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16 October 2021 24 October 2021


Obey Me! participated in a collaboration with ATFES (アトフェス) during October of 2021, which took place at Hakkeijima Sea Paradise in Japan.

During this collab, merchandise as well as character-themed foods were sold. There was also a "Dramatic Mystery Game" with the theme of "A Night of Illusions: Escape from the Vanishing Palace" was held during the event where participants could solve puzzles to earn one random, heart-shaped can badge of the seven brothers in their "Arabian Nights" inspired clothing. The game was also sold as a take-home kit alongside the rest of the available merchandise.

On October 16th, a special dolphin show took place involving Shinya Sumi and Ayme Miura - voice actors for Satan and Asmodeus respectively - as well as an "emergency appearance" by Satoshi Kada - voice actor for Leviathan - who played the role of MC.

Also on the 16th, those who purchased a "Dream Stay" plan were able to participate in a special night talk show with Shinya Sumi and Ayme Miura at the private Aqua Museum. During the event, participants were allowed to wear costumes and cosplay. The Dream Stay plan also included tickets to the earlier dolphin show, as well as accommodation at the island's Sea Paradise Inn.

From the 16th to the 24th, a special island broadcast of the seven brothers enjoying time at Sea Paradise. The audio-only broadcast could be listened to at the island's trading venue.


Characters included in this merchandise were the seven brothers.

Purchasing a food item from the menu also included one randomly selected, limited edition coaster of the seven brothers in their "Arabian Nights" inspired clothing.

Promotional Gallery[edit]

Menu Items[edit]


ATFES Halloween Menu.png
ATFES Halloween Menu.png

  • Arabian Nights Halloween keema curry plate
  • Asmodeus's parfait
    • made with strawberries

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