Human Realm Vacation (Nightbringer)

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You may be looking for the "Obey Me!" version of this event, see Human Realm Vacation (OM).

Human Realm Vacation (NB).png
Image source: Official tweet
15 June 2023 28 June 2023
Revival Dates
6 July 2024 19 July 2024
* Dates in Pacific Time

"Vacation. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? And the experiences you have at your destination are sure to become irreplaceable memories."

  Summoning Presents  

30 - 200
x30 SSR Joker.png 1 SSR Joker
x60 UR+ Joker.png 1 UR+ Joker
x80 A Trip to Remember (NB) Mini.png A Trip to Remember
x100 SSR Joker.png 1 SSR Joker
x125 UR+ Joker.png 1 UR+ Joker
x150 A Wholesome First Meetup (NB) Mini.png A Wholesome First Meetup
x175 UR+ Joker.png 1 UR+ Joker
x200 UR+ Joker.png 1 UR+ Joker
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