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This page lists all chats in Obey Me! sent to MC by Asmodeus. For phone calls from Asmodeus, see Asmodeus's Calls.

Story Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
Don't Worry, I'll Be Fine Lesson 31-19
Price to Pay Lesson 74-4
Mammon's Amazing Birthday Vacation 2 Happy Birthday! Dear Mammon '22 1-17

Daily Chats[edit]

Note: days listed are approximate and may vary

Title Media Day Number
Hello (Asmodeus) Day 1
A Request from Asmo Day 5
An Ordinary Party Day 7
Surprise Arousal Day 8
Summer's a Comin' Day 9
I Could Use Some Company Day 11
There's Something About Levi 1-2 Day 12
Winter's a Comin' Day 13
Mulling Over Interiors Day 15
Wanting Myself Day 16
Concerning the House of Lamentation Day 19
Let's Go to the Hot Springs Day 20
You Rub my Back, I'll Rub Yours Day 20
Why Don't We Take a Dip? Day 21
What Kind of D.D.D Case is Best? Day 22
Asmo's Mistake? Day 37
Asmo's Sense of Beauty Day 45
The Invitation Day 58
A New Drink Day 82
Inspiration Day 110
Scent 2 Day 144
Present Day 156
Asmo's Best Qualities Day 177
Where's the Necklace? 4 Day 185
An Invite to Go Shopping Day 191
Bubble Bath Time Day 195
Asmo's Rival? Day 208
Asmo's Words of Love Day 222
Asmo's Transformation Day 236
Asmo's Smooth Skin Day 249
Say You Love Me Day 267
Hairstyle Day 275
OK or Sure? Day 285
The Cursed Doll 2 Day 302
How Can I Be This Unlucky? Day 307
A Party Invitation Day 321
Once Upon a Lunchtime Day 339
Asmo's Latest Toy Day 349
Selfie Tips 3 Day 353
Lacking Love Day 364
Baking with Asmo Day 369
Morning Routine Day 384
A Tempting Offer Day 394
Movie Impressions Day 417
The Game of Love Day 425
Eyelash Care Day 436
Gloss Mark Day 455
Planning the Perfect Date Day 481
Super Important! Day 485
Charm-Enhancing Magic Day 500
A Beautiful Busy Bee Day 519
Let's Stay Home Together Day 531
Calling Home Day 547
ABC Word Chain 8 Day 570
Bewitching Body Cream Day 577
It's Not a Costume! Day 604
In Need of Some TLC Day 612
New Hairdo Day 635
Cheering Up Asmo Day 651
How About a Dance? Day 655
Thinking of New Content Day 666
The Beauty of Glasses 4CG 1 Day 683
If You Were the Demon Lord? (Asmo Edition) Day 688
How to Pass the Time Day 697
Crazy for Nails Day 728
What's Trending? Day 741
The Instrument That Suits Me Best Day 762
Everyone Loves Asmo Day 776
Fan Service 1 Day 800
The Black Diamond Creator Award Day 821
When Our Eyes Meet Day 834
DIY 1 Day 848
Caricature Model Day 868
In Pursuit of Beauty Day 885
Massage Invitation Day 914
New Lipstick Day 929
What is a Demon? Day 938
Rise to Fame 2 Day 951
A Provocative Outfit 2 Day 972
Who Is It? 5 Day 1,012
Asmo's Got a Plan Day 1,034
A Whole New Look Day 1,084
Love Recharge Day 1,099
Room Switch 3 Day 1,129
Karaoke Aficionados 1 Day 1,150
Karaoke Aficionados 3 Day 1,159
Geode Cake Day 1,177
List of Favorite Things Day 1,213
Creative Urge 6 Day 1,215

Card Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
An Apology That Special Someone
A Reason Guided by Desire
Plans for Tomorrow Proud Brothers
I Forgot to Mention Seven Rulers of Hell (Asmodeus)
Great News! Tweedle for the Rabbit
Have You Heard of This? Asmo's Acrobatics
Why Would I Risk My Beauty? Anything for You
So Cute! Mammon the Bunny
Just For Me Time for the Main Event!
Big Hit Your Song
Aren't I the Perfect Merman? The Devildom's Mermaid
Don't Forget to Get Yours! A Song From the Heart
Next Year's Costume? Party Hopping
Melting Snow Snowy Bliss
I'll Take Care of Them! Catch the Lost Bunnies!
Who Did Your Makeup? Makeup Transformation!
All Thanks to You Demons Catch Colds?!
Reflecting on the Sleepover Purgatory Hall Sleepover!
Fame Follows Me HLD, the New Dream Team!
Asmo's Beautiful Escape Princess Asmo's Escape
One More Book Asmo in the Magic Land
Jewels and Gemstones Bright like a Diamond
A Second Run? Asmos and the Fox Mask?
It's All Thanks to Me! Photogenic Asmo
The Opposite of Too Good to Be True Asmo and a Treasure Chest
The Ever-Popular Asmo Asmo Gives Back ♡
I Want More Praise Looking at Someone
Revenge A Gorgeous Phantom Thief
The Perfect Shot Saddle Up, Cowboy!
A Candle Just for You Illuminating My Love
Photo Feedback Valentine's Photo Shoot
Understanding My Charm A Gift for a Special Day
Origins of a Rumor The Sorcerer's True Self
Asmo's Scheme Li'l Asmo's Big Journey
New Uniform Project Full-Throttle Youth
Bad Blood Costume Parade PR
A Day in the Life Every Version of You
Decorating Asmo Gifts for My Valentine
Liven up the Devildom Dancing ☆ Cooking
Asmo's New Outfit The Magic Music Festival
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