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Birthday events are special events in Obey Me! celebrating a character's birthday. These events include special Nightmares, Missions, Pop Quizzes, and more! While birthday Pop Quizzes are not added to Lonely Devil, starting in May of 2022, older birthday Pop Quizzes for a character with an upcoming birthday are given limited-time revivals shortly before the current year's Pop Quiz is released. Only the previous birthday Pop Quizzes are given a revival; all other related birthday events do not repeat.


The number of base points awarded after completing a battle in birthday Pop Quizzes varies depending on the how many stars are earned, as shown in the table below. There are no cheat cards for birthday Pop Quizzes.

Stars Won Points
3-Star Win 12 points
2-Star Win 11 points
1-Star Win 10 points

Birthday Order[edit]

Character Date
Thirteen January 13
Simeon February 10
Beelzebub and Belphegor March 11
Leviathan April 9
Asmodeus May 15
Lucifer June 6
Luke July 15
Barbatos August 22
Mammon September 10
Raphael September 29
Satan October 20
Diavolo October 31
Mephistopheles November 11
Solomon December 9



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