Barbatos's Birthday Events (2023) (Obey Me!)

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Obey Me! Birthday


Butler Elegance (2023)

Butler Elegance 2023.png Butler Elegance 2023.png

This event nightmare has both a new event card and cards available from previous events!

The cards listed here will have a higher chance to be pulled, as the odds have been increased. The nightmare contains cards of other characters, but these are not affected by the increased odds change.

Summoning Odds
UR: 1.00%
SSR: 2.00%
SR: 6.00%

Summoning Presents

Present Stamps
x100 Skating and Sentiments Mini.png Skating and Sentiments
x200 Dream Dalliance Mini.png Dream Dalliance

Barbatos's Login Bonus

Barbatos's Birthday Login Bonus 2023.pngBarbatos's Birthday Login Bonus 2023.png

"Please allow me to be selfish and be with you today."

- Barbatos
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