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You may be looking for the "Nightbringer" chatroom, see 45 (Nightbringer)

Members: Satan, Asmodeus PurpleTOCCircle.png


Story Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
Hey! Lesson 26-13

Daily Chats[edit]

Note: days listed are approximate and may vary

Title Media Day Number
Textbook Day 136
Pillow Fight 4 Day 153
A Generous Gift 2 Day 241
Where Did I Leave My Earring? 2 Day 279
The Allure of Paper Day 331
A New Bufo Egg Milk Tea Day 341
Quest for Fresh Bread 1 Day 379
Hell Cockatoo 1 Day 438
Fashion Coordination! Day 471
Teach Me, Satan! Day 544
Unexpected Modeling Job Day 587
Cats and Casting Day 649
Cosmetics Boys Day 707
Lights, Camera, Action! 4 Day 798
Come Again? Day 896
Big Baby Day 958
The Search for Inspiration Day 1,051
Reading Habits 12 Day 1,123
Take It Easy, Satan 1 Day 1,185
Creative Urge 1 Day 1,207

Card Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
I Don't Want to Lose to You 2 Paying Back What's Owed
I Will Win Against Him 3 The Escorts
What Do We Do? We Come to You Tonight
I Don't Believe Him! Survival Picnic
It's Not Fair! The Best Present Ever
Fabulous Phantom Bread Battle for the Bread!
Well Connected Diavolo's Special Someone
Big Brothers in Charge Kung Fu Action!
The Fruits of Labor Shopping Break
Telling a Friend Breaking Curses
Third Wheel The RAD Splash Event
A Happy Little Visit A Mischievous Visitor
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