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This page lists all of the gems and bonus items that are available in the battle stages of Spooky Happenings. PurpleTOCCircle.png


Chapter 1[edit source]

Stage Gems Bonus
1-2 Gem (Pride).png Scissors (Pride).png
Gem (Pride) Scissors (Pride)
1-3 Gem (Wrath).png Scissors (Wrath).png
Gem (Wrath) Scissors (Wrath)
1-5 Gem (Gluttony).png Scissors (Gluttony).png
Gem (Gluttony) Scissors (Gluttony)
1-7 Gem (Envy).png Scissors (Envy).png
Gem (Envy) Scissors (Envy)
1-9 Gem (Lust).png Scissors (Lust).png
Gem (Lust) Scissors (Lust)
1-11 Gem (Greed).png Scissors (Greed).png
Gem (Greed) Scissors (Greed)
1-12 Gem (Sloth).png Scissors (Sloth).png
Gem (Sloth) Scissors (Sloth)
1-14 Gem (Gluttony).png Megaphone (Gluttony).png
Gem (Gluttony) Megaphone (Gluttony)
1-16 Gem (Pride).png Megaphone (Pride).png
Gem (Pride) Megaphone (Pride)
1-18 Gem (Wrath).png Megaphone (Wrath).png
Gem (Wrath) Megaphone (Wrath)
1-20 Gem (Lust).png Megaphone (Lust).png
Gem (Lust) Megaphone (Lust)
1-21 Gem (Greed).png Megaphone (Greed).png
Gem (Greed) Megaphone (Greed)
1-23 Gem (Envy).png Megaphone (Envy).png
Gem (Envy) Megaphone (Envy)

Chapter 2[edit source]

Stage Gems Bonus
2-1 Gem (Sloth).png Megaphone (Sloth).png
Gem (Sloth) Megaphone (Sloth)
2-2 Gem (Wrath).png Headphones (Wrath).png
Gem (Wrath) Headphones (Wrath)
2-3 Gem (Pride).png Headphones (Pride).png
Gem (Pride) Headphones (Pride)
2-4 Gem (Gluttony).png Headphones (Gluttony).png
Gem (Gluttony) Headphones (Gluttony)
2-5 Gem (Greed).png Headphones (Greed).png
Gem (Greed) Headphones (Greed)
2-6 Gem (Envy).png Headphones (Envy).png
Gem (Envy) Headphones (Envy)
2-7 Gem (Sloth).png Headphones (Sloth).png
Gem (Sloth) Headphones (Sloth)
2-8 Gem (Lust).png Headphones (Lust).png
Gem (Lust) Headphones (Lust)
2-9 Gem (Pride).png Masquerade Mask (Pride).png
Gem (Pride) Masquerade Mask (Pride)
2-10 Gem (Wrath).png Masquerade Mask (Wrath).png
Gem (Wrath) Masquerade Mask (Wrath)
2-11 Gem (Greed).png Masquerade Mask (Greed).png
Gem (Greed) Masquerade Mask (Greed)
2-12 Gem (Lust).png Masquerade Mask (Lust).png
Gem (Lust) Masquerade Mask (Lust)
2-13 Gem (Envy).png Masquerade Mask (Envy).png
Gem (Envy) Masquerade Mask (Envy)
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