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Jobs Banner.png
Jobs Banner.png

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:D Jobs is an app in Nightbringer that can be accessed from the D.D.D. If the player swipes left, it is the icon 2nd from the left in the top row of apps on the home screen. Jobs are a way for the player to earn extra Grimm, items, and intimacy with characters by sending characters off to work shifts at nine different locations (including one VIP-only location).

Overview[edit source]

At the start of the game, only one worker slot is available. Two more slots can be unlocked by increasing the players' level. The second slot is unlocked after the player reaches level 10 and the third is unlocked after the player reaches level 20. The final two can be unlocked by subscribing to VIP, for a total of five available workers. A maximum of two characters can be working one location at a time. Rewards are given at shift's end on a per-worker basis (e.g. if two characters work at The Classroom, the pay will be 1,000 Grimm instead of the normal 500 Grimm).

Whether one character or two work at a job site, this will still count as one completion for the sake of Daily To Do tasks, though each character will increase in their individual To Do Job Completion Count.

Job Info Screen[edit source]

Job Help 1 NB.png
Job Help 1 NB.png

The Job Info screen shows you all of the information related to a specific workplace. You can choose the members that you would like to send to work from this screen.

1. The number of times you have sent a member to work at a workplace.

2. Select a member

Tap to open the screen where you can select a member.

3. The job length (amount of time required to complete a job) and its pay.

4. Start working.

Member Select Screen[edit source]

Job Help 2 NB.png
Job Help 2 NB.png

1. On the job

Indicates that a member is currently working.
The timer indicates the remaining time until their shift is over.
"Finished!" will appear above any members whose timer has hit zero.

2. Specialty

Sparkles around a character indicates that they are more suited for a particular job.
Having them work these jobs increases the chance of item drop rewards.
Having two workers at a location as opposed to just one also increases the odds of receiving item rewards.

3. Selected

Any member already chosen for a workplace will have a check mark.
Selecting another member or tapping on the same member will remove the check mark.

Unlocking Workplaces[edit source]

Job Help 3 NB.png
Job Help 3 NB.png

Though only The Classroom and The Courtyard are initially available, new workplaces are unlocked after meeting the work requirements. Exact numbers of completed work shifts needed to unlock locations are listed in the tables below.

1. Required shifts

Shows completed shifts/required number of shifts.

2. Tapping this button will take you to the job info screen for that workplace.

Spy on Them![edit source]

Depending on the combination of characters chosen for a location, at job's completion there is a chance to trigger additional cutscenes called "Spy on Them!" These cutscenes happen by random chance, and each job location has different sets of available character combinations. These are listed under the "Spy on them! Combinations" row in the tables below.

Job Locations[edit source]

The Classroom Job.png

The Classroom[edit source]

"Don't Cheat off of Mammon"

Unlocked at the beginning of the game
Job Length Pay
30 Minutes Grimm icon.png 500 Grimm per worker
Potential Items
Pride.png Pride Gems(s),
Paradise Blue,
Unidentified Matter
Specialty Intimacy Points
Lucifer Asmodeus Belphegor Diavolo
Lucifer, Asmodeus, Belphegor, Diavolo
+10 per worker
Spy on them! Combinations
Lucifer Satan
Lucifer + Satan
Asmodeus Diavolo
Asmodeus + Diavolo
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Spy on them! Summaries[edit source]

Lucifer and Satan[edit source]

Satan is not happy that he has to work with Lucifer. Lucifer overhears Satan grumbling about the prank he had planned and sarcastically apologizes that things didn't work out.

Asmodeus and Diavolo[edit source]

Asmodeus is surprised by how inexperienced Diavolo is with cleaning. Diavolo apologizes and Asmodeus suggests Diavolo tries again after receiving cleaning lessons from Barbatos.
The Courtyard Job.png

The Courtyard[edit source]

"The Place of Dreams"

Unlocked at the beginning of the game
Job Length Pay
45 Minutes Grimm icon.png 750 Grimm per worker
Potential Items
Greed.png Greed Gems(s),
Madam Scream's Macarons,
Barbatos's Signature Cake
Specialty Intimacy Points
Satan Asmodeus Luke
Satan, Asmodeus, Luke
+15 per worker
Spy on them! Combinations
Mammon Asmodeus
Mammon + Asmodeus
Satan Beelzebub
Satan + Beelzebub
Barbatos Solomon
Barbatos + Solomon
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Spy on them! Summaries[edit source]

Mammon and Asmodeus[edit source]

While they finish up work, Asmodeus asks Mammon if he would like to go to karaoke after they're done. Mammon agrees but becomes upset when Asmodeus reminds him that it is Mammon's turn to pay.

Satan and Beelzebub[edit source]

Beelzebub offers Satan a cookie as he believes Satan is in a bad mood because he's hungry. However, Satan is annoyed by this and refuses the cookie.

Barbatos and Solomon[edit source]

Solomon decides to clean the courtyard without using magic saying it helps clear his mind. Barbatos overhears this and inquires. Solomon reveals that he is having trouble with enchantments and thought cleaning will help, also suggesting having Barbatos prepare tea which the latter agrees to.
The Colloseum Job.png

The Colloseum[edit source]

"Are You Not Entertained?!"

The Classroom x10, The Courtyard x5
Job Length Pay
1 hour Grimm icon.png 1,000 Grimm per worker
Potential Items
Envy.png Envy Gems(s),
Family Pack Sushi,
Barbatos's Tea
Specialty Intimacy Points
Mammon Beelzebub Solomon
Mammon, Beelzebub, Solomon
+20 per worker
Spy on them! Combinations
Beelzebub Diavolo
Beelzebub + Diavolo
Diavolo Barbatos
Diavolo + Barbatos
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Spy on them! Summaries[edit source]

Beelzebub and Diavolo[edit source]

Beelzebub states that he is hungry. Diavolo was expecting this, so he asked Barbatos to prepare some food for them. Diavolo asks Beelzebub if he wishes to eat with him and takes his astonishment as a yes.

Diavolo and Barbatos[edit source]

Diavolo is bothered when Barbatos does Diavolo's work load and calls it avoidable work. Diavolo asks what is the difference between this work and his regular work is and Barbatos says that his regular work is the type that only Diavolo can do.
The Cafeteria Job.png

The Cafeteria[edit source]

"Did Someone Say Food Fight?"

The Courtyard x20, The Colloseum x10
Job Length Pay
2 hours Grimm icon.png 2,000 Grimm per worker
Potential Items
Wrath.png Wrath Gems(s),
Wicked Cupcake,
Human World Cheeseburger
Specialty Intimacy Points
Lucifer Beelzebub Barbatos Luke
Lucifer, Beelzebub, Barbatos, Luke
+40 per worker
Spy on them! Combinations
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Spy on them! Summaries[edit source]

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The Hallway Job.png

The Hallway[edit source]

"Don't D.D.D. and Walk"

The Courtyard x40, The Colloseum x20, The Cafeteria x10
Job Length Pay
3 hours Grimm icon.png 3,000 Grimm per worker
Potential Items
Lust.png Lust Gem(s),
Spicy Rainbow Pizza,
RedxRed Apple Pie
Specialty Intimacy Points
Mammon Barbatos Simeon
Mammon, Barbatos, Simeon
+70 per worker
Spy on them! Combinations
Asmodeus Diavolo
Asmodeus + Diavolo
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Spy on them! Summaries[edit source]

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The Lab Job.png

The Lab[edit source]

"Remember the Law of Equivalent Exchange"

The Colosseum x40, The Cafeteria x20, The Hallway x10
Job Length Pay
4 hours Grimm icon.png 4,400 Grimm per worker
Potential Items
Gluttony.png Gluttony Gems(s),
Princess's Poison Apple,
Instant Noodles (Hell-Sauce Flavor)
Specialty Intimacy Points
Leviathan Satan Solomon
Leviathan, Satan, Solomon
+100 per worker
Spy on them! Combinations
Leviathan Diavolo
Leviathan + Diavolo
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Spy on them! Summaries[edit source]

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The Pool Job.png

The Pool[edit source]

"Just Don't Go off the Deep End..."

The Cafeteria x40, The Hallway x30, The Lab x10
Job Length Pay
6 hours Grimm icon.png 7,200 Grimm per worker
Potential Items
Sloth.png Sloth Gem(s),
Flower Staff (Bud),
Whip of Love
Specialty Intimacy Points
Mammon Leviathan Belphegor
Mammon, Leviathan, Belphegor
+150 per worker
Spy on them! Combinations
Mammon Simeon
Mammon + Simeon
Mammon Solomon
Mammon + Solomon
Satan Belphegor
Satan + Belphegor
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Spy on them! Summaries[edit source]

Mammon and Solomon[edit source]

After they finish work, Mammon wants to go for a swim. However, Solomon advises against this because the water is currently cursed so that the moment someone jumps in, they'll experience violent leg cramps.
The Clock Tower Job.png

The Clock Tower[edit source]

"Where to Have the Time of Your Life!”

The Hallway x50, The Lab x30, The Pool x20
Job Length Pay
8 hours Grimm icon.png 10,400 Grimm per worker
Potential Items
Azuki-Tan Wallet,
Story Key
Specialty Intimacy Points
Satan Diavolo Simeon
Satan, Diavolo, Simeon
+200 per worker
Spy on them! Combinations
Mammon Satan
Mammon + Satan
Leviathan Satan
Leviathan + Satan
Leviathan Beelzebub
Leviathan + Beelzebub
Belphegor Simeon
Belphegor + Simeon
Diavolo Solomon
Diavolo + Solomon
Luke Barbatos
Luke + Barbatos

Spy on them! Summaries[edit source]

Mammon and Satan[edit source]

While working, Mammon and Satan get into an argument over the "weird" way Satan cleans and how Mammon tried to help.

Leviathan and Satan[edit source]

While working, Satan spots Lucifer standing by the school gate. When Leviathan asks what Satan's looking at, Satan says that he has a curse to try out and wonders if he can hit Lucifer from a distance. Leviathan decides to leave to avoid also getting in trouble when Satan gets caught.

Leviathan and Beelzebub[edit source]

After work, Leviathan tries to run off to buy the newest issue of "Demon Land Eternal." Beelzebub, thinking Leviathan said something about food, grabs him before he can leave, much to Leviathan's annoyance.

Diavolo and Solomon[edit source]

When finishing work, Solomon asks Diavolo if Barbatos often checks in on him "like he did today." Diavolo says yes, Barbatos wants to make sure that Diavolo doesn't make any mistakes to harm his reputation. Solomon says that it sounds more like a helicopter parent, but it's okay if it makes Barbatos happy.
The Assembly Hall Job.png

The Assembly Hall[edit source]

"Exchange Students...Assemble!"

VIP subscription
Job Length Pay
24 hours Grimm icon.png 35,000 Grimm per worker
Potential Items
SSR Joker(s),
Flower Staff (Blossom),
Specialty Intimacy Points
All Characters +600 per worker
Spy on them! Combinations
Lucifer Leviathan
Lucifer + Leviathan
Mammon Belphegor
Mammon + Belphegor
Asmodeus Solomon
Asmodeus + Solomon
Beelzebub Barbatos
Beelzebub + Barbatos
Simeon Solomon
Simeon + Solomon

Spy on them! Summaries[edit source]

Lucifer and Leviathan[edit source]

Leviathan complains about feeling miserable having to work with Lucifer because he's terrified of being scolded. Lucifer is offended, stating it's Leviathan's fault for acting suspiciously all the time. He accuses Leviathan of already plotting something bad, which Lucifer would have to punish him for. Leviathan denies the accusation in a panic.

Asmodeus and Solomon[edit source]

Solomon asks Asmodeus if he would like to go shopping together after they finish working. After Asmodeus agrees, Solomon explains that he would like to make a particular magic item, and Asmodeus realizes that he was only invited to help Solomon lug around the necessary ingredients and materials.
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