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Overview[edit source]

Sinful Indulgence is the first Obey Me! theme song that was released on January 31st, 2020. The English version was released on May 15th, 2020. The song is featured in the opening movie of Obey Me!

Lyrics[edit source]

Official English Lyrics[edit source]

Perfect Nightmare
Doesn't let you go to sleep
Welcome to my night, I'm here waiting for you

It's just a Bad Romance
You should be ready for me
You have taken me higher, now I can't even breathe

Sweet poison trickles down from your wicked lips
I've lost myself in your fascinating eyes
I hope you know just how I feel right now
You're perfect now just the way you are

Oh Baby, Obey Me!
It's the time to take this oath
Dear, penetrate my devilish lies
Secrets stay in your heart forever and ever fading into the dark
I would say never let you go and I don't hear you say no
I'll make you mine

You're scared, I can sense it
Break your alleged fear
Let's just dance together until this captivating spell is lifted

Oh Baby, Obey Me!
Shall we bind our eternal ties?
Dear, this is such a devilish kiss
Your hidden claws pierce my back
Take us to the world beyond our dreams
You asked me to kneel down for you
What do you have in your mind?
You're mine this time

You look so pretty eating that sinful apple
Feel like I'm losing myself in your longing eyes
Even though I know it's forbidden, I don't care
I can't hold back my feelings anymore

Blissful sin we bathed in will go on for eternity
Even if our world is about to fall apart
My dear, only you,
You are my angel now and forever
I will never forget anything

Oh Baby, Obey Me!
It's the time to take this oath
Upside down like a fateful hourglass
What I feel trapped inside forever and ever in my evil heart
Only for now Just you and me
I don't want to let you go
I'll make you mine

Romanized Lyrics[edit source]

Perfect Nightmare
Dare mo nemurenu
Yoru e youkoso
Boku wa matte iru

Bad romance sa
Kakugo wo kimete
Kimi no naka made
Boku wo sasotteru

Aegu kimi no kuchibiru kara
Shita tari ochiru amai doku ga
Fukaku fukaku mushibande
Boku no tsumi wo eguru

Oh baby, Obey Me!
Saa chikai wo tateyou
Akuma mitai na boku no uso
Kakushita kiba wo
Kimi no himitsu ni tsuki tatete
Nidoto kaesanaitte ii tara dou suru?
I'll make you mine

You're scared, I can sense it
Nageku no wa yamete
Odori tsuzukeyou
Akuma no mahou ga tokeru made

Oh baby, Obey Me!
Saa kizuna wo tsunagou
Akuma mitai na kimi no kisu de
Naku shita tsume wo
Boku no senaka ni tsuki tatete
Hizamazuite yo nante dou suru tsumori
You're mine this time

Ringo wo kajiru kimi wa sexy de
Hoshigaru hitomi ni yoisou sa
Yurusarenai to wakatte itemo
Mou gaman ga dekinai

Futari de chikatta amai tsumi no aji
Tatoe sekai ga hanarete mo
Kimi wa kimi dake wa boku no tatta hitori no tenshi da yo
Wasure tari wa shinai kara

Oh baby, Obey Me!
Saa chikai wo tateyou
Akuma mitai ni ochite yuku
Kakushita omoi wa sotto mune ni shimau kara
Ima dake wa kimi to futari
Darenimo watasanai
I'll make you mine

Kanji Lyrics[edit source]

Perfect nightmare

バッドロマンスさ 覚悟を決めて


Oh baby, obey me
隠した牙を 君の秘密につきたてて
I'll make you mine

You're scared, I can sense it

Oh baby, obey me
跪いてよ なんてどうするつもり?
You're mine this time


君は 君だけは 僕のたった一人の天使だよ

Oh baby, obey me
隠した想いは そっと胸にしまうから
I'll make you mine

Trivia[edit source]

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