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Cards in Obey Me! have five different rarity levels. The higher a card's rarity is, the higher its maximum level and stats will be.


Cards of rarity UR+ are the highest level of card rarity. While the strength of UR+ cards and UR cards are similar, the key difference between these two rarities is that UR+ cards have either Skill Animations that play during battle when using their special skills, or moving pictures that can be displayed on the Home Screen.

To date — with the exception of Asmodeus's card Snowy Bliss — UR+ cards can only be obtained from Event Nightmares.

For a list of all UR+ cards with Skill Animations, see the Skill Animation Cards category.

For a list of all UR+ cards with Moving Pictures, see the Moving Picture Cards category.

UR+ Max Rank UR+ Max Level
★5 100

  • When your card has reached its maximum level, you can unlock the Maximum Level Cap to increase the maximum level of the card.

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