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Fab Snap icon.png

Fab Snap lets you watch videos, and send comments and effects!


For You Feed[edit]

New videos will play automatically. Swipe up and down to watch the next video. Swipe left and right to switch between your videos and "For You."

Fab Snap Help 1.png
Fab Snap Help 1.png

1. Title of the video.

2. Displays all hashtags.

3. Opens the account that posted the video.

4. Saves the video to your favorites.

5. Displays comments.

6. Opens video settings.

7. Video search bar.

8. Opens the shop.

9. Opens your profile.

10. Shares the video on social media.

11. Turns subtitles on/off.

12. Turns the UR on/off.

Video List[edit]

Fab Snap Help 2.png
Fab Snap Help 2.png

1. Changes the order in which videos are displayed.

2. Tap the thumbnail to play the video.

3. Indicates a new video.

4. Indicates videos that haven't been watched yet.

5. Indicates videos with the same hashtag.

6. Indicates that a video is locked.

Find out how to unlock the video by tapping the lock.

7. You can add a video to your favorites by tapping the star.

Favorited videos will be displayed in your profile.

8. Scrolls to the top of the page.

9. Displays recommended videos.

10. Opens the shop.

11. Opens your profile.

Video Screen[edit]

Fab Snap Help 3.png
Fab Snap Help 3.png


Shows a feed of the comments on a video.
By tapping the icon, you can see the account which posted the comment.

2. Title

The title of the video being played.

3. Displays all hashtags

4. Write a comment.

Select the comment you would like to post.

5. Choose an effect.

6. Send an effect.

Lets you send the effect you chose.

7. Opens the account which posted the video.

8. Saves the video to your favorites.

9. Displays the comments.

10. Opens the video settings.

11. A list of comments that can be chosen.

Tap to select a comment to post. Tap again to deselect the comment.
Tap locked comments to see how to unlock them.

12. Displays your chosen comments.

13. Posts your chosen comments.


You can purchase effects and comments that can be used on videos.

Fab Snap Help 4.png
Fab Snap Help 4.png

1. Displays a list of effects.

2. Purchase button.

Purchased effects can be used on videos that you watch.
Some effects are only available for a limited time, so watch out!

3. Displays a list of comments.

4. Purchase button

Purchased comments can be used on videos that you watch.
Some comments are only available for a limited time, so watch out!

5. Displays recommended videos.

6. Video search bar.

7. Open your profile.

Your Profile[edit]

A place where you can see your own profile and favorited videos.

Fab Snap Help 5.png
Fab Snap Help 5.png

1. Displays your profile.

You can change our account name and icon from here.

2. Favorited videos.

3. Displays recommended videos.

4. Video search bar.

5. Opens the shop.

Other Players' Profiles[edit]

A place where you can see other players' profile and favorited videos.

Fab Snap Comment Button.png
Fab Snap Comment Button.png

You can also tap the "Comment" button to send them a friend request!


Name Requirements
Love 5 Devil Points
Darling 5 Devil Points
Stan 5 Devil Points
Sly 5 Devil Points
Stud 5 Devil Points
Precious 5 Devil Points
Making Me Nervous 5 Devil Points
Best Ever 5 Devil Points
Superb 5 Devil Points
Thanks 5 Devil Points
Sadist Healing Lucifer
Greedy Boy Grounded
Otaku I'm Not Jealous!
Bookworm The Root of Wrath
Sexy Asmo, the Recluse?
Foodie Hungry for Mealtime
Youngest As Long as You're Here
Demon King Heir Demon Lord's Castle Tour
Butler Tea Time With You
Chihuahua I Can Do It Too!
Natural To Devil's Coast We Go!
Master Solomon Takes the Train
Impressive Hope in the Wasteland (NB)
Athletic The Hero Descends (NB)
Beautiful Li'l Asmo's Big Journey (NB)
Sleepy Belphie in Boots (NB)
Wait A Long Journey (NB)
Puppet The End of a Journey (NB)
Long Live Slay the Dragon (NB)
Transformeowtion The New Student's Secret (NB)
Let's Gooo! No Love Like Sibling Love (NB)
What Power! Shout Your Heart Out (NB)


Name Requirements
Poisoned Apple 5 Devil Points
Grimm 5 Devil Points
Goldfish 5 Devil Points
Cat 5 Devil Points
Lips 5 Devil Points
Meat 5 Devil Points
Sleepy Sheep 5 Devil Points
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