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This page lists all official collaborations merchandise sorted chronologically by the year it was originally released.

For help with buying official merch, see the Where to Buy Obey Me Merchandise page. For pages covering all of the different collaboration events, see the Collaboration Events category.


Princess Cafe Collab (Jan 2021)[edit]

Princess Cafe White Day Collab[edit]

Karatez Vol. 1 Collab (Mar 2021)[edit]

The Chara SHOP Collab (2021)[edit]

Rakuten Collection Collab (2021)[edit]

NAMJATOWN Collab[edit]

Collaboration Cafe Click Collab[edit]

Princess Cafe Shop Collab[edit]

Yodaka Records Collab[edit]

Mixx Garden Black Cat Butler Cafe Collab (2021)[edit]

Karatez Vol. 2 Collab (Sep 2021)[edit]

Kawaseru Collab (2021)[edit]

ATFES Big Halloween Party Collab[edit]

THE Chara CAFÉ Collab (2021)[edit]

Manhattan Roll Ice Cream Collab[edit]

Mixx Garden Devil's Night Christmas Collab[edit]

EJ Anime Hotel Collab[edit]


Princess Cafe Shop Collab[edit]

Karaoke Manekineko Collab[edit]

Tanita Collab[edit]

Primaniacs Collab[edit]

CREPUT Collab[edit]

Devilgram Collection at eeo Museum Collab[edit]

Sanrio Collab[edit]

CharaDri!! Collab (2022)[edit]

Kawaseru Collab (2022)[edit]

The Chara SHOP Collab (2022)[edit]

Village Vanguard Collab (2022)[edit]

Karatez Vol. 3 Collab (Jun 2022)[edit]

Mixx Garden Card Puchi Collection Collab[edit]

Mixx Garden Doki Doki Cafe Meguri in the Human World Collab[edit]

SAHANJI Collab[edit]

Nara Kingyo Museum Collab[edit]

Oshi to Ame Collab[edit]

Mixx Garden Happy Devil Day 2022 Collab[edit]

Karatez Vol. 4 Collab (Dec 2022)[edit]


THE Chara CAFÉ Magical Café Collab (2023)[edit]

Mixx Garden Black Cat Butler Cafe 2 Collab (2023)[edit]

Nara Kingyo Museum Collab[edit]

GraffArt CAFE Collab[edit]

Karatez Vol. 5 Collab (2023)[edit]

Crunchyroll x Requiem Cafe Collab[edit]

Collabo Cafe Honpo Collab[edit]

Priroll Collab (2023)[edit]

OHAGI3 Collab[edit]

Oshi to Ame x FavoteriA Collab[edit]

Youtooz Collab[edit]


Village Vanguard Collab (2024)[edit]

Priroll Collab (2024)[edit]

Makeship Collab (2024)[edit]

MAYLA Collab (2024)[edit]

CharaDri!! Collab (2024)[edit]


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