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Happy Devil Day.5 (2021) Login.png
Image source: Official tweet
9 June 2021 29 June 2021
* Dates in Pacific Time

"Wow! Get your hands on a Satan Home Picture and an SSR or higher Demon Voucher!"

- Satan
Login Rewards
Day 1 Demon Voucher.png
Demon Voucher x1
Day 2 Gem (Pride).png
Gem (Pride) x500
Day 3 Secret Story Key (Toys).png
Secret Story Key (Toys) x10
Day 4 Gem (Greed).png
Gem (Greed) x500
Day 5 Gem (Envy).png
Gem (Envy) x500
Day 6 Gem (Wrath).png
Gem (Wrath) x500
Day 7 AP.png
AP x200
Day 8 Gem (Lust).png
Gem (Lust) x500
Day 9 Gem (Gluttony).png
Gem (Gluttony) x500
Day 10 Gem (Sloth).png
Gem (Sloth) x500
Day 11 Horror's Horror Cherry Pie.png
Horror's Horror Cherry Pie x2
Day 12 Demon Voucher.png
Demon Voucher x5
Day 13 Devil Point.png
Devil Point x50
Day 14 SSR Demon Voucher.png
SSR Demon Voucher x1
Day 15 Party With Satan item.png
Party With Satan Home Picture
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