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You may be looking for the "Nightbringer" chatroom, see 67 (Nightbringer)

Members: Beelzebub, Belphegor PurpleTOCCircle.png


Story Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
Re: Lesson 6-C
Feeling Nostalgic Lesson 25-10
I'm Not Sure Lesson 39-20
Looking for Someone Lesson 65-17

Daily Chats[edit]

Note: days listed are approximate and may vary

Title Media Day Number
The Pillow Day 75
Time for Grocery Shopping Day 140
Study Session Day 211
Foresight 2 Day 390
Toothache Day 399
Request Day 449
Treatment Day 450
Body Pillow Specification Day 475
I Got Scolded Day 505
Something's Not Right Day 538
Same Old, Same Old Day 552
A Special Drink Day 670
The Lost Sock 4 Day 700
Unable to Wait Day 701
Beel at the Booths Day 745
Yum? Day 759
Lights, Camera, Action! 1 Day 790
Beel the DevilTuber 3 Day 797
Superfast Revolving Sushi Day 838
The Missing Pillow Day 899
Omelets Day 905
A New Trash Can? Day 948
The Paper Plane Tournament 6 Day 1,087
Reading Habits 5 Day 1,120
Sheeptchi 8 Day 1,189
Chocolate Heartbreak Concert 4 Day 1,220
Source of Information Day 1,233

Card Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
Untitled Together Forever (M)
Things That Beel Likes Beel's Interests
Those are Just Boiled Eggs A Steamy Stroll
About Each Other Eat, Sleep, and Cuddle
Important Other Half Twin Birthday Bash
The Bod Isn't Built in a Day Buffing Up Belphie
The Privilege of Being the Youngest A Pair of Caring Brothers
I Don't Want Your Candy A Sweet Lazy Afternoon
Don't Tell the Others Woes of a Master Artist
Brother Besties Together Forever
The Twins' Halloween Horror Campaign
Hungry Beel's Hankerings Recipes for Magic Stones
Who's in Your Group? Researching the Cold Snap
The Twins' Message Cards Handmade Cards
True Brothers Pirate's Life for Me!
Being a Furry Is Hard A Chill Furry Movie Date
The Truth About the Book Make a Wish!
The Fate of the Sword The Swordsman
A Mysterious Festival Skull Swap
Straight Forward Sweet Dreams
Take Your Seats at the Contest Bewitched and Bedevilled
More Runaways Belphie's Calculated Play
The Art of Speed Eating A Unique Practice Method
Twins' Bond The Sparkling Plains
Decoding Sleep Talk The New Menu
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