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April 2022 please add
* Dates in Pacific Time
"Clear missions to reap the rewards! Complete tasks from the Pint-Sized Challenge to receive some awesome rewards that Luke has prepared for you! Work together with Luke, and get all the rewards!"

Pirate Adventures Pint-Sized Challenge was a limited-time event mission that took place from April 2022 to please add in conjunction with the Pirate Adventures Pop Quiz. During this mission, players could earn rewards by completing various tasks.

This event will not be re-released.


Task # of actions Reward(s)
Meet with a Surprise Guest 10 Whip of Love.png
Whip of Love x2
Use a Glow Stick 10 Rainbow Glow Stick.png
Glow Stick Rainbow.png x3
Log in on three days 3 Raven.png
Raven x10
Win a battle with 3 ★ 250 AP.png
AP x50
Unlock a story in Devilgram 4 Story Key.png
Story Key x5
Summon in Nightmare 10 Grimm.png
Grimm x5,000
Finish 3-19 in the Pop Quiz Pirates: The Legendary Treasure! 1 D-Energy.png
D-Energy x3
Unlock Devil's Tree spaces of Go Get That Gold! 25 AP.png
AP x50
Level up the card Go Get That Gold! to level 50 49 Grimm.png
Grimm x10,000
Completion Reward All tasks (9) Through the Screen Mini.png
Through the Screen x1
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