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"Clear the missions to get the rewards Luke prepared for you! Get your hands on Home Pictures of all the brothers! ❤"

A Masked Halloween Pint-Sized Challenge was a limited-time event that took place in September of 2021 in conjunction with the A Masked Halloween Pop Quiz.

This event will not be re-released.

Rewards[edit source]

Task # of actions Reward(s)
Log in on five days 5 Mug (Lust).png Gem (Lust).png Asmodeus and Cupcake item.png
Mug Lust.png x3 Gem Lust.png x100 Asmodeus and Cupcake x1
Summon in Nightmare 30 Mug (Gluttony).png Gem (Gluttony).png Beelzebub and Cheeseburger item.png
Mug Gluttony.png x3 Gem Gluttony.png x100 Beelzebub and Cheeseburger x1
Unlock Devil's Tree spaces of Show Me Your Frames! 25 Mug (Envy).png Gem (Envy).png Leviathan and Rainbow Pizza item.png
Mug Envy.png x3 Gem Envy.png x100 Leviathan and Rainbow Pizza x1
Unlock a story in Devilgram 25 Mug (Wrath).png Gem (Wrath).png Satan and Apple Pie item.png
Mug Wrath.png x3 Gem Wrath.png x100 Satan and Apple Pie x1
Finish 2-I in the Pop Quiz A Masked Halloween 1 Mug (Sloth).png Gem (Sloth).png Belphegor and Sushi item.png
Mug Sloth.png x3 Gem Sloth.png x100 Belphegor and Sushi x1
Finish 2-19 in the Pop Quiz A Masked Halloween 1 Mug (Greed).png Gem (Greed).png Mammon and Cup Noodles item.png
Mug Greed.png x3 Gem Greed.png x100 Mammon and Cup Noodles x1
Win a battle with 3 ★ 250 Mug (Pride).png Gem (Pride).png Lucifer and Poison Apple item.png
Mug Pride.png x3 Gem Pride.png x100 Lucifer and Poison Apple x1
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