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This page lists Diavolo's outfits in Nightbringer that are available to unlock in Majolish. For Diavolo's Obey Me! outfits, see Diavolo's Clothing (Obey Me!).

For a gallery of all outfits available in both Obey Me! and Nightbringer sorted by outfit type, see the Outfits Gallery.


Visit Diavolo's Gallery or click/tap the outfit minis to see how outfits look in-game.

Clothing Name Image Obtain
Demon Look Diavolo Demon Look.pngDiavolo Demon Look.png Default
School Uniform Diavolo School Uniform.pngDiavolo School Uniform.png The Seven Apples Mini.png
The Seven Apples
Vampire Diavolo Vampire.pngDiavolo Vampire.png Pop Quiz
The Vampire Special (NB)
Arabian Clothes Diavolo Arabian Clothes.pngDiavolo Arabian Clothes.png Limited Item in Akuzon (NB)
Spooky Diavolo Spooky.pngDiavolo Spooky.png Pop Quiz
Trick or Treat! (NB)
Noel Diavolo Noel.pngDiavolo Noel.png A Serendipitous Santa (NB) Mini.png
A Serendipitous Santa (NB)
Carnival Diavolo Carnival.pngDiavolo Carnival.png Frost Flowers for You (NB) Mini.png
Frost Flowers for You (NB)
Virtuoso Diavolo Virtuoso.pngDiavolo Virtuoso.png Pop Quiz
Revolution of the Stained Glass Flower (NB)
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