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This page contains brief summaries of all Lessons in the Main Story of Nightbringer.

Lessons 1-10[edit source]

Lesson 1[edit source]

The lesson starts off with a text message from an unknown number. MC can respond using various choices when prompted, but regardless, the unknown contact will bid them goodbye cryptically, before the screen fades to black.

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Lesson 2[edit source]

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Lesson 3[edit source]

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Lesson 4[edit source]

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Lesson 5[edit source]

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Lesson 6[edit source]

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Lesson 7[edit source]

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Lesson 8[edit source]

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Lesson 9[edit source]

Solomon and MC arrive at the Demon Lord's Castle to speak with Diavolo and Barbatos. Solomon tries to appeal to Diavolo into letting MC stay in the Devildom, asking him to make an exception seeing as MC is his apprentice. Diavolo is unconvinced, more concerned about the Devildom's stability. Before the conversation gets a conclusion, Belphegor storms into the palace hall, the demon brothers chasing behind him.

Belphegor angrily accuses Diavolo of locking Beelzebub up. Lucifer mediates the situation enough to leave with his brothers in tow, while Diavolo excuses himself out of stress and exhaustion.

As Barbatos escorts Solomon and MC out of the castle, he gives Solomon and MC a hint - the exact location Beelzebub is kept locked up - before he takes his leave. Solomon and MC plan to split up and tackle different things, so MC returns to the House of Lamentation alone.

When they get there, MC sits with Satan at the entrance, introducing him to a stray cat and the concept of cats as a whole. Satan is immediately fond of the creature. Eventually, Satan asks to be left alone with the cat so MC enters the building. Inside, the brothers are still arguing.

Belphegor is upset that Lucifer did not stand his ground and demanded Beelzebub back from Diavolo. Lucifer reasons that no good would come out of rebelling and going against Diavolo so aggressively. The other brothers are torn between the oldest and youngest's perspectives.

Lucifer demands for MC to leave, claiming that MC has no part of their family conflicts. MC refuses, chasing after Lucifer to his room. MC can choose to kiss Lucifer, but regardless, Lucifer grows softer, feeling conflicted about his feelings. After speaking to Lucifer, MC looks for Belphegor in the twins' room.

Lesson 10[edit source]

After MC listens to Belphegor's thoughts, MC can choose to kiss him. Belphegor and MC are interrupted and told that Lucifer is returning to the castle to confront Diavolo.

The two return to the main living hall where everyone, including the two angels and Solomon, are gathered. Lucifer tells Belphegor he'll allow him to come along if he promises to stay calm and not turn hostile. Belphegor deflects by saying he wants MC to go as well. An argument ensues on whether MC should or should not go with them. Solomon is nominated to go instead, but he claims to have plans with Simeon, despite Simeon's confusion. In the end, MC, Belphegor, and Lucifer head out to the castle together.

The journey is tense and awkward at first, until MC suggests for all three of them to either walk hand in hand or link arms, striking up conversation between the oldest and youngest brother.

When the trio arrives at the castle, they are shocked to find it crumbling and in ruin. The three continue searching until they find Diavolo and Barbatos, and are glad they are safe. Lucifer tells Diavolo that he, MC, and Belphegor will find Beelzebub.

As they attempt to leave the castle, MC and Lucifer manage to protect Belphegor from getting hurt, while the two demons catch MC's hand when MC falls. MC can choose whose hand to hold.

They come across Mammon, Leviathan, and Asmodeus outside, who had chased after them when it started raining heavily. The group all head towards the Colosseum, where they believe Beelzebub is, after breaking out of the castle and wrecking the building.

Diavolo is the first one to restrain Beelzebub, forcefully preventing him from causing more destruction. Lucifer tries to take over from Diavolo but falters on using force on his brother. Belphegor and the others are distraught and try to get Beelzebub to snap back to his senses.

After multiple failed attempts, MC draws out the demon brothers' powers to subdue Beelzebub and knock him unconscious. MC's abilities infuriate Lucifer, especially after he finds out about the graveyard incident. Lucifer demands MC to admit who they are and MC ends up revealing that they are a human.

Lesson 11[edit source]

Mammon asks MC if they are an ally, and MC can choose to either reply that they are, or that they are not a foe. Asmodeus, Leviathan, and Mammon are quick to defend MC's character, while Belphegor is quick to grow violent once he learns that MC is a human. Belphegor loses control, almost severely injuring MC, but Solomon appears just in time to protect MC. He is frustrated that the demons would attempt to harm MC, and after checking on MC's safety, hastily teleports them away from the Colosseum.

Solomon reminds MC that the seven brothers in this timeline are different from the ones they know in their timeline. He then brings MC to his hideout - a place called the Fountain of Knowledge - to rest. It turns out this hideout is within the cave where Thirteen lives, which has a "Go away Solomon" sign at the entrance. Solomon ignores this, and brings MC inside. When Thirteen shows up, Solomon introduces MC to her, and explains the current situation to the reaper. He's adamant they stay in the cave for a while, despite Thirteen's protests.

Solomon then apologizes for leaving MC in a dangerous situation, admitting that he should have played his cards better. He expresses his feelings on humanity's dilemma - caught in between many of the angels' and demons' feuds - and wishing both sides recognized humanity as equals. He tries to convince MC to promise him that they will stay on humanity's side no matter what, but Thirteen interrupts by reminding both of them that promises (alongside oaths and vows) are not allowed to be made while inside the Fountain of Knowledge.

While Solomon leaves to find blankets, Thirteen brings MC some reaper cuisine for dinner. She shares more about her past with Solomon, as well as the Fountain of Knowledge's history in relation to both Solomon and Barbatos. Thirteen and MC get better acquainted over dinner, and seem chummier afterwards, as remarked by Solomon. The three are interrupted by screaming from afar that sounds like Mammon's voice, and end up leaving the Fountain of Knowledge to track down the intruders.

Leviathan and Asmodeus are berating and teasing Mammon, who has been turned into a Little D. Thirteen is irritated to have more intruders/unwanted visitors, and blames Solomon for it. The three brothers tell MC they were worried about them, and warn MC that Lucifer is on his way to the Fountain of Knowledge. They urge MC to escape, but MC and Solomon agree to confront Lucifer, and everyone makes their way back to the Fountain of Knowledge.

Solomon chooses to taunt and mock Lucifer, who uses magic to chain Solomon down before making his way towards MC. He warns MC that he would not ever let them hurt his brothers with their powers, but Thirteen steps in. Despite Mammon questioning out loud that reapers have to be impartial, Thirteen claims she "does her own thing," and hands MC the seven brothers' Grimoire. The sight of the grimoire distracts Lucifer, and Solomon breaks free of his restraints.

MC hands the grimoire to Lucifer, attesting that they love and care about the demon brothers. MC then either promises to stay with them as an attendant, or to help them find happiness in the Devildom. Making this promise inside the Fountain of Knowledge activates it's curse, and MC becomes unconscious.

Lesson 12[edit source]

After being asleep for three days, MC wakes up in the spare room at the House of Lamentation. While fully conscious, they are unable to talk or open their eyes. The brothers take turn entering the room and speaking at MC, and depending on MC's thoughts, can receive a kiss from each demon brother accordingly. Mammon admits to MC to wanting to be a better older brother, and admiring Lucifer. Satan - who has been spending time scouring the library for potential cures with Solomon tells MC he's glad he wasn't around when they were revealed to be human, knowing he would likely have had an outburst. Asmodeus paints MC's nails while sharing how he painted all his brother's nails to unite them as family. Beelzebub thanks MC for subduing him, and buries MC in snacks and treats. Belphegor tell MC he misses them. Lucifer shares with MC his burden of carrying around the secret that their sister Lilith's was not killed in the Great Celestial War, but turned into a human by Diavolo. He asks MC to wake up, and suddenly the Ring of Light begins to glow.

Lesson 13[edit source]

Asmodeus enters the spare room of the House of Lamentation that MC has been staying in to call Lucifer for dinner, only to cheer when he realizes MC is awake. His excitement gathers the attention of all the brothers, then the angels and Solomon, and everybody welcomes MC back. MC takes turns speaking to each of them, and is bombarded with concern and questions. Lucifer stops them from overwhelming MC, and Solomon asks whether MC would like to spend the night in the House of Lamentation, or return with him to Cocytus Hall.

If MC chooses to stay, they will wake up in the middle of the night to find most of the brothers sleeping out in the hall outside their room. Lucifer admits everyone has been sleeping in the hall every night to be closer to MC while they were cursed. It is later revealed when the brothers talk to each other at RAD that on this night, MC carries each demon brother into the spare room so they can all sleep together. Some of the brothers - like Asmodeus - had feigned sleep so they could appreciate being in MC's arms, while others - like Mammon - were asleep and oblivious throughout it.

If MC chooses to return to Cocytus Hall, Solomon remarks that he was surprised MC made such a choice. He tells them he wants to think that MC sees Cocytus Hall as their home now, and how happy that makes him. He asks for a hug from MC, where it's revealed his hands haven't stopped shaking, and he was incredibly scared and worried that he may have lost MC. He had blamed himself for bringing MC to the Fountain of Knowledge, and also comments on MC's decision to return the Grimoire to Lucifer.

The next morning, regardless of where MC spent the night, everyone meets up at RAD, where Diavolo intends to clarify MC's identity and come to a conclusion on MC's place in the Devildom. After asking MC a series of questions about their origins and intentions, Diavolo emphasizes once again the Devildom's current state of instability, and that he doesn't want MC's presence to cause further rifts. The brothers all protest strongly, and Barbatos proposes a recess of twenty minutes for everyone to recollect themselves.

Diavolo leaves to clear his head, and MC follows after him. MC can admit to be worried about Diavolo, who comments how odd it is for MC to be concerned about the demon who may be exiling them very soon. Barbatos follows along as well, claiming that it's difficult to find fault in MC's character with MC's kindness. The three are interrupted by Mephistopheles, who bears a letter from the House of Lords. Mephistopheles lets Diavolo know about his disapproval of letting the brothers be so close to him, but Diavolo does not let him finish, and instead excuses Barbatos and himself to return to the hall and read the letter.

Mephistopheles shares with MC his distrust of Lucifer and his brothers - which is shared by many other Devildom residents - as well as his desire to support and protect Diavolo. MC can either ask Mephistopheles to approve of the brothers, or for him to endorse Diavolo's decisions. Regardless, Mephistopheles refuses, and the two part ways. MC then returns to the hall, where the brothers comment how upset and frustrated Diavolo looks while reading the letter. Diavolo apologizes to MC that the verdict on what will happen to them must once again be postponed, as the House of Lords doubt Diavolo's leadership abilities. They want Diavolo to go through the Kingsblood Crucible, a trial consisting of two parts to prove one is worthy of being crowned the demon king. Despite everyone's concerns, Diavolo insists he is ready, then suddenly he and MC are teleported to the Colosseum to partake the trial, with MC being chosen as witness.

Lesson 14[edit source]

Diavolo explains to MC that they were chosen to be his witness as he goes through the Kingsblood Crucible trial. He comments how interesting it is that a human was chosen for this role, then tells them some of the Colosseum's history, which includes some of the history of his father and other ancestors. MC sees his rambling as a sign of nervousness, and comforts him. The first part of the trial determines whether Diavolo is part of the royal bloodline, which he quickly passes by drawing a small bit of blood from himself. The second part is far tougher, and Diavolo is shown flashbacks of the end of the Great Celestial War, where he made a deal with Lucifer to save his sister Lilith.

The past Barbatos in Diavolo's visions criticize him for wanting to "collect" the seven brothers as an attempt to prove his capabilities, and wishing only for the approval of his father, the current Demon King. Diavolo agrees with Barbatos's statements, claiming he is not fit to be king. MC comforts him and grounds him back to reality, reminding him his capabilities and their own faith in him. MC's words restores faith and courage in himself to rule, therefore passing the trial.

MC and Diavolo are teleported back to the RAD hall, where everyone was waiting, concerned after they disappeared so suddenly. Diavolo forgives Beelzebub's destruction of the Demon Lord's Castle and all ongoing conflicts, as well as grants MC permission to stay in the Devildom indefinitely. Everyone is elated at the news, and celebrate at Hell's Kitchen on Lucifer's tab.

Later, MC and Solomon return to Cocytus Hall, reflecting on the past events. Solomon shares with MC some of his past and childhood, then apologizes for not being ready to share more. He tells MC he made a promise a long time ago to showcase humanity's prowess and strength, and asks for MC's support. If MC agrees to help him, even at the cost of antagonizing the brothers, Solomon will confess his devotion and love to MC. If MC refuses or asks for time to think about it, Solomon lets the subject drop.

Later that night, Satan, Leviathan, and Beelzebub each call MC right before they are about to go to bed, and each make plans with MC for the next day.

Lesson 15[edit source]

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