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If you're in need of help or guidance, then this directory of helpful links and The Obey Me Wiki's Community Guidelines may give you your answer! If you find you still have any questions, please reach out on The Obey Me Wiki's socials for assistance!

Community Guidelines

By using The Obey Me Wiki, you agree to Shall We Date's Terms of Use and Content Terms of Service and Use.

Note: Developers of Obey Me! and Obey Me! Nightbringer consider the game to be rated 12+, so The Obey Me Wiki should also be suitable for ages 12+.

Anyone Can Contribute

Everyone is welcome to contribute here on the wiki! Having an account has its perks, but anonymous edits and uploads without an account are also allowed. The Obey Me Wiki uses the Moderation MediaWiki extension to prevent any spam/troll edits from being published.

Give Credit When Due

By default, all wikis give credit to a contributor by linking to their wiki account on all page's Edit Histories. If a contributor is not the original source, however, please be sure to give proper credit!

Translated works - such as the character songs - must be credited. If such works are added without proper credit, they will be deleted without notice.

Keep Content Official

Please do not upload any fanworks to the wiki, either your own or other's. The Obey Me Wiki intends to provide official information and lore. Theories backed by official content are allowed if they are clearly noted to be theories, but please do not post any headcanons to the wiki.

Promotional Content Posting

If you would like to promote your own fanworks, fansite, or anything else related to Obey Me! or Nightbringer, please do so on The Obey Me Wiki's subreddit or on your wiki profile page.

Uploading files for personal use to the wiki is not allowed, though you are free to post links to media you'd like to share on your profile page.

Ask for Help

If you have any questions, no matter how small, please do ask! You can ask an admin, post questions to the community on the wiki's subreddit, or reach out on any of the wiki's other socials linked here:


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