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Overview[edit source]

From Us to You is the first unit audio drama that was released alongside the unit song Choose Me on April 23, 2021.

Dialogue[edit source]

English Translation[edit source]

Mammon/Leviathan: Whaat?! They're coming back to the Devildom?!

Asmodeus: Yup!

Asmodeus: They're going to be a surprise guest at our next party apparently!

Leviathan: A-Are you serious?!

Asmodeus: I may have happened to overhear Barbatos and Little D. talking about it.

Mammon: You sure you heard 'em right?

Asmodeus: Well, they didn't say their name. But they did say us seven would be happy about them coming, so it's got to be them!

Mammon: Hmm. Ain't that somethin'.

Asmodeus: And since we're not supposed to know, I thought we could surprise them with something!

Leviathan: Oh...?!

Asmodeus: The present will be this...stuffed toy! It can record messages!

Leviathan: Ah, so all seven of us take turns recording messages into it?

Mammon: So this is like a "we'll always be by their side, even after they've left" kind of thing?

Asmodeus: Yup! Name one thing better than being able to hear my beautiful voice whenever you're feeling a little lonely?

Leviathan: This is a good idea and all don't think it's just a bit embarrassing?

Asmodeus: I'll go first, okay? 3, 2, 1...

Asmodeus: Lonely? Don't worry. Because no matter how far apart we are, we're always connected, like a tough bicycle chain. So, you're never alone if you just remember our love bicycle chain!

Asmodeus: Okay, all done!

Leviathan: What the hell is a love bicycle chain?!

Mammon: Forget that, I'm more impressed at how openly you can talk about your feelings in front of other people.

Asmodeus: Okay, it's Levi's turn next.

Leviathan: M-Me?! W-Wait!

Asmodeus: Okay, here we go. 3, 2, 1...

Leviathan: Eh... Ah... Eh... Um... Eh... Err... Eh... Eh... Eh... Eh... Eh... Eh...Eh...Eh...Eh... Ehhhhh... Ehhhhhhhh... Ehhh... Ehhhhhhhhhh... Ehhhhh... Ehh... Ehhhhhhhh...

Asmodeus: That sounded like Morse Code! Now they're going to have to learn Morse Code just to crack your message!

Leviathan: I don't know what to say!

Asmodeus: Fine. I don't want to but I'll let you use my love bicycle chain in your message.

Leviathan: Yeah, I'm fine, thanks.

Asmodeus: Holding back for my sake?

Asmodeus: How about talking about something you are interested in, like anime or something?

Leviathan: Good idea. I could pull that off, maybe.

Asmodeus: Okay, here we go. 3, 2, 1...

Leviathan: Do you remember what Ruri-chan said when her best friend Azuki-tan set off to look for Cream, the king of transfer students, to become a cream herself but ultimately returned home without finding him? She said, "You didn't become the cream you wanted to become, but you shed tears for me, adding a hint of salt to your already sweet center, making you more delicious than ever. Isn't that just precious?! I bawled my eyes out! I know that right now, our tears are just making us tastier too! We can get through this! Just remember what Taichi-senpai said, "Believe in your fillings!"

Leviathan: I made it.

Mammon: Who are you...?

Leviathan: I know they'll understand.

Mammon: As if!

Leviathan: Okay Mammon, what's your message going to be then?

Mammon: Nothin'. I ain't got anythin' to say to 'em.

Asmodeus: Fine Mammon, I'll let you use my love bicycle chain.

Mammon: I think I am fine, thank you.

Leviathan: It'll be weird if you're the only one missing, so say something at least.

Mammon: Tsk. Fine...

Asmodeus: Okay, 3, 2, 1...

Mammon: I-It's... Mostly the same here. It's... Seriously... So fun without ya. You could never come back... And I'd totes be fine. #DetailsMatter

Asmodeus: What was that?!

Asmodeus: How's that gonna make them feel better?

Asmodeus: And what was that hashtag?!

Mammon: Whatever, this is fine as is.

Leviathan: (I...)

Asmodeus: No! Record another one!

Leviathan: ( what this message means. #DetailsMatter is telling us to look at the first letter of every line!)

Leviathan: (So "I-It's" is "I.")

Leviathan: ("Mostly the same here." is "M.")

Leviathan: ("It's" is "I," "Seriously" is "S.")

Leviathan: ("So" is "S," "You" is "Y" and "And" is "A"!)

Leviathan: (When combined... It spells "I miss ya"!)

Asmodeus: Give them a proper message!

Mammon: It's fine!

Leviathan: (Mammon... You're so weird.)

Asmodeus: I'll even lend you my love bicycle chain.

Mammon: No thank you!

All: To be continued

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