Lucifer's Birthday Events (2024) (Nightbringer)

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Nightbringer Birthday


My Morning Star (2024)

My Morning Star (NB) 2024.png My Morning Star (NB) 2024.png

This event nightmare has both a new event card and cards available from Chapter A.

The cards listed here will have a higher chance to be pulled, as the odds have been increased. The nightmare contains cards of other characters, but these are not affected by the increased odds change.

Summoning Odds
UR: 0.49%
SSR: 3.00%
SR: 1.28%

Devildom Exchange

Note: "My Morning Star" tickets are only usable for this Nightmare, and only until seven days after this Nightmare ends.
Unused tickets are then unavailable unless a revival happens.


Tickets required for UR+ cards decrease with each exchange.
Exchange 1 = 100 | Exchange 2 = 50 |
Exchange 3 = 30 | Exchange 4 and 5 = 20


UR Joker.png
UR Joker x1
Exchange Ticket (My Morning Star).png
Devil Point.png
Devil Point x1
Exchange Ticket (My Morning Star).png
Grimm x10,000
Exchange Ticket (My Morning Star).png
AP x50
Exchange Ticket (My Morning Star).png
Cheer Blend.png
Cheer Blend x3
Exchange Ticket (My Morning Star).png

Lucifer's Wanderers' Whereabouts Present Sale

Lucifer's HBD Power Up Campaign Sale

HBD Power Up Campaign Lucifer 2024.pngHBD Power Up Campaign Lucifer 2024.png

Lucifer's Login Bonus

Lucifer's Birthday Login Bonus (NB) 2024.pngLucifer's Birthday Login Bonus (NB) 2024.png

"I want to thank you for all of the days that have been and are to come."

- Lucifer
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