed.
    • Instead, the manga adapts a modified version of the Bloody Moon arc from Lesson 32 of the Obey Me game for Asmodeus's chapter.
  • The body swapping, Dogi✩Maji✩Memorium game, and trip to the Human World in Lessons 9-11 were changed.
    • Instead, Zephyr and the brothers hatch a plan to recreate an old family photo in hopes that it will help Lucifer and Satan grow closer.
  • The events of Lessons 13-16 are condensed into a single scene that takes place in the House of Lamentation.
    • Unlike in the original game, Lilith's spirit physically manifests and speaks directly to Zephyr and the brothers.
  • The main character does not die in the manga, and Barbatos never has to repair the timeline.
    • While Belphegor threatens to kill them, he finds out that Zephyr is Lilith's descendant before he has the chance to hurt them.
  • Lessons 18-20 are heavily changed.
    • In the last two chapters of the manga, Zephyr's magic begins to fade, and their life is put in danger. The brothers must figure out a way to restore their lost memories before Zephyr fades away forever.

Story Summary[edit]

Note: this section may include spoilers.

Chapter 1[edit]

The story begins with Belphegor's voice calling from the attic, asking for rescue from the "scary demons" who have locked him up.

Zephyr wakes up in the Student Council Room and is greeted by Lord Diavolo and Lucifer. The two introduce themselves and explain that they will be the newest human exchange student at the Royal Academy of Diavolo. Diavolo is surprised, however, to find that the human is in the form of a tiny sheep. Before Zephyr can process what's happening, Mammon enters and demands they pay him. After Mammon is punched in the face by Lucifer, Asmodeus scolds Mammon and rushes over to greet Zephyr. Satan introduces himself, and Beelzebub asks if Zephyr is tonight's dinner.

Lucifer continues his explanation: they must polish up their soul and resist the temptations of demons. But Zephyr freaks out, realizing they have no memories of the human world or how they got here. Suddenly, Leviathan bursts through the wall with Lotan and demands that Mammon pay back the money he owes. Zephyr is alarmed by Mammon's demon form emerging, realizing that they are, in fact, demons.

Lucifer appoints Mammon to be Zephyr's caretaker. After trying to get Beel to do it, Mammon reluctantly agrees. Zephyr blames the demons for turning them into a sheep, but Diavolo assures them that they have no idea what happened to their human form or their memories. Leviathan suggests that Zephyr may have been cursed. Satan is reminded of the fairytale "The Frog Prince" where a kiss broke the curse at the end. Zephyr attempts to run away while the brothers are arguing, but Asmodeus snatches them up and declares that everyone will be kissing Zephyr to turn them back.

Asmodeus tries to charm Zephyr, but is distracted by his reflection in their eyes. After Asmodeus's kiss doesn't work, Leviathan swoops in and starts a flustered rant about being a hero in a video game. But he can't bring himself to kiss them, and Mammon whacks him in the head. Mammon smiles and promises that he'll protect Zephyr, which makes them think he might be a good guy after all. But as he kisses them, he says it's all so he can get a reward in the end. Satan smacks him with a book and tells them all to read the fairytale first. But the book turns out to be a forbidden book that makes Satan act like a two-year-old. Beelzebub takes Zephyr from Satan and kisses them. Zephyr becomes flustered by his intense gaze, but when Beel smells them he opens his mouth to eat them. Lucifer grabs Zephyr just in time, and Zephyr is relieved that it's all over. But Lucifer goes in for a kiss as well, promising to show them a taste of his demon power.

Diavolo apologizes and welcomes them to the Devildom. Meanwhile, Zephyr becomes overwhelmed and faints, wondering what will happen to them next.

Chapter 2[edit]

Solomon appears to Zephyr, warning them about the trials ahead. The image of a butt appears on one of his cards, and he laughs and says that there's no escaping destiny.

Zephyr wakes up from their daydream, still muttering about butts. Mammon tells them to snap out of it and gives them the tour of the House of Lamentation. When they arrive at Zephyr's room, he gives them a D.D.D. and complains about Lucifer making him take care of a human. Zephyr texts him and asks if he's scared of Lucifer, which he angrily denies. Mammon then brags about how important he is and promises to help Zephyr out. But unbeknownst to him, Leviathan is whispering a curse through the window. Mammon's belt rips, causing his pants to fall down and exposing his bare backside.

Later at RAD, Mammon shows Zephyr all their classes. Some students start gossiping about how easy it would be to eat the human since Mammon is the one watching over them. Mammon is offended, and grabs one while yelling at them. Solomon appears again and introduces himself to Zephyr. He explains that he's a human too, and they've become a bit of a celebrity at school recently.

Afterwards, Lucifer warns Zephyr that Solomon is a powerful sorcerer who subjugates demons and shouldn't be trusted. He says that they'll need a name, and the brothers each come up with their own "unique" ideas. A gust of wind reminds Lucifer of something, and he decides to call them "Zephyr."

Back in their room, Zephyr is exhausted from the difficult classes and being harassed all day. They realize that having Mammon as a babysitter is making them even MORE of a target, and Zephyr starts yelling at him. Mammon smugly says he never said anything about turning them back to normal. Leviathan suddenly bursts in and demands his money back, revealing he was the one who made Mammon's belt rip. Mammon throws Zephyr at him and runs away. This gives Leviathan an idea. He sneaks Zephyr into to his room and goes on a rant about the plot of TSL after they notice the books on his bookshelf. He then tells them the story of how Mammon won his beloved Serafina figurine and how he put Leviathan in a pile driver while stark naked.

Leviathan explains that since Zephyr is a human, they can make Mammon obey them by forming a pact with him. All they have to do is offer Mammon something he wants more than anything. With a pact, Zephyr can order Mammon to protect them and give back the figurine. It's like a game, "One master to rule them all."

Chapter 3[edit]

The chapter opens with Mammon at a photoshoot modeling several outfits for some Little D photographers. The Little D.'s swoon at Mammon and his brothers re-enacting the "Birth of Venus" painting, which is printed as a centerfold in the Devil Style magazine.

After the shoot, Mammon brags about being Devil Style's top model and asks Zephyr what they thought of the photoshoot. But Zephyr is too busy thinking back on their conversation with Leviathan and the plan to get his figure back. Zephyr tells Mammon that they'd like to learn more about the Devildom from him, which makes him happy.

Mammon takes Zephyr along to his part time jobs, which include an Akuzon delivery driver, a businessman, and a maid in a maid cafe. While the two are waiting tables at Hell's Kitchen, Luke stares at Zephyr from his table. Simeon apologizes and says goodbye before leaving with Luke.

After work, Zephyr and Mammon share a drink outside. Zephyr asks Mammon if there's something particular he wants to buy with the money from all his jobs. Mammon brushes it off and says he "has his reasons" which makes Zephyr suspicious.

Payday arrives, and Zephyr is excited to receive so much Grimm. But Mammon seems gloomier than ever, and Zephyr decides to sneakily follow behind when he leaves to go somewhere. On the way, Zephyr receives a call from Leviathan. He says that he figured out the thing Mammon wants most, but is interrupted by a scream. A demon is holding the Little D bank teller hostage and threatens to activate a magic item that will "open the gates of hell."

Mammon arrives, and is offended by the bank robber's attitude. He says that no one bosses the "Great Mammon" around, and that the robber should be the one paying him. The other demons are shocked, and the robber becomes enraged. The robber presses a button which opens a chasm in the ground, sending hands of darkness towards Zephyr and the bank teller. He kicks the hand coming towards Zephyr, and tells the robber to back off his human, but realizes he won't reach the bank teller in time. He grabs the sack of cash and throws it at the teller, kneeing the robber in the face to save the day. Everyone celebrates, but Mammon is distraught when the money he threw gets sucked through the gate. He demands that the bank teller reimburse him right as Lucifer walks through the door.

Back at the House of Lamentation, Mammon is strung from the ceiling. He explains through tears that he was going to the bank to reapply for a credit card after Lucifer froze his old one, Goldie. Leviathan calls Zephyr back and says that he found Goldie literally frozen in the freezer. Mammon demands it back, saying he'll do anything. Leviathan tells him to make a pact with Zephyr. He initially refuses, but gives in when Leviathan starts calling for Lucifer. He takes Zephyr's hand and touches their foreheads together, reciting the incantation for the pact. Leviathan tells Zephyr to try a command on him, but warns not to be too forceful or his clothes could fly off. But it's too late, and Zephyr commands him to "Stay!" as Mammon slams into the ground face first fully nude.

Chapter 4[edit]

The chapter opens with Asmodeus on stage as an emcee for the show "Devil's Trivia Showdown." Leviathan and Zephyr are shown on stage, and Asmodeus introduces the "TSL Dance Battle" as the two strike a pose.

A few days earlier, Zephyr thanks Leviathan and asks for a high-five. Leviathan refuses, saying they aren't friends and that their interests just happened to align. Zephyr wonders how they can make friends with Leviathan, when they hear a mysterious voice calling for help. They make it all the way to the attic stairs before Lucifer stops them. He forbids them from entering, and offers to make Zephyr some tea that a human may never wake up from.

The next day, Zephyr is eating on a bench while discouraged by yesterday's events. They spot Luke staring at them, and he runs up and tells Zephyr to never trust a demon, especially Lucifer. Zephyr starts ranting to Luke and he freaks out, but Simeon calms him down. Simeon explains that if they want to make friends with Leviathan and Lucifer, they should obtain Leviathan's cursed vinyl edition of the TSL soundtrack. But Leviathan won't let Zephyr in without a password, saying they don't know anything about him or TSL.

This gives Zephyr an idea, and they run off to have a TSL movie marathon with Mammon and Beelzebub. Mammon is mad that he has to watch for twelve hours straight, but Beelzebub just came for the popcorn. Mammon slowly gets invested in the movies and ends up crying himself to sleep. Beelzebub asks Zephyr what they liked about TSL. Zephyr says they liked the relationship between the seven Lords, especially the sixth and seventh Lord. Zephyr asks Beelzebub if the seventh of his brothers is anything like the seventh Lord and says they want to meet him. Beelzebub smiles and says he thinks they'd get along.

The next day, Leviathan is surprised that Zephyr knows the secret phrase. But he becomes angry, claiming Zephyr thinks they know everything about TSL from just the movies. Zephyr challenges him to a trivia contest, and Leviathan claims he'll make a pact if they can beat him.

Back at the trivia show, Asmodeus introduces the judges, Lord Diavolo and Barbatos. Zephyr answers an easy question correctly, which angers Leviathan. He then goes on to answer every question correctly until the score is -50 to 10,000 points. The final round begins, which is a TSL themed dance battle. Zephyr preforms the dance from the ending of the TSL anime, and Leviathan preforms an original version of the thunder snake dance. He transforms into a Lord of Shadows cosplay with a dramatic pose and uses his final move, "Leviathan's Ultimate Thunder Snake" to summon lightning all around him. Before he can win, a post crow appears and drops an envelope on top of Zephyr. It's a letter of gratitude from Christopher Peugot, the author of TSL. Simeon winks at Zephyr from the stands, hinting that he sent the note. Leviathan is outraged and grabs the letter, but storms off after seeing that it's real.

A few hours later, Leviathan calls Zephyr to the observatory. He admits that he was too insecure to write an encouraging letter to Christopher Peugot and that Zephyr is the bigger fan. Zephyr tells Leviathan that they think his passion is cool and that TSL helped them get to know him a little better. Leviathan reaches out his hand, which Zephyr thinks is for a high-five. But Leviathan asks to make a pact with them and kneels down to recite the incantation. Zephyr asks to be friends and Leviathan blushes, offering to let them read the TSL novels in his room.

That night while Lucifer is busy listening to the cursed record, Zephyr sneaks up the stairs. Beckoned by the voice, they slip through the grate covering the attic door. They find themselves in front of Belphegor, who says he's been waiting for them.

Chapter 5[edit]

Belphegor tells Zephyr he's a human that Lucifer trapped inside the attic. He promises to turn Zephyr back and escape to the Human world together, but the door will only open if Zephyr forms pacts with each brother besides Lucifer. Belphegor is about to suggest they make a pact with Beelzebub next, when he is interrupted by an explosion. He changes his mind and says to make a pact with Satan instead.

As Zephyr exits the attic, they notice the house is in shambles. Satan grabs Zephyr out of nowhere and proclaims that he's making a pact with them, to everyone's surprise. Lucifer becomes furious, yelling at Satan and tugging at Zephyr. After their argument, the rest of the brothers reflect on the aftermath of the fight. Zephyr asks if they've always acted like that. The brothers agree that this is a usual occurrence, and joke that the only way they'll have peace is if they went back to being angels. Zephyr is confused, and walks outside.

Zephyr notices the same black cat that walked in front of Mammon earlier and follows it to Satan's room. Zephyr notices a photograph in a book, but Satan arrives and annoyedly picks them up. Zephyr explains they were following a cat, and Satan introduces "Blackie" as his friend. Satan asks if Zephyr is interested in reading and explains how knowledge can gain one respect no matter the circumstances of their birth. Zephyr says they want to know how to make friends, and Satan takes them to the RAD Library.

At the Library, Satan is about to hand Zephyr a book when he realizes that he used the exact phrase Lucifer once said to him. He suddenly leaves, and Barbatos appears. He introduces himself again, and Zephyr asks about Satan and the brothers' past as angels. Barbatos explains that Satan was never an angel, he was born from Lucifer's wrath. His brothers taught him other emotions, and Lucifer once said it was akin to raising a child. He goes on to say that he does not believe Satan truly hates Lucifer, and vice versa. They just need a catalyst to make up.

Later, Zephyr calls Mammon, Leviathan, Asmodeus, and Beelzebub to an emergency family meeting. Zephyr asks for their help to recreate an old family photo they found in Satan's room, hoping it will help them reconcile. The next day, the operation goes into action. Mammon gets an idea to lure Lucifer away. Zephyr lures Satan by telling him Blackie found a girl cat. Leviathan watches Lucifer chase Mammon through the woods to get his coat back on his computer. He confirms everyone is in position and takes the photo as everyone pops into the frame. The brothers celebrate their success until Satan and Lucifer begin arguing again.

Satan demands an explanation. Zephyr says they only wanted to help him and Lucifer become friends again. This enrages Satan, and Lucifer chastises him for not recognizing when someone is being kind. He tells Satan that he's refuses to understand him and is always picking quarrels. Satan angrily explains that the reason for his anger is because he never knew them as angels. He feels left out, and doesn't get to share in their happy memories. He screams that Lucifer will never know how he feels, and the walls of the House of Lamentation begin to crack. Satan turns to his demon form and levitates in the air with debris and lightning encircling him.

Satan raises his hand and sends debris flying towards Zephyr. They jump out of the way, and Mammon tells them to run for it. But Zephyr notices Blackie and tries to get them to leave. Satan sends jagged stones at them, burying them both. At the sight of Blackie's tail, he snaps out of his rage and realizes what he's done. But Lucifer rises from the rubble, having protected both Zephyr and Blackie. Lucifer says that whatever Satan treasures, he treasures, and he will always be a brother to him. Satan watches with tears in his eyes and whispers his thanks as Blackie licks a laughing Lucifer.

Satan thanks Zephyr for helping him come to terms with Lucifer and his birth and offers to make a pact out of gratitude. Satan brings Zephyr to his forehead and says the incantation. He smiles and says they're turning the first page of a new book together. The image of a new family photo with Belphegor's face drawn in with marker is shown framed on the shelf.

Chapter 6[edit]

In the attic, Zephyr chastises Belphegor for speaking ill of Lucifer. Zephyr accuses him of scheming something, but Belohegor assures them that what he said about the pacts is true. He explains that there's a bloody moon coming up and warns them of an ancient legend: A monster will awaken at the bloody moon festival. In the next panel, a giant-sized princess Asmodeus threatens to punish a giant snake in the name of the bloody moon (in reference to the character Sailor Moon).

At the House of Lamentation, the brothers are shocked to find out that Diavolo won't be running in the bloody moon competition this year. The results are always the same, Diavolo comes in first and Lucifer in second. Asmodeus emerges in a robe and says there must have been a mistake last year. He asks if Zephyr agrees, and Zephyr says they've always liked the picture of Asmodeus as a princess. Asmodeus suddenly declares that Zephyr will be his personal producer starting today.

At RAD, Zephyr admires the display case of Diavolo's bloody moon trophies. They learn that the top contenders eventually perform onstage. Solomon arrives, and Zephyr asks how they can help Asmodeus. Solomon tells Zephyr that long ago, Lucifer considered Asmodeus the "Jewel of the Celestial Realm" and that his pride is his greatest weakness. Solomon also reveals he has a pact with Asmodeus, to Zephyr's shock. He lends them some magic and tells them to draw out Asmodeus's power.

Suddenly, Asmodeus arrives in a throne carried by some students. His fan club cheers and asks Zephyr to help Asmodeus win. Zephyr suggests they promote Asmodeus on a massive scale, and Asmodeus whispers the plan to the students using his charm powers. A young male student approaches Asmodeus and thanks him for calling his freckles cute. He explains that he used to be self-conscious about them until Asmodeus helped him accept himself.

Back in Asmodeus's room, Zephyr asks about the plan. Asmodeus decided to embrace Zephyr's love of "Princess Asmo" and likes the idea of a damsel in distress being saved by a monster. Suddenly Mephistopheles arrives and scolds Asmodeus for leaving his statues all over the academy. He tells Asmodeus that he made it to the next round, but Lucifer is leading the polls by a landslide. This greatly upsets him, and he asks Zephyr if they really believe he can win first place before running away.

On the day of the performance, Zephyr goes backstage to find Asmodeus sulking with his costume. He feels like he's let his fans down, but Zephyr reassures him that he makes lots of people happy. They touch Asmodeus's hand, which glows with warmth and makes him feel reassured. He reveals that he's the one who paints his brothers nails, and says that hands are used to communicate one's feelings. He apologizes, and says he won't give up.

An earthquake suddenly hits the stage. A gigantic snake emerges from the ground, and Zephyr remembers Belphegor's warning. Leviathan recognizes the snake as "Henry 1.0," his old pet. Asmodeus grabs Zephyr and leaps out of the way. They're about to run when Asmodeus notices the boy with freckles being dangled over Henry's mouth. Asmodeus tries to charm Henry, but he deflects the spell. Zephyr notices their hand glowing, and the two touch hands as Asmodeus begins to grow to giant size.

Asmodeus uses Zephyr's magic to channel the bloody moon's power and call forth a "celestial ray" to charm Henry. As Asmodeus pulls the student away, he begins to shrink back to normal. Zephyr calls to him, but Asmodeus says his charm will wear off soon and there's something he needs to do first. Zephyr thinks that he's sacrificing himself, but Asmodeus strikes a dramatic pose of a damsel in distress to complete the plan from before.

Back at home, the brothers toast over Asmodeus's single-vote win over Lucifer. Asmodeus thanks Zephyr for giving him strength, and wonders what else he could do with a pact. Lucifer watches from a window as Asmodeus forms a pact with Zephyr. Solomon appears, and correctly guesses that the winning vote belonged to Lucifer. Solomon praises Zephyr for making four pacts so quickly, and claims it wasn't a coincidence that Lucifer chose Zephyr as an exchange student. He asks if Lucifer hopes Zephyr will save him and his brothers, and Lucifer replies "Who can say?" as the chapter ends.

Chapter 7[edit]

The chapter begins with Luke and a mascot character of Blackie the cat hosting a baking show for kids called "The Chatty Pastry Chef." Luke sings a cute theme song about how yummy and irresistible sweets are. He tells everyone to "Share and enjoy!" as Cerberus and Beelzebub tear into a cake with their fangs.

In Zephyr's room, Satan, Leviathan, and Asmodeus are fighting for Zephyr's attention. Mammon gets upset and calls himself "Zephyr's first" which causes a brawl to break out. A paint can is thrown on Zephyr's head, and they angrily command the brothers to "stay." Zephyr reminds them that they're here to prepare for Beelzebub's surprise birthday party. They realize they're the only one who hasn't gotten Beelzebub a present yet, and Asmodeus suggests to think about how they want to make Beelzebub feel when picking a gift.

Zephyr walks outside, thinking about how they don't know Beelzebub well enough yet. Blackie appears and leads Zephyr to a rustling box in the woods. Zephyr hears strange noises and thinks there's a cat inside. Beelzebub emerges from the bushes on his hands and knees and admits the growling is from his stomach. Beelzebub wants to eat the yummy smelling thing in the box, and Zephyr tries to stop him. But when he lifts the lid, Luke pops out with tears in his eyes. Beelzebub is surprised to see a "chihuahua," which makes Luke angry. He cries about how he ran away from Purgatory Hall because of a fight with Simeon. Zephyr remembers their room is being used for the surprise party, but Beelzebub offers to let Luke stay in his room.

The three sneak into Beelzebub's room. Beelzebub reveals that he knew about the birthday party the whole time due to the brother's loud voices. He appreciates their hard work, but is sad because this year "he" won't be here. Beelzebub's stomach growls and he leaves to get snacks. Zephyr asks Luke what he thinks would make Beelzebub happy, and Luke says food is the obvious option. He proudly tells Zephyr that he invented the "fluffy angel's cake" and offers to bake one. Mammon suddenly starts coming, and Luke hides in the closet while Zephyr throws a pillow at Mammon. But when Zephyr opens the closet door, Luke has seemingly vanished.

Beelzebub returns, and Zephyr panics and tells him that Luke has disappeared. Beelzebub suddenly hears a familiar voice calling to him, and he discovers a secret room which he recognizes as Lilith's from the Celestial Realm. He shows Zephyr a picture and explains that they used to have a sister before she died in the Celestial War. Beelzebub admits that during the war, he had to choose between saving her and his twin, Belphegor. He says he still blames himself for her death to this day. Zephyr recognizes Belphegor in the picture, and runs off to the attic.

Zephyr confronts Belphegor, who admits to being the avatar of sloth. Belphegor says that because Beelzebub values family, he'll be especially sad this year without him. Zephyr realizes how to make Beelzebub happy and becomes determined to help him escape. The sound of Luke yelling causes Zephyr to run away while Belphegor quietly thanks them.

In the underground tomb, Zephyr and the brothers find Luke proudly standing on a ladder in front of a giant birthday cake. They tell Luke to turn around, and he notices Lucifer's pet Cerberus growling at him. The brothers panic, but they notice Beelzebub has started to climb the cake. Beelzebub challenges Cerberus to an eating contest and wins, incapacitating him.

Luke brags about his recipe and holds up a grimoire, which he accidentally grabbed thinking it was his recipe book. Lucifer appears and explains that a grimoire can control a demon without a pact. Luke accidentally drops the grimoire, which enrages Lucifer. Zephyr and Luke are blown off the ladder by Lucifer's magic. Beelzebub catches Zephyr, but seeing another person falling causes Beelzebub to have a flashback. He remembers Lilith saying that she would save both twins if they were ever in danger. He then sees Lilith falling to her death as Belphegor screams at him to save her instead. Beelzebub hesitates, thinking he will fail again. Zephyr suddenly lunges out and grabs Luke's hand, which reminds Beelzebub of Lilith.

Zephyr wakes up from fainting, and Beelzebub assures them everyone is ok. He admires Zephyr's willingness to risk their life, and is reminded of Lilith again. Beelzebub asks to make a pact with them, and recites the incantation. Afterwards, Zephyr wonders if a pact is all he wants for his birthday instead of food. Beelzebub smiles and says he's already full with happiness.

Meanwhile, the narrator says Zephyr unknowingly invited a terrible disaster. Belphegor announces he's coming and smiles menacingly as he steps through the open door.

Chapter 8[edit]

The chapter begins with a commercial for Solomon's redesigned action horror board game, "The House of the Dead" that lets you experience a haunted house in your own home. Solomon promises a special present for those who win, wishing the viewer "happy treasure hunting!" as the demon brothers run through a gauntlet of violent traps.

At the House of Lamentation, the brothers happily celebrate Beelzebub's birthday. Before Zephyr can fetch Belphegor, Leviathan suggests they play his newest board game, "The House of the Dead." Mammon lifts the lid at the mention of a prize, and the brothers get sucked into the game. The in-game guide explains that they must find eight treasure boxes in order to reveal the mysterious stranger living unnoticed in the haunted mansion. The brothers find themselves in costumes, and Mammon instantly falls into a trap and respawns. They endure a variety of traps such as spikes, flames, and sharks until they have two boxes left to find. Each of the boxes contains one of the brother's favorite things, such as makeup, video games, and money.

Zephyr suddenly sees a ghostly apparition and hears a woman's voice. Thinking it's the hidden resident, they follow it to a chest containing a golden apple. The brothers catch up, and Beelzebub is reminded of how golden apples were Lilith's favorite food. They all reminisce about good times with Lilith and how she'll always be in their hearts. The brothers agree that Lucifer has become softer since Zephyr arrived, and Asmodeus thinks Belphegor will be excited to meet them when he comes home. Before Zephyr can ask what he means, Beelzebub finds the final box containing the prize. He opens it up to reveal Belphegor's pillow. Belphegor then steps out of the mist, greeting his brothers.

Zephyr and the brothers are excited to see Belphegor, but Lucifer becomes angry. Belphegor reveals that Lucifer locked him in the attic and lied about sending him on the exchange program. Belphegor thanks Zephyr for making a pact with Lucifer, but is surprised when Zephyr says they didn't. Beelzebub becomes enraged, grabbing Lucifer and accusing him of betraying his family. Zephyr and the brothers are shocked. Belphegor calls humans stupid and weak as he reveals he was only using Zephyr the whole time. He's furious with Lucifer for letting Lilith die, and for agreeing to host an exchange program when humans were the reason Lilith was banished from the Celestial Realm.

Belphegor turns into his demon form and grabs Zephyr, threatening to crush them if anyone comes closer. He laughs at Lucifer for being subservient to Diavolo, and vows to wipe every demon, angel, and human off the face of the earth. Lucifer finally reveals that Lilith was reincarnated as a human by Diavolo's power, and Zephyr is her descendant. Belphegor doesn't believe him and becomes angry. But he feels the aura coming from Zephyr's hand and recognizes it as Lilith's. Lucifer explains that Lilith lost her memories as an angel, but she lived a happy life as a human. Belphegor admits that he's been consumed with guilt ever since she died and he didn't. He became scared when everyone talked about her less and less, and began to resent humans.

Belphegor bursts into tears, begging Lilith to forgive him. Zephyr tells him it's alright, but then angrily scolds him by saying that they're Zephyr, not Lilith.

Chapter 9[edit]

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Chapter 10[edit]

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Chapter 11[edit]

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Chapter 12[edit]

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Chapter 13[edit]

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Obey Me! Misadventures[edit]

Misadventures Cover Art
Misadventures Cover Art
Author Yukina Okamoto
Story NTT Solmare
Publisher Solmare Publishing
Digital Release Date February 28, 2022
Chapters 1
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From The Obey Me! one-page comics that we released on Twitter are now being released together as "Obey Me! Misadventures"! Separate from the manga series releasing on Manga Plaza, these one-page comics take a look at the funny daily misadventures of the seven brothers.

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Chapter 1[edit]

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