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Wanderers' Whereabouts is "a baby monitor app developed for distressed babysitters." This Nightbringer app allows players to see what the characters get up to in their daily lives through unlockable videos.

About Wanderers' Whereabouts[edit]

Wanderers Help 1.png
Wanderers Help 1.png

1. Indicates who is in the room.

2. Floors

Karasu indicates which floor you are currently on.

3. Memory Box

A gallery of memories of the things everyone has been up to.

Room Screen[edit]

Wanderers Help 2.png
Wanderers Help 2.png

1. Presents that you can give in Wanderers' Whereabouts are found here.

2. Choose who you would like to invite to the room from here.

3. Memory Box

A gallery of memories of the things everyone has been up to.

4. Take a trip to Akuzon.

Exchange Karma Points for Presents.

5. View your presents.

View a list of presents that you own or do not own.
You can also give presents to the person in your room.

6. View outfits.

View a list of outfits that you own and do not own, and change characters' outfits.

Memory Box[edit]

Wanderers Help 3.png
Wanderers Help 3.png

1. Sort your memories by all or by each character.

2. Sort and change the display order of your memories.

3. This icon indicates whose memory it is.

4. This icon indicates memories that can be viewed as part of an event.

5. Video calls are indicated by this icon.

6. A memory associated with a present is indicated by this icon.


See the Items (Nightbringer) page.


See the WW Outfits Gallery.

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