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WARNING! This page contains SPOILERS. Please view at your own risk.

This page contains brief summaries of all Lessons in the Main Story of Nightbringer.

If you are looking for what dialogue choices give intimacy bonuses, see Lesson Intimacy Bonuses (Nightbringer), and for a list of item drops per stage, see Lesson Item Drops (Nightbringer).

Lessons 1-10[edit]

Lesson 1[edit]

MC wakes up in a room surrounded by demons, who say they found MC unconscious on the floor of an unfinished school building. One of them asks what MC is doing here, but before they can answer, they receive a text from an unregistered number. The sender says they have "received a second chance at a fated meeting," and sends them a picture of the seven demon brothers.

The unknown sender then asks if MC understands, and if they reply "I think I do," they're glad MC is already familiar with the brothers. If MC replies "I have no clue what you're talking about," they explain MC is "fated to form a deep bond" with the people they meet here.

Diavolo introducing himself
Diavolo introducing himself

Whether or not MC remembers the seven brothers, it's clear no one recognizes MC. One of the demons introduces himself as Diavolo, the future king of the Devildom. He then introduces the other seven demons as Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, and Belphegor.

Introductions are interrupted when MC's phone rings. It's from someone named Solomon, but he loses connection as he is jumping through space-time. Yelling can then be heard from outside the room. Diavolo says this is Satan, the last of the brothers to be introduced. He is the Avatar of Wrath, just as the other brothers are Avatars of Pride, Greed, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, and Sloth.

Satan had been put in chains due to being unable to control his rage, but was able to escape, and is now destroying everything. Leviathan wonders aloud why he's stuck with Satan for a brother, but Asmodeus reminds him that the Demon King said the seven of them have to consider themselves brothers from now on.

Lucifer then mentions they only recently arrived to the Devildom, so are in no position to refuse orders from the king himself. Satan then finds everyone in the council room, but then MC's phone once gain interrupts the situation, this time by a notification that sounds like Ruri-chan's voice.

Leviathan asks MC who "Ruri Hana" is, and says he's going to try out Ruri★Tunes. Lucifer shouts at him to pay attention, as Satan is still attempting to kill them. MC then feels a warm light from inside them, and yells at Satan to "stay." Suddenly, not just Satan, but all of the brothers fall to the floor, and Satan is knocked unconscious.

Diavolo is unaffected, and also impressed. He explains that things are chaotic for the brothers, who not only recently arrived here, but also used to be angels. Until they have adjusted to their new lives here, he asks MC to serve as the brothers' attendant. Despite the brothers complaining, MC agrees to the task.

Diavolo then makes sure MC can contact them with their D.D.D., and Asmodeus shows them how to use both Devilgram and Fab Snap. Belphegor then asks when they can go home, as Diavolo has prepared a house for the brothers: the House of Lamentation. They no longer have to stay at the Demon Lord's Castle, so despite any reservations, they all head there.

When MC is about to head into the house as well, Diavolo stops them. He figures out that MC doesn't have a place to stay, and says he has a different place for them. He then provides them with the app Wanderers' Whereabouts to look after the brothers while away. Solomon then arrives, and claims that MC is his apprentice. Diavolo is surprised he'd take on a demon apprentice, but believes that must be why MC could make the brothers "stay" using magic. The two agree that MC can stay with Solomon at Cocytus Hall.

After Diavolo leaves, if MC earlier did not recognize the photo of the brothers, then they don't recognize Solomon either. This makes him think MC has lost their memories, and so tells them about the events that led up to this moment. Either way, the two head to Cocytus Hall, where Solomon explains that MC had disappeared from their original timeline. He asked Barbatos - a demon who can see the past, present, and future - lend him his powers so that he could follow MC into the past.

Solomon can go back to the present anytime, but MC can't. MC's magic powers have also weakened, because the pacts they had formed with the brothers in their timeline don't function properly here in the past. They aren't gone completely, however, as their command to "stay" worked earlier. Solomon thinks if MC can reform all their pacts, they'd have enough magical power to return home. MC then receives a text from Lucifer telling them to come to the Demon Lord's Castle the next day.

Mammon and Asmodeus come to pick MC up the next day. Solomon is making breakfast, and on the way out, Asmodeus grabs a muffin. In town, the two are excited to do some shopping, but they are met with disdain by the citizens for being former angels. Asmodeus cheers Mammon up with ice cream, and the word "WINNER" is on the stick. Suddenly, a summoning circle appears, which summons a giant serpent. The snake chases them, so MC tells Asmodeus to throw the muffin he took earlier at the snake. After eating it, the snake runs away.

Later at the Demon Lord's Castle, Lucifer reprimands his brothers for going out on their own, as they had lied about being tasked with bringing MC to the castle. He also confiscates his credit card from Mammon. Diavolo then explains he called them to discuss his plan for a school that spreads the idea of peace between worlds.

He has uniforms for everyone, including Solomon and MC. Diavolo wants them to be the founding members. Lucifer is baffled he'd trust MC so easily, but Diavolo explains he feels like they share a bond. Much later, Lucifer and MC return to the House of Lamentation, where Lucifer expresses he doesn't trust MC, and that they don't need an attendant. However, he's interrupted by Mammon and Asmodeus screaming about a snake.

Lesson 2[edit]

Solomon explaining how he shrunk the giant snake
Solomon explaining how he shrunk the giant snake

Mammon and Asmodeus take MC to see Leviathan, who has been strung up by Lucifer as punishment. He's being punished for bringing a giant snake — the same one Mammon "won" earlier — to the House of Lamentation. Leviathan denies bringing it inside, but then Solomon arrives to bring MC home, and holds up a small snake. He explains that he shrunk it because it was blocking the way. Leviathan is relieved "Snakie" is okay, and the snake slithers into Leviathan's pocket.

Solomon is impressed that it has taken a liking to Leviathan so quickly, and he asks if they heard of a creature that is said to live in the Demon Lord's Castle. If someone can tame it, they gain the title of "Ruler of the Underworld." They haven't heard of it. Asmodeus asks Leviathan what he is going to do with the Snake, and MC suggests asking Lucifer if he can keep it as a pet. Leviathan happily agrees, and thanks MC for the advice.

On their way home, Solomon offers to cook dinner, which MC vehemently refuses, so instead he takes them to Hell's Kitchen. They talk about how the brothers don't remember MC, and Solomon says he thinks that helping Leviathan earlier was important, and acts as an invisible thread connecting MC to the brothers throughout time. MC then receives a text for Mammon asking them to go to the House of Lamentation the next day, and thanks them for helping Leviathan.

The next day, MC enters the House of Lamentations library, and everyone is in disbelief that they actually came. Mammon wanted to ask everyone how they feel about how they're being treated in the Devildom. Everyone but Leviathan doesn't really like it, and though Leviathan doesn't really care, Mammon tells him if they had respect, they can get faster internet. He then introduces his plan "Operation: Raid the Castle!"

Mammon had learned that Solomon's story about the creature from earlier wasn't a rumor. The creature in the castle is Cerberus. It's protected by a complex charm preventing anyone from coming into contact with it. The brothers are ready to give up, but Satan wakes up, and says that from reading books on Cerberus he has a good grasp on how to dispel the charm. They all compliment Satan, and feeling patronized, he flies into a rage.

MC and Mammon head out to do reconnaissance for "Operation: Seize Cerberus." They find Solomon asking to form a pact with Lucifer, who refuses. Lucifer then spots Mammon, and calls them over to ask where they're going. MC responds that they are going to Diavolo's Castle, and Solomon teases Mammon for having feelings for MC.

Once the two are alone, MC asks what Mammon thinks about pacts. He says it's similar to how a guardian angel picks a human. They can only pick one person for all time, and it has to be someone special. MC asks if he likes humans, and he says he doesn't have any interest in them, and doesn't believe he will find a special person. MC can then choose various answers from romantic to teasing.

The two find their way into the castle, but are found by Barbatos. He questions Mammon and MC, and finds out MC has connections with Solomon. For unknown reasons, Barbatos currently despises him. MC asks Barbatos to hire Mammon, who freaks out before realizing if he worked there, he could look for Cerberus.

Barbatos denies the request, reminding Mammon he had tried to infiltrate the treasure vault many times. Mammon suggests hiring both of them so MC can monitor him, and Barbatos agrees to hire them if they pass a job interview. Barbatos then brings out tea to test their tea etiquette.

First he asks if placing the handle of a cup facing the left is a breach of etiquette, which is false. He then asks about the type of sugar cubes to be used when serving tea to Diavolo, and the correct answer are the ones "adorned with flowers." The final question is which of two foods Solomon made should be served, and the answer is neither.

Even if MC answers all of these questions incorrectly, they and Mammon are hired. Barbatos leaves them with cleaning duty with Little D. No. 2. Mammon asks No. 2 if he has heard of a big dog in the castle, but No. 2 says he has only heard a rumor that sometimes at the gazebo, a dog can be heard howling in the distance.

Lesson 3[edit]

MC and the seven brothers — minus Lucifer — are sneaking around the Demon Lord's Castle for "Operation Seize: Cerberus." Beelzebub's stomach growls, which starts an argument about being quiet. While the brothers argue, Beelzebub goes missing, but the group isn't worried. Satan angrily ushers them all ahead.

Mammon explaining why he wants to tame Cerberus
Mammon explaining why he wants to tame Cerberus

They arrive at the castles gazebo, but don't find anything. The other brothers are ready to go back home, but Mammon doesn't want to give up yet. They wonder why he wants to find Cerberus so badly, and he responds by saying if they are able to tame him, they will be treated with respect. Eventually, they all come around and agree to persist in Mammon's plan.

After some searching, Belphegor takes a break to admire the stars, which reminds Satan of a giant pit known as "Starfall" that used to be a part of the castle's garden. Leviathan then suggests that there may be an underground chamber under the lake. Due to his suggestion, and his elemental association with water, Leviathan is forced to explore the lake. He discovers a door that is sealed with magic, but Satan is the only one who can dispel the seal, so Leviathan drags him into the water with him. The water then drains from the lake, revealing a cavern.

The cavern is full of glowing white flowers. The brothers stop to admire them, but the flowers begin to whisper, causing them to enter a trance which prevents them from moving. Asmodeus isn't affected by this magic, and angrily yells at the flowers that he is more beautiful than them. This activates Asmodeus' charm, which breaks the others from their trance.

Asmodeus laments that his power reminds him that he truly has changed into a demon. Mammon tells him to cheer up, and that he is lucky he gained a cool power. Satan again ushers them to continue, and the group discovers a huge door from which they can hear growling on the other side. An apple is on the ground, and Mammon picks it up. When he does, however, it begins to multiply, burying everyone. Mammon shouts at MC to do something, so they summon Beelzebub, who eats all the apples and saves everyone from drowning. Mammon compliments MC for being able to summon him.

Suddenly Cerberus appears, and the group flees, but hits a dead end. Mammon runs toward Cerberus to protect the others, but then Lucifer appears to save them. Cerberus backs off and sits at Lucifer's command. Then, everyone meets with Diavolo, who tells Lucifer that Cerberus has taken a liking to him, and only obeys those he deems worthy to be his master. This means Lucifer has to adopt him, and Lucifer blames MC for this situation, but Mammon defends them. Lucifer then drops the topic, and tells everyone to go home.

At Cocytus Hall, MC tells Solomon what happened. Then Lucifer texts MC, asking them to come to The House of Lamentation. When they arrive, he asks MC why they didn't stop the others, and why Mammon was so interested in Cerberus. MC explains that Mammon wanted to help his brothers, and so MC helped Mammon. Lucifer decides to dismiss their transgressions, and admits he had wanted Cerberus as a pet. He tells MC to check on Mammon and bring him the day's newspaper, the headline of which reads "Introducing the Seven Rulers of the Underworld."

MC knocks on Mammon's door, but he doesn't answer. MC can choose between various forms of destruction to break the door. Either way, Mammon allows them in. He doesn't want to talk to MC, but MC tells him that they care. He caves and admits that he wanted to help his little brothers, but in the end, Lucifer saved the day.

Unlike the others, he followed Lucifer to the Devildom without thinking, and he wonders if he should have thought more about what being a Demon would entail. He feels like he is worthless on his own, and having Lucifer do what he couldn't just makes him think that more. MC tells Mammon he has helped everyone, and shows him the newspaper.

Mammon is happy it says "the Seven" and it wasn't just Lucifer that was credited, then laughs that MC was included like an afterthought. He feels better, and tells MC even though the newspaper says "seven," there are truly eight "Rulers of the Underworld." MC can then either hug or kiss him, but then Leviathan walks in and runs off flustered.

Lesson 4[edit]

MC, Lucifer, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, and Belphegor are at a restaurant, and Asmodeus tells everyone that "Mammon and MC were making out when Leviathan spotted them causing an all-out brawl." Beelzebub changes the subject, saying he couldn't make a reservation at this restaurant before, but because of the news, they are now able to eat here.

The group later returns to the House of Lamentation, and Lucifer tells MC that they will be staying the night because it's so late. Belphegor is displeased, and as the others head inside, he stops MC and tells them that Lucifer has taken a liking to them. Regardless of their response, Belphegor says goodnight and heads inside. MC follows, and then encounters Satan, who is surprised Lucifer allowed them to stay. MC asks Satan what he's been up to, and Satan responds that with his new "Ruler of the Underworld" title, he's now able to check out books at the library. He wants to read about curses that will make Lucifer beg for mercy. He then suggests MC take a bath now, as the others will want to soon as well.

Once MC is done in the bath, they find Leviathan in the hall and ask if they can stay in his room, which makes him flustered. They also ask about his pet snake, but Leviathan says he is going to take a bath, so they should scram. MC then goes to the living room where Satan is reading. Mammon asks MC to come to his room to play pool, but before they can go, Leviathan arrives. He tells MC he did a lot of thinking, and if they genuinely want to come to his room, they can. Mammon laughs at him, and they begin to argue.

MC attempts to stop the fighting, but it doesn't work. They ask Satan for help, so he casts a curse on his two brothers that turns them into chihuahuas. Barking loudly, they draw the attention of Lucifer, who tells MC to take them outside. Once outside, they run into Solomon, who laughs at the brothers' situation. He talks to MC about the news, and asks about their progress. MC tells him they are getting along with Mammon, and Solomon asks them not to forget that they belong in the present. After returning to the house, the curse wears off, though Mammon and Leviathan remain on bad terms. Lucifer arrives and announces that Diavolo wants to talk with all of them tomorrow.

Leviathan expressing his feelings about the Devildom
Leviathan expressing his feelings about the Devildom

The next day at RAD, Diavolo unveils his plans to the brothers, MC, and Solomon. He believes for the Devildom to grow, demons have to learn trust. He wants everyone present to be core members of founding RAD. Appointing them as founders and holding a big celebration will show the Devildom that the brothers are to be respected. Lucifer agrees with Diavolo, but Leviathan shouts that he "never wanted to come to this awful place," and then leaves.

Later at the House of Lamentation, MC finds Leviathan in his room, where after some cajoling he explains that ever since he arrived, he's been depressed. Even in the Celestial Realm, he had wanted to escape, and at first when he'd arrived in the Devildom he hoped he see change in himself. But he didn't, and he feels like his brothers have a brighter future while he'll just be left behind. Lucifer then knocks on Leviathan's door, but Leviathan doesn't want to see him.

From the other side of the door, Lucifer apologizes; while he didn't order Leviathan to follow him, when Leviathan chose to do so anyway, it made him very happy. He knew Leviathan was afraid, but he couldn't tell Leviathan to stay behind. If he had, Leviathan would probably still be an angel. He then says he is going to speak with Diavolo, and leaves. Leviathan shouts that he's sorry and opens the door, but finds himself in what appears to be an underground labyrinth.

Leviathan and MC search for a way out, but stop eventually to take a break. Leviathan tells MC that even though they haven't known each other for long, he's happy they're together. He then shyly asks what the nature of MC and Mammon's relationship is, but MC cannot answer, as they are interrupted by an earthquake.

Lesson 5[edit]

Leviathan and MC find that the earthquake revealed a staircase up from the underground labyrinth. Leviathan is excited to escape, but Mammon — who is dressed like the Lord of Fools from The Tale of the Seven Lords — stops them. MC recognizes Mammon's appearance as being from the "TSL" series, but Leviathan does not. The Lord of Fools blames the two of them for his golden pig going missing, and they are taken away for execution.

"The Lord of Fools" demanding his pig be found
"The Lord of Fools" demanding his pig be found

The commotion catches the attention of Lucifer, aka the Lord of Corruption. Then Asmodeus — the Lord of Lechery — comes in along with Satan, Beelzebub, and Belphegor, aka the Lords of Masks, Flies, and Emptiness respectively. The Lord of Masks suggests the supposed thieves find the pig. The Lord of Fools agrees, and states that they must find it by sundown.

MC questions Leviathan about TSL, but he doesn't know about the books. The books do, however, remind him of a story he has been reading online. Leviathan is excited as he thinks he can finally do something special, and he and MC start their investigation by questioning all the Lords.

They start with Lord of Lechery, who says he was with the Lord of Corruption talking about his beauty when the pig disappeared. He and MC then ask the Lords of Masks, Flies, and Emptiness, and Masks about the pig, but they were all together with the Lord of Fools discussing how to take down the Lord of Corruption at the time of the pig's disappearance. They then question the Lord of Corruption, who says he was in the Hall of Mirrors with the Lord of Lechery. Everyone has an alibi, so Leviathan asks if MC can summon the pig. When they try, it causes a thud to come from Lord of Lechery's closet, and the golden pig runs out.

They bring the pig back to the Lord of Fools just before sunset, who forgives them and invites them to dinner. But first, they are provided with new clothes. Leviathan — now dressed like the Lord of Shadows — is having fun feeling like he is a "different sort of Levi" and comes to like cosplaying. Music begins to play, and the Lord of Corruption says it is tradition for the guests to start the dance. MC doesn't know how to dance, so Leviathan leads the waltz, which Lucifer had taught him how to dance in the Celestial Realm.

As MC watches all the Lords, they suddenly realize who stole the pig. They confront the Lord of Corruption, saying the Lord of Lechery would have been so mesmerized by his reflection in the Hall of Mirrors that he could have snuck away at any time. He admits that when the Lord of Fools found the pig he became a negligent ruler, so he confiscated it. He then demands that MC and Leviathan either side with the Lord of Fools or himself. Leviathan responds to the Lord as if he is the real Lucifer, and says that he's scared, but will go with him of his own free will.

The Lord of Fools was listening, however, and threatens them, calling them powerless humans. Leviathan refutes him, saying he is "One of the Seven Rulers of the Underworld, Leviathan Avatar of Envy!" Leviathan then summons Lotan, surprising himself. The Lord of Corruption compliments Leviathan as the Lord of Fools is swept away.

MC and Leviathan then "wake up" in Leviathan's room. He wonders if it was all a dream, but they are both soaking wet, proving Lotan was real. The brothers come to Leviathan's room, and he tells them about Lotan, to which they respond positively. Leviathan then apologizes to Lucifer, and tells everyone he decided to agree with Diavolo's plan. Lucifer warmly thanks Leviathan, but his room was still flooded, so he is left to clean it with MC.

Lesson 6[edit]

Simeon coming to the Devildom to visit
Simeon coming to the Devildom to visit

Mammon, Leviathan, and MC are playing video games together in Leviathan's room when they hear the doorbell. The three go to the door to find Simeon and Luke are visiting as representatives from the Celestial Realm. They're here to attend the founding ceremony for RAD, and will stay as guests in the House of Lamentation. Lucifer knew about this, but hadn't told the others.

Simeon is an angel the brothers — minus Satan — all know from before, but Luke is new to them. Over tea, the brothers ask about Michael, and are surprised he allowed Simeon and Luke to visit. They also ask about Raphael, who Asmodeus comments always would come up with "some sort of excuse to get mad at us." Luke is quiet this whole time, and seems afraid of the demon brothers. Both Mammon and Lucifer comment his behavior makes them think of a chihuahua, and everyone decides that's his new nickname.

Asmodeus suggests a tour of the house for both MC and their angel guests, and takes them first to his room. Simeon is happy that Asmodeus is still how he used to be, though Asmodeus mentions that now as a demon he has the ability to charm others. Luke comments how "disgusting" and terrible that is, and how sad that someone once called the "jewel of the heavens" has fallen so low. Simeon tries to reprimand him, but Asmodeus brushes his comments off and continues the tour.

Once the house tour is complete, Luke notices a dollhouse in the entryway modeled after the House of Lamentation. Simeon notices a room they didn't visit on the tour, which surprises Asmodeus, but he then says the model of the house when it was still in the Human World. Lucifer told him that magic was used on the house after moving it to the Devildom, so it's been altered. This is also why Asmodeus's room has windows despite being in the center of the house. Asmodeus then returns to his room, but tells MC to say goodbye to Lucifer before they go.

Lucifer tells MC that he invited Diavolo, Barbatos, and Solomon over to the house for a dinner party to welcome Simeon and Luke, and he wants MC to help in the kitchen. Once there, they find both Simeon and Luke looking for something to drink. Simeon found some Demonus, and asks MC if it's safe to drink. Regardless of their answer, Simeon thanks them for the help, which upsets Luke. He warns that all demons are untrustworthy, though still happily takes some sweets from MC.

The dinner party begins, though Diavolo explains that Barbatos couldn't attend due to "urgent business." Solomon thinks he just didn't want to see him, but when MC asks what he did to make Barbatos upset, Solomon replies that he still can't remember.

Diavolo asks what the Celestial Realm is like, as he's never been there, but as everyone else reminisces, Satan gets angry and leaves. Asmodeus also seems upset, and even after the party is over, still seems withdrawn. MC asks him about it, but he says nothing is wrong and wishes them a good night.

The next day, there's a meeting at RAD, though Beelzebub and Belphegor aren't there, as they took Simeon and Luke sightseeing. Asmodeus is still quiet and not paying attention, but later when he and MC are cleaning one of the classrooms, he seems in a better mood.

He tells MC about a dream he had about living in the Celestial Realm, so MC asks if he wants to return there. He answers with an unconvincing "no," but then changes the subject to throwing an "Asmo Night" party. He used to have these parties in the Celestial Realm, but hasn't hosted one in the Devildom yet. He invites MC to be the guest of honor for the first Devildom Asmo Night, then Solomon appears to walk MC home.

At Cocytus Hall, MC tells Solomon about Asmodeus behaving strangely. He thinks that the arrival of Simeon and Luke made Asmodeus miss the Celestial Realm, and says that if he could travel back in time to his childhood home, he'd like to. He also that mentions he first met Asmodeus in a tavern in his hometown.

He tells MC how Asmodeus was drunk and depressed because a human had rejected him, so Solomon convinced him to forge a pact with him. The doorbell then rings, and it's Beelzebub and Belphegor, who are looking for Asmodeus because they haven't seen him since last night.

Lesson 7[edit]

MC, Solomon, and the demon brothers are at the House of Lamentation looking for a missing Asmodeus. They aren't certain if he came home later or not, but when Beelzebub peeked in his room, he wasn't there. Solomon suggests they take another look, and run into Simeon and Luke in the hallway.

Luke mentions that Asmodeus wanted him to tell him all about how the Celestial Realm is nowadays, but it seemed more like he wanted to see if Michael or Raphael talked about him. They continue on to check his room, which is indeed empty. Satan says it's better with him gone, then gets into a fight with Beelzebub because he told everyone about Lucifer cursing him so that he can't be more than a few feet away from him.

They realize that the pleasant scent in the room isn't normally there, and is coming from Asmodeus's bathroom. He's not there either, but there's steam coming off of the tub. Solomon convinces Leviathan to learn over the tub, and then pushes him in, causing him to disappear. One by one, the others either are pushed in or jump in afterwards, and they all find themselves in what looks like the Celestial Realm.

They find Asmodeus, who tells the brothers that they can go back to being angels and live in the Celestial Realm again. Lucifer tells him that's impossible, and tries to explain this is just an illusion, but Asmodeus won't hear it. Then Raphael arrives, and tell them that "Father" has forgiven the brothers, but Lucifer doesn't buy that for a second.

Asmodeus wishing he could be an angel again
Asmodeus wishing he could be an angel again

Asmodeus is upset with Lucifer, and finally admits that he wants to return to being an angel. He then runs away, but MC follows, and is able to sit down and talk with him. Asmodeus says he knows that being with his brothers matters more than where it is they are, and he doesn't regret following Lucifer. However, when Simeon and Luke arrived, he remembered what it was like in the Celestial Realm, and started to worry he'd never be as beautiful as when he was an angel. When he drew a bath to make himself feel better, he suddenly found himself transported here.

Talking to MC has helped him feel better, but suddenly Raphael appears and tells him he needs to return to the Celestial Realm even if he does so alone. When Asmodeus refuses, it becomes clear that this isn't the real Raphael at all. Their surroundings change into an underground labyrinth, and Raphael turns into a giant spider that chases them. Solomon calls out to them, and they all hide as the spider passes them by.

Solomon then asks Asmodeus to make a pact with him so he can draw out his latent demonic power and take care of the spider. He tries to manipulate Asmodeus into agreeing by asking if he wants to save his brothers, but Lucifer finds them in time to stop him from agreeing.

The other brothers are with Lucifer, who are also against Asmodeus making a pact with Solomon, because he'd lose his freedom and it's an important choice to think carefully about. Asmodeus is touched his brothers care about him so much, but argues that if anyone has the power to charm "the world's most powerful magician," then it's him.

The pact is forged just as the spider finds them again, and Asmodeus uses his enhanced power to charm it. Solomon then uses another pact he has to summon Barbatos, which shocks everyone that they too have a pact together. Barbatos gets rid of the spider, and opens a portal for everyone to return to the Devildom.

Everyone arrives in the Demon Lord's Castle, and then Barbatos uses his powers to teleport Solomon to a random location in the Devildom. Diavolo finds them and asks them all to stay for dinner, but Asmodeus comments that it's been a long day. The brothers return home, but MC stays for dinner and tells Diavolo about what happened.

Diavolo tells MC these incidents don't feel like coincidences, and while the brothers have been in the Devildom over a year now, these incidents only started happening to them after MC showed up. He then asks them "what's a human doing in the Devildom?"

Meanwhile, Beelzebub and Belphegor invite Luke and Simeon to play video games in the "empty room," which is a room in the House of Lamentation that doesn't belong to anyone, but all the brothers feel a sort of connection to it, as do the two angels. They decide they should all hang out in the room with Asmodeus as a kind of welcome back party once he's feeling better.

Lesson 8[edit]

Diavolo deciding to send MC to the human world
Diavolo deciding to send MC to the human world

Diavolo asks MC if they are a human, which MC can choose to admit or not. He then explains that the Devildom is in an unstable state, and just ensuring the position of Lucifer and his brothers remains secure takes all he has, so he can't guarantee MC's safety. As such, he's going to send MC back to the Human World.

Diavolo will let MC says their goodbyes, but then he expects them to return to the Demon Lord's Castle to depart, and will hear no arguments. Barbatos then walks MC out, and on the way asks them to not think less of Diavolo for his decision. The Devildom taking in "war criminals" in the form of Lucifer and his brothers has strained the relationship between the Devildom and the Celestial Realm.

Then on top of that, the Demon King suddenly "fell into a deep slumber," leaving Diavolo to rule in his place. Barbatos also mentions that some members of the House of Lords oppose his leadership due to being so young. He then suggests MC talk over the situation with Solomon, but when they return to Cocytus Hall, he isn't there.

They go to the House of Lamentation next, and find Luke and Simeon hanging out in the "empty room." They tell the two angels that they have to leave the Devildom, and both angels advise MC to think about what they want to do, because some decisions can't be taken back. Simeon admits that he made a decision he still regrets deeply, and doesn't want MC to find themselves in the same situation.

MC asks him if he'll talk about it, and Simeon tells them than just before the Great Celestial War, he, Lucifer, and Raphael were in the Celestial Palace garden when Simeon got the feeling that Lucifer was "growing more distant." He didn't say anything, and believes that if he'd just asked Lucifer what was wrong, things might have turned out differently.

Luke also suggests that when things are hard to say, he find it easier to write a letter. Simeon then tells MC all the brothers save Lucifer are in the library, but when they find them there, Mammon invites them to an "interesting" job opportunity.

MC agrees to join in, and Mammon explains that an evil spirit in the mausoleum needs taking care of. He tells everyone to get ready and meet up in the empty room, and then MC encounters Lucifer in the hallway. They want to talk with everyone when they come back, so he invites MC to have dinner with them. Before MC leaves, they write a letter to all of the brothers, which they bring along with them.

After they and the other brothers have gone, Simeon also runs into Lucifer, and admits to him that he wishes he'd done something different that day in the Celestial Realm. Lucifer tells him it was his own actions that precipitated the war, so Simeon need not feel any regret.

The brothers and MC are led by Mammon into a graveyard, and the mausoleum is on the other side of a hill. MC finds an inscription on a tomb written in a Human World language that says "Adam" and "I'm waiting for you." Suddenly there's a flash of light, and Mammon starts speaking as if he were someone else.

The spirit explains that he is possessing Mammon's body. He says his name is Adam, and that he's a human, which shocks the brothers. He explains that long ago he came to the Devildom to find his lost love, but became lost himself. He then encountered a demon, who he begged to take him to his lost love. The demon answered that wasn't something he could do, but that one day, someone would appear that could do what he asked.

Adam says this demon was named Nightbringer, a name none of the brothers recognize. They ask Adam how he's sure MC is who he was waiting for. Adam answers that MC has "the ring," and MC reveals the ring they have on their finger. The brothers think it looks like Lucifer's Ring of Light, but decide they must be imagining things.

Adam says that now that MC is here, they will be able to open the Celestial Realm gates and he can return to where his love waits for him. The brothers are certain that's impossible, but MC casts a spell that uses the pacts they once had with the brothers to absorb their powers, and the Celestial Realm gates open.

Adam thanks MC deeply, and asks if the want to come with him, but MC declines. Before he leaves, Adam gives MC a message from Nightbringer: "It's not yet time for you to return."

Lesson 9[edit]

Still in the graveyard, the brothers are worn out from MC using the pacts they one had to draw on their powers and send Adam back to the Celestial Realm. Mammon is also no longer possessed, but remembers what happened.

Asmodeus comments the way MC channeled their power felt the same as when Solomon used his pact with him. The brothers are confused, but everyone decides to head home. Mammon is now suddenly afraid of being in the graveyard, and sticks close to everyone leaving.

Meanwhile, Solomon finds himself teleported to a strange forest, which is where Barbatos sent him as retribution for summoning him in the labyrinth before. Someone that looks like Luke appears, and tells him he's late for the tea party. Luke takes him to a room where what looks like Diavolo and Simeon are arguing over whether angels or demons should be the ones guiding humans.

Later, Solomon has returned to Cocytus Hall, and MC tells him about Diavolo knowing they're human, and about Adam's ghost. Solomon thinks this Nightbringer is the one who sent them to the past because there's something he wants MC to do. This means they need to convince Diavolo to let MC stay in the Devildom, but reminds MC they can never tell people they're from the future, or it will create a time paradox.

The window suddenly opens, and speaking envelope says that MC is summoned to the Demon Lord's Castle. They and Solomon meet Diavolo in the castle's great hall, where Solomon tries convince Diavolo to let MC stay in the Devildom. As much as he might want to do that, he has to think of what's best for the Devildom. The conversation is interrupted, however, when Belphegor storms into the hall, with his brothers chasing behind him.

Belphegor demanding Diavolo release Beelzebub
Belphegor demanding Diavolo release Beelzebub

Belphegor angrily accuses Diavolo of locking Beelzebub up, and demands he be released. Lucifer tells him to calm down, and when MC asks what's going on, the brothers explain that during the dinner party at the castle yesterday, Beelzebub destroyed part of the castle and emptied its pantry.

That morning, he was summoned to the castle and put in chains. The brothers argue something had been wrong with Beelzebub, and he wouldn't normally behave so, but Diavolo says he'll decide how to deal with this situation later. Lucifer accuses him of not truly accepting himself or his brothers, and then they all leave.

Barbatos asks MC and Solomon to leave for now, as Diavolo is feeling fatigued. While walking them out, he tells MC and Solomon that since the Demon King's slumber began, Diavolo has borne a heavy burden, and could use the support of those like the seven brothers. He then leaves them, but only after intentionally mentioning the exact location where Beelzebub is being held.

Solomon thinks they could free Beelzebub, then persuade the brothers to support Diavolo, which would prove to him that MC staying in the Devildom benefits him. Solomon then follows Barbatos to check on Beelzebub, while MC goes to talk to the other brothers.

They run into Satan at the gates of the House of Lamentation, and introduce him to a stray cat, and the concept of cats as a whole. Satan is immediately fond of the creature. He then asks to be left alone so he can think, so MC goes inside.

Belphegor is upset that Lucifer didn't stand his ground and demand Diavolo release Beelzebub. Lucifer argues that no good would come out of going against Diavolo so aggressively. Belphegor then storms off, and Lucifer notices MC. He tells them to return to Cocytus Hall, and leaves for his room.

Asmodeus explains to MC that when they were at the dinner party yesterday, Beelzebub suddenly went on a rampage, and Diavolo had to pin him down to stop him. They don't know what caused him to lose it, but mention having a conversation about a cursed record Lucifer acquired.

MC goes to Lucifer's room, where he again demands MC leave, and again MC refuses, so he asks why they are so determined to help. If MC answers that it's because Lucifer is important to them, they're given the option to kiss him. Either way, MC is asks about the cursed record, and Lucifer says that it's a record of a banshee's song.

He then tells asks MC to check on Belphegor. MC finds Belphegor in his bed, worried because he "can't lose another family member." He then starts to tell MC about Lilith, his younger sister.

Lesson 10[edit]

In the twins' room, Belphegor tells MC about the brothers' sister, Lilith. He talks about how she fell in love with a human, and angels have a rule that they aren't allowed to interfere in the affairs of humans. She was caught and punished, which is why Lucifer started the Great Celestial War. During the fight, however, Lilith died.

Belphegor believes her death was his fault, and he knows that Beelzebub blames himself for her death, too. He thinks he should have died along with Lilith if she couldn't be saved. MC can comfort him by either hugging or kissing him.

Mammon them comes into the room and tells them that Lucifer is going back to the Demon Lord's Castle to talk to Diavolo again about releasing Beelzebub. Everyone meets up in the entrance hall, where Lucifer says he wants to take Belphegor with him. However, he warns Belphegor that he has to be able to control his temper. Belphegor agrees, but wants MC to come along, too.

An argument ensues as to whether MC go with them or not. Solomon is nominated to go instead, but he claims to have plans with Simeon. In the end, Lucifer, Belphegor, and MC head out to the castle together. When they arrive, there seems to be some kind of uproar and commotion happening, so they ask Little D. No. 2 what's going on. He tells them that "a terrifying beast" that was locked in the dungeon is now rampaging in the castle.

Diavolo explaining Beelzebub escaped
Diavolo explaining Beelzebub escaped

They find Diavolo telling Barbatos to make sure everyone has evacuated, and to ensure Beelzebub can't get out of the castle. Lucifer asks what happened, and Diavolo tells him that as soon as the brothers left earlier, Beelzebub broke out of his cell, and is now destroying everything in his sight.

Lucifer tells him that he, Belphegor, and MC will catch Beelzebub, but Barbatos questions if this is only a trick. Diavolo agrees to Lucifer's plan, however, and the three leave to find Beelzebub. As they search, they find everything has been destroyed, even walls and ceilings, and smoke is everywhere as if something has caught fire. They then find a giant hole where Beelzebub manged to breach the castle walls, and it now outside.

They follow his tracks as it begins to rain, which becomes a downpour as they make their way to the Colosseum, the place where the brothers all landed after their fall from the Celestial Realm. Mammon, Leviathan, and Asmodeus catch up with the trio, and tell them they saw smoke coming from the colosseum. Mammon also tells them both Diavolo and Barbatos are already there, thanks to Barbatos's teleportation abilities.

They race to the Colosseum to find a rampaging Beelzebub being pinned down by Diavolo. Lucifer tells him to release his brother, and that he'll handle things from here, but suddenly Beelzebub's power surges and he breaks free, then charges at Belphegor.

MC uses the future pacts they have with all the brothers, and channels their power to stop Beelzebub, who passes out. Diavolo is stunned at their strength, and both Mammon and Asmodeus mention MC has absorbed their powers before while at the mausoleum. Lucifer is angry he wasn't told before, and points out there is no spell to extract a demon's power without a pact.

Lucifer demands MC tell him who they really are, and why they have his ring — the Ring of Light — on their finger. MC admits that they aren't a demon, and that they're a human.

Meanwhile, Solomon is thinking about the part of his earlier adventure in finding his way back to Cocytus Hall that he didn't tell MC about. After being teleported away by Barbatos as punishment for summing him, he'd found himself in a room where what looked like Diavolo and Simeon were trying to convince him to take the side of angels or demons. However, he answers that humans aren't so weak that they need someone else protecting them.

He just wants humanity — and himself — to be free. He says this is part of the agreement he has with "him," and leaves the room. Everything suddenly goes black, and a mysterious voice accuses him of being difficult, and tells him things would have been easier if Solomon had just chosen "our side."

Solomon just laughs, and asks the voice if he was trying to test his convictions. The voice accuses him of behaving like a demon, but Solomon replies that makes sense, as "you're the one who [made] me who I am," and addresses the voice by name: Nightbringer.

Lessons 11-20[edit]

Lesson 11[edit]

After MC finally revealed that they are a human, Lucifer asks them point blank if they are an enemy. Mammon also asks if MC is on their side, but when MC tries to reassure them, Belphegor argues they can't trust someone that's been lying to them this whole time. He says that humans are the ones that took Lilith away from them, but Mammon argues MC has nothing to do with that.

Leviathan and Asmodeus also vouch for MC, but Belphegor refuses to listen, and attacks MC. Solomon appears just in time to protect them, however. He decides to teleport away, and takes MC with them, telling the brothers to let them know "when [they've] managed to calm down."

After reappearing in a forest, Solomon checks that MC is all right, then reminds them that the seven brothers in this timeline are different from the ones they know in their timeline. He thinks they should find something to "level the playing field" before they go back. He then leads them to a cave, where a sign at the entrance reads "Go away Solomon." He ignores the sign, and both of them go inside.

Meanwhile, Satan enters the House of Lamentation's kitchen to find something to feed the cat outside, and finds Luke there. He grabs some raw liver and fish bones, but Luke insists on making food for the cat instead. Then they both go out and feed the cat together.

Once inside the cave, Solomon reveals that this is the Reaper's Cave MC visited before in their original timeline. He reminds them that Thirteen set "rules" for each level of the cave, and there is a penalty if they aren't followed. However, he reassures MC that he's taking them to his hideout where they'll be safe.

Thirteen upset at finding Solomon in her cave
Thirteen upset at finding Solomon in her cave

Thirteen interrupts when she hears this, and appears to ask Solomon what he means by "his" hideout. He ignores that, and asks about the uniform she's wearing. She replies the "Demon King's son" gave it to her when asking if she'd enroll at RAD. She'd refused, but kept and altered the uniform because she liked it.

The reaper then asks who MC is, and Solomon introduces them as his apprentice, then leads them away to the Fountain of Knowledge. He tells MC this is where he first became known as the "Witty Sorcerer," and explains that knowledge is "born here" in the form of a book.

Solomon then explains to Thirteen MC's situation. She doesn't want to get caught up in "some war with the Devildom's young elite," but Solomon is adamant they stay here. After she leaves, Solomon expresses his feelings on humanity's dilemma — caught in between the angels' and demons' feuds — and wishes both sides would recognize humanity as equals.

He tries to convince MC to promise they'll be on humanity's side. However, Thirteen appears again to interrupt him with a reminder that making promises, oaths, etc. while inside the Fountain of Knowledge is against the rules.

While Solomon is finding blankets, Thirteen brings MC some reaper cuisine for dinner. She then shares more about her past with Solomon, as well as the Fountain of Knowledge's history in relation to both Solomon and Barbatos.

They then hear screaming from afar, and leave to track down the intruders. They find Leviathan and Asmodeus teasing Mammon, who has been turned into a Little D.. Thirteen is irritated to have more intruders, and when Solomon asks how they knew he and MC were here, Leviathan explains that Diavolo guessed this is where they would seek refuge.

Barbatos was the one who teleported them here, including the other brothers, who had split up to find MC. They warn them that Lucifer is on his way to the Fountain of Knowledge, and urge MC to escape. However, MC wants to talk to Lucifer, and everyone returns to the Fountain of Knowledge.

Solomon chooses to taunt Lucifer, who uses magic to chain him down before approaching MC. He warns them that he would never let them hurt his brothers, but Thirteen interrupts. She offers to save MC, and in her hands is the seven brothers' Grimoire, which the Fountain of Knowledge created.

The sight of the grimoire distracts Lucifer, and Solomon breaks free of his restraints. Despite Mammon mentioning that he thought reapers have to stay neutral, Thirteen claims she "does her own thing." She throws the Grimoire to MC, but they then give it to Lucifer.

MC then either promises to protect them as their attendant, or to help them find happiness in the Devildom. However, making this promise in the Fountain of Knowledge activates its curse, and MC falls unconscious.

Lesson 12[edit]

With MC's vision nothing but blackness, they hear the voice of Nightbringer. He says they both want the same thing: for MC to remake their pacts with all seven brothers. After he departs, a still unconscious MC lies in the middle of the Fountain of Knowledge. Solomon asks Thirteen what to do, but she says the rule that no promises can be made here wasn't her idea. Instead, it's a curse that was put on the Fountain of Knowledge itself, so she can't help MC.

The brothers and Solomon take MC to the House of Lamentation, where Satan, Luke, and Simeon are shocked to see everyone bring in a comatose MC. They're put in the bed in the "empty room," and Simeon uses an angelic blessing to help stabilize them. The blessing can't dispel curses, however, so he isn't sure if MC will ever wake up.

Three days later, MC regains consciousness, but can't move or speak. One by one the brothers come to visit, and depending on MC's thoughts, they can receive a kiss from each brother apart from Lucifer.

Leviathan telling MC what happened to them
Leviathan telling MC what happened to them

Leviathan visits first, and tells them Beelzebub is fine now. He was able to return home, as Lucifer said Diavolo forgave him for losing control like he did. He then says he wants to go somewhere with MC, just the two of them, so they should wake up soon.

Later, MC wakes again to Satan reading to them a book from the Human World. He tells MC he looked in every book in every library in the Devildom, but couldn't find a way to wake MC. Next he and Solomon are going to look through curse books from both the Devildom and Human World.

Later again, MC wakes to find Beelzebub eating next to them. He thanks MC for stopping him when he was rampaging in the Colosseum, and says he wants to tell them a big secret he hasn't even told Belphegor once they wake up again.

Time passes, then Mammon rushes into the room seeking safety from a rampaging Satan. In the middle of a rampage, Satan destroyed something of Leviathan's, who then also became furious and summoned Lotan. This caused the kitchen to flood, so then Beelzebub lost his temper, and the chain continued so that every brother but Mammon and Lucifer were in one giant fight.

He tells MC they need to hurry and wake up, because it's their job to look after all of them. He doesn't care if MC is a human or a demon, the "Great Mammon" depends on them being there for him and his brothers.

Asmodeus visits MC later with an update: half of the House of Lamentation has been destroyed, so they've all had to sleep in the common room. He starts painting MC's nails, and tells them he's done this for the brothers even while in the Celestial Realm. It feels even more important now, because it's a way to bond all the brothers together. That's why he wants to paint MC's nails, too.

Next, Belphegor comes to visit. He apologizes to MC for what he said and did before, and hopes MC will forgive him. He hasn't been sleeping well lately, but he takes hold of MC's hand and falls asleep there with them.

Lucifer visits last, and tells MC that Belphegor was excited to tell everyone that when he'd held MC's hand, it had felt like they squeezed his hand in return. Lucifer has lots of questions for MC, like why they have his Ring of Light, and why they handed over the Grimoire when he was at MC's mercy. He finds MC to be full of secrets, though admits to them a secret of his own.

He tells MC about Lilith and how they fell in love with a human, and was going to be given the gravest punishment the Celestial Realm has: to lose her wings and be "cast down into darkness" where she'd be forced to wander for all eternity. Then he admits that Lilith isn't dead like his brothers think; he'd asked Diavolo to save her, so he'd turned her into a human in return for Lucifer pledging his eternal loyalty to him.

If anyone from the Celestial Realm learned that Lilith lives, it could lead to war between the Celestial Realm and the Devildom. He doesn't want to keep this secret from his brothers, but feels he has no choice. He then admits he misses MC, and wants them to wake up. The Ring of Light on MC's finger then begins to glow.

Lesson 13[edit]

Within a white light that blinds MC, a voice speaks to them, and tells them this is the second time they've come to their rescue. The voice says they're doing so for the sake of their former brothers, but they also give MC a warning. If they decide to "ally [themselves] with Nightbringer," the Celestial Realm will not be so "willing to tolerate [their] behavior."

MC then opens their eyes to find themselves in the "spare room" of the House of Lamentation with a pleased Lucifer at their side. Asmodeus then enters the room to tell Lucifer it's time to eat, but starts yelling excitedly when he sees MC is awake. The other brothers hear, and rush into the room as well, followed by Luke, Simeon, and Solomon. The sorcerer then asks MC if they're rather stay the night at the House of Lamentation or go back to Cocytus Hall.

If MC stays, in the middle of the night they leave the room to find all the brothers but Lucifer sleeping in the hallway, and Lucifer explains that the entire time they were sleeping, this is where all of his brothers slept. This time, however, they bring the brothers back into the room. Some of the brothers — like Asmodeus — only pretend to stay sleeping when this happens, as they discuss the next day at RAD.

If MC goes to Cocytus Hall, Solomon is pleased, as he thinks that means they consider Cocytus Hall their home. He admits how worried he was about them during their coma, and that he blamed himself for bringing them to the Fountain of Knowledge. He also comments on MC's decision to return the Grimoire to Lucifer.

The next morning, regardless of where MC spent the night, everyone meets up at RAD, where Diavolo intends to come to a conclusion on whether MC can remain in the Devildom. After asking MC a series of questions, Diavolo thanks MC for subduing Beelzebub, but also says that their powers could post a threat to the Devildom.

He emphasizes once again the Devildom's current state of instability, and that he doesn't want MC's presence to cause further rifts. The brothers all protest strongly, and Barbatos proposes a recess for everyone to recollect themselves. Diavolo leaves to clear his head, and MC follows after him.

Meanwhile, the brothers discuss how they can convince Diavolo to let MC stay, when Mephistopheles enters. Several of the brothers don't remember who he is, despite meeting him before, which infuriates him. He's also angry with Lucifer for "showing off" his wings, but Leviathan retorts that Lucifer once had twelve wings when he was an angel. The argument is ended by Barbatos, who tells Mephistopheles where Diavolo is, and so he leaves.

Mephistopheles delivering a letter from the House of Lords
Mephistopheles delivering a letter from the House of Lords

In an empty classroom, MC can admit to be worried about Diavolo, who comments how odd it is for MC to be concerned about the demon who may be exiling them soon. Barbatos then enters, and comments that it's difficult to find fault in MC's character. He's followed shortly by Mephistopheles, who delivers to Diavolo a letter from the House of Lords.

Mephistopheles also lets Diavolo know about his disapproval of letting the brothers be so close to him, but Diavolo does not let him finish. Instead, he excuses Barbatos and himself to return to the hall and read the letter. MC then walks Mephistopheles out, and he shares with them his distrust of the seven brothers, as well as his desire to support and protect Diavolo. MC can either ask Mephistopheles to approve of the brothers, or for him to endorse Diavolo's decisions. Regardless, Mephistopheles refuses, and the two part ways.

MC then returns to the hall, where Diavolo apologizes that the verdict on what will happen to MC must once again be postponed. The letter says the House of Lords consider the damage Beelzebub caused to the Demon Lord's Castle a declaration of war against the Devildom. It also says that because Diavolo's duty was to supervise the brothers, much of the blame is on his shoulders as well.

They doubt Diavolo's leadership abilities, and want him to go through the "Kingsblood Crucible," which is a pair of trials to prove one is worthy of being the next Demon King. Despite everyone's concerns, Diavolo insists he is ready to pass these trials. Suddenly, both he and MC are teleported to the mausoleum where the trials begin, with MC acting as witness.

After Diavolo tells MC about some of the past Demon Kings entombed here, he admits he's not as confident in himself as he pretended earlier. MC comforts him, which makes Diavolo again question why they are so kind to him.

Lesson 14[edit]

In the mausoleum where the first Kingsblood Crucible trial is taking place, Diavolo questions why MC shows him kindness even as he considers expelling them from the Devildom. Regardless of their answer, Diavolo thinks they both should learn more about each other, but first they must focus on completing the trials.

Diavolo reassures MC that as a witness, they will return safely even if he fails the trials. They then both approach the statue of the Fairy King, whose eyes are closed. Diavolo tells MC that according to legend, the Devildom once belonged to the Fairy King, but a demon gave the king wine made from his own blood that put him into a deep sleep. The demon then stole his lands and became the first Demon King.

Diavolo offering his blood to the Fairy King's statue
Diavolo offering his blood to the Fairy King's statue

The first trial — "The Testament of Blood" — verifies if someone is of the Demon King's true bloodline or not. He offers some of his blood, which is absorbed into the statue, and the eyes do not open, which means he has passed. Diavolo then admits he doesn't know anything about the next trial: "The Testament of Virtue."

His father told him this trial is different for every candidate. Suddenly, the Fairy King's statue speaks, and a bright light temporarily blinds MC. When their eyes adjust, they see a place that Diavolo says is one of his own memories. It's the day the Great Celestial War ended, and Lucifer and his brothers have just fallen to the Devildom.

Lucifer holds a dying Lilith, and Diavolo and MC see memory versions of Diavolo and Barbatos approach him. Lucifer begs Diavolo to help, who says he can do so. However, in return Lucifer must pledge his loyalty to Diavolo. Memory Diavolo states that his helping Lilith will interfere with the Celestial Realm's judgement, but it will be worth the risk to have Lucifer on his side.

Then the memory changes from what really happened, and Barbatos accuses Diavolo of wanting these "dazzling jewels from the heavens" for himself no matter what the price. He wants to be a "great demon" and not just live up to his father's name, but surpass him in greatness, just so he can earn his approval.

MC touches Diavolo to pull him away from these false memories, but a distraught Diavolo agrees with Barbatos's statement, and tells MC he's not fit to be the demon king. MC comforts him, reminding him of his capabilities and their own faith in him, and has the option to kiss him as well.

Diavolo tells MC he genuinely does want to be a good king, and their words restore Diavolo's faith in himself, therefore passing the trial. Both MC and Diavolo are then teleported back to RAD, where everyone was worriedly waiting after they disappeared.

Satan asks how the trials went, and everyone is happy to learn Diavolo had passed. Diavolo then forgives Beelzebub's destruction of the Demon Lord's Castle. He also says that after going through the Kingsblood Crucible, he is certain a "certain bond" exists between everyone and MC. So, he grants MC permission to remain in the Devildom indefinitely. Everyone is ecstatic, and the brothers, MC, and Solomon all celebrate at Hell's Kitchen on Lucifer's tab.

Meanwhile, Diavolo and Mephistopheles are enjoying tea prepared by Barbatos, and Mephistopheles says how shocked he was to hear about the Kingsblood Crucible. He wasn't aware the relationship between Diavolo and the House of Lords had "soured" so much. He then says his family has served as protectors of the Demon King for generations, and then proceeds to give a dramatic speech about his devotion.

Later, MC and Solomon return to Cocytus Hall, and reflect on recent events. Solomon shares with MC some of his past and childhood, and how he grew up in a world where magic was considered evil. Because he could use magic even as a child, he parents told everyone he had a terrible illness, and kept him shut away. Through the bars of his window, he met a friend, who came to visit him every once in awhile.

He stops there, then apologizes to MC for not being ready to share more. He tells MC he made a promise a long time ago to showcase humanity's prowess and strength, and asks for MC's support. If MC agrees to help him, even at the cost of antagonizing the brothers, Solomon will confess his love to MC. If MC either refuses or asks for time to think about it, Solomon lets the subject drop.

Later that night, Leviathan, Satan, and Beelzebub each call MC before they go to bed, and each make plans with MC for the next day.

Lesson 15[edit]

MC runs into Thirteen on her way to the Demon Lord's Castle, and she invites them to grab a coffee together. After getting their drinks, she asks MC if they're all right after the events at the Fountain of Knowledge. She says she considered visiting, but figured the seven brothers would make a fuss if she did.

She also says she heard from Barbatos that MC was given permission to stay in the Devildom. MC finds it strange that she talked with Barbatos, but Thirteen explains they've known each other a long time, and first met around the same time Thirteen met Solomon.

Thirteen goes on to say there are rumors Barbatos has been around even longer than the Devildom, and that Solomon said he shows up in Human World historical records under lots of different names. His sudden declaration to support Diavolo caused shock throughout the Devildom.

After she and MC spend time talking, Thirteen has to go, but says they should go out together again sometime. After parting ways, she then runs into Barbatos, who is buying refreshments for Diavolo. She wonders if he's purposefully trying to create a Demon King who can't function without him, but Barbatos denies this. He then asks what Thirteen would have done in his stead if faced with a trembling demon trying to hold him captive until he promised to be his loyal steward.

Thirteen is surprised Diavolo said that to a demon able to teleport anywhere he wishes, but Barbatos replies that he found Diavolo's actions "adorable." Thirteen seems to understand, and Barbatos offers to accompany her the rest of the way to the castle.

Leviathan asking MC to help find his pet snake
Leviathan asking MC to help find his pet snake

Meanwhile, MC enters the House of Lamentation to find a sobbing Leviathan, whose pet snake is missing. He'd brought him out to ask everyone for name suggestions, but then the snake had escaped. Lucifer is at the Demon Lord's Castle, so everyone wants to find the snake before his return.

While Mammon and MC search together, "Snake-chan" sneaks behind MC's foot and causes them to trip. Mammon catches MC, then lets them know that he will always be there for them. Then Belphegor calls for MC's help. MC finds him in the kitchen, where Beelzebub thought he found the snake, but it was instead a demonic sausage. They decide to break for lunch, and both twins let MC know they're here to help if MC ever needs it.

Beelzebub then bites down on what he thought was a vegetable, but instead was the snake, who runs away. MC chases after him and goes to Asmodeus's room, where he's researching nail designs. He says he can't bring himself to touch a snake, but thinks Leviathan likes snakes due to his own snake-like features.

He wonders if even as angels the brothers already had "the makings of a demon," but concludes the only difference between angels and demons is where they live. Asmodeus then thinks MC is placing their hand on his thigh, but it's actually "Snake-chan."

Asmodeus finds Leviathan and starts fighting with him, but Leviathan then starts crying, saying his snake ran off because he wasn't good enough. He requests everyone come up with insulting names for him, but then MC suggests the name "Henry."

Leviathan loves the name because it is the same as a hero from a story about a human knight he's been reading online. He decides "Snake-chan" will be known as "Henry" from then on. Belphegor then announces that Henry has gone into Satan's room.

Outside of Satan's room, everyone hears only silence. Lucifer was punishing Satan for putting silver vine — a cat-attracting plant — in the music room. Satan then asks through the door if this snake belongs to them, and Leviathan rushes into the room to save Henry. Satan holds up a snakeskin, making Leviathan despair, but Belphegor realizes he just molted.

The actual Henry crawls into Leviathan's pocket, who is elated Henry trusts him. Satan theorizes that Henry came into his room looking for a warm spot to shed his skin. Leviathan then apologizes to Satan for assuming the worst, and thanks him for making a space perfect for Henry.

Meanwhile, Luke finds Simeon in the spare room writing a story about a human knight. This excites Luke, who asks if it's okay to tell the others, but Simeon says it would be too embarrassing. He admits he does have a story on the internet, due to Michael uploading it for him. However, he wants to start that story over due to being inspired by everything happening since he came to the Devildom.

Lesson 16[edit]

At the House of Lamentation, MC watches the brothers — minus Satan and Lucifer — try to play with Henry and each calling the snake a different, wrong name, much to Leviathan's dismay. MC then remembers that Satan wanted to discuss something with them, and heads to his room.

Satan lets them into his room, where he's reading a travel guidebook that contains information about the Fountain of Knowledge. It says that the Fountain was created by an ancient demon who could control time and space, but had gained too much knowledge, and created the fountain to escape his sorrow. The fountain has played a role in all three worlds, and there is a passage Satan thinks is about Solomon, too.

The book says a sorcerer was born with incredible power, which caused him to be ostracized by society. He tried to suppress this power, until one day he lost control. He caused destruction to the Human World, until a demon appeared and offered him guidance. The sorcerer then became the guardian of the Fountain of Knowledge, and gained the title of "The Wise Sorcerer."

MC asks if Satan wants to talk, and he confesses that he had been feeling something he doesn't understand. He wanted to discuss it with MC to avoid teasing from his brothers. He then says he never knows what is in "their" heads, but Mammon then barges in to drag the duo into a "messed-up nicknames" contest.

When they return to the others, the contest had already ended with Belphegor declared the winner. Mammon is upset, but feels better once he hears they're now coming up with ideas to prank Lucifer. They decide to go with Satan's idea; "Operation Hellfire Salamander Surprise in the Study."

The brothers and MC head to Lucifer's study to prepare a summoning circle to summon a Hellfire Salamander, but accidentally summon a Banshee instead. Beelzebub suddenly begins yelling in distress. He says the banshee's screams are painful, but the others can't hear anything. Either MC or Satan quickly cancels the summoning.

Satan then explains that only two kinds of people can hear a Banshee's scream. The first is someone nearing their death, or has someone close to them nearing their death. The second is someone who's heard a banshee's scream before. Beelzebub then admits he heard a banshee's cry before.

Beelzebub admitting he heard a banshee's cry before
Beelzebub admitting he heard a banshee's cry before

The day before the Great Celestial War, he was tasked with a duty from Michael in the Human World. Before he could return, he heard awful crying in the forest, and he was terrified and ran away. He didn't know what it was until Lucifer discussed his newest record at the dinner party.

Beelzebub thinks that if he'd known it was a banshee screaming, he could have prevented Lilith's death, which is what caused his rampage at the Demon Lord's Castle before. Satan consoles him, saying that even if he had said something, one a banshee cries it's already too late to change the future.

The others all comfort Beelzebub and have a group hug. Beelzebub states that while they had lost Lilith, they gained a new brother in Satan. Luke and Simeon then come in, and they too join the group hug.

Later, MC and the others are playing games in the "spare room," and Simeon wonders if MC should return to Cocytus Hall. Everyone agrees that it's too late now, and they should stay the night. However, everyone suddenly remembers that no one cleaned up Lucifer's study. They argue over who has to take care of that, but before they can agree, Lucifer walks in.

Lucifer is glad everyone is in one place, as he wanted to talk with everyone. He tells the story of how he arrived home thinking he'd relax and read in his study, only to find it completely trashed, and asks everyone to explain why that is.

Satan tries to take all the blame, surprising Lucifer, but Beelzebub admits they all caused the problem. Asmodeus, Mammon, and the angels then try to leave, but they are told to wait. Lucifer then tells everyone that Raphael will be coming to visit.

Lesson 17[edit]

Everyone is stunned when Lucifer tells them that Raphael is coming to visit the Devildom. He'll be here tomorrow, and everyone save Luke and Simeon are expected to wear the RAD uniforms they were given. Lucifer then tells everyone to go clean up his still ruined study, and tells MC to return to Cocytus Hall after supervising the cleanup.

Mammon describing Raphael to Satan
Mammon describing Raphael to Satan

While all the younger brothers work on cleaning, Satan asks them to tell him what Raphael is like. Mammon responds that his first thought when he thinks of Raphael is "the rain of spears," which is something Raphael does whenever he's angry. Simeon says that he's a kindhearted angel, however, and once spent a week tracking down all of the Celestial Realm's doves that he accidentally let escape.

When the job is finally done, Satan walks MC back to Cocytus Hall, and tells them on the way he heard that cats are the only animals with the power to travel between the Devildom and Human World at will. The two then spot a cat headed down an alley, and follow it, but Satan then tells MC that he doesn't want them to leave the Devildom, even if the Human World is where they're originally from. MC reassures him, but while they were talking they lost track of the cat.

Meanwhile, Beelzebub finds Lucifer in the music room listening to the record he has of a banshee's song, and tells him that he heard a banshee in the Human World before Lilith died, and regrets never telling him that. Lucifer shatters the record because he know the banshee's wail scares Beelzebub, and reassures him that he didn't do anything wrong. Beelzebub tells him the same in return.

Satan and MC run into Solomon when returning to Cocytus Hall, who had gone out for a bite to eat. He's clearly drunk, and if MC chose to hold hands with Satan he acts jealous of that. Satan then leaves MC to walk the rest of the way with Solomon, who takes them to a bar that serves Human World spirits, something rare in the Devildom. After more drinks, he tells MC that he first met Asmodeus in a bar like this one.

He goes on to say Asmodeus was clearly drunk when Solomon sat beside him, not knowing who he was. Asmodeus first flirts with him, then starts crying because he was with a human that loved him, but was chased away by a "weird sorcerer or priest or exorcist." The two of them talked for hours, and eventually Solomon convinced a drunk Asmodeus to make a pact with him.

Solomon then sympathizes with Asmodeus growing close to someone only to suddenly lose them, and confesses he has gotten used to living with MC so much that he misses them when they're gone. Then he asks MC to forget that this night ever happened, and if MC refuses, talks about making them promise in writing or make an unbreakable magic oath.

The next day at RAD, everyone is adjusting to wearing their new uniforms, then Raphael appears, saying that he thought it was a joke that Diavolo was opening a school, and is surprised he was serious. Beelzebub introduces Satan, MC, and Solomon, then Lucifer asks Raphael why he really is here.

Raphael says that the Celestial Realm is granting the six brothers pardon, excluding Satan. However, should the offer be refused, it will be assumed that the Devildom "intends to violate the nonagressions pact between our two worlds," and the Celestial Realm will "intervene to rectify the situation."

Lesson 18[edit]

Mammon incredulous about the Celestial Realm offering a pardon
Mammon incredulous about the Celestial Realm offering a pardon

Everyone is stunned by Raphael's message that the Celestial Realm is pardoning the six brothers, and Lucifer is certain this declaration is really a trap. Beelzebub asks about Satan, but Luke interrupt and insists the brothers have to agree.

Diavolo states that the Devildom open its door to Lucifer and his brothers as the Devildom was being caught up in the Celestial Realm's fight, and no more. Yet now the Celestial Realm threatens war if they aren't returned. Raphael says that he also has a message just for Diavolo from Michael.

Michael has heard that the brothers are called "the seven rules of the underworld" as says this is worrisome, and represents a destabilizing of the balance of power between the Celestial Realm and the Devildom. Having the brothers return to the Celestial Realm would restore balance and ensure peace continues between the realms.

Raphael tells Lucifer they don't have to decide now, and that he'll come back another day. He leaves the student council room, but MC follows him out. Raphael then tells them he also has a message from Michael to them. "I'd like you to encourage the brothers to return to the Celestial Realm." MC says the brothers won't leave Satan behind, and Raphael responds that he wants Lucifer and the others to remember that once they considered the other angels their brothers.

The brothers and MC all return to the House of Lamentation, clearly all upset, and everyone goes to their rooms. Lucifer tells MC to go to Cocytus Hall, but Belphegor invites them to have tea before going leaving. The two take tea and cookies into the great hall, where Belphegor comments they've been having a lot of their meals together lately, like a family.

Meanwhile, Solomon is also having tea that Barbatos made for him, and Barbatos asks why Solomon asked MC to go with the brothers. Solomon replies that he wanted to do "the mature thing" and do what's best for others, but Barbatos points out that the hangover he has isn't the result of making mature choices.

Barbatos then asks Solomon if he knows why he's angry with him, and Solomon replies that he can think of too many reasons to pick just one. Barbatos tells him to finish his tea and get out.

Back at the House of Lamentation, Belphegor asks MC what they think the others will do next. He then admits he doesn't care about returning to the Celestial Realm or being an angel; he just wants everyone to be together, including Satan. He then falls asleep leaning on MC, and Beelzebub finds them later. He carries his brother to their room, and MC follows. He then asks if Belphegor said anything about Raphael's message, and is happy to learn he and Belphegor think the same about wanting everyone to stay together.

Beelzebub then asks MC to check on the others, and on the way they run into Luke, who has some custard that he wants to give all the brothers. He's nervous about interacting with them after what he said earlier about the brothers having to accept their pardon, but MC reassures him.

They then go to check on Asmodeus, who was thinking about his time as an angel, but reassures MC that he still intends to be the "most enchanting demon the Devildom has ever known." Like the other brothers, he also tells MC that he's not okay with leaving Satan behind, but he's worried about Lucifer, because this situation must be even harder on him than on the rest of them.

Meanwhile, Diavolo invites Barbatos to share some Demonus with him, and Barbatos asks what's on his mind. Diavolo asks him what he thinks Lucifer and the others will decide to do. When Barbatos answers that all will go in his favor, Diavolo tells him that in his head he always thinks about what's best for the Devildom, but his heart is more selfish.

Barbatos tells Diavolo that he can be idealistic, but has a determination that makes him "someone who can save everyone in the Devildom, Lucifer and his brothers included."

Lesson 19[edit]

On their way to check on Lucifer, MC, encounters Leviathan in the hallway carrying a whole roast shadow hog to feed Henry. He invites MC to his room, where he's been practicing playing Devil Kart, as he's upset that he lost to Mammon yesterday.

After playing awhile, Leviathan confesses he's been thinking about the message Raphael delivered about them all being pardoned by the Celestial Realm. He want to stay in the Devildom, and is sure his brothers will make that decision too, because they won't want to leave Satan behind. He thanks MC for listening to him, but then they hear Mammon yelling for MC out in the hall.

MC goes to talk with him, but he invites them shopping instead. They do talk on the way, and Mammon is certain all of his brothers will choose to stay in the Devildom. He's worried about Lucifer, though, so they go to Devilbee's and buy some pudding to give him, because he knows Lucifer is always "sneaking off and buying it."

They return to the House of Lamentation, and MC tries to find Lucifer in his study, but finds Satan first. They both then encounter Lucifer, who tries to avoid talking to them, but Satan insists he needs to speak with him now. All three talk in the study, where Satan tells Lucifer that if he and the other brothers want to return to the Celestial Realm, they should.

Satan telling his brothers they should return to the Celestial Realm
Satan telling his brothers they should return to the Celestial Realm

Said other brothers were eavesdropping, but come falling through the door. They tell Satan that they consider him a brother and don't want to leave him, and Satan admits he wants to be their brother, too. They all hug, but Lucifer complains about the racket they're making and kicks them out of his study. He asks MC to stay, however.

After a long silence, Lucifer tells MC that Satan is a demon born of his own wrath. However, he doesn't think of Satan as a part of himself, but as another one of his brothers. He'd considered staying in the Devildom with Satan, but asking for his other brothers to be pardoned and return to the Celestial Realm. He realizes that was wrong now, and feels ashamed for not believing his brothers would also want to stay with Satan.

Later, he and MC meet with the rest of the brothers in the great hall, where Lucifer tells his brothers that he loves them, that they are all a family, and that they won't be going back to the Celestial Realm. He will go to Diavolo tomorrow to inform him of their decision, and MC will come too. Everyone then eats the pudding that MC brought for them all.

Meanwhile, in a café, Mephistopheles sits at the counter next to Thirteen. This starts an argument between the two, but then Mephistopheles thinks he sees MC walking down the street. It was actually just a random demon, and Thirteen is upset that he'd mistake someone else for MC.

She then starts singing MC's praises, and Mephistopheles is surprised that Thirteen seems to like a human so much. Thirteen then decides to give him a "thorough lesson" on "what makes MC's soul so amazing." Mephistopheles does not seem enthused about this.

Lesson 20[edit]

After a night of partying and drinking together, the seven brothers and MC go to RAD to tell Diavolo that they want to stay in the Devildom. They find Barbatos in the student council room, who asks MC if they could go fetch Diavolo. If they go to the classroom, they find and talk to Solomon, checking the courtyard has them taking to Simeon, and going to the Colosseum means MC finds and talks to Diavolo.

In talking to Diavolo, MC learns that the Colosseum is where the brothers landed when they fell from the Celestial Realm. Only Lucifer was even conscious, and Diavolo, Barbatos, and Mephistopheles all tended to their wounds. This is also when Lucifer asked Diavolo to save his sister Lilith, who was on the verge of death. He did save her, in exchange for Lucifer pledging his loyalty to him.

Everyone gathers in the council room, including Luke, Simeon, Solomon, and Raphael. Diavolo asks to hear from Lucifer first, who announces to all present that he and all of his brothers have decided to remain in the Devildom. Raphael isn't surprised, because this is the answer he expected.

Diavolo announcing the brothers are welcome to stay in the Devildom
Diavolo announcing the brothers are welcome to stay in the Devildom

Diavolo points out that the Celestial Realm is ready to "take hostile action" against the Devildom if he lets the brothers stay, but also says that he has a duty to protect all the denizens of the Devildom, which now includes the brothers. He then officially bestows the title of Seven Rulers of the Underworld" upon the brothers, with representatives of all three worlds there as witnesses.

Raphael then returns to the Celestial Realm, but not before stopping by the House of Lamentation later to talk to Luke. Luke's worried that Michael will be mad at Raphael for not convincing the brothers to return to the Celestial Realm. Raphael reassures him that all will be fine, and asks him to say hi to Simeon for him.

Later, in Asmodeus's room, he, Beelzebub, Luke, and MC are pick out what to wear for the "Underworld Celebratory Ball" that night. Then once everyone is ready, they all gather by the house's front gate, where Barbatos arrives in a horse-drawn carriage to take them to the Demon Lord's Castle.

Once at the castle, Diavolo proposes a toast to the brothers, and even Thirteen and Mephistopheles are there to celebrate. Diavolo then makes an announcement about MC, whose contributions he also wants to recognize, and officially grants them the title of "Devilsitter." He also has an emblem commemorating their new title, which either he, Lucifer, or Solomon award them via a kiss on the forehead.

There's one last dance after Diavolo's speech, and an argument breaks out over how gets to be MC's partner. Diavolo then announces that the founding ceremony for RAD will be taking place during the next bloody moon, and both MC and Solomon are invited as exchange students representing the Human World. With that, a final toast is made to the bright future ahead.

Meanwhile in the Celestial Realm, Raphael is invited to some tea by Michael, but he comments that his won't make him any less mad at Michael. He isn't happy that Michael decided to visit the Devildom, and did so disguised as Raphael himself. He then worries that Michael has plans to try and attend RAD as an exchange student, but Michael dodges the question and makes a quick escape.

Lessons 21-30[edit]

Lesson 21[edit]

The seven brothers are all eating breakfast together in the House of Lamentation, and are wearing their RAD uniforms because they'll be expected to go to school every day from now on. MC arrives to walk to school with them, but first Satan asks if they could use their magic to open a stuck jar of bloody marmalade.

They try a spell twice, but it doesn't work for some reason. Beelzebub takes the jar and opens it, but marmalade explodes everywhere, so MC uses a spell to either contain or clean up the mess, and this time the spell works just fine.

Barbatos explaining the opening schedule for RAD
Barbatos explaining the opening schedule for RAD

Everyone then goes to RAD, where Diavolo is happy to see them all. Barbatos then explains that RAD is scheduled to open in two months, at which time there will be a founding ceremony. Mephistopheles then arrives with a report on the preparations, and also tells Diavolo he will accept the role as head of the RAD Newspaper Club.

Barbatos then asks MC to "keep an eye on the brothers" to make sure they stick to their tasks, and gives them a checklist keep track of their progress. On their way, they find Luke and Simeon in the hallway, who tells MC they'll also be coming to RAD as students up until the founding ceremony.

MC finds Satan and Belphegor outside weeding the courtyard, which was a punishment they were given for trying to find curses to use on Lucifer while cleaning the school library. Satan decides to summon a salamander to incinerate all the weeds, but accidentally summons a hellfire salamander.

The hellfire salamander starts spitting fire, but Solomon shows up and uses magic to douse the flames and drive the salamander away. The two brothers then notice the checklist MC has to keep track of their work, and tell them to write that everything is "fine."

MC checks on Asmodeus and Beelzebub next, who are scrubbing the hallways. Asmodeus asks them to use their magic to help clean, and when they do, the brooms and rags start moving on its own, but the magic also controls the two brothers to make them clean, too. They don't know how to stop the magic, so use the pacts they used to have to make them "stay."

Both brothers feel like the command was much weaker than usual, but then notice MC twisted their ankle when they fell on them. Beelzebub picks them up and takes them to the classroom to look for medial supplies. Mammon and Leviathan are there because they're meant to be cleaning, but both were just on their D.D.D.'s.

Leviathan uses said D.D.D. to look up what will help with a sprain, and Mammon finds what they need in the medicine rack. However, he won't give the ointment to MC until they give him some money. This makes the other brothers furious, but Luke and Simeon arrive, having heard from Asmodeus what happened to MC. Simeon uses his angelic powers to heal them, then they get a chat from Lucifer telling them to get everyone back to the assembly hall.

MC gives Lucifer the progress report on the brothers, which he is not pleased about. Barbatos still has tea and cookies for everyone, but the cookies are modeled after fortune cookies from the Human World with his own twist. One of them contains a lucky coin, which MC finds in their cookie.

They try to give the coin to Simeon to thank them for healing them earlier, but when Simeon says that isn't necessary, Mammon snatches it instead. He's so happy that he's singing and flipping the coin during the walk back, but he and Belphegor accidentally bump into each other, making Mammon drop and lose the coin.

Belphegor is genuinely sorry, but though he apologizes Mammon starts yelling at him. The others try to get him to calm down, when he suddenly seems to snap out of it, and heads the rest of the way home alone. Most of the brothers think Mammon is behaving as normal, but both Lucifer and MC think otherwise.

Back at Cocytus Hall, MC tells Solomon what happened. He is worried about him, but is also worried that his magic seems to be getting weaker. He thinks that it might be his and MC's connection to their own timeline weakening, and wants MC to hurry up and make pacts with all the brothers again. By his guess, they only have until the RAD founding ceremony before the connection fades entirely.

Lesson 22[edit]

The next day, MC again visits the House of Lamentation to walk to RAD with the seven brothers. They meet Luke in the entryway, who tells them he's leaving early. They then find everyone eating breakfast as normal, but Mammon is missing.

They go to his room to find him, and he happily tells MC that he searched all night and was able to find the lucky coin. Eventually MC and the brothers leave for school, save Lucifer, who had already left. Because they all took so long they're worried about being late, so Mammon leads them on a shortcut. On the way, Belphegor admits to MC he's relieved that Mammon seems to be his normal self again.

Once at RAD, Diavolo holds a meeting asking for opinions on the academy rules and regulations. The brothers all make suggestions based on their interests, but Lucifer tells them the budget won't cover them. Mammon suggests getting money from the House of Lords by making a fund that provides honor or prestige to those who donate. Diavolo says he will take all suggestions into consideration, and Leviathan comments that Mammon is really living up to his title "Avatar of Greed."

Beelzebub wondering about the titles the brothers all have
Beelzebub wondering about the titles the brothers all have

This makes Beelzebub wonder why each of the brothers have a "keyword" associated with them, and Lucifer reminds him that the Demon King awarded these titles to the brothers when they first arrived in the Devildom. This was also the same time he determined their hierarchy from "oldest" to "youngest." Lucifer then tells them all to go clean the school's library, while he and Barbatos will do the paperwork for planning the founding ceremony.

The entire library is covered in dust, but everyone starts work on cleaning. MC climbs up a ladder and finds a picture book about "a demon who could see both past and future." All the pages from the second half of he book are missing, including what the demon's name is.

The brothers think it refers to "Nightbringer," the demon that Adam told them about. Satan says that after that incident, he found the name Nightbringer in a book from the Celestial Realm about the "father of demons." Apparently Nightbringer was the first demon to be born into the world.

MC starts to climb down the ladder to hear more, but accidentally falls. Leviathan manages to catch them, which everyone is impressed by except Mammon, who shoves Leviathan and yells that he's the only one allowed to save MC. An argument breaks out, so MC tries to use the magic of their pact to make the brothers "stay," except nothing happens.

Mammon then turns into his demon form and declares the MC is his and demands them to be handed over. Satan tries a spell to remove any curse effecting Mammon, but his behavior doesn't seem to be caused by a curse. They all run to get Lucifer and ask for his help, who knocks Mammon unconscious.

Everyone returns to the House of Lamentation where a sleeping Mammon is put in his room. The other brothers wonder if being the "Avatar of Greed" made him act like this, and if it's something that will happen to all of them, too. Lucifer tells them all he messaged Diavolo about Mammon, and he should be here shortly with some information.

They meet Diavolo in the living room, and Barbatos is with him. Little D. No. 2 is also with them, which both he and the brothers and confused about. Diavolo states that both MC and No.2 might be able to save Mammon. Barbatos goes on the explain that while the nature of the Little D.'s isn't fully understood, legend has it that they were born from a great tree tended to by the Fairy King.

On extremely rare occasions, when a new demon is born, and new Little D. is born as well, though no one knows why. There is a Little D. counterpart for each of the seven brothers, however. They all live at the Demon Lord's Castle, as they have since they were born. Little D. No. 2 is Mammon's counterpart, and if he acts as a medium, it may be possible to reach into the depths of Mammon's mind and save him.

No. 2 is terrified of this idea, but is convinced to help, and MC will be the one to go into Mammon's mind. Barbatos will assist in the process, and asks No. 2 to place their hand on him, while MC places their hand on No. 2. Suddenly, both MC and No. 2 wake up in what appears to be the Celestial Realm, and hear the voice of what sounds like Mammon.

Lesson 23[edit]

Inside Mammon's mind, which looks like the Celestial Realm, Little D. No. 2 and MC have to dodge out of the way of a fast-moving chariot pulled by a Pegasus. The driver was an angelic-looking Mammon, but the Pegasus throws him off and runs away with the chariot.

Mammon doesn't recognize MC or No. 2, and assumes they are angels too. Michael then calls for him, and all three of them hide behind some trees. Once Michael's gone, Mammon explains that he's hiding from him because Michael is assigned to look after him, but he wants Lucifer doing that instead. No matter how many times he asks, Lucifer always refuses, so he asks MC and No. 2 to endorse him.

The three go to spy on Lucifer to come up with a plan, but are immediately caught. He asks what's going on, and Mammon says MC and No. 2 are here to vouch for him. He asks again for Lucifer to be his supervisor, but Lucifer again refuses. Mammon keeps insisting, so Lucifer tells him to bring him one of the roses Simeon is growing by sundown. If Mammon succeeds, he'll talk to Michael.

They find Simeon at the greenhouse reading an old book of prophecies, who says that if he interpreted the signs correctly, in the future he will "lose his wings." He isn't certain he's correct, though. Mammon changes the topic, and asks for one of his roses. Simeon says no, because the roses are from Father.

Mammon explains that Lucifer said he'd mentor him if he brought him one of Simeon's roses, and offers to do anything if he can have one. Simeon asks if Mammon has considered his feelings, and Mammon replies that he doesn't want to hurt Simeon to achieve his dream, but that's why he said he'd do anything in return.

Simeon finally agrees and gives him a rose, then Mammon, MC, and No. 2 race back to Lucifer with it. Lucifer is surprised, but says a promise is a promise, and he will go talk to Michael. He also warns Mammon that he doesn't yet realize his determination to get what he wants — his "greed" — can potentially hurt others.

Lucifer starts to tell him that if in the future he understands this, but is still "determined to hold on to the hopes and desires in [his] heart-," but his sentence is cut off by everything going black. Mammon is still there, but is once again in his demon form. He can't remember the rest of what Lucifer said that day, but realizes that all along when he told himself that he was doing things for Lucifer or for his brothers, he was just thinking of himself.

Realizing this upset him, and he feels awful that he hurt others so often for his own greed. He wants to learn to be better, and then remembers the rest of what Lucifer said. "I vow to protect you — hopes, desires, dreams and all." Mammon, MC and No. 2 all then wake up in Mammon's room, and Mammon hugs MC.

MC's first pact in the past
MC's first pact in the past

He tells them he didn't become the "Avatar of Greed" when he became a demon, but knowing Lucifer told him he'd protect him anyway makes him feel better. He's aware that he takes a lot from MC, though, and offers to give them whatever they want in return. MC asks him to make a pact with them, and Mammon happily agrees, because that means he gets what he wants too.

At first, Mammon questions if the pact worked. He wants to see MC use his powers, but their D.D.D. interrupts. They received a message that they won the Devildom lottery, and then Satan comes in and gives MC a bunch of money as thanks for finding his wallet the other day. After he leaves, Mammon says MC must have taken all his luck with money with their pact, and demands they give it back. MC uses "stay" on him, which is even more powerful now with a pact.

The next day at breakfast, everything seems back to normal again. Mammon is attempting to charge his brothers in return for things like sharing his food. Everyone is glad he's back to normal, but still annoyed at his behavior. Lucifer thanks MC for saving Mammon, but they tell him it was his words that helped him.

Beelzebub comments that Asmodeus is missing, but Belphegor assumes he's still asleep. He is in his room still, but not sleeping. He's staring into a mirror, lamenting how he was born so beautiful, and thinking everyone should love and adore him.

Lesson 24[edit]

Diavolo tells the brothers and MC that starting today, they will be attending mock lessons at RAD, and their first teacher will be Lucifer. He and Barbatos then leave, and Lucifer begins a class on curses and hexes. While he's taking his role seriously, his brothers are busy passing notes to each other. Satan gives a note to MC from Asmodeus, but Lucifer calls them out for not paying attention.

Asmodeus then tells Lucifer he's tired, so they should end class now. He starts to refuse, but then something happens and he agrees that class is over for the day. Mammon realizes that Asmodeus used his charm ability on Lucifer, and the brothers are all impressed.

Asmodeus and MC then each lunch together out in the courtyard, but when the twins find them, Asmodeus asks Beelzebub to stand and block the wind for him and MC. He starts to refuse, but again Asmodeus uses his charm on him. Then he asks Belphegor to buy him a drink, and after being charmed, Belphegor agrees.

Later in RAD's library, Asmodeus charms Leviathan into giving him a shoulder rub, Satan into doing his homework for him, and Mammon into buying him nail polish. Lucifer then arrives, and Asmodeus tries to charm him too, but this time it doesn't work. Lucifer explains he built up a resistance to his charm after the first time.

Lucifer yells at Asmodeus, but is also upset with his brothers for not having also built up a resistance to his charm effect. He tells all of them they are going to take care of Cerberus today, so they all leave for the House of Lamentation's underground tomb where he's kept. To clean Cerberus's den, someone needs to lure him out first. Before they get the chance, however, Cerberus starts chasing all of them.

Belphegor realizing Asmodeus is being controlled by his sin
Belphegor realizing Asmodeus is being controlled by his sin

Still not having cleaned Cerberus's den or fed him, the brothers blame Asmodeus for having to deal with this punishment. Asmodeus argues they should thank him for spending time around someone so "sweet" and "adorable." Mammon says he's neither of those, and also tells him he isn't beautiful. This makes Asmodeus turn into his demon form in rage, but the other brothers can tell this isn't just anger. The same thing is happening to him that happened to Mammon before.

They run, but Asmodeus charms all the brothers with his increased powers. Before he can do the same to MC, Lucifer appears and protects them. He tells them to go to Solomon, who can stop Asmodeus with his pact, and then teleports MC away.

After being teleported to Cocytus Hall, MC explains the situation to Solomon. They both go the House of Lamentation in search of Asmodeus and the brothers. Both Luke and Simeon are safe at the Demon Lord's Castle, but they find the brothers in the common room being treated as Asmodeus's servants, even Lucifer.

Meanwhile, Diavolo and Simeon are at the castle discussing plans for the founding ceremony. Diavolo hopes Michael will attend, but Simeon says he's "the lazy sort" and probably won't visit even to see Lucifer. Simeon then admits that originally Raphael was meant to attend the ceremony, but Simeon insisted on being sent instead, as he too wanted to see Lucifer again. He thinks Lucifer could be the bridge between the Celestial Realm and the Devildom, while MC could help unite all three worlds.

Back in the common room, Satan and Belphegor warn MC to run, which angers Asmodeus as they are only supposed to care about him. Asmodeus then tries to charm Solomon, but he's able to reflect it. Solomon then tries to use his magic against Asmodeus, but is also resisted. Realizing he isn't strong enough, he instead uses his pact with Barbatos to summon him, who then knocks Asmodeus unconscious.

Once Asmodeus is safe in his room, Barbatos tells Solomon he was making pastries with Luke, and was not "on the clock," for being summoned. After learning of the situation with Asmodeus, he thinks they will need another Little D.'s help to save him. He, Solomon, and MC go to the Demon Lord's castle to find Asmodeus's Little D. counterpart, aka "Number 5."

Barbatos think Little D. No. 5 will be found in the castle's secret flower garden, a place that "confuses and deceives" people and traps them there. Once within the flower garden, there is an awkward silence between Barbatos and Solomon. MC asks why Barbatos is angry with the sorcerer, and he offers to tell them the full story. The reason, he says, is an event that happened just before MC's arrival in the Devildom.

Lesson 25[edit]

In the Demon Lord's Castle's secret flower garden, Barbatos tells MC that before their arrival in the Devildom, he had been visiting the Human World on behest of Diavolo. He also visited Solomon's home, and while there discovered a list of demons Solomon wanted pacts with. His name was on it, but it was eighth on the list.

Barbatos explains that he didn't feel a need to be even in the top three on this list, but seeing his name in the "mediocre middle ground" insulted him. This, he claims, is why he's been so upset with Solomon. Solomon tries to defend himself, but Barbatos won't hear it.

Suddenly the voice of Little D. No. 5 pipes up, and he agrees being listed as eighth is just terrible. He says anything less than being in first is unacceptable, because that means you're more special and unique than anyone else.

Barbatos states that isn't the way he feels, but No. 5 isn't listening, and instead offers to take them all to a place where he's always number one. Barbatos, Solomon, and MC are engulfed in magic, and appear again in what looks like the castle's main hall, but they see Asmodeus there seated on a throne. His brothers are there too, and they all look exhausted from having to serve Asmodeus's every whim.

Barbatos notices that Lucifer isn't here, so he's going to teleport MC and Solomon to wherever Lucifer is. They find themselves in a dark forest, and eventually find Lucifer there holding onto an apple. He says that once he was a sorcerer in Asmodeus's employ, but was banished after telling Asmodeus he wasn't the most beautiful.

He asks Solomon and MC to take the apple to Asmodeus, so they return to the castle. Both Asmodeus and Barbatos are missing, but No. 5 greets them by ordering the brothers to "take care of them." Solomon acts as a distraction while MC find Asmodeus in one of the bedrooms. He asks MC to be his eternal plaything, and uses his magic on MC, causing them to drop the apple they were holding.

Asmodeus recognizes the apple as one of Lucifer's, and eats it. But the apple was poisoned, so he falls into an eternal sleep. He's put in a glass coffin, and Lucifer explains he gave that apple to Asmodeus because beauty is fleeting, so only with his "death" could he have what he wanted.

Even if he'd been controlling the brothers, they are still sad about Asmodeus, and No. 5 can't stop weeping and crying. He speaks as if he were Asmodeus, and says he's not ready to leave everyone. MC then gives Asmodeus a kiss, and they wake up alongside Barbatos and Solomon in the real world. No. 5 is also there, still sleeping, and Barbatos offers to take care of him while Solomon and MC go check on Asmodeus.

MC's second pact in the past
MC's second pact in the past

The find a rampaging Asmodeus in the House of Lamentation, angry that while he was sleeping, his brothers — minus Lucifer — had drawn all over his face. Once he spots MC, however, he excitedly rushes over to them and thanks them for returning him to his old self. He offers to do anything for them in return, so MC asks for a pact together. Asmodeus agrees right away, to the shock of his brothers.

Another morning with another normal-seeming breakfast happens, with Asmodeus so busy looking in a mirror that Beelzebub is able to steal some of his food. Lucifer starts lecturing all of them, so Satan and Belphegor suggest MC use their new pact against him. MC can either ask Asmodeus to make Lucifer "talk like a kitty cat" or make him unable to stop hiccuping.

Later at the Demon Lord's Castle, Barbatos tells Asmodeus why he'd been so angry with Solomon, who laughs at him being "jealous," though Barbatos insists it was an "issue of honor." When Asmodeus asks for more details, Barbatos refuses.

Instead, he cautions MC to be always be considerate with their pacts, and never be like Solomon, who "shows no concern for anyone else." Asmodeus then asks where Solomon is, and Barbatos tells him he's busy with his apology, which is to serve Diavolo for a day.

Lesson 26[edit]

The brothers and MC are back at RAD taking mock lessons with Lucifer as their teacher. He teaches them a basic curse to transform a target's possession into another object, and demonstrates the spell by turning a sleeping Belphegor's pen into a donut stick, which Beelzebub then eats.

The brothers then try the spell, but it doesn't work. Mammon comments that being former angels makes performing curses harder for them, because while demons use curses, angels use blessings, and they are totally different. He thinks that Lucifer must have studied in his own time to get so good at curses.

Lucifer yells at them all for giving up because it didn't work on their first try, but Satan responds he's going to try again. The other brothers are impressed, because the "old Satan" would have gone into a rage when Lucifer reprimanded him.

On the walk home from RAD, Mammon comments that because both he and Asmodeus had been overcome by their respective sins, it will probably happen to the other brothers, too. Belphegor comments that they should be fine, because they have the Little D.'s to help them. Asmodeus wonders what Satan's Little D. is like, and a voice asks if they would like to meet him.

Satan meeting his Little D. counterpart
Satan meeting his Little D. counterpart

The voice is Diavolo, and he and Barbatos invite the others to the Demon Lord's Castle to meet Little D. No. 4. They visit the castle's library where No. 4 has recently been staying. Before this, he was confined to a single room due to having fits of rage and destroying everything. Shortly after Raphael left, that stopped, and he instead spends his time reading books.

MC returns to Cocytus Hall to find Solomon had tried to make a dish Barbatos had taught him, but it exploded. After things are cleaned up, he tells MC that lately his magic has been slowly weakening, and they need to make pacts with the rest of the brothers as soon as possible.

The next day, Mephistopheles is teaching a mock lesson on Devildom history. Before the Devildom was even called "the Devildom," the land was ruled by a royal family of fairies. He asks Satan who the first fairy monarch was, and he answers "Oberon," but the correct answer is "Titania." The book his answer was from is an outdated edition, with only the most recent edition having the correct answer.

The brothers think Mephistopheles asked such a difficult question on purpose, and Satan uses the curse Lucifer taught them to turn Mephistopheles's book into a giant spider. The other brothers are impressed Satan managed the curse successfully. Lucifer heard the commotion, and reprimands Satan, but later tells MC Satan is now sulking, and he'd like them to talk to him.

MC asks Simeon if he knows where Satan is, and he says that he went to the Demon Lord's Castle. MC finds him there reading in the library with No. 4. He tells MC that he reads so much because his brothers have all been alive longer than him, and he doesn't want to look bad in comparison. If Lucifer can study enough to be good at curses, then he can too.

The next morning at the House of Lamentation, the brothers are searching for a missing Satan, who never came home last night. MC brings them all to the castle library, where they find Satan asleep under a pile of books. Nothing they try wakes him up, so they assume he's going through the same thing Mammon and Asmodeus did.

MC wants to go inside his mind and help him, but this time all the other brothers want to go along, too. Barbatos tells them to all place a hand on No. 4, and then opens the way for all of them. Inside Satan's mind is a freezing, barren wasteland, and everyone is shocked this is what inside his mind looks like.

Meanwhile, Solomon and Mephistopheles cross paths while in town, and Solomon invites him to his house for tea. Mephistopheles eventually agrees, and at Cocytus Hall Solomon provides tea and homemade cakes. Then he explains he lives with MC, but they're with the brothers at the Demon Lord's Castle right now.

This upsets Mephistopheles, and Solomon appears to sympathize with how he used to be Diavolo's right-hand demon, but now he's been "cast aside." Mephistopheles then takes a bite of one of the cakes and passes out. Solomon assumes he was just very tired, and thinks it's too bad he didn't stay awake long enough to ask about making a pact.

Lesson 27[edit]

The brothers and MC are still within Satan's mind, and Belphegor can't believe how they lived with Satan so long and never knew a world like the barren wasteland they see was inside him all along. Lucifer reminds them why they're here, and that they need to start searching for Satan.

Leviathan thinks the world they're in is strangely familiar, then realizes it looks just like the box art for a tabletop RPG they played together not too long ago. He then spots a temple in the distance, but when they go there, they find it looks old and abandoned. Mammon then spots a treasure chest, and excitedly opens it.

A bright light engulfs the area, and a person that looks like Luke appears. He doesn't talk like Luke, however, and gives them some "holy dice" to use to defeat the "Dark Master." He says that MC is the hero who must take on this task, as foretold by the prophet Simeon, then tries to leave. Mammon stops him however, and demands he give him some treasure.

Luke tells him that everything in this world is decided by a dice roll, so if MC can roll a winning number, he'll get a bonus treasure. If MC fails the roll, Mammon uses magic to cheat, so either way Luke gives them another treasure chest. Inside, however, is a framed photo of everyone together at the party where they were officially named the seven rules of the Devildom. Beelzebub and Belphegor had given Satan the photo as a present.

Mammon is upset that the treasure isn't money, but Luke is long gone. Belphegor rolls the dice again, and they're all transported to a town. MC asks a shopkeeper questions, but gets no answers. Leviathan then notices a manga on one of the shelves, and it's the first manga he ever loaned to Satan. Asmodeus finds and empty bottle of premium Demonus, and it's the same bottle he opened the first time he invited Satan to hang out.

A frustrated Mammon rolls the dice again, and he rolls all sevens. The dice glow, and again Luke appears to give MC the "complete set of the equipment of legend," then vanishes again. Belphegor tries rolling the dice, but he gets three sixes, and they're all transported to a throne room. There they find the "Dark Master," who is actually Satan.

He says he's angry, but at himself, because he can't accept who he is. Then he rolls his own dice to attack them, and Mammon remembers that he once gave Satan rare dice that can be used for cheating, which is why his attack was so strong. He then rolls three fives, but MC manages to roll three eights, which is able to beat Satan.

Satan then admits that he thinks he's the only reason the other brothers all refused to go back to the Celestial Realm, and it made him feel like a burden dragging them down. He's always been a demon, unlike them, but he still can't match Lucifer's ability with curses.

Lucifer tells him they found the keepsakes Satan kept because they were important to him. Now his brothers want to take him home, because the reason they all stayed in the Devildom is the same reason Satan kept those keepsakes: because they are a family. He then gives Satan a present: a key to the forbidden books section of the RAD library, which he'd talked Diavolo into giving him.

Everyone then wakes up again in the library of the Demon Lord's Castle, including Satan. He says he's sorry for putting them through that, and thanks them for saving him. Everyone gathers around him and gives him hugs, but MC wonders why Satan didn't lose control of his powers like Mammon and Asmodeus did. Barbatos thinks it's because he had the power of wrath since his birth, and already accepted it as a part of him.

MC's third pact in the past
MC's third pact in the past

Another morning arrives with MC visiting the House of Lamentation. They find Satan in his room reading, and he again thanks MC for saving him. He asks if there's anything they want in return, so MC asks him for a pact. Satan figured they'd ask that, and agrees. Then they hear the shouting of his brothers in the dining room, and go there to find everyone else running away.

Leviathan is furious with Mammon for calling Ruri-chan "Doodie-chan," and the two are fighting. Satan then notices Leviathan stepping on one of his books, and a bigger fight breaks out. Lucifer tells MC to make them "stay," but when they do, the effect is much stronger on Mammon and Satan, who both now have pacts with MC.

Lesson 28[edit]

Lucifer pointing out that Beelzebub is eating less
Lucifer pointing out that Beelzebub is eating less

Breakfast at the House of Lamentation is a little different today, because MC is eating alongside the brothers this time. But something else is different: Beelzebub hasn't gone back for seconds. Everyone is worried, and even more worried when they hear him say he's "already full." He assures everyone he's fine, then they all rush to get to RAD as they're running late.

On the way, the brothers notice the smell of good food coming from one of the shops, but Beelzebub doesn't event try to stop and eat. Lucifer tells MC that he thinks this is a warning sign, and they should keep an eye on him.

Once at school, mock lessons continue with Barbatos acting as teacher in a class about magical potions. He notices that when he mentions several foods that are also potion ingredients, Beelzebub's stomach doesn't growl. The brothers explain he's been this way all morning. After the lesson is over, he invites Beelzebub and MC for tea at the Demon Lord's Castle.

Before leaving school, MC goes to the council room to find Diavolo and Mephistopheles there because each were told by Mammon that the other wanted to meet with him. There's a both for each of them on the table with their names on them, and a piece of candy inside each. Diavolo eats his right away, and encourages Mephistopheles to do the same.

Suddenly, Mephistopheles asks Diavolo if he likes Lucifer better than him, and admits that he's been feeling lonely now that Diavolo doesn't spend as much time with Mephistopheles as he used to. MC explains that they learned in class about a potion that forces someone to tell the truth, but Mephistopheles notices no change in Diavolo. This makes him happy, because it means everything he told Mephistopheles was always genuinely meant.

Later at the castle, Diavolo is surprised when Beelzebub doesn't immediately eat all the food Barbatos presents them with tea, and Barbatos theorizes that Beelzebub is "suffering from an acute lack of demonic disposition." Where the respective sins of Mammon, Satan, and Asmodeus grew too strong for them to control, in Beelzebub's case, it seems his has grown too weak. It's possible his once angelic nature is suppressing his gluttonous desires.

Beelzebub doesn't see why this is a problem, but Barbatos points out that if the House of Lords heard about this, they'd exploit is as a weakness and claim he wasn't a "proper demon," never mind one qualifying to be one of the "seven rulers of the Devildom." Realizing this could undermine the position of his brothers upsets Beelzebub.

Because this has never happened before, however, neither Barbatos nor Diavolo have a solution other than waiting to see if this is temporary, while they try to find more information in the meantime. They're all relieved to know that Beelzebub still likes to eat, even if it's not mountains of food.

After tea at the castle, MC returns to the House of Lamentation and tells Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, and Asmodeus about Barbatos's theory while gaming together. Most of them agree it makes some sense, and Leviathan points out that Beelzebub was "one of the kindest angels you'd ever meet," even though he was also a distinguished warrior.

Speaking of the Celestial Realm makes them wonder if relations are still stable between the two realms after they refused to leave the Devildom, but Asmodeus points out Simeon and Luke are still here, and Diavolo hasn't said anything about any issues.

Satan comes up with an idea that could help Beelzebub, and suggests going on a "spare-no-expense, eat-till-you-drop foodie tour." The others aren't sure that will be enough to help Beelzebub, but agree it does sound fun. MC then goes to the twins' room to bring the idea to Beelzebub and Belphegor.

Meanwhile at Ristorante Six, Diavolo tells Lucifer about Barbatos's theory as well. He's heard about the foodie tour idea, and tells Diavolo about it. This makes Diavolo realize why Lucifer ordered less food now than he usually does, and thinks it's wonderful how all the brothers care about each other so much.

Beelzebub is willing to try this foodie tour idea, so later all the brothers and MC gather up to go out and eat. Beelzebub wants to eat wherever MC wants, so they choose what kind of restaurant they go to first, and everyone heads to get some food.

Lesson 29[edit]

A conversation happens between the brothers about favorite foods, though which brothers have this conversation changes depending on the type of restaurant MC chose in Lesson 28-14. Regardless of restaurant choice, however, the brothers and MC are confused once inside, as it looks like a place they've never eaten at before.

Someone that looks like Barbatos greets them, and says they were expected. They all sit at one of the tables, but then they hear a voice that turns out to belong to Little D. No. 6. Leviathan thinks the Little D. doesn't seem much like Beelzebub, but No. 6 replies that Little D.'s are counterparts, but not copies of the demons they're associated with.

No. 6 then asks Beelzebub how "someone so pathetic" is his counterpart, and asks how someone can call themselves the "Avatar of Gluttony" with no appetite. He then tries to devour Beelzebub, but MC uses their pact with either Mammon, Asmodeus, or Satan to enhance the brother's powers so they can stop the Little D.

No. 6 is impressed, and proposes a test. If they can make a meal that satisfies him, he'll accept Beelzebub as his counterpart. If they can't, he gets to eat MC. The brothers and MC will be on one team, Luke and Simeon will be another, and the third "team" will be Solomon, thanks to Lucifer nominating him.

Little D. No. 6 explaining the rules of the cook-off
Little D. No. 6 explaining the rules of the cook-off

Once everyone else arrives, No. 6 explains that each team will make something, and if any of their dishes pleases him, they win. The cook-off starts, and the brothers discuss what they should make. Beelzebub suggests everyone makes something they like, then all of it can be made into a stew. The others are dubious, but Beelzebub is certain it will satisfy No. 6.

Everyone splits up to get their favorite foods, and MC does the same while also checking on the other teams. Simeon is making one of Beelzebub's favorite foods with a "creative twist," and Luke is making a Beelzebub-themed dessert. Solomon is grilling some steak, and says he wants to keep his dish simple.

MC returns to find Beelzebub looking worried, because Mammon found a golden apple, but when he touched it, smoke started pouring out and put everyone but Beelzebub and Lucifer to sleep. Lucifer, however, is missing. Now the other brothers can't provide their favorite things to put in the stew, but MC reminds Beelzebub that the brothers were talking about their favorite foods earlier.

Beelzebub and MC manage to find everything themselves, and then Lucifer arrives with a vintage Demonus as his contribution. He suggests MC try using the "stay" command to wake up the others, and surprisingly that works. Everyone then prepares their foods, puts them all in a pot, and "The Brothers' Special Stew" is made.

The other teams are finished as well, and Simeon first presents a BLT just like one he made for Beelzebub in the Celestial Realm once. Luke made a cherry-flavored jelly dessert with flowers on the inside. No. 6 likes them both, but doesn't feel satisfied.

Solomon presents his grilled steak, and No. 6 complains that all he tastes is meat. Beelzebub then gives No. 6 the special stew, and explains it has unique flavors representing everyone he cares about most. No. 6 says the flavor is like nothing he's had before, and he starts crying.

He refuses to admit defeat, but when he starts to attack, suddenly he complains that his stomach hurts terribly. Solomon then admits he did add "a little something extra" to his steak, which explains No. 6's distress. Beelzebub uses the opportunity to catch the Little D., says he needs to behave, and then eats him.

Everyone then wakes up in the dining hall of the House of Lamentation, confused about what happened. The real Barbatos greets them, and says he received word from the restaurant that they had all fallen asleep suddenly, so Barbatos fetched them and brought them home.

He also says that at least Beelzebub's predicament has been solved. Everyone then notices Beelzebub devouring food just like always, with No. 6 sitting and eating next to him as if he'd never been devoured. Luke, Simeon, and Solomon are there too, so Belphegor suggests inviting Diavolo over so all of them can have a feast together.

Meanwhile, Diavolo has been entertaining the other Little D.'s by making tea. They ask if he's feeling lonely with Barbatos gone, and Diavolo says yes, but is glad the Little D.'s are keeping him company. Once he leaves to join the feast, however, the Little D.'s whisper to each other how if they keep winning over the future Demon King, they can make the whole Devildom theirs.

Lesson 30[edit]

Luke is visiting Solomon and MC at Cocytus Hall, and Solomon says he doesn't understand why Little D. No. 6 didn't like his grilled steak he made in the cook-off earlier. Luke wonders if it's time to tell Solomon his cooking is terrible, and is still thinking about this later after he and MC left. He's distracted by spotting a "Secret Bird Egg" in a shop window. The sign says if one keeps the egg warm for a day, one small wish will be granted. Luke runs in and buys one, but asks MC not to tell anyone.

At the House of Lamentation, Luke attempts to sneak in with the egg, but Lucifer sees him and MC come in. He says he's going to take a nap, and escapes. Lucifer then tells MC that when they're done visiting his brothers, he needs them to come with him to the Demon Lord's Castle.

In the dining hall, Belphegor tells MC that while Beelzebub doesn't have a problem with forging a pact with MC, they're going to have to convince Belphegor first. Simeon then offers a suggestion that MC undertake "the Angel's Trial," and if they succeed, Beelzebub will make a pact with them.

Simeon explaining the Angel's Trial
Simeon explaining the Angel's Trial

Simeon then explains the trial is one that angels must pass before being allowed to serve at the Celestial Palace. For one day, MC would have to "refrain from lying." Beelzebub agrees to this idea, and so does Belphegor. Simeon then speaks an incantation that makes a bracelet appear on MC's wrist, which will snap if MC tells a lie. MC and Lucifer then go to the castle, where MC explains the situation to Diavolo over tea.

Solomon then arrives with some homemade cake, which he and MC end up eating. Diavolo is spared this, as Solomon thinks he's on a diet, but then he asks MC how the cake tastes. To avoid lying, MC tells him it tastes terrible, which makes Solomon apologize and head home. MC and Lucifer then also leave.

Some time before this, Mephistopheles met with Diavolo at the castle with his newest report on the House of Lords, who have shown no signs of conspicuous activity lately. Mephistopheles then noticed Diavolo seemed distracted, and Diavolo explained that Lucifer and MC were visiting soon.

After leaving, Mephistopheles was angry Diavolo would be spending time with Lucifer. He then ran into Solomon, who was going home to check on a cake he baked. Mephistopheles suggested that Solomon bring the cake to the castle when Lucifer and MC visited, but insisted that Diavolo couldn't have any, as he's on a diet.

After the tea incident and back at the House of Lamentation, Lucifer and MC encounter Luke holding a blanket. He asks MC to come with him, and shows MC the secret bird egg he's keeping in the blanket to stay warm. Luke then recognizes the bracelet MC's wearing, and says he completed the Angel's Trial too, even with Simeon asking him tough questions.

The two then head for the front door, but this time Lucifer and Leviathan notice Luke has something in his pocket. Leviathan insists on seeing it, so MC lies to avoid Luke having to show him the egg. Lucifer and Leviathan leave, but when Luke sees MC's bracelet is broken, he thinks it's his fault and starts to cry.

MC tries to comfort Luke, and Simeon and Solomon arrive to ask what happened. After learning about the bracelet, Simeon explains that the real point of the Angel's Trial is to "understand the essence of a lie." He says that not lying isn't as important as if a lie is said for selfish reasons or not.

Because MC lied to protect Luke, Simeon congratulates them on passing the trial. He and Luke then leave, and Solomon also congratulates MC on passing, as this means they're one step closer to returning to their timeline. He then realizes someone else is there.

Leviathan admits he was worried about MC and came to check on them, but accidentally overheard Solomon talking about returning to "the world they're from," and how MC needs to make pacts with the brothers to do so. He's upset that this is the reason they've been making pacts, and confused about what their conversation means.

Meanwhile, Mephistopheles meets with Diavolo at RAD, but he's upset to see Lucifer there, too. Lucifer tells him he heard Mephistopheles told Solomon to bring the cake to the castle before. Diavolo then says he's heard Mephistopheles is a fan of Solomon's cooking, so he asked the sorcerer to make him some desserts. Because he'd never refuse a gift from Diavolo, Mephistopheles starts eating.

Lessons 31-40[edit]

Lesson 31[edit]

Leviathan upset by Solomon and MC's conversation he overheard
Leviathan upset by Solomon and MC's conversation he overheard

After an upset Leviathan accuses MC of just wanting to use the seven brothers by making pacts with them so they can return to the Human World, he runs to his room. Solomon is worried that if he tells his brothers about this, it may be very difficult to keep secret that he and MC are from the future. He thinks MC should go talk to him, and also hands them Leviathan's D.D.D. that he dropped earlier.

MC stands outside the door to Leviathan's room and tries to convince him to let them in, but he never responds. MC then leaves his D.D.D. by the door for him and leaves.

The next morning at Cocytus Hall, Solomon blames himself about carelessly talking about "going home" at the House of Lamentation, and wonders if Leviathan told his brothers what he heard. He advises MC to be honest, and tell Leviathan they need to make pacts with all seven brothers to regain their sorcerer powers and "go back to the world [they're] from."

However, he wants to take advantage of Leviathan assuming they were talking about returning to the Human World, and not back to the future, to help keep that secret still. MC then returns to the House of Lamentation to talk to Leviathan again. Leviathan's D.D.D. isn't in the corridor any more, and he texts MC to let them know he got it.

He still won't let them in his room, so MC spams him with chat stickers until Leviathan starts talking. He won't open the door, but listens to MC explain about the pacts. He says he understands, but refuses to forgive them. MC refuses to leave, so they end up sleeping in front of his door.

Mammon and Asmodeus find MC still there once classes are over, and invite them to stay for dinner. While eating, Asmodeus tells MC that they missed a divination class at RAD today. The brothers all had the same fortune that they should "prepare for water," and Belphegor wonders if this means Leviathan will summon Lotan in the future.

MC shows interest in divination, so the brothers go to Asmodeus's room, because they'll need use of his aromatic oils. Satan has cards he borrowed from class, and after MC places their hand on the cards and focuses on them, he lays out the cards on the table.

Asmodeus and Belphegor think the cards say "You will fall in love with a snake," but Satan and Mammon think it's "You will be consumed by a snake." Belphegor comments that different interpretations are why "you can't expect [divination] to work."

Later, MC returns to Leviathan's bedroom door and tries again to get him to talk, but he tells them to go home. MC does, but the next day returns again even though it's pouring rain outside. The run into Simeon in the entryway, and he offers to listen to MC's situation.

Without giving details, MC tells him what's happened, and Simeon advises asking Leviathan about how he feels, and what MC needs to do to make him happy. Once again, MC stands outside his room and asks Leviathan to talk to them. This time, he tells MC that when they first met, it surprised him that he was as comfortable talking to them as he was his brothers, and that all his important memories since coming to the Devildom involve MC.

He doesn't want MC to leave, so when he found out they were trying to go back home, it deeply upset him. Suddenly, the two are interrupted by the other brothers arriving. Most of them accuse Leviathan of trying to keep MC to himself, and they try to force their way into his room, despite Lucifer and Beelzebub try to convince them to calm down. Leviathan finally opens his door, clearly furious, and summons Lotan.

Meanwhile, Mephistopheles is out shopping, but gets caught in the rain. Thirteen then calls out to him, and asks him to help carry all the things she bought while shopping. Mephistopheles tries to refuse, but Thirteen starts handing him bags.

Thirteen finds it interesting that despite his protests, he's still holding her bags and her umbrella to make sure she doesn't get wet, and his chivalry makes her think he must get lots of romantic attention. However, Mephistopheles says he has no interest in such things because he's focused on his duty to ensure the stability of the Devildom and support Diavolo.

Thirteen calls him an "absolute fossil of a man," and insists they are going to have tea together so she can learn how he ended up "so warped." Mephistopheles is not enthused about this.

Lesson 32[edit]

It's pouring rain in the Devildom, and MC along with the angels, Solomon, and six of the brothers have taken refuge at the Demon Lord's Castle. Barbatos and Solomon left to check how the town is doing, while the others wonder if Leviathan is all right.

After Leviathan summoned Lotan, everyone had to evacuate the House of Lamentation, and Barbatos and Solomon return to tell everyone they couldn't find him. They weren't able to check inside the House of Lamentation, as it was already underwater.

Belphegor thinks that the storm is because of Lotan, and Barbatos worries the entire Devildom could flood, so Simeon suggests making an ark. He tells everyone the story of the Genesis flood, which is about a man who built an ark because the Human World completely flooded.

Diavolo agrees they are going to need a boat, so he, Lucifer, Luke, Simeon, and Solomon leave to make one. The remaining brothers ask if MC is okay, and Belphegor wonders if the situation with Leviathan has something to do with them. They all then assure MC that they've also done things to make Leviathan upset — especially Mammon — and he'll forgive MC if they apologize.

Leviathan thinking MC would forget about him if they returned home
Leviathan thinking MC would forget about him if they returned home

Meanwhile, in a dark place underwater, Leviathan thinks about the people in the Human World that MC must be missing, and how MC would forget him if they went back there. It makes him feel jealous of those other people.

That night, those not working on the boat will be sleeping in the same room together, and the brothers suggest that MC should move in with them so they can be together like this all the time. Lucifer then enters, and says MC is wanted at the strategy meeting for the boat.

Once in the hallway, however, he tells MC he overheard his brothers pressuring them to live at the House of Lamentation, so asked MC to come with him. He asks what MC really wants to do, and MC can either say they want to go back to where they're from, stay here, or they aren't sure.

Later at dinner, Simeon points out that even if they do make an ark, they still need to find Leviathan. MC wonders if they can get help from Leviathan's Little D., but Barbatos explains that Little D. No. 3 is almost never seen. He's only rarely spotted at night, so Mammon suggests they search the castle that night. He's less keen on the idea after his brothers tease him that they might encounter ghosts.

While searching that night, they spot something race away from the kitchen, and chase after it. MC is able to catch what turns out to be No. 3, but suddenly find themselves somewhere dark. MC hears the voice of Leviathan, and takes the chance to offer an apology, but this only makes Leviathan more upset. He says they're not who should be apologizing, and tells them to get out. For a moment, MC sees the spare room at the House of Lamentation, but then wakes up on the deck of the ark.

Asmodeus tells them No. 3 conjured a torrent of water that engulfed them, and then the entire castle flooded. MC tells everyone how they saw Leviathan and then the spare bedroom. Mammon says that room gives off "weird vibes" that have only been getting stronger lately, and all the brothers agree the room feels special to them, so Leviathan must feel the same, too.

MC wants Barbatos to send them to the room alone so they can find Leviathan, despite most of the brothers protesting. Both Simeon and Luke give MC their angelic blessing that might help protect them, then Barbatos teleports them away.

Meanwhile, Leviathan wishes he could have kept his feelings to himself, and apologizes to MC, but then thinks that someone is there with him. In the spare room that is completely underwater, MC appears. They try to talk to Leviathan, but can't, and start to black out from lack of oxygen. Then they feel something press against their lips, and wake up again to find the room no longer flooded.

Leviathan yells at MC for being so reckless in following him here, then admits how he couldn't stop thinking about the people in the Human World waiting for MC to return. He says he was jealous of them, and apologizes for not being able to put MC's happiness before his own.

MC can either kiss or hug him, and Leviathan thanks them for caring enough to come get him. MC then asks how exactly he manage to save them from drowning, but Leviathan blushes and refuses to answer.

Lesson 33[edit]

Solomon explaining to the brothers that MC needs pacts with all of them to return home.
Solomon explaining to the brothers that MC needs pacts with all of them to return home.

Leviathan explains how thinking of the people in the Human World wanting MC to return to them made him jealous, but Lucifer thinks there is more to it than that to make Leviathan lose control. Solomon then says he should explain the rest. He tells the brothers about his and MC's magical powers weakening, and that MC needs pacts with them all to be strong enough to return home.

He leaves out that he and MC are from the future, but says it was his idea to keep this a secret, so he should be the one to blame. Most of the brothers seem understanding, including Leviathan, who says he realized that MC wanting to return home doesn't mean he and his brothers aren't important to them, too.

Mammon and Belphegor don't say anything, and Lucifer says they should call it a day. He also reminds Leviathan that he'll need to go to speak with Diavolo tomorrow about flooding the Devildom.

As they are returning to Cocytus Hall, Solomon reassures MC that things will work out, and there's still another version of the brothers waiting for them to come home. Barbatos once told him that time doesn't move in a straight line, but is mixed together like a bowl of soup. "The present" is like a spoonful of that soup, with parts of the past and future within it. He thinks that's why the brothers see MC's room as special, even if it hasn't yet become MC's room.

Later, MC finds themselves in the attic of the House of Lamentation, but there are bars on the door. Leviathan says they all decided that they don't want to let MC leave, but MC should be fine with that, as they don't really want to go anyway. Then MC wakes up to Solomon's voice, and realizes that was just a dream.

Solomon seems worried, but MC insists on going to RAD like usual. He then says Lucifer texted him to say MC doesn't need to stop by this morning, because the brothers will be at the Demon Lord's Castle.

Lessons continue at RAD with Mephistopheles again teaching a mock class on Devildom history. He knows Lucifer will be giving a speech during RAD's founding ceremony — even though Lucifer himself didn't know — and says he has a subject that would be good speech material.

He tells the legend about the land where the House of Lamentation sits once was Nightbringer' home, and a different building once stood there with rooms that rearranged themselves nightly. Mammon says that this isn't speech material, and Mephistopheles agrees, saying he'd never actually help Lucifer.

When school is over, Mammon and Belphegor leave for home separately. This bothers MC, but Leviathan thinks both of them want to talk to them, but are feeling too awkward to say anything.

Lucifer then arrives, and tells MC that Diavolo wants to see them. Leviathan is afraid that he needs to come too, but Lucifer says his apology this morning settled things. He and his brothers still joins MC, and they find Luke, Simeon, and Solomon in the council room too.

Diavolo wants to hear from MC what they told the brothers, so MC explains it to him. Lucifer then asks if that's all Diavolo wanted to talk about, and Diavolo says it is. Barbatos then asks why Lucifer is staring at him, but he says it's nothing.

MC later heads home alone, but runs into Thirteen along the way. She asks MC to grab a cup of tea with her, and MC tells Thirteen what's been going on. She says not to worry about Mammon and Belphegor sulking, and after their tea, MC decides to visit the House of Lamentation.

At the gate of the house, MC finds Barbatos waiting for them. He gives them an old slip of paper and a sleeping Little D. No. 7, and says MC will need these. MC then enters the house to find the brothers minus Belphegor at the dinner table too tired to do anything.

Lucifer tells MC to find Belphegor, and Belphegor's voice leads MC to the attic. He says he can't accept MC leaving, then uses his powers to make MC feel like they have no energy. The paper Barbatos gave MC then glows, and Little D. No. 7 starts absorbing both MC and Belphegor.

Meanwhile, Barbatos encounters Luke and Simeon on their way back to the House of Lamentation, and invites them to stay the night at the Demon Lord's Castle instead. Once there, he explains MC's situation, but says he gave them a "helpful item" to deal with Belphegor.

Lesson 34[edit]

MC wakes up in what looks like the Celestial Realm with Little D. No. 7 beside them. Then an angelic-looking [[Belphegor] finds them, and says MC is "it" now, so he's going to hide and they have to find him. After he leaves, MC goes into the Celestial Palace and encounters Raphael. He won't tell them where Belphegor is, but then MC finds Asmodeus.

Asmodeus says he "borrowed" some of Michael's clothes for a fashion show, but Raphael caught him, so now he's hiding. MC suggests either apologizing to Michael or offering him tips for upgrading his wardrobe to get out of the situation. Asmodeus thanks them, and tells them that Mammon was also looking for Belphegor.

MC finds Mammon next, and asks where Belphegor is, but he doesn't know either. He gives MC a star chart from the Human World that Belphegor wanted, and asks MC to make sure he gets it. MC next finds Leviathan in the storeroom looking for a "legendary sword" that belongs to Michael. He gives MC the spare key he found to the observatory, and says Belphegor might be there.

On the way, MC talks to Beelzebub in the hall, who asks what MC thinks of Belphegor. Once MC answers, they continue on to find Lucifer and Simeon having tea together in the greenhouse.

The two invite MC for a cup of tea before they go, and they talk about hearing Diavolo had recently hired Barbatos to be his butler. They also mention Michael should have arrived for tea by now, but as usual is late. Raphael then arrives, and is surprised to find MC still hasn't found Belphegor.

Meanwhile, in the real world's House of Lamentation, the brothers are still being effected by Belphegor's sloth powers. However, Lucifer intentionally mentions different topics that motivate his brothers into fighting back against the magic, so they leave to find Belphegor.

At last, MC finds Belphegor in the observatory. He says next time he'll show MC the secret way he knows to get inside. MC then gives him the star chart from Mammon, and he tells MC the story of "The Moon Prince and the Sun Princess."

The story tells of the sun and moon being siblings that rarely met, so the moon prince stayed in the sky during day. However, the heat from the sun caused his body to melt, and after that only a crescent moon hung in the sky.

Belphegor says he understands the moon prince, and would be happy melting away if it meant spending more time with someone he loved. MC thinks differently, which upsets him. He says his sister Lilith is already gone, and now MC is trying to leave him, too. He doesn't understand why he's still here, and MC replies either he's important to them, or he has a lot of people who love him.

Belphegor admits that he thought he couldn't survive without MC, but really he just wanted to keep them from leaving. He realizes there's no way to change MC's mind, and both of them wake up in the House of Lamentation's attic. Belphegor then apologizes for using his powers to try and trap MC here.

The other brothers find Belphegor and MC, but they're surprised to have found an attic they didn't think existed before. Satan mentions the history lesson Mephistopheles gave before about another building on this land having rooms that rearranged themselves, and they seem to misremember him saying that rooms appeared and disappeared. Belphegor says he still wants MC to stay, but because they're important to him, he's going to respect their wishes to return home.

MC's fourth pact in the past
MC's fourth pact in the past

Belphegor chooses to make a pact with MC, and Beelzebub and Leviathan do the same. Satan comments only Lucifer doesn't have a pact with MC now. His brothers try to insist Lucifer change that, but he says he doesn't want to.

Later at Cocytus Hall, MC explains what happened to Solomon, who laughs at Lucifer's response, but is happy MC was able to make three more pacts. He then noticed MC drop the old paper that Barbatos gave them to help with Belphegor. Solomon is stunned to realize it's a scrap from Barbatos's Grimoire.

Meanwhile, The Little D.'s are having tea with Diavolo at the Demon Lord's Castle, and No. 7 tells the story of his time with MC. Diavolo also thinks Lucifer's answer about a pact is amusing, then asks Barbatos why he didn't go with MC personally. Barbatos reminds Diavolo he'd asked for a time-consuming dish for dinner that night, so the Little D.'s blame Diavolo for Barbatos being unavailable.

Lesson 35[edit]

At the House of Lamentation, MC and the brothers minus Lucifer discuss Lucifer's disinterest in making a pact with MC. Everyone is surprised, and Mammon wonders if it's because Lucifer is being controlled by his powers of pride. The brothers suggest MC should sit down and talk with Lucifer, but the conversation ends when Lucifer enters the room.

Everyone rushes to get to RAD, but Lucifer asks MC to accompany him so they can buy textbooks about the Human World for RAD to use. He was going to ask for MC's help choosing, but instead he was able to decide everything on his own. On the way to school, Lucifer asks if MC would like being a professor at RAD, and because they'll stay in the Devildom forever without a pact with him, encourages them to make a life for themselves. When MC asks why he's refusing, he says it's because MC is the one that hates the idea of saying goodbye more than anyone.

Later at RAD, the brothers run off to try new food samples in the cafeteria, but Simeon and MC remain in the classroom. Simeon offers to listen if something is going on with MC, so MC explains the situation. Simeon comments that Lucifer has a way of noticing things about people even when they don't realize about themselves, but it is also a tactic he uses to guide people to "an outcome that he himself desires." He also suggests that MC have a long talk with Lucifer.

MC winning first prize in a roulette game
MC winning first prize in a roulette game

Lucifer stays late at RAD, but MC and the brothers walk home together. Belphegor points out that if RAD's opening ceremony is about to happen, then MC's magic could run out soon, or it could mean MC will leave soon. Either outcome makes the brothers sad, but they're distracted by having eaten enough ice cream to get the tickets they need to try winning in a roulette game with special prizes.

They decide that MC should be the one to try spinning the wheel because they have a pact with Mammon, and Mammon's greed powers grant good luck to those in a pact with him. Sure enough, MC was able to win first prize, which is a travel voucher for two. After everyone returns to the House of Lamentation, the debate on who goes on the trip beings. Because it was MC that one, they will take one of the spots, leaving one more open. Mammon argues that because it was his powers that helped MC win, he should be the second person. His brothers argue that he can't prove that, and it could have been MC's own luck that let them win.

Lucifer then enters the room, and says he will be the one going on the trip with MC. His brothers try to argue, but he says that he and MC need time to talk, and points out his brothers had said the same thing this morning. So the next day, he and MC meet at the house's front gate, then travel to the train station.

Meanwhile, Diavolo and Mephistopheles discuss recent actions by the House of Lords over tea, and while things seem mostly fine, Mephistopheles say that members of the "extremist wing" have been interested recently in acquiring a railway company. This concerns Diavolo, as he knows Lucifer and MC are taking a trip on a train together. Mephistopheles wonders if they should stop the train, but Barbatos thinks a scandal aboard a railway they own would not be in their favor. Instead, Diavolo asks Mephistopheles to follow Lucifer and MC on their trip. Mephistopheles agrees, and leaves right away.

Back on the train, Lucifer shows MC their room, and says his is next door. He tells MC he bought two outfits for them, and he'd like them to wear one of them to dinner tonight. Once dinner arrives, Lucifer orders food for both of them without asking MC's opinion, which MC can choose to be upset about. Lucifer argues he knows MC, and is sure they'll like the food he chose.

After their food arrives, Lucifer again tries to convince MC they're better off staying here, and he knows that's what they really want anyway. MC seems unconvinced, but Lucifer says they can spend the rest of the trip talking it over. He then tells MC they can choose the dessert they'd like for both of them.

Once dinner is over, Lucifer escorts MC to their room, but they later wake from sleeping because it sounds like the train has stopped, and they aren't sure why that would be the case. This development worries them.

Lesson 36[edit]

Outside their room on the train, MC finds Lucifer also awakened by the train stopping. He knows they aren't meant to stop here, so is about to ask what's happening when Mephistopheles arrives. He says he'll explain why he's here over tea, which Lucifer begrudgingly makes for him.

Mephistopheles then explains he's on the train because Diavolo is worried about the House of Lords attempting something nefarious against Lucifer. Lucifer isn't happy about this; he'd ensured his brothers wouldn't interfere with his and MC's vacation, but hadn't expected Diavolo to send a "third wheel." Mephistopheles informs the other two that they'll meet for breakfast tomorrow, and leaves.

The next day, Mephistopheles berates the other two for showing up late, and then gets more angry when Lucifer intentionally ignores him. While eating breakfast, he tells MC about trains once being "transportation for demon commoners," specifically demons that couldn't fly. Nowadays that's changed, and he says there is a special lounge reserved for nobles on this train.

Mephistopheles telling MC about the Underworld
Mephistopheles telling MC about the Underworld

Mephistopheles is stunned to hear that MC knows nothing about the Underworld despite this being their vacation spot. He explains that the Underworld is a large pit made up of nine circles. Each circle is a layer, and the lower the layer, the "more grievous" the sins of those imprisoned there.

He also mentions that the Underworld connects to the Human World, but the only person Mephistopheles knows of that successfully traveled between the two is Solomon. Lucifer warns MC not to try that themselves, then says they've nearly reached the station where they'll get off the train.

MC heads to their room and calls Solomon to ask about what Mephistopheles told them. He confirms that he did walk between the Underworld and Human World once, but changes the subject to remind MC that they need to focus on getting a pact with Lucifer.

Meanwhile, back at the House of Lamentation, the other brothers had attempted to get into Lucifer's room, only to be cursed to have their speech and personalities changed. Asmodeus calls Solomon to help, who doesn't seem interested until Mammon promises they'll do anything in return. After he lifts the curse, the bothers try to evade their end of the bargain by leaving, but Solomon traps them by locking the door.

Back on the train, Mephistopheles visits MC in their room, and asks to leave some of his bags here. The train unexpectedly stops once more, then starts again, but an announcement informs them that the train was just hijacked. The doors on the train have been magically sealed, and neither Mephistopheles's nor MC's D.D.D. can make calls. MC tries summoning one of the demon brothers, but somehow their ability is being inhibited.

With no choice but to wait, MC helps Mephistopheles clean up his scattered bags, which are full of sweets for his younger brother. Mephistopheles asks if MC has siblings or pets, then says they must have loved ones waiting for them in the Human World too.

Their conversation is interrupted by the door to MC's room opening, and Lucifer steps in. He explains he found a flaw in the charm keeping the doors shut, so was able to remove it. He didn't see any of the hijackers, but Mephistopheles mentions they could be hiding in the nobles' lounge.

The three of them go to there, where Lucifer removes the charm on the door, and Mephistopheles — as a noble — is able to use his palm print as a key to unlock it. Once they're inside, they don't find anyone, but the door locks behind them, and this time the charm used is without flaws. Lucifer thinks the other flawed charms were intentional to lead them here, and an announcement is made saying the "hijackers" were trapped in the nobles' lounge.

Lucifer, Mephistopheles, and MC are then brought to a prison cell and their D.D.D.'s are taken, though both Lucifer and Mephistopheles are sure that Diavolo will free them. Lucifer wonders if the whole trip was only a plot, and mentions that the House of Lords finances the business that held the contest MC won.

The accusation upsets Mephistopheles, who blames all of the instability in the Devildom on Lucifer and his brothers. Lucifer doesn't argue with him, but says he and his brothers need the Devildom. When Lucifer calls the Devildom their home, Mephistopheles asks why then he doesn't understand how MC feels about returning to the Human World.

This causes Lucifer to reach an epiphany, but then a guard appears at the cell door and says the changes against Mephistopheles and MC have been cleared. Lucifer, however, was found guilty of treason.

Lesson 37[edit]

Mephistopheles and MC return to the House of Lamentation after being released from the Underworld's prison. Mephistopheles explains that the Underworld's lowest layer — Cocytus — is where Lucifer is held prisoner. Freeing him would make MC and the brothers enemies of the Devildom. Not only that, but they'd need the assistance of the Underworld's giants to reach the ninth level.

He seems ready to give up, which angers Mammon and Asmodeus. They're ready to race off to rescue Lucifer, but the others are more cautious. Beelzebub also mentions how strange it is that Lucifer was sent to the Underworld, because that is the Celestial Realm's territory.

MC suggests everyone take a moment to think of a plan, and Asmodeus takes them and Leviathan to the kitchen to make tea. Leviathan grabs the snacks he knows Satan likes, and Asmodeus chooses tea he knows Belphegor likes. Both of them wonder if they'll be able to save Lucifer, but Asmodeus points out they made tea without him, so that means they're capable of doing things without his help.

Back at the library, Satan tells them all a secret way to Cocytus he found in a book. Mephistopheles is shocked Satan has a forbidden book, but Satan replies he has Diavolo's permission thanks to Lucifer. Belphegor brings up again that they'll all be seen as traitors by the Devildom, but Mephistopheles says that doesn't matter. He says after all they've endured, the brothers wouldn't abandon Lucifer now. Of course they agree that's correct, and everyone gets fired up.

Satan mentions the secret entrance is in the Demon Lord's Castle, though he's unsure where. Mephistopheles guesses the only location for a doorway to the Underworld would be Barbatos's room. As everyone prepares to leave, Mephistopheles tells MC he's only helping save Lucifer because he knows Diavolo didn't wish for this to happen, as proven by him meeting with the House of Lords.

Asmodeus thanks and hugs Mephistopheles, which aggravates him. Simeon then arrives, and says he and Luke are coming too. Because the Underworld is Celestial Realm territory, being angels means they might be able to help.

Meanwhile, Diavolo prepares for meeting the House of Lords. The Little D.'s comment that he's "super scary" today, and Barbatos agrees he's never seen Diavolo more livid. He assures Diavolo he'll send the others to Cocytus, then come join him. Diavolo thanks him, and just before stepping through the portal, says if he becomes so enraged he loses control in front of the House of Lords, Barbatos should punch him.

Everyone makes it inside the castle, where Little D. No. 7 escorts them to Barbatos's room. Barbatos explains that Diavolo instructed him to help them by letting them use the door to the Underworld. Once everyone makes it through, they find a freezing landscape with a frozen river.

Simeon telling everyone about Cocytus
Simeon telling everyone about Cocytus

Simeon explains that Cocytus has four layers, and this one is called Caina. This is where "traitors to their kindred" are punished. Suddenly, the ice under Satan breaks up, and he's pulled under. Leviathan says he'll go after him, and they'll both catch up to the rest later.

The others reach Antenora, the second layer of Cocytus and where "traitors to their homeland" are punished. The ice under Beelzebub gives way, and Simeon reasons that because Beelzebub was a guard at the Celestial Gates, being cast out of the Celestial Realm counted as dereliction of duty.

The split where the ice opened created a crevice Mephistopheles can't cross, but he tells Belphegor he should make a deal with him. Once Mephistopheles enters into an agreement with someone, he can harness any power to accomplish what's asked of him. If he saves Beelzebub, he asks for Belphegor to give him something of his in return. Belphegor agrees, so Mephistopheles stays behind.

Next is the third layer, Ptolomaea, where "traitors to their guests" are punished. Belphegor says that means it's "his turn," as he held MC captive, who is their guest from the Human World. He starts to freeze solid, but Asmodeus hugs him and says he won't leave Belphegor to freeze alone, so the two are frozen together.

Simeon suggests MC use their magic to teleport Solomon here because he's been to the Underworld before, so might know how to help. MC's power isn't enough, so Mammon lends MC some of his, and after two tries they succeed. Solomon says he'll save Belphegor and Asmodeus, so the others should keep moving.

At the final circle — Judecca, where "traitors to 'him'" are punished — Mammon starts to get cold. He tells the last three to leave him behind, then they hear a scream. Through the fog, bound in chains, is Lucifer.

When Lucifer sees MC and Mammon, he's horrified to know they're here. He demands to know where his other brothers are, when suddenly Raphael appears. He tells Lucifer his brothers are now imprisoned in Cocytus, and he was sent as a fellow Seraph to read Lucifer's charges.

Meanwhile, the remaining brothers, Solomon, and Mephistopheles all find each other, but then hear a scream. Belphegor recognizes it as Lucifer, and they all head toward the sound.

Raphael states that for betraying their father, Lucifer and his brothers are to spend eternity trapped here. Simeon asks why the Celestial Realm would punish them after all this time, and says Raphael can't accept this either. Raphael admits this is "just so awful," but even harboring doubts is wrong of him. Lucifer's heard enough, and with another loud bellow, starts to break free of his chains.

Lesson 38[edit]

In a rage, Lucifer directs his fury to his father. He says he and his brothers want it to live their lives in peace, but "he" won't allow that. He yells that he doesn't understand what "he" wants, and begs for some kind of sign. He fully breaks free of his chains, but then the ice beneath MC splits open, and MC falls into a crevice. They struggle to climb out, and if they fail, Diavolo saves them at the last moment.

Once MC is safe, Diavolo faces off with Lucifer. Lucifer accuses Diavolo of helping them only because he and his brothers make "novel additions to [his] collection." He then attacks Diavolo, and MC either uses magic or gets in front of Diavolo to protect him. This only enrages Lucifer further, who says if MC aids Diavolo, they're his enemy too.

Once MC is away from the fighting, the two demons battle, using their full powers against each other. Simeon gets Luke and Raphael to safety, but MC refuse to leave. Instead, Simeon gives MC his angelic blessing as protection, because he thinks MC may be the only one that can stop the fight.

MC gets in the middle of the conflict and blocks a spell from Diavolo, but another spell from Lucifer approaches them too fast to avoid. Mammon, Leviathan, and Asmodeus appear to block the attack. Satan, Beelzebub, and Belphegor also block the spells from Diavolo.

Seeing his brothers safe, Lucifer stops attacking and comes out of his rage. Asmodeus asks for a hug, to which Lucifer surprisingly agrees, and soon all the brothers are hugging. Lucifer then apologizes to MC for turning on them, and MC joins the hug. Suddenly, a bright light emanates from MC's Ring of Light, and Lucifer changes into his angelic appearance.

Everyone is shocked, but Simeon thinks this happened because "he" heard Lucifer asking for a sign, and gave him one. Diavolo is delighted to see Lucifer's angelic form and kneels before him, so Lucifer's brothers do the same. The light from MC's ring then fades, Lucifer returns to his demon form, and he then faints.

The shackles still attached to Lucifer vanish, which Raphael thinks means he's been forgiven. While unconscious, Lucifer recalls a memory of his still angelic brothers feeling frustrated their orders never come directly from "him," but Lucifer tells them Father never asks from them, and only gives his love.

Due to Lucifer and Diavolo's battle, Cocytus starts collapsing. Simeon takes Luke and Raphael to the Celestial Realm, where he wants to ask Michael about what's happened. Barbatos then appears to rescue everyone else, and they return to the House of Lamentation.

Beelzebub sets Lucifer on his bed in his room, and MC can either stay, or rejoin the other brothers. If they stay, MC has the option to kiss Lucifer. Regardless, MC eventually finds the other brothers sleeping in the library. Diavolo, Barbatos, and Mephistopheles then head for the Demon Lord's Castle. Solomon leaves as well, and MC falls asleep alongside the brothers.

Later, Luke and Simeon find MC awake, and the three of them go to Lucifer's room. He's still asleep, so Simeon instead tells MC what they found out. Lucifer was imprisoned as part of a "special agreement" between the Celestial Realm and the Devildom. The three worlds have an agreement that if someone guilty of a crime poses a threat to all three worlds, they may be sealed inside Cocytus. However, this requires consent from at least two representatives from the three worlds.

Simeon asked Michael who the representatives behind Lucifer's imprisonment were, but was told that's confidential. Raphael didn't know either, and when Luke wonders who in the Devildom agreed, Diavolo interrupts. He says there's an investigation to find out who was behind this, and blames his inadequacy for not already knowing.

Lucifer then wakes, and a relieved Diavolo admits he was worried Lucifer would never wake up, and he'd end up in the same state as his father, the Demon King. Lucifer's brothers then enter the room, all loudly excited to find him awake, and MC goes to the house's planetarium to call Solomon about the news.

MC's seventh pact in the past
MC's seventh pact in the past

Lucifer later finds MC, hugs then, and apologizes again. He tells MC of his memory of his brothers, and says he wants to share his love with MC from now on, to which MC can either nod or kiss him. Either way, he makes a pact with MC.

Later, Lucifer tells his brothers about their pact, and Asmodeus says he'll visit Cocytus Hall every day until they go back to the Human World. However, Solomon arrives to tell them that Cocytus Hall has collapsed.

Meanwhile, Mephistopheles breaks this same news to Diavolo at the castle. Diavolo thinks this is related to Cocytus itself collapsing, and Barbatos mentions Cocytus Hall was located above the spot where Cocytus meets the Devildom. Little D. No. 5 wonders how a direct connection to the ninth level is possible, but Little D. No. 4 says he read that Cocytus has a strange magnetic field, which Little D. No. 3 thinks explains things.

Diavolo considers rebuilding Cocytus Hall, but Mephistopheles suggests creating a new building. For a new name, Diavolo wants the word "Purgatory" included. Suddenly, Little D. No. 1 appears for the first time. Barbatos mentions No. 1 wasn't able to maintain a physical form until now, and Diavolo wonders if that's because the brothers' Father kept a part of Lucifer in the Celestial Realm until now.

Lesson 39[edit]

It's morning at the House of Lamentation, and the brothers are all happy MC is now staying with them. It's MC's turn to make breakfast, but all of the brothers including Lucifer crowd into the kitchen to help. Presumably Solomon is also staying there due to Cocytus Hall being demolished, and Belphegor mentions that Simeon is off telling Solomon he's excluded from meal duty.

Lucifer giving Satan a challenge to earn a pet cat
Lucifer giving Satan a challenge to earn a pet cat

MC takes some plates to the dining room to find Lucifer and Satan arguing. Satan wants a pet cat, but Lucifer refuses. Finally, Lucifer tells Satan that he'll agree only if Satan summons a white dragon. Later in Satan's room, he and MC read up on summoning white dragons, and Satan confesses he's learned to live more happily thanks to MC. MC can either hug or kiss him, then Asmodeus arrives and invites MC to come shopping with him.

Later in town, Asmodeus comments how Satan didn't go into a rampage when he took MC away, and he's sure that's due to MC's influence. He then tells MC he wants to buy them some necessities, seeing as MC's possessions were lost when Cocytus Hall collapsed.

Once that's done, they visit a bookstore in hopes of finding a book to help Satan. While browsing, Asmodeus tells MC he wishes he didn't have to say goodbye to them, and asks for a kiss. A book then falls on him, but he thinks this might be the book they're looking for.

The two bring the book to Satan, who reads that a huge amount of magic energy is required to summon a white dragon. Solomon then appears, and suggests MC channel the magic needed so they can practice drawing power from all seven brothers. Lucifer also enters the room, and agrees with Solomon.

MC then leaves to ask the other brothers for help, and find Beelzebub in his room practicing ways to "look like a more imposing demon." He reminds MC how Little D. No. 6 said he didn't act like a demon, but MC tells him there's no need to change, and Beelzebub says he'll miss MC when they're gone. MC either holds his hand or kisses him, then asks about him helping with the summoning. Beelzebub agrees, but then they overhear an argument in the hall.

Leviathan demands to know why the band around the manga he let Mammon borrow is missing. Mammon doesn't know, but reminds Leviathan that he's more powerful than him. Leviathan asks if he's more powerful than Lotan, so Mammon leaves to find the band. Beelzebub comments that Leviathan is stronger than he used to be, then leaves for the kitchen.

Leviathan returns to his room with MC, and agrees to help Satan. MC has the option to hug him, and if they do, can also kiss him. Leviathan then spots the band he accused Mammon of losing, which he forgot he'd taken it off before lending Mammon the manga. MC offers to tell Mammon, and leaves for his room.

Mammon is angry to hear Leviathan had the band all along, so he's going to log in to Leviathan's Akuzon account and go on a shopping spree. Before that, takes MC for a drive, and he too says he'll help Satan, but then tries to convince MC not to leave the Devildom. When that doesn't work, he insists MC has to come visit, and MC can choose to kiss him.

The two return to the House of Lamentation to find Belphegor cleaning up the attic. Mammon loses a game of rock, paper, scissors against him, so he leaves to throw away some boxes. Belphegor also says he'll help summon the white dragon, then shows MC a replica dollhouse of the House of Lamentation. He also tells MC to visit often, and MC can then hug or kiss him.

Everyone then gathers outside, and once the summoning circle is completed, Satan says the incantation to summon a white dragon. MC channels all seven brothers' powers, and a transparent dragon flies into the sky. Lucifer tells them in the Human World, white dragons are "harbingers of future success," and that sometimes white dragon bracelets are given to those "about to set off on a journey." Satan then suggests all of them take a picture together.

Later, an excited Satan draws the cat summoning circle in the house's library, but because he couldn't decide what kind of cat he wanted, the summoning invokes an endless stream of cats. The brothers worry about Lucifer finding out, but Satan is too happy to care.

Mephistopheles and Thirteen later come to supposedly see about Lucifer's recovery after his imprisonment, but instead both visit MC. All the brothers but Lucifer also invite themselves to MC's room, and everyone joins in playing video games.

Lesson 40[edit]

MC visits with Diavolo and Barbatos at RAD, and tells them about the cat summoning incident and the photo they all took after seeing the white dragon, which makes Diavolo want to take a commemorative photo during RAD's opening ceremony. Barbatos then excuses himself, and Diavolo tells MC he did so to allow Diavolo and MC time alone together.

He then takes MC on a tour of RAD's campus. When they reach the Colosseum, Diavolo admits that what Lucifer accused him of thinking in Cocytus was true: when the brothers fell, he did think they were "treasures that dropped out of the sky." Not because they were rare or valuable, but because they were future friends that he could count on.

Diavolo telling MC his idea for a future exchange student program
Diavolo telling MC his idea for a future exchange student program

He didn't think he'd get a chance like that again, but then says that meeting MC was also very special to him. He then tells MC about his future idea to have RAD welcome exchange students from both the Celestial Realm and Human World to bring the three worlds closer together, and hopes that someday MC will be one of those exchange students. Eventually the two return to the student council room, and Barbatos escorts MC out of the school.

Along the way, he asks MC to spend the day with him tomorrow, and the next day MC meets him and Luke at the House of Lamentation. They gather in the kitchen to find Solomon already there, and Barbatos reminds MC that during their Angel's Trial they told Solomon his cooking was bad. This made Solomon want to prove he was a good cook, so today he, Luke, and Barbatos are going to make lunch for everyone. MC helps too, and Luke comments how funny it is that a demon, an angel, and two humans are making a meal together.

Once the dish is in the oven, Luke and Solomon leave to make tea, and Barbatos thanks MC for being an excellent devilsitter. He promises to never forget he met MC in "this" world, and MC has the option to tell Barbatos they love him. If they do, Barbatos asks for a kiss.

Later, the brothers, Diavolo, and Simeon are all stunned that food Solomon helped make is so delicious. Simeon then proposes a toast, and everyone uses the chance to say something nice about MC. A bright light then shines, and Barbatos tells Luke the secret bird egg he'd given him must have hatched. When asked what he wished for, Luke says he wished for MC to be happy.

After lunch in MC's room, Solomon visits and asks if MC is ready to return home tomorrow. He then says he wishes there was a place they could go where he'd have MC to himself, and MC can either hug or kiss him.

Later that night, MC can't sleep, so they leave their room and find Simeon in the planetarium. He talks about what Lucifer said before about never knowing what Father wanted from him. That question plagues Simeon too, so MC gives him his own advice that he gave MC before, and tells him to "have a little talk with himself." He closes his eyes, and MC can either touch foreheads with him or kiss him.

The next morning, Lucifer is late to breakfast, so MC goes to find him in his study. He hugs MC and thanks them for being there for his brothers and himself. While he's no longer an angel, he gives MC a symbolic angel's blessing.

Everyone heads to RAD for the ceremony, which is now full of demons. Mephistopheles tells Lucifer the crowd is full of dignitaries from the House of Lords, so he'd "better not mess this up." Barbatos then asks Solomon about a rift that appeared in the sky, and wonders if it's his doing. He replies it's not, and is surprised said rift showed up earlier than what he calculated.

The two of them have to go now to not risk the rift disappearing, so Lucifer and his brothers abandon the ceremony to go with MC. Diavolo and Mephistopheles cover for them, and an also present Thirteen tells MC to visit soon. Solomon says the rift is a "gate" of sorts, and will take the combined power of himself, the brothers, and MC to open it. MC channels the powers of all the brothers, and Solomon says the incantation to return to their own timeline.

Once RAD's ceremony is over, the brothers return home, and Asmodeus finds the goodbye letter MC wrote when they thought Diavolo would send them away after finding out they were human. Lucifer then tells them tomorrow they're having a meeting about creating an exchange program at RAD.

Lessons 41-50[edit]

Lesson 41[edit]

With MC once again in their own timeline, they and the brothers are gathered in RAD's student council room. Asmodeus points out a document with a signature so terrible none of the brothers can read it, except for Mammon, who says the signature is his. Lucifer then says that they are "all a bit too close" to MC, but the others say that despite spending most days together, it feels like they haven't seen MC in a long time.

When Lucifer comments that MC seems "spaced-out" and asks if they forgot what they're doing here, MC can reply either that they're an exchange student from the Human World, a devilsitter, or a member of RAD's student council. The last answer pleases Lucifer, whereas the first answer isn't accurate enough, and the second answer just confuses him. Barbatos then arrives, and suggests everyone take a break.

Everyone goes to the greenhouse for tea, then Luke and Simeon arrive as well. When Luke spots MC, however, he starts crying. He can't explain why, but the brothers seem to understand, then Simeon asks if he can run his hand over MC's head. MC either agrees or hugs Simeon, both of which make him happy.

Diavolo announcing he wants to hold a RAD Science Fair
Diavolo announcing he wants to hold a RAD Science Fair

Lucifer admits to Barbatos that it feels difficult for him to keep calm, and says his brothers seem to be feeling the same way. Diavolo then arrives and overhears this, and says at times like this it's best to come up with fun ideas to do, which is why he wants to hold a RAD Science Fair, to everyone's surprise.

Later at the House of Lamentation, the brothers talk about the upcoming science fair, and how participants choose one of the seven fields of study to compete in. There's Devildom math, Devildom physics, Devildom chemistry, Devildom information science, Devildom biology, Devildom geography, and Devildom studies. All of the student council members have to enter, including MC.

The next day after classes and student council work, Leviathan, Asmodeus, Belphegor, Luke, Simeon, and MC are walking home together. However, when Luke and Simeon part ways to head to Purgatory Hall, MC starting going with them. Asmodeus comments that recently Luke and Simeon tried coming back to the House of Lamentation instead of Purgatory Hall, and Leviathan wonders if it's trendy now to go back to the wrong home. Asmodeus thinks MC might just want to spend more time with the angels, so Simeon suggests they all go to a café.

While there, Thirteen spots MC and asks to give them a hug. This upsets the brothers, but Luke changes the subject back to the science fair, which Thirteen says she plans on participating in. She heard from Diavolo that the winner in each field of study will "have one wish granted." Everyone is excited to hear that, then an argument breaks out over who gets to partner with MC.

Later back at the House of Lamentation, groups of the brothers invite MC to several different activities after dinner. Lucifer again comments on how they've been "glued to MC" for the past few days, and tells MC to be sure to let them know if they're bothering them. MC can then either play games, watch a movie, or try having a hand massage, then afterwards they call Solomon. He says he's in the Human World, and is glad they called so they can talk a bit.

The next day, entries start being accepted to the RAD Science Fair, and Lucifer tells his brothers their fields of study have been assigned to them. Mammon is upset by that, but the others don't mind. After hearing their fields, the other brothers all try to convince MC to choose their field, and MC then makes their choice.

Either MC or Mammon ask about the winning prize, and Diavolo confirms that the winners will be granted any wish that's within his power. Then, despite he and Barbatos running the fair, Diavolo states that the both of them will also be entering the competition. Diavolo chose to take part in all seven categories, while Barbatos chose Devildom biology, Devildom geography, and Devildom physics.

The brothers and MC meet up in one of the classrooms later, and none of them are sure what they're supposed to do next. Though Lucifer gave the guidelines to Beelzebub to hand out to them, he ate them by accident. Luke and Simeon are there as well, and Simeon tells everyone what they need to know. He says the fair lasts for a month including both a preliminary round and a final round for each of the seven categories. The preliminary involves a written exam or submission, and those who pass enter the final round that tests one's practical skills in the field.

MC later spots Simeon outside, who seems like something's bothering him. If MC asks what he's doing, he admits to feeling "a little dizzy" so he stepped out for some fresh air. He then says he feels better and not to worry.

At an earlier date, when Solomon and MC first returned to their timeline, Solomon announced that he was going to sleep in MC's room that night. He then explained they don't know how returning from the past will affect them, so they should stay together to keep an eye on each other. However, the brothers then burst into the room to prevent the two of them from spending the night alone.

Instead, everyone goes to the common room for a gaming tournament, though hours later only Solomon, Lucifer, and MC are still awake. MC and Solomon head back to MC's room, but on the way Lucifer stops MC and kisses them on the forehead. Solomon is sure he did so as a way of telling him to "stay in line."

Lesson 42[edit]

The first prelimary for RAD's Science Fair is Devildom Information Science, which takes place at Three-Legged Crow Group's headquarters. Everyone is surprised when the three mascots of Three-Legged Crow Group - Blacjak, Red Devil, and Nancy - appear and introduce themselves as hosts for the preliminaries. Diavolo explains that the three mascots were brought to life using magic.

The macots explain how Devildom hardware and software came to be, but despite being the only one of the brothers taking part in this competition, Asmodeus isn't very attentive. The written exam then takes place, and afterward everyone takes a break for lunch.

Later, the results are announced, and both Asmodeus and Diavolo qualified for the finals. The three mascots then announce that finalists are tasked with making their own D.D.D. app. Said finalists are all then given magical stickers as a reward for qualifying, and everyone departs.

Leviathan jealous over Asmodeus's RAD Science Fair task.
Leviathan jealous over Asmodeus's RAD Science Fair task.

Later in Asmodeus's room, Beelzebub and Belphegor wonder why Asmodeus seems so confident when he's never made an app before. He says he's not worried because Leviathan can teach him, which Leviathan agrees to. However, when he tries showing Asmodeus how to code an app, he doesn't seem to be paying close attention.

Leviathan keeps trying, but Asmodeus yells that he can't understand any of what Leviathan's saying, and throws the D.D.D. across the room. The two get into a fight, which continues into the next day with them arguing over every little thing.

Later at RAD, Luke and Simeon comment on hearing Diavolo had already finished making his app. Asmodeus looks briefly upset, but then says no one should worry because he'll manage on his own. The others don't buy that, but when Satan tells Asmodeus to apologize to Leviathan, he strongly refuses.

Even when Leviathan later offers to try teaching him again, Asmodeus insists he doesn't need help, and acts like he doesn't care about losing. He leaves RAD early, but Belphegor tells MC that he knows Asmodeus was secretly reviewing material on his own. While he acts like he doesn't care, Asmodeus really does want to win.

Back at the House of Lamentation, Beelzebub finds Leviathan hiding behind the couch trying to paint his nails. He says some of the polish peeled off, and usually Asmodeus fixes it when that happens. Mammon points out how bad a job he's done, so Leviathan rebuts that painting one's own nails is really hard.

MC leaves to meet with Asmodeus in his room, where he admits he's been horrible to Leviathan. He knows that Leviathan wanted to watch some anime live when it aired, but recorded it instead just so he could help him. He's frustrated that no matter how hard Leviathan tried to teach him, he couldn't understand anything, so he just wanted to run away from it all.

Leviathan then bursts into the room and shows Asmodeus his terribly painted nails. He says he's no good at this sort of thing, but Asmodeus is "god-tier." He talks about how Asmodeus always does his nails, and that sometimes when he doing other things, he notices his nails and feels really happy. He then says he wants to do all he can to teach Asmodeus in a way that's easier to understand. Asmodeus thanks him and apologizes, and the two make up.

The Devildom Information Science finals finally begin, and Diavolo first shows his "RAD Inventory Management Tool" app. Next is Asmodeus, but the Three-Legged Crow Group mascots can't find his app. Asmodeus is sure he uploaded it before the deadline, but both his submission and his app on his D.D.D. have disappeared. Leviathan takes a look, and realizes someone hacked Asmodeus's D.D.D. to steal the app.

The mascots say they must disqualify Asmodeus, but Satan argues that if someone stole the app, then they'll just track down the culprit. He thinks it must be one of the finalists, and all said finalists were given a magic sticker. MC then uses their own magic to track the magic tail left by the sticker, and the culprit is found.

After the finals, Mephistopheles interviews Asmodeus as the winner of the Devildom Information Science category. He asks Asmodeus about his app, but when he realizes it's just an Asmodeus dress-up app, he can't understand how it won. He moves on to asking what Asmodeus will request as his prize for winning, and he replies he wants "the entire family to take a trip together to the Celestial Realm."

Later, Leviathan and Mephistopheles show MC in secret that they tinkered with Asmodeus's app and so you can dress up other characters. Mephistopheles assisted by adding lots of clothing specifically for dressing up Diavolo, which MC has fun doing while he compliments whatever style they choose.

Mammon is having less fun later, as Barbatos is having him carry all his shopping purchases as punishment for trying to steal some of RAD's decorations. He mentions that it was thanks to Diavolo's inventory app that he was able to stop Mammon's "criminal activities."

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