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This page contains brief summaries of all Lessons in the Main Story of Nightbringer.

Lessons 1-10[edit]

Lesson 1[edit]

An unregistered number sends a message to MC, and says they are going to take MC to "a place that will bring you more joy than any other." They then wake up in a room surrounded by demons, who say they found MC unconscious on the floor of an unfinished school building.

Diavolo introducing himself
Diavolo introducing himself

One of the demons introduces himself as Diavolo, the future king of the Devildom. He then introduces the other seven demons as Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, and Belphegor.

Introductions are interrupted when MC's phone rings. It's from Solomon, but he loses connection as he is jumping through space-time. Yelling can then be heard from outside the room. Diavolo says this is Satan, the last of the brothers to be introduced. He is the Avatar of Wrath, just as the other brothers are Avatars of Pride, Greed, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, and Sloth.

Satan had been put in chains due to being unable to control his rage, but was able to escape, and is now destroying everything. Leviathan wonders aloud why he's stuck with Satan for a brother, but Asmodeus reminds him that the Demon King said the seven of them have to consider themselves brothers from now on. Lucifer then mentions they only recently arrived to the Devildom, making MC realize that they've been sent to the past.

Satan finds everyone in the council room, so MC tries to use their pact with him to make him "stay." Nothing happens, but then MC's phone once gain interrupts, this time by a notification that sounds like Ruri-chan's voice.

Leviathan asks MC who "Ruri Hana" is and says he's going to try out Ruri★Tunes. Lucifer shouts at him to pay attention, as Satan is still attempting to kill them. MC tries yelling "stay" again, and this time all of the brothers fall, and Satan is knocked unconscious. Diavolo is impressed, and asks MC to serve as the brothers' attendant.

Belphegor then asks when they can go home. Diavolo has prepared a house for the brothers: the House of Lamentation. They no longer have to stay at the Demon Lord's Castle. Despite any reservations, they all head there.

MC is about to head inside as well, but Diavolo stops them. He figures out that MC doesn't have a place to stay, and has a different place for them. He then provides them with the app Wanderers' Whereabouts to look after the brothers while away.

Solomon then arrives, claiming MC is his apprentice. Diavolo is surprised he'd take on a demon apprentice, but believes that must be why MC could make the brothers "stay" using magic. They agree that MC can stay with Solomon at Cocytus Hall.

They head to Cocytus Hall to discuss their situation. In the present, MC disappeared, so Solomon had Barbatos send him to find MC in the past. He can go back to the present anytime, but MC can't. MC's magic powers have also weakened, because the pacts they had formed with the brothers don't exist in the past.

However, Solomon figures that their bonds haven't been totally severed, as using "stay" worked. He thinks if MC can reform all their pacts, they can return home. MC then receives a text from Lucifer telling them to come to the Demon Lord's Castle the next day.

Mammon and Asmodeus come to pick MC up the next day. Solomon is making breakfast, and on the way out, Asmodeus grabs a muffin. In town, the two are excited to do some shopping, but they are met with disdain by the citizens for being former angels.

Asmodeus cheers Mammon up with ice cream, and the word "WINNER" is on the stick. Suddenly, a summoning circle appears, summoning a giant serpent. They run away, but the snake chases them, so MC tells Asmodeus to throw the muffin he took at the snake. After eating it, the snake runs away.

Later at the Demon Lord's Castle, Lucifer reprimands his brothers for going out on their own, as they had lied about being tasked with bringing MC to the castle. He also confiscates his credit card from Mammon.

Diavolo explains he called them to discuss his plan for a school that spreads the idea of peace between worlds. He has uniforms for everyone, including Solomon and MC. Diavolo wants them to be the founding members. Lucifer is baffled he'd trust MC so easily, but Diavolo explains he feels like they share a bond.

They return to the House of Lamentation, where Lucifer expresses he doesn't trust MC, and that they don't need an attendant. However, he's interrupted by Mammon and Asmodeus screaming about a snake.

Lesson 2[edit]

Solomon explaining how he shrunk the giant snake
Solomon explaining how he shrunk the giant snake

Mammon and Asmodeus take MC to see Leviathan, who has been strung up by Lucifer as punishment. He's being punished for bringing a giant snake — the same one Mammon "won" earlier — to the House of Lamentation. Leviathan denies bringing it inside, but then Solomon arrives to bring MC home, and holds up a small snake. He explains that he shrunk it because it was blocking the way. Leviathan is relieved "Snakie" is okay, and the snake slithers into Leviathan's pocket.

Solomon is impressed that it has taken a liking to Leviathan so quickly, and he asks if they heard of a creature that is said to live in the Demon Lord's Castle. If someone can tame it, they gain the title of "Ruler of the Underworld." They haven't heard of it. Asmodeus asks Leviathan what he is going to do with the Snake, and MC suggests asking Lucifer if he can keep it as a pet. Leviathan happily agrees, and thanks MC for the advice.

On their way home, Solomon offers to cook dinner, which MC vehemently refuses, so instead he takes them to Hell's Kitchen. They talk about how the brothers don't remember MC, and Solomon says he thinks that helping Leviathan earlier was important, and acts as an invisible thread connecting MC to the brothers throughout time. MC then receives a text for Mammon asking them to go to the House of Lamentation the next day, and thanks them for helping Leviathan.

The next day, MC enters the House of Lamentations library, and everyone is in disbelief that they actually came. Mammon wanted to ask everyone how they feel about how they're being treated in the Devildom. Everyone but Leviathan doesn't really like it, and though Leviathan doesn't really care, Mammon tells him if they had respect, they can get faster internet. He then introduces his plan "Operation: Raid the Castle!"

Mammon had learned that Solomon's story about the creature from earlier wasn't a rumor. The creature in the castle is Cerberus. It's protected by a complex charm preventing anyone from coming into contact with it. The brothers are ready to give up, but Satan wakes up, and says that from reading books on Cerberus he has a good grasp on how to dispel the charm. They all compliment Satan, and feeling patronized, he flies into a rage.

MC and Mammon head out to do reconnaissance for "Operation: Seize Cerberus." They find Solomon asking to form a pact with Lucifer, who refuses. Lucifer then spots Mammon, and calls them over to ask where they're going. MC responds that they are going to Diavolo's Castle, and Solomon teases Mammon for having feelings for MC.

Once the two are alone, MC asks what Mammon thinks about pacts. He says it's similar to how a guardian angel picks a human. They can only pick one person for all time, and it has to be someone special. MC asks if he likes humans, and he says he doesn't have any interest in them, and doesn't believe he will find a special person. MC can then choose various answers from romantic to teasing.

The two find their way into the castle, but are found by Barbatos. He questions Mammon and MC, and finds out MC has connections with Solomon. For unknown reasons, Barbatos currently despises him. MC asks Barbatos to hire Mammon, who freaks out before realizing if he worked there, he could look for Cerberus.

Barbatos denies the request, reminding Mammon he had tried to infiltrate the treasure vault many times. Mammon suggests hiring both of them so MC can monitor him, and Barbatos agrees to hire them if they pass a job interview. Barbatos then brings out tea to test their tea etiquette.

First he asks if placing the handle of a cup facing the left is a breach of etiquette, which is false. He then asks about the type of sugar cubes to be used when serving tea to Diavolo, and the correct answer are the ones "adorned with flowers." The final question is which of two foods Solomon made should be served, and the answer is neither.

Even if MC answers all of these questions incorrectly, they and Mammon are hired. Barbatos leaves them with cleaning duty with Little D. No. 2. Mammon asks No. 2 if he has heard of a big dog in the castle, but No. 2 says he has only heard a rumor that sometimes at the gazebo, a dog can be heard howling in the distance.

Lesson 3[edit]

MC and the seven brothers — minus Lucifer — are sneaking around the Demon Lord's Castle for "Operation Seize: Cerberus." Beelzebub's stomach growls, which starts an argument about being quiet. While the brothers argue, Beelzebub goes missing, but the group isn't worried. Satan angrily ushers them all ahead.

Mammon explaining why he wants to tame Cerberus
Mammon explaining why he wants to tame Cerberus

They arrive at the castles gazebo, but don't find anything. The other brothers are ready to go back home, but Mammon doesn't want to give up yet. They wonder why he wants to find Cerberus so badly, and he responds by saying if they are able to tame him, they will be treated with respect. Eventually, they all come around and agree to persist in Mammon's plan.

After some searching, Belphegor takes a break to admire the stars, which reminds Satan of a giant pit known as "Starfall" that used to be a part of the castle's garden. Leviathan then suggests that there may be an underground chamber under the lake. Due to his suggestion, and his elemental association with water, Leviathan is forced to explore the lake. He discovers a door that is sealed with magic, but Satan is the only one who can dispel the seal, so Leviathan drags him into the water with him. The water then drains from the lake, revealing a cavern.

The cavern is full of glowing white flowers. The brothers stop to admire them, but the flowers begin to whisper, causing them to enter a trance which prevents them from moving. Asmodeus isn't affected by this magic, and angrily yells at the flowers that he is more beautiful than them. This activates Asmodeus' charm, which breaks the others from their trance.

Asmodeus laments that his power reminds him that he truly has changed into a demon. Mammon tells him to cheer up, and that he is lucky he gained a cool power. Satan again ushers them to continue, and the group discovers a huge door from which they can hear growling on the other side. An apple is on the ground, and Mammon picks it up. When he does, however, it begins to multiply, burying everyone. Mammon shouts at MC to do something, so they summon Beelzebub, who eats all the apples and saves everyone from drowning. Mammon compliments MC for being able to summon him.

Suddenly Cerberus appears, and the group flees, but hits a dead end. Mammon runs toward Cerberus to protect the others, but then Lucifer appears to save them. Cerberus backs off and sits at Lucifer's command. Then, everyone meets with Diavolo, who tells Lucifer that Cerberus has taken a liking to him, and only obeys those he deems worthy to be his master. This means Lucifer has to adopt him, and Lucifer blames MC for this situation, but Mammon defends them. Lucifer then drops the topic, and tells everyone to go home.

At Cocytus Hall, MC tells Solomon what happened. Then Lucifer texts MC, asking them to come to The House of Lamentation. When they arrive, he asks MC why they didn't stop the others, and why Mammon was so interested in Cerberus. MC explains that Mammon wanted to help his brothers, and so MC helped Mammon. Lucifer decides to dismiss their transgressions, and admits he had wanted Cerberus as a pet. He tells MC to check on Mammon and bring him the day's newspaper, the headline of which reads "Introducing the Seven Rulers of the Underworld."

MC knocks on Mammon's door, but he doesn't answer. MC can choose between various forms of destruction to break the door. Either way, Mammon allows them in. He doesn't want to talk to MC, but MC tells him that they care. He caves and admits that he wanted to help his little brothers, but in the end, Lucifer saved the day.

Unlike the others, he followed Lucifer to the Devildom without thinking, and he wonders if he should have thought more about what being a Demon would entail. He feels like he is worthless on his own, and having Lucifer do what he couldn't just makes him think that more. MC tells Mammon he has helped everyone, and shows him the newspaper.

Mammon is happy it says "the Seven" and it wasn't just Lucifer that was credited, then laughs that MC was included like an afterthought. He feels better, and tells MC even though the newspaper says "seven," there are truly eight "Rulers of the Underworld." MC can then either hug or kiss him, but then Leviathan walks in and runs off flustered.

Lesson 4[edit]

MC, Lucifer, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, and Belphegor are at a restaurant, and Asmodeus tells everyone that "Mammon and MC were making out when Leviathan spotted them causing an all-out brawl." Beelzebub changes the subject, saying he couldn't make a reservation at this restaurant before, but because of the news, they are now able to eat here.

The group later returns to the House of Lamentation, and Lucifer tells MC that they will be staying the night because it's so late. Belphegor is displeased, and as the others head inside, he stops MC and tells them that Lucifer has taken a liking to them. Regardless of their response, Belphegor says goodnight and heads inside. MC follows, and then encounters Satan, who is surprised Lucifer allowed them to stay. MC asks Satan what he's been up to, and Satan responds that with his new "Ruler of the Underworld" title, he's now able to check out books at the library. He wants to read about curses that will make Lucifer beg for mercy. He then suggests MC take a bath now, as the others will want to soon as well.

Once MC is done in the bath, they find Leviathan in the hall and ask if they can stay in his room, which makes him flustered. They also ask about his pet snake, but Leviathan says he is going to take a bath, so they should scram. MC then goes to the living room where Satan is reading. Mammon asks MC to come to his room to play pool, but before they can go, Leviathan arrives. He tells MC he did a lot of thinking, and if they genuinely want to come to his room, they can. Mammon laughs at him, and they begin to argue.

MC attempts to stop the fighting, but it doesn't work. They ask Satan for help, so he casts a curse on his two brothers that turns them into chihuahuas. Barking loudly, they draw the attention of Lucifer, who tells MC to take them outside. Once outside, they run into Solomon, who laughs at the brothers' situation. He talks to MC about the news, and asks about their progress. MC tells him they are getting along with Mammon, and Solomon asks them not to forget that they belong in the present. After returning to the house, the curse wears off, though Mammon and Leviathan remain on bad terms. Lucifer arrives and announces that Diavolo wants to talk with all of them tomorrow.

Leviathan expressing his feelings about the Devildom
Leviathan expressing his feelings about the Devildom

The next day at RAD, Diavolo unveils his plans to the brothers, MC, and Solomon. He believes for the Devildom to grow, demons have to learn trust. He wants everyone present to be core members of founding RAD. Appointing them as founders and holding a big celebration will show the Devildom that the brothers are to be respected. Lucifer agrees with Diavolo, but Leviathan shouts that he "never wanted to come to this awful place," and then leaves.

Later at the House of Lamentation, MC finds Leviathan in his room, where after some cajoling he explains that ever since he arrived, he's been depressed. Even in the Celestial Realm, he had wanted to escape, and at first when he'd arrived in the Devildom he hoped he see change in himself. But he didn't, and he feels like his brothers have a brighter future while he'll just be left behind. Lucifer then knocks on Leviathan's door, but Leviathan doesn't want to see him.

From the other side of the door, Lucifer apologizes; while he didn't order Leviathan to follow him, when Leviathan chose to do so anyway, it made him very happy. He knew Leviathan was afraid, but he couldn't tell Leviathan to stay behind. If he had, Leviathan would probably still be an angel. He then says he is going to speak with Diavolo, and leaves. Leviathan shouts that he's sorry and opens the door, but finds himself in what appears to be an underground labyrinth.

Leviathan and MC search for a way out, but stop eventually to take a break. Leviathan tells MC that even though they haven't known each other for long, he's happy they're together. He then shyly asks what the nature of MC and Mammon's relationship is, but MC cannot answer, as they are interrupted by an earthquake.

Lesson 5[edit]

Leviathan and MC find that the earthquake revealed a staircase up from the underground labyrinth. Leviathan is excited to escape, but Mammon — who is dressed like the Lord of Fools from The Tale of the Seven Lords — stops them. MC recognizes Mammon's appearance as being from the "TSL" series, but Leviathan does not. The Lord of Fools blames the two of them for his golden pig going missing, and they are taken away for execution.

"The Lord of Fools" demanding his pig be found
"The Lord of Fools" demanding his pig be found

The commotion catches the attention of Lucifer, aka the Lord of Corruption. Then Asmodeus — the Lord of Lechery — comes in along with Satan, Beelzebub, and Belphegor, aka the Lords of Masks, Flies, and Emptiness respectively. The Lord of Masks suggests the supposed thieves find the pig. The Lord of Fools agrees, and states that they must find it by sundown.

MC questions Leviathan about TSL, but he doesn't know about the books. The books do, however, remind him of a story he has been reading online. Leviathan is excited as he thinks he can finally do something special, and he and MC start their investigation by questioning all the Lords.

They start with Lord of Lechery, who says he was with the Lord of Corruption talking about his beauty when the pig disappeared. He and MC then ask the Lords of Masks, Flies, and Emptiness, and Masks about the pig, but they were all together with the Lord of Fools discussing how to take down the Lord of Corruption at the time of the pig's disappearance. They then question the Lord of Corruption, who says he was in the Hall of Mirrors with the Lord of Lechery. Everyone has an alibi, so Leviathan asks if MC can summon the pig. When they try, it causes a thud to come from Lord of Lechery's closet, and the golden pig runs out.

They bring the pig back to the Lord of Fools just before sunset, who forgives them and invites them to dinner. But first, they are provided with new clothes. Leviathan — now dressed like the Lord of Shadows — is having fun feeling like he is a "different sort of Levi" and comes to like cosplaying. Music begins to play, and the Lord of Corruption says it is tradition for the guests to start the dance. MC doesn't know how to dance, so Leviathan leads the waltz, which Lucifer had taught him how to dance in the Celestial Realm.

As MC watches all the Lords, they suddenly realize who stole the pig. They confront the Lord of Corruption, saying the Lord of Lechery would have been so mesmerized by his reflection in the Hall of Mirrors that he could have snuck away at any time. He admits that when the Lord of Fools found the pig he became a negligent ruler, so he confiscated it. He then demands that MC and Leviathan either side with the Lord of Fools or himself. Leviathan responds to the Lord as if he is the real Lucifer, and says that he's scared, but will go with him of his own free will.

The Lord of Fools was listening, however, and threatens them, calling them powerless humans. Leviathan refutes him, saying he is "One of the Seven Rulers of the Underworld, Leviathan Avatar of Envy!" Leviathan then summons Lotan, surprising himself. The Lord of Corruption compliments Leviathan as the Lord of Fools is swept away.

MC and Leviathan then "wake up" in Leviathan's room. He wonders if it was all a dream, but they are both soaking wet, proving Lotan was real. The brothers come to Leviathan's room, and he tells them about Lotan, to which they respond positively. Leviathan then apologizes to Lucifer, and tells everyone he decided to agree with Diavolo's plan. Lucifer warmly thanks Leviathan, but his room was still flooded, so he is left to clean it with MC.

Lesson 6[edit]

Simeon coming to the Devildom to visit
Simeon coming to the Devildom to visit

Mammon, Leviathan, and MC are playing video games together in Leviathan's room when they hear the doorbell. The three go to the door to find Simeon and Luke are visiting as representatives from the Celestial Realm. They're here to attend the founding ceremony for RAD, and will stay as guests in the House of Lamentation. Lucifer knew about this, but hadn't told the others.

Simeon is an angel the brothers — minus Satan — all know from before, but Luke is new to them. Over tea, the brothers ask about Michael, and are surprised he allowed Simeon and Luke to visit. They also ask about Raphael, who Asmodeus comments always would come up with "some sort of excuse to get mad at us." Luke is quiet this whole time, and seems afraid of the demon brothers. Both Mammon and Lucifer comment his behavior makes them think of a chihuahua, and everyone decides that's his new nickname.

Asmodeus suggests a tour of the house for both MC and their angel guests, and takes them first to his room. Simeon is happy that Asmodeus is still how he used to be, though Asmodeus mentions that now as a demon he has the ability to charm others. Luke comments how "disgusting" and terrible that is, and how sad that someone once called the "jewel of the heavens" has fallen so low. Simeon tries to reprimand him, but Asmodeus brushes his comments off and continues the tour.

Once the house tour is complete, Luke notices a dollhouse in the entryway modeled after the House of Lamentation. Simeon notices a room they didn't visit on the tour, which surprises Asmodeus, but he then says the model of the house when it was still in the Human World. Lucifer told him that magic was used on the house after moving it to the Devildom, so it's been altered. This is also why Asmodeus's room has windows despite being in the center of the house. Asmodeus then returns to his room, but tells MC to say goodbye to Lucifer before they go.

Lucifer tells MC that he invited Diavolo, Barbatos, and Solomon over to the house for a dinner party to welcome Simeon and Luke, and he wants MC to help in the kitchen. Once there, they find both Simeon and Luke looking for something to drink. Simeon found some Demonus, and asks MC if it's safe to drink. Regardless of their answer, Simeon thanks them for the help, which upsets Luke. He warns that all demons are untrustworthy, though still happily takes some sweets from MC.

The dinner party begins, though Diavolo explains that Barbatos couldn't attend due to "urgent business." Solomon thinks he just didn't want to see him, but when MC asks what he did to make Barbatos upset, Solomon replies that he still can't remember.

Diavolo asks what the Celestial Realm is like, as he's never been there, but as everyone else reminisces, Satan gets angry and leaves. Asmodeus also seems upset, and even after the party is over, still seems withdrawn. MC asks him about it, but he says nothing is wrong and wishes them a good night.

The next day, there's a meeting at RAD, though Beelzebub and Belphegor aren't there, as they took Simeon and Luke sightseeing. Asmodeus is still quiet and not paying attention, but later when he and MC are cleaning one of the classrooms, he seems in a better mood.

He tells MC about a dream he had about living in the Celestial Realm, so MC asks if he wants to return there. He answers with an unconvincing "no," but then changes the subject to throwing an "Asmo Night" party. He used to have these parties in the Celestial Realm, but hasn't hosted one in the Devildom yet. He invites MC to be the guest of honor for the first Devildom Asmo Night, then Solomon appears to walk MC home.

At Cocytus Hall, MC tells Solomon about Asmodeus behaving strangely. He thinks that the arrival of Simeon and Luke made Asmodeus miss the Celestial Realm, and says that if he could travel back in time to his childhood home, he'd like to. He also that mentions he first met Asmodeus in a tavern in his hometown.

He tells MC how Asmodeus was drunk and depressed because a human had rejected him, so Solomon convinced him to forge a pact with him. The doorbell then rings, and it's Beelzebub and Belphegor, who are looking for Asmodeus because they haven't seen him since last night.

Lesson 7[edit]

MC, Solomon, and the demon brothers are at the House of Lamentation looking for a missing Asmodeus. They aren't certain if he came home later or not, but when Beelzebub peeked in his room, he wasn't there. Solomon suggests they take another look, and run into Simeon and Luke in the hallway.

Luke mentions that Asmodeus wanted him to tell him all about how the Celestial Realm is nowadays, but it seemed more like he wanted to see if Michael or Raphael talked about him. They continue on to check his room, which is indeed empty. Satan says it's better with him gone, then gets into a fight with Beelzebub because he told everyone about Lucifer cursing him so that he can't be more than a few feet away from him.

They realize that the pleasant scent in the room isn't normally there, and is coming from Asmodeus's bathroom. He's not there either, but there's steam coming off of the tub. Solomon convinces Leviathan to learn over the tub, and then pushes him in, causing him to disappear. One by one, the others either are pushed in or jump in afterwards, and they all find themselves in what looks like the Celestial Realm.

They find Asmodeus, who tells the brothers that they can go back to being angels and live in the Celestial Realm again. Lucifer tells him that's impossible, and tries to explain this is just an illusion, but Asmodeus won't hear it. Then Raphael arrives, and tell them that "Father" has forgiven the brothers, but Lucifer doesn't buy that for a second.

Asmodeus wishing he could be an angel again
Asmodeus wishing he could be an angel again

Asmodeus is upset with Lucifer, and finally admits that he wants to return to being an angel. He then runs away, but MC follows, and is able to sit down and talk with him. Asmodeus says he knows that being with his brothers matters more than where it is they are, and he doesn't regret following Lucifer. However, when Simeon and Luke arrived, he remembered what it was like in the Celestial Realm, and started to worry he'd never be as beautiful as when he was an angel. When he drew a bath to make himself feel better, he suddenly found himself transported here.

Talking to MC has helped him feel better, but suddenly Raphael appears and tells him he needs to return to the Celestial Realm even if he does so alone. When Asmodeus refuses, it becomes clear that this isn't the real Raphael at all. Their surroundings change into an underground labyrinth, and Raphael turns into a giant spider that chases them. Solomon calls out to them, and they all hide as the spider passes them by.

Solomon then asks Asmodeus to make a pact with him so he can draw out his latent demonic power and take care of the spider. He tries to manipulate Asmodeus into agreeing by asking if he wants to save his brothers, but Lucifer finds them in time to stop him from agreeing.

The other brothers are with Lucifer, who are also against Asmodeus making a pact with Solomon, because he'd lose his freedom and it's an important choice to think carefully about. Asmodeus is touched his brothers care about him so much, but argues that if anyone has the power to charm "the world's most powerful magician," then it's him.

The pact is forged just as the spider finds them again, and Asmodeus uses his enhanced power to charm it. Solomon then uses another pact he has to summon Barbatos, which shocks everyone that they too have a pact together. Barbatos gets rid of the spider, and opens a portal for everyone to return to the Devildom.

Everyone arrives in the Demon Lord's Castle, and then Barbatos uses his powers to teleport Solomon to a random location in the Devildom. Diavolo finds them and asks them all to stay for dinner, but Asmodeus comments that it's been a long day. The brothers return home, but MC stays for dinner and tells Diavolo about what happened.

Diavolo tells MC these incidents don't feel like coincidences, and while the brothers have been in the Devildom over a year now, these incidents only started happening to them after MC showed up. He then asks them "what's a human doing in the Devildom?"

Meanwhile, Beelzebub and Belphegor invite Luke and Simeon to play video games in the "empty room," which is a room in the House of Lamentation that doesn't belong to anyone, but all the brothers feel a sort of connection to it, as do the two angels. They decide they should all hang out in the room with Asmodeus as a kind of welcome back party once he's feeling better.

Lesson 8[edit]

Diavolo deciding to send MC to the human world
Diavolo deciding to send MC to the human world

Diavolo asks MC if they are a human, which MC can choose to admit or not. He then explains that the Devildom is in an unstable state, and just ensuring the position of Lucifer and his brothers remains secure takes all he has, so he can't guarantee MC's safety. As such, he's going to send MC back to the Human World.

Diavolo will let MC says their goodbyes, but then he expects them to return to the Demon Lord's Castle to depart, and will hear no arguments. Barbatos then walks MC out, and on the way asks them to not think less of Diavolo for his decision. The Devildom taking in "war criminals" in the form of Lucifer and his brothers has strained the relationship between the Devildom and the Celestial Realm.

Then on top of that, the Demon King suddenly "fell into a deep slumber," leaving Diavolo to rule in his place. Barbatos also mentions that some members of the House of Lords oppose his leadership due to being so young. He then suggests MC talk over the situation with Solomon, but when they return to Cocytus Hall, he isn't there.

They go to the House of Lamentation next, and find Luke and Simeon hanging out in the "empty room." They tell the two angels that they have to leave the Devildom, and both angels advise MC to think about what they want to do, because some decisions can't be taken back. Simeon admits that he made a decision he still regrets deeply, and doesn't want MC to find themselves in the same situation.

MC asks him if he'll talk about it, and Simeon tells them than just before the Great Celestial War, he, Lucifer, and Raphael were in the Celestial Palace garden when Simeon got the feeling that Lucifer was "growing more distant." He didn't say anything, and believes that if he'd just asked Lucifer what was wrong, things might have turned out differently.

Luke also suggests that when things are hard to say, he find it easier to write a letter. Simeon then tells MC all the brothers save Lucifer are in the library, but when they find them there, Mammon invites them to an "interesting" job opportunity.

MC agrees to join in, and Mammon explains that an evil spirit in the mausoleum needs taking care of. He tells everyone to get ready and meet up in the empty room, and then MC encounters Lucifer in the hallway. They want to talk with everyone when they come back, so he invites MC to have dinner with them. Before MC leaves, they write a letter to all of the brothers, which they bring along with them.

After they and the other brothers have gone, Simeon also runs into Lucifer, and admits to him that he wishes he'd done something different that day in the Celestial Realm. Lucifer tells him it was his own actions that precipitated the war, so Simeon need not feel any regret.

The brothers and MC are led by Mammon into a graveyard, and the mausoleum is on the other side of a hill. MC finds an inscription on a tomb written in a Human World language that says "Adam" and "I'm waiting for you." Suddenly there's a flash of light, and Mammon starts speaking as if he were someone else.

The spirit explains that he is possessing Mammon's body. He says his name is Adam, and that he's a human, which shocks the brothers. He explains that long ago he came to the Devildom to find his lost love, but became lost himself. He then encountered a demon, who he begged to take him to his lost love. The demon answered that wasn't something he could do, but that one day, someone would appear that could do what he asked.

Adam says this demon was named Nightbringer, a name none of the brothers recognize. They ask Adam how he's sure MC is who he was waiting for. Adam answers that MC has "the ring," and MC reveals the ring they have on their finger. The brothers think it looks like Lucifer's Ring of Light, but decide they must be imagining things.

Adam says that now that MC is here, they will be able to open the Celestial Realm gates and he can return to where his love waits for him. The brothers are certain that's impossible, but MC casts a spell that uses the pacts they once had with the brothers to absorb their powers, and the Celestial Realm gates open.

Adam thanks MC deeply, and asks if the want to come with him, but MC declines. Before he leaves, Adam gives MC a message from Nightbringer: "It's not yet time for you to return."

Lesson 9[edit]

Solomon and MC arrive at the Demon Lord's Castle to speak with Diavolo and Barbatos. Solomon tries to appeal to Diavolo into letting MC stay in the Devildom, asking him to make an exception seeing as MC is his apprentice. Diavolo is unconvinced, more concerned about the Devildom's stability. Before the conversation gets a conclusion, Belphegor storms into the palace hall, the demon brothers chasing behind him.

Belphegor angrily accuses Diavolo of locking Beelzebub up. Lucifer mediates the situation enough to leave with his brothers in tow, while Diavolo excuses himself out of stress and exhaustion.

As Barbatos escorts Solomon and MC out of the castle, he gives Solomon and MC a hint - the exact location Beelzebub is kept locked up - before he takes his leave. Solomon and MC plan to split up and tackle different things, so MC returns to the House of Lamentation alone.

When they get there, MC sits with Satan at the entrance, introducing him to a stray cat and the concept of cats as a whole. Satan is immediately fond of the creature. Eventually, Satan asks to be left alone with the cat so MC enters the building. Inside, the brothers are still arguing.

Belphegor is upset that Lucifer did not stand his ground and demanded Beelzebub back from Diavolo. Lucifer reasons that no good would come out of rebelling and going against Diavolo so aggressively. The other brothers are torn between the oldest and youngest's perspectives.

Lucifer demands for MC to leave, claiming that MC has no part of their family conflicts. MC refuses, chasing after Lucifer to his room. MC can choose to kiss Lucifer, but regardless, Lucifer grows softer, feeling conflicted about his feelings. After speaking to Lucifer, MC looks for Belphegor in the twins' room.

Lesson 10[edit]

After MC listens to Belphegor's thoughts, MC can choose to kiss him. Belphegor and MC are interrupted and told that Lucifer is returning to the castle to confront Diavolo.

The two return to the main living hall where everyone, including the two angels and Solomon, are gathered. Lucifer tells Belphegor he'll allow him to come along if he promises to stay calm and not turn hostile. Belphegor deflects by saying he wants MC to go as well. An argument ensues on whether MC should or should not go with them. Solomon is nominated to go instead, but he claims to have plans with Simeon, despite Simeon's confusion. In the end, MC, Belphegor, and Lucifer head out to the castle together.

The journey is tense and awkward at first, until MC suggests for all three of them to either walk hand in hand or link arms, striking up conversation between the oldest and youngest brother.

When the trio arrives at the castle, they are shocked to find it crumbling and in ruin. The three continue searching until they find Diavolo and Barbatos, and are glad they are safe. Lucifer tells Diavolo that he, MC, and Belphegor will find Beelzebub.

As they attempt to leave the castle, MC and Lucifer manage to protect Belphegor from getting hurt, while the two demons catch MC's hand when MC falls. MC can choose whose hand to hold.

They come across Mammon, Leviathan, and Asmodeus outside, who had chased after them when it started raining heavily. The group all head towards the Colosseum, where they believe Beelzebub is, after breaking out of the castle and wrecking the building.

Diavolo is the first one to restrain Beelzebub, forcefully preventing him from causing more destruction. Lucifer tries to take over from Diavolo but falters on using force on his brother. Belphegor and the others are distraught and try to get Beelzebub to snap back to his senses.

After multiple failed attempts, MC draws out the demon brothers' powers to subdue Beelzebub and knock him unconscious. MC's abilities infuriate Lucifer, especially after he finds out about the graveyard incident. Lucifer demands MC to admit who they are and MC ends up revealing that they are a human.

Lessons 11-20[edit]

Lesson 11[edit]

Mammon asks MC if they are an ally, and MC can choose to either reply that they are, or that they are not a foe. Asmodeus, Leviathan, and Mammon are quick to defend MC's character, while Belphegor is quick to grow violent once he learns that MC is a human. Belphegor loses control, almost severely injuring MC, but Solomon appears just in time to protect MC. He is frustrated that the demons would attempt to harm MC, and after checking on MC's safety, hastily teleports them away from the Colosseum.

Solomon reminds MC that the seven brothers in this timeline are different from the ones they know in their timeline. He then brings MC to his hideout - a place called the Fountain of Knowledge - to rest. It turns out this hideout is within the cave where Thirteen lives, which has a "Go away Solomon" sign at the entrance. Solomon ignores this, and brings MC inside. When Thirteen shows up, Solomon introduces MC to her, and explains the current situation to the reaper. He's adamant they stay in the cave for a while, despite Thirteen's protests.

Solomon then apologizes for leaving MC in a dangerous situation, admitting that he should have played his cards better. He expresses his feelings on humanity's dilemma - caught in between many of the angels' and demons' feuds - and wishing both sides recognized humanity as equals. He tries to convince MC to promise him that they will stay on humanity's side no matter what, but Thirteen interrupts by reminding both of them that promises (alongside oaths and vows) are not allowed to be made while inside the Fountain of Knowledge.

While Solomon leaves to find blankets, Thirteen brings MC some reaper cuisine for dinner. She shares more about her past with Solomon, as well as the Fountain of Knowledge's history in relation to both Solomon and Barbatos. Thirteen and MC get better acquainted over dinner, and seem chummier afterwards, as remarked by Solomon. The three are interrupted by screaming from afar that sounds like Mammon's voice, and end up leaving the Fountain of Knowledge to track down the intruders.

Leviathan and Asmodeus are berating and teasing Mammon, who has been turned into a Little D. Thirteen is irritated to have more intruders/unwanted visitors, and blames Solomon for it. The three brothers tell MC they were worried about them, and warn MC that Lucifer is on his way to the Fountain of Knowledge. They urge MC to escape, but MC and Solomon agree to confront Lucifer, and everyone makes their way back to the Fountain of Knowledge.

Solomon chooses to taunt and mock Lucifer, who uses magic to chain Solomon down before making his way towards MC. He warns MC that he would not ever let them hurt his brothers with their powers, but Thirteen steps in. Despite Mammon questioning out loud that reapers have to be impartial, Thirteen claims she "does her own thing," and hands MC the seven brothers' Grimoire. The sight of the grimoire distracts Lucifer, and Solomon breaks free of his restraints.

MC hands the grimoire to Lucifer, attesting that they love and care about the demon brothers. MC then either promises to stay with them as an attendant, or to help them find happiness in the Devildom. Making this promise inside the Fountain of Knowledge activates it's curse, and MC becomes unconscious.

Lesson 12[edit]

After being asleep for three days, MC wakes up in the spare room at the House of Lamentation. While fully conscious, they are unable to talk or open their eyes. The brothers take turn entering the room and speaking at MC, and depending on MC's thoughts, can receive a kiss from each demon brother accordingly. Mammon admits to MC to wanting to be a better older brother, and admiring Lucifer. Satan - who has been spending time scouring the library for potential cures with Solomon tells MC he's glad he wasn't around when they were revealed to be human, knowing he would likely have had an outburst. Asmodeus paints MC's nails while sharing how he painted all his brother's nails to unite them as family. Beelzebub thanks MC for subduing him, and buries MC in snacks and treats. Belphegor tell MC he misses them. Lucifer shares with MC his burden of carrying around the secret that their sister Lilith's was not killed in the Great Celestial War, but turned into a human by Diavolo. He asks MC to wake up, and suddenly the Ring of Light begins to glow.

Lesson 13[edit]

Asmodeus enters the spare room of the House of Lamentation that MC has been staying in to call Lucifer for dinner, only to cheer when he realizes MC is awake. His excitement gathers the attention of all the brothers, then the angels and Solomon, and everybody welcomes MC back. MC takes turns speaking to each of them, and is bombarded with concern and questions. Lucifer stops them from overwhelming MC, and Solomon asks whether MC would like to spend the night in the House of Lamentation, or return with him to Cocytus Hall.

If MC chooses to stay, they will wake up in the middle of the night to find most of the brothers sleeping out in the hall outside their room. Lucifer admits everyone has been sleeping in the hall every night to be closer to MC while they were cursed. It is later revealed when the brothers talk to each other at RAD that on this night, MC carries each demon brother into the spare room so they can all sleep together. Some of the brothers - like Asmodeus - had feigned sleep so they could appreciate being in MC's arms, while others - like Mammon - were asleep and oblivious throughout it.

If MC chooses to return to Cocytus Hall, Solomon remarks that he was surprised MC made such a choice. He tells them he wants to think that MC sees Cocytus Hall as their home now, and how happy that makes him. He asks for a hug from MC, where it's revealed his hands haven't stopped shaking, and he was incredibly scared and worried that he may have lost MC. He had blamed himself for bringing MC to the Fountain of Knowledge, and also comments on MC's decision to return the Grimoire to Lucifer.

The next morning, regardless of where MC spent the night, everyone meets up at RAD, where Diavolo intends to clarify MC's identity and come to a conclusion on MC's place in the Devildom. After asking MC a series of questions about their origins and intentions, Diavolo emphasizes once again the Devildom's current state of instability, and that he doesn't want MC's presence to cause further rifts. The brothers all protest strongly, and Barbatos proposes a recess of twenty minutes for everyone to recollect themselves.

Diavolo leaves to clear his head, and MC follows after him. MC can admit to be worried about Diavolo, who comments how odd it is for MC to be concerned about the demon who may be exiling them very soon. Barbatos follows along as well, claiming that it's difficult to find fault in MC's character with MC's kindness. The three are interrupted by Mephistopheles, who bears a letter from the House of Lords. Mephistopheles lets Diavolo know about his disapproval of letting the brothers be so close to him, but Diavolo does not let him finish, and instead excuses Barbatos and himself to return to the hall and read the letter.

Mephistopheles shares with MC his distrust of Lucifer and his brothers - which is shared by many other Devildom residents - as well as his desire to support and protect Diavolo. MC can either ask Mephistopheles to approve of the brothers, or for him to endorse Diavolo's decisions. Regardless, Mephistopheles refuses, and the two part ways. MC then returns to the hall, where the brothers comment how upset and frustrated Diavolo looks while reading the letter. Diavolo apologizes to MC that the verdict on what will happen to them must once again be postponed, as the House of Lords doubt Diavolo's leadership abilities. They want Diavolo to go through the Kingsblood Crucible, a trial consisting of two parts to prove one is worthy of being crowned the demon king. Despite everyone's concerns, Diavolo insists he is ready, then suddenly he and MC are teleported to the Colosseum to partake the trial, with MC being chosen as witness.

Lesson 14[edit]

Diavolo explains to MC that they were chosen to be his witness as he goes through the Kingsblood Crucible trial. He comments how interesting it is that a human was chosen for this role, then tells them some of the Colosseum's history, which includes some of the history of his father and other ancestors. MC sees his rambling as a sign of nervousness, and comforts him. The first part of the trial determines whether Diavolo is part of the royal bloodline, which he quickly passes by drawing a small bit of blood from himself. The second part is far tougher, and Diavolo is shown flashbacks of the end of the Great Celestial War, where he made a deal with Lucifer to save his sister Lilith.

The past Barbatos in Diavolo's visions criticize him for wanting to "collect" the seven brothers as an attempt to prove his capabilities, and wishing only for the approval of his father, the current Demon King. Diavolo agrees with Barbatos's statements, claiming he is not fit to be king. MC comforts him and grounds him back to reality, reminding him his capabilities and their own faith in him. MC's words restores faith and courage in himself to rule, therefore passing the trial.

MC and Diavolo are teleported back to the RAD hall, where everyone was waiting, concerned after they disappeared so suddenly. Diavolo forgives Beelzebub's destruction of the Demon Lord's Castle and all ongoing conflicts, as well as grants MC permission to stay in the Devildom indefinitely. Everyone is elated at the news, and celebrate at Hell's Kitchen on Lucifer's tab.

Later, MC and Solomon return to Cocytus Hall, reflecting on the past events. Solomon shares with MC some of his past and childhood, then apologizes for not being ready to share more. He tells MC he made a promise a long time ago to showcase humanity's prowess and strength, and asks for MC's support. If MC agrees to help him, even at the cost of antagonizing the brothers, Solomon will confess his devotion and love to MC. If MC refuses or asks for time to think about it, Solomon lets the subject drop.

Later that night, Satan, Leviathan, and Beelzebub each call MC right before they are about to go to bed, and each make plans with MC for the next day.

Lesson 15[edit]

On her way to the Demon Lord's Castle, Thirteen runs into MC, and invites them to go out to get a bite to eat. She asks if they are all right after the events at the Fountain of Knowledge. She would have visited them, but decided that the brothers could handle it. Barbatos had told Thirteen that MC was given permission to stay in the Devildom. MC finds it strange that she knows Barbatos, but she has known him for a long time.

Thirteen explains that rumors say Barbatos has been around even before the existence of the Devildom. His sudden declaration to support Diavolo caused shock throughout the Devildom. She first met him around the time she met Solomon.

After she and MC spend some time at a café, Thirteen has to go, and says that they should go out together again sometime. On her way to the Demon Lord's Castle, she runs into Barbatos, who is buying refreshments for Diavolo. She wonders if he is purposefully making it so that Diavolo cannot live without him, but Barbatos denies this claim, and says he simply finds Diavolo cute.

MC heads to the House of Lamentation, and upon entering, they discover a sobbing Leviathan. His pet snake had gone missing, and the brothers, minus Lucifer, are all looking for it. Leviathan had brought him out to ask everyone for name suggestions, but during all the commotion, the snake had escaped. Lucifer is at the Demon Lord's Castle, so everyone would like to find "Snake-chan" before his return.

While Mammon and MC chat about the fragility of humans, "Snake-chan" sneaks behind MC's foot and causes them to trip. Mammon catches MC, then lets them know that he will always be there for them. Then Belphegor calls for MC's help. He had called MC over because Beelzebub thought he found the snake, but it was in fact a demonic sausage. Since they were mistaken, they decide to break for lunch and MC makes food for them. The twins share the same sentiment as Mammon.

In the middle of lunch, Beelzebub bites down on what he thought was a vegetable, but it turned out to be Leviathan's missing snake, who promptly runs away. MC heads to Asmodeus's room, and finds him researching nail designs. He can't bring himself to touch a snake, and can't believe Leviathan would keep one as a pet.

He states all of the brothers - now demons - resemble a creature, his being a scorpion, and he wonders if they took these forms because they had always been like their element. MC and Asmodeus come to the conclusion that the only difference between angels and humans is the location they live in. Asmodeus then wants to use his charm on MC, and thinks they are taking initiative by placing their hand on his thigh, but it was actually "Snake-chan."

Before the search continues, Asmodeus fights with Leviathan, who thinks his pet snake ran off because it knew it couldn't have a good future with the brothers. He declares he is the worst, and requests everyone to come up with insulting names for him. Mammon, Asmodeus, and Beelzebub don't hold back, but then MC suggests the name "Henry." Leviathan loves the name because it is the same as a hero from a story he has been reading online. He decides "Snake-chan" will be known as "Henry" from then on. Belphegor then announces that Henry has gone into Satan's room. They all believe that Henry is surely dead.

The group stands outside of Satan's room, but only hears silence beyond the door. Lucifer was punishing Satan for putting silver vine - a cat-attracting plant - in the house's music room. They all agree it is good Satan has found a love of cats, so his punishment was light.

Satan hears their chatter, and asks if the snake belongs to them. Leviathan rushes into Satan's room to save Henry, but Satan was just reading a book. He demands to see Henry, and Satan holds up the skin of a snake. Leviathan is in despair, but Belphegor states he just molted. Beelzebub finds Henry on the floor, but before he can eat the snake, Leviathan takes Henry back.

Henry crawls into Leviathan's pocket, which makes him elated. The brothers assume he had gone into Leviathan's pocket for warmth, not trust, and Satan theorizes that Henry came into his room looking for a warm spot to shed his skin. Leviathan apologizes to Satan for assuming the worst, and thanks him for making a space perfect for Henry.

Lesson 16[edit]

MC is at the House of Lamentation watching the brothers - minus Satan and Lucifer - try to play with Henry, much to Leviathan's dismay. MC remembers that Satan wanted to discuss something with them, and heads to his room.

Satan is pleased that MC remembered his request, and lets them into his room. He is reading a travel guidebook that contains information about the Fountain of Knowledge. It is said that the Fountain was created by an ancient demon who could control time and space, but had gained too much knowledge, and created the fountain to escape his sorrow. Satan doesn't understand how knowledge can make one sad, but the book continues by saying that the fountain has played a role in all three worlds, and there is a passage about Solomon, too.

Solomon was born with incredible power, which caused him to be ostracized by society. He tried to suppress his power, until one day he lost control. He caused destruction to the human world, until a demon appeared and offered him guidance. Solomon then became the guardian of the Fountain of Knowledge, giving him the title of "The Wise Sorcerer." MC wonders if Satan wants to know more about the demon or Solomon, but he was just saddened that no matter what time, there would always be someone who didn't belong.

MC asks if Satan wanted to talk, and he confesses that he had been feeling something he doesn't understand. He doesn't feel that it's happiness or anger, but he wanted to discuss it with MC to avoid teasing from his brothers. He thinks that when Leviathan thanked him, he felt happy, and didn't feel confused. He then says he doesn't know what was running through "their" heads, but before he can elaborate, Mammon barges in to drag the duo into a nickname contest for Henry.

When they return to the others, the contest had already ended with Belphegor declared the winner. Mammon is upset, but feels better once he hears that they are now coming up with ideas to prank Lucifer. They decide to go with Satan's idea; "Operation Hellfire Salamander Surprise in the Study." Hellfire Salamanders spit fire that can't be put out with water or standard magic. The brothers head to the study to prepare a summoning circle to summon a Hellfire Salamander, but fail and instead summon a Banshee. The Banshee wreaks havoc in the room, and Beelzebub begins yelling in distress. He yells that the banshee's screams are painful, but the others can't hear anything. MC either helps Beelzebub, or cancels the summoning, but either way, the Banshee summoning is ended.

Satan then explains that only two kinds of people can hear a Banshee's scream: one who is nearing their death, or has someone close to them nearing their death, or someone who has heard a banshee's scream before. Beelzebub admits he heard a banshee's cry before. Back in the Celestial Realm, the day before the Great Celestial War, he was tasked with a duty from Michael in the Human World. Before he could return, he heard an awful cry in the forest. It was so miserable he knew it wasn't a human, but he was terrified and ran away. He didn't know what it was until Lucifer discussed his CD at the dinner party.

Beelzebub admits that he feels that if he had known, he could have prevented Lilith's death, which is what caused his rampage at the Demon Lord's Castle before. Satan consoles him, saying that even if he had said something, Lucifer would have gone and declared war anyway. The others all agree and have a group hug. Beelzebub states that while they had lost Lilith, they gained a new brother in Satan. Before Satan can respond, Simeon comes in looking for Asmodeus. Luke arrives also, and they join the group hug.

Later, MC and the others are playing games in the spare bedroom. Simeon wonders if MC should return to Cocytus Hall, but everyone agrees that it's too late now, and they should stay and play games all night. Luke whispers to MC that he feels like everyone is getting along better with Satan. Simeon asks where Lucifer is, and Asmodeus suddenly remembers that no one cleaned the study. They argue over who has to clean it, but before they can agree on anything, Lucifer walks in.

Lucifer is glad everyone is in one place, as he wanted to talk with everyone. He tells the story of what he did once he arrived and asks the others to explain why the study is destroyed. Satan tries to take all the blame for the study, surprising Lucifer, but Beelzebub admits they all caused the problem. Asmodeus, Mammon, and the angels try to leave, but they are told to wait. Lucifer then tells everyone that Raphael will be coming to visit.

Lesson 17[edit]

Everyone is stunned when Lucifer tells them that Raphael is coming to visit the Devildom. He'll be here tomorrow, and everyone save Luke and Simeon are expected to wear the RAD uniforms they were given. Lucifer then tells everyone to go clean up his still ruined study, and tells MC to return to Cocytus Hall after supervising the cleanup.

Mammon describing Raphael to Satan
Mammon describing Raphael to Satan

While all the younger brothers work on cleaning, Satan asks them to tell him what Raphael is like. Mammon responds that his first thought when he thinks of Raphael is "the rain of spears," which is something Raphael does whenever he's angry. Simeon says that he's a kindhearted angel, however, and once spent a week tracking down all of the Celestial Realm's doves that he accidentally let escape.

When the job is finally done, Satan walks MC back to Cocytus Hall, and tells them on the way he heard that cats are the only animals with the power to travel between the Devildom and Human World at will. The two then spot a cat headed down an alley, and follow it, but Satan then tells MC that he doesn't want them to leave the Devildom, even if the Human World is where they're originally from. MC reassures him, but while they were talking they lost track of the cat.

Meanwhile, Beelzebub finds Lucifer in the music room listening to the record he has of a banshee's song, and tells him that he heard a banshee in the Human World before Lilith died, and regrets never telling him that. Lucifer shatters the record because he know the banshee's wail scares Beelzebub, and reassures him that he didn't do anything wrong. Beelzebub tells him the same in return.

Satan and MC run into Solomon when returning to Cocytus Hall, who had gone out for a bite to eat. He's clearly drunk, and if MC chose to hold hands with Satan he acts jealous of that. Satan then leaves MC to walk the rest of the way with Solomon, who takes them to a bar that serves Human World spirits, something rare in the Devildom. After more drinks, he tells MC that he first met Asmodeus in a bar like this one.

He goes on to say Asmodeus was clearly drunk when Solomon sat beside him, not knowing who he was. Asmodeus first flirts with him, then starts crying because he was with a human that loved him, but was chased away by a "weird sorcerer or priest or exorcist." The two of them talked for hours, and eventually Solomon convinced a drunk Asmodeus to make a pact with him.

Solomon then sympathizes with Asmodeus growing close to someone only to suddenly lose them, and confesses he has gotten used to living with MC so much that he misses them when they're gone. Then he asks MC to forget that this night ever happened, and if MC refuses, talks about making them promise in writing or make an unbreakable magic oath.

The next day at RAD, everyone is adjusting to wearing their new uniforms, then Raphael appears, saying that he thought it was a joke that Diavolo was opening a school, and is surprised he was serious. Beelzebub introduces Satan, MC, and Solomon, then Lucifer asks Raphael why he really is here.

Raphael says that the Celestial Realm is granting the six brothers pardon, excluding Satan. However, should the offer be refused, it will be assumed that the Devildom "intends to violate the nonagressions pact between our two worlds," and the Celestial Realm will "intervene to rectify the situation."

Lesson 18[edit]

Mammon incredulous about the Celestial Realm offering a pardon
Mammon incredulous about the Celestial Realm offering a pardon

Everyone is stunned by Raphael's message that the Celestial Realm is pardoning the six brothers, and Lucifer is certain this declaration is really a trap. Beelzebub asks about Satan, but Luke interrupt and insists the brothers have to agree.

Diavolo states that the Devildom open its door to Lucifer and his brothers as the Devildom was being caught up in the Celestial Realm's fight, and no more. Yet now the Celestial Realm threatens war if they aren't returned. Raphael says that he also has a message just for Diavolo from Michael.

Michael has heard that the brothers are called "the seven rules of the underworld" as says this is worrisome, and represents a destabilizing of the balance of power between the Celestial Realm and the Devildom. Having the brothers return to the Celestial Realm would restore balance and ensure peace continues between the realms.

Raphael tells Lucifer they don't have to decide now, and that he'll come back another day. He leaves the student council room, but MC follows him out. Raphael then tells them he also has a message from Michael to them. "I'd like you to encourage the brothers to return to the Celestial Realm." MC says the brothers won't leave Satan behind, and Raphael responds that he wants Lucifer and the others to remember that once they considered the other angels their brothers.

The brothers and MC all return to the House of Lamentation, clearly all upset, and everyone goes to their rooms. Lucifer tells MC to go to Cocytus Hall, but Belphegor invites them to have tea before going leaving. The two take tea and cookies into the great hall, where Belphegor comments they've been having a lot of their meals together lately, like a family.

Meanwhile, Solomon is also having tea that Barbatos made for him, and Barbatos asks why Solomon asked MC to go with the brothers. Solomon replies that he wanted to do "the mature thing" and do what's best for others, but Barbatos points out that the hangover he has isn't the result of making mature choices.

Barbatos then asks Solomon if he knows why he's angry with him, and Solomon replies that he can think of too many reasons to pick just one. Barbatos tells him to finish his tea and get out.

Back at the House of Lamentation, Belphegor asks MC what they think the others will do next. He then admits he doesn't care about returning to the Celestial Realm or being an angel; he just wants everyone to be together, including Satan. He then falls asleep leaning on MC, and Beelzebub finds them later. He carries his brother to their room, and MC follows. He then asks if Belphegor said anything about Raphael's message, and is happy to learn he and Belphegor think the same about wanting everyone to stay together.

Beelzebub then asks MC to check on the others, and on the way they run into Luke, who has some custard that he wants to give all the brothers. He's nervous about interacting with them after what he said earlier about the brothers having to accept their pardon, but MC reassures him.

They then go to check on Asmodeus, who was thinking about his time as an angel, but reassures MC that he still intends to be the "most enchanting demon the Devildom has ever known." Like the other brothers, he also tells MC that he's not okay with leaving Satan behind, but he's worried about Lucifer, because this situation must be even harder on him than on the rest of them.

Meanwhile, Diavolo invites Barbatos to share some Demonus with him, and Barbatos asks what's on his mind. Diavolo asks him what he thinks Lucifer and the others will decide to do. When Barbatos answers that all will go in his favor, Diavolo tells him that in his head he always thinks about what's best for the Devildom, but his heart is more selfish.

Barbatos tells Diavolo that he can be idealistic, but has a determination that makes him "someone who can save everyone in the Devildom, Lucifer and his brothers included."

Lesson 19[edit]

On their way to check on Lucifer, MC, encounters Leviathan in the hallway carrying a whole roast shadow hog to feed Henry. He invites MC to his room, where he's been practicing playing Devil Kart, as he's upset that he lost to Mammon yesterday.

After playing awhile, Leviathan confesses he's been thinking about the message Raphael delivered about them all being pardoned by the Celestial Realm. He want to stay in the Devildom, and is sure his brothers will make that decision too, because they won't want to leave Satan behind. He thanks MC for listening to him, but then they hear Mammon yelling for MC out in the hall.

MC goes to talk with him, but he invites them shopping instead. They do talk on the way, and Mammon is certain all of his brothers will choose to stay in the Devildom. He's worried about Lucifer, though, so they go to Devilbee's and buy some pudding to give him, because he knows Lucifer is always "sneaking off and buying it."

They return to the House of Lamentation, and MC tries to find Lucifer in his study, but finds Satan first. They both then encounter Lucifer, who tries to avoid talking to them, but Satan insists he needs to speak with him now. All three talk in the study, where Satan tells Lucifer that if he and the other brothers want to return to the Celestial Realm, they should.

Satan telling his brothers they should return to the Celestial Realm
Satan telling his brothers they should return to the Celestial Realm

Said other brothers were eavesdropping, but come falling through the door. They tell Satan that they consider him a brother and don't want to leave him, and Satan admits he wants to be their brother, too. They all hug, but Lucifer complains about the racket they're making and kicks them out of his study. He asks MC to stay, however.

After a long silence, Lucifer tells MC that Satan is a demon born of his own wrath. However, he doesn't think of Satan as a part of himself, but as another one of his brothers. He'd considered staying in the Devildom with Satan, but asking for his other brothers to be pardoned and return to the Celestial Realm. He realizes that was wrong now, and feels ashamed for not believing his brothers would also want to stay with Satan.

Later, he and MC meet with the rest of the brothers in the great hall, where Lucifer tells his brothers that he loves them, that they are all a family, and that they won't be going back to the Celestial Realm. He will go to Diavolo tomorrow to inform him of their decision, and MC will come too. Everyone then eats the pudding that MC brought for them all.

Meanwhile, in a café, Mephistopheles sits at the counter next to Thirteen. This starts an argument between the two, but then Mephistopheles thinks he sees MC walking down the street. It was actually just a random demon, and Thirteen is upset that he'd mistake someone else for MC.

She then starts singing MC's praises, and Mephistopheles is surprised that Thirteen seems to like a human so much. Thirteen then decides to give him a "thorough lesson" on "what makes MC's soul so amazing." Mephistopheles does not seem enthused about this.

Lesson 20[edit]

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Lessons 21-30[edit]

Lesson 21[edit]

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Lesson 22[edit]

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Lesson 23[edit]

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Lesson 24[edit]

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Lesson 25[edit]

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Lesson 26[edit]

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