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This page lists all Pop Quizzes in Nightbringer. For Pop Quizzes in Obey Me!, see the Obey Me! Pop Quizzes category page.

Overview[edit source]

A Pop Quiz is a limited-time event where you can collect points that can be exchanged for rewards by completing battles. Some Pop Quizzes also have ranking rewards that can be earned. Your rank is determined by the total number of points collected during the event.

Cheat Cards[edit source]

Cheat Card icon.png

Cheat cards are special cards that, when owned, increases the amount of Pop Quiz points earned per battle. If you have cheat cards for a Pop Quiz, you'll see a fiery/glowing card symbol next to the Pop Quiz collection item. Cheat cards do not need to be used in battles to receive the extra points.

The amount of extra Pop Quiz points you can get changes depending on the card's rarity. UR cheat cards will give you more points than SSR cheat cards, which in turn reward more points than SR cards. Getting duplicates of the same cheat cards will also increase the number of points earned. However, card duplicates that turn into Raven after being summoned more than 10 times do not count towards your point total.

Cheat cards for a Pop Quiz can be obtained in the related Nightmare event.

Celestial Blessing[edit source]

See the Celestial Blessing page.

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