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Overview[edit source]

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A Surprise Guest interaction allows the player to interact directly with the characters of both Obey Me! and Nightbringer, either by touch, or by gifting them special items. The purpose of these interactions is to raise a player's Intimacy Level with the appearing character. Each character has different preferences in regards to both touch and receiving gifts, which is why separate guides are available for each character.

Body parts include the head, face, arms (including hands), and chest (including wings).

Big heart interactions are marked in the interaction tables on all Surprise Guest pages with 💕 and reward the most intimacy points (+40 pts).

Normal heart interactions are all other interactions that still reward hearts (+20 pts). See this example video.

Surprise Guest interactions occur either by random chance after a completed battle stage, or at various times on the Home Screen if the player taps the speech bubble icon when it appears beside the character. If an interaction happens post-battle, the appearing character is always one of the three characters whose Demon Cards the player battled with. If an interaction happens via the home screen, the character that the player has set on their Home Screen is the only surprise guest available.

In addition to actions taken, players can also gift characters special items. When gifting a character's favorite item, the result is always the same for the same initial dialogue. However, Surprise Guest interactions are a connected sequence of actions, and so it's generally recommended to use items in the second or third action.

Surprise Guests can also gift the player presents up to six times per day. However, said presents will only be given if the player achieved heart reactions. See this example video. The available gifted presents are two each of: AP x10, Raven x1, and Grimm x1,000.

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